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Teeth Damage Claims – How Much Compensation Can I Claim?

By Daniel Archer. Last updated 28th April 2022. Welcome to our guide on teeth damage claims and teeth damage compensation. On this page, you will find a full and detailed guide containing advice and information on the process of making a teeth damage claim covering general injuries, injuries at work and clinical negligence. If your teeth have been damaged, and the cause was the responsibility of a third party, then a valid reason to make a personal injury claim may exist.

If this guide seems a little too much to digest, you can always skip it and move straight on to making a teeth damage compensation claim by calling Legal Expert on 0800 073 8804 today so that we can move the process of pursuing a settlement for damaged teeth for you forward. Our legal advisors are standing by the guide you through the process. As an alternative to calling us, you can also use the live chat pop-up window in the bottom right corner to speak to us. Additionally, you can also see if you have a No Win No Fee claim online by filling out the form on our website.

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A Guide To Teeth Damage Claims

teeth damage claims

Teeth damage claims guide

When a tooth is damaged, it will never heal. When a tooth is lost, it will never grow back. Furthermore, there is often a cosmetic aspect to tooth injuries, which can lead to, in some cases, severe psychological trauma. Therefore, if your teeth become damaged through an accident or event that was caused by a third party, then a reason to make teeth damage claims will exist. This guide is aimed at informing people of the legal process that their lawyer will follow whilst claiming for damaged teeth on their behalf. It doesn’t contain any kind of personal injury claims calculator as these are simply not accurate. Instead, we provide a full list of settlement amounts that have historically been paid to people claiming for damaged teeth. It also covers details and advice, including:

  • A description of teeth injuries, what the most common teeth injuries are, and also the most common ways that teeth injuries are caused.
  • A look at the rights of a patient who has suffered some form of tooth damage through a case of clinical negligence.
  • Information on the process of claiming for tooth damage that was caused by a road traffic accident.
  • A look at the rights of an employee if their teeth are damaged by an accident in the workplace, and also the duty of the employee when it comes to Health & Safety.
  • Information on claiming for tooth damage that has been caused by a person slipping, tripping or falling either in a public place or at work.
  • Instructions on what you should do before starting a claim for tooth damage make sure that the possibility that your compensation claim is likely to have the most positive outcome it can.
  • A step by step guide to the process of starting a claim for tooth damage.
  • A table that contains detailed information regarding the amounts of compensation you could claim for tooth damage and related injuries.
  • An overview of the personal injury claims service offered by Legal Expert to all residents of the UK to help them make tooth damage claims.
  • A number of useful links that will give you more detailed information regarding tooth injuries and tooth damage compensation claims.

Once you have finished taking in all the advice and information in this guide, you will likely have more questions about claiming teeth damage compensation. If you call Legal Expert using the number at the bottom of the guide we will spend some time answering them for you.

What Counts As A Dental Accident?

A dental accident involves damage to the mouth, such as the teeth, gums, tongue, nerves and jaw.

In order to make a valid claim for damaged teeth or other dental harm, you must be able to demonstrate that someone acted negligently.

Someone might have acted negligently if they:

  • Owed you a duty of care
  • Breached the duty of care they owed you
  • Caused you physical or psychological harm

There are various circumstances where you may have been owed a duty of care, including at work, on the road, in public or when receiving medical treatment.

For more information on what counts as a dental accident and whether you’re eligible to claim for the harm you sustained, call our team.

What Are Teeth Injuries And Teeth Damage?

Both the NHS and private practice dentists may deal with cases of injured teeth many times a year. Teeth injuries and damage could include:

  • Cracked or broken tooth
  • Chipped tooth
  • Loss of one or more teeth
  • Nerve damage in the mouth

According to the NHS Dental Statistics for England 2020-21, Biannual Report:

  • 19.7 million adults were seen by an NHS dentist
  • 3.6 million children were seen by an NHS dentist
  • 2.8 million courses of treatment were delivered

Although these statistics don’t provide information on the nature of the visits or treatment, it gives an insight into the frequency with which people visit the dentist.

Tooth Damage Caused By Medical Negligence

Every medical professional has a duty of care to ensure their patients receive the correct level of care to prevent them from experiencing avoidable harm. When they fail in this duty, and it leads to an avoidable teeth injury or additional harm, then this may be grounds for teeth damage claims to be made following dental negligence.

In these cases, the answer to the question, “how much compensation for dental negligence?” depends on how severe your injury is.

There are various ways a dentist could have acted negligently. For instance, a dentist may have extracted the wrong tooth. As a result, you may have experienced additional harm as well as still suffering from the original injury.

When attempting to claim compensation for medical negligence against both a private healthcare facility or the NHS, you will need to back up your claim with an expert medical opinion of your injury and also the long-term prognosis for your recovery.

You could hire a solicitor to help with this as they could arrange for you to receive a free local medical examination.

For more information on whether you can sue your dentist for cracking your tooth, we could help. Get in touch with us using the number at the bottom of the guide to learn more. An advisor could also provide further guidance on how to claim teeth damage compensation.

Road Traffic Accidents Leading To The Loss Of Teeth

Road traffic accidents could cause people to make teeth damage claims.

The blunt trauma caused by even a low-speed car accident is sufficient to break one or more teeth. Additionally, some road users such as motorcyclists and cyclists are far more likely to make contact with the hard road surface. Even a low-speed crash where the victim hits the road or pavement with their face is sufficient to cause a very bad face, tooth and jaw damage.

If you suffered tooth damage from a car accident, then Legal Expert can assist you in claiming teeth damage compensation. Get in touch with us using the number at the bottom of the guide to be put in touch with a personal injury lawyer and begin your claim.

Tooth Knocked Out At Work

If you suffered a tooth knocked out at work, then you may well be able to claim some form of mouth injury compensation. Your employer must uphold the duty of care they owe you under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. If they fail to do so and you were caused harm, you could make teeth damage claims.

Part of these regulations pertains to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for their staff at all times. When Health & Safety protocols fail, which directly leads to an employee being injured in a workplace accident, then a valid route to claiming teeth damage compensation could exist.

If you suffered injured teeth during an accident at work, Legal Expert could assist you in claiming for it. Get in touch with us using the number at the bottom of the guide to learn how to make a teeth damage compensation claim. Alternatively, our advisors could provide additional information on settlements for broken teeth.

Teeth Damaged By A Slip, Trip, Or A Fall

Slips, trips and falls are amongst the most common type of accidents in the UK. These accidents can result in tooth damage and lead to people making teeth damage claims. Accidents happen in many ways, such as:

  • Falling – down a flight of stairs due to issues such as bad or damaged lighting, improperly mounted handrails, etc.
  • Slipping – on a wet or dirty floor that should have been cleaned and where no hazard sign has been placed warning people about the dangerous floor surface.
  • Tripping – on badly laid or damaged floor coverings such as torn carpets, as well as faulty or damaged pavements outside, such as cracked paving slaps or incorrectly laid curbstones.

If you suffered tooth damage due to a slip, trip or fall, then call Legal Expert using the number at the bottom of the guide. If your injury was the result of someone else’s negligence, you could have a valid claim. Get in touch to start your claim for damaged teeth compensation today.

What Should I Do If My Teeth Are Damaged?

If you suffered either damaged teeth or loss of teeth, then there are a number of things you can do to make sure that you have the best chance possible of winning a teeth damage compensation claim, and these are:

  • If you suffered an accident at work, which resulted in an injury such as having a tooth knocked out at work, then make sure the accident is recorded in the company accident book.
  • Make sure that you receive proper medical attention at a hospital or clinic so that a record of your injury and how it was caused is kept by the NHS.
  • If there were any witnesses to the events which caused your injury, get their names and address so that you can approach them to provide testimony if needed at a later stage.
  • Take photographs or video of the scene of the accident if possible, showing the hazard which led to the accident causing your tooth damage.
  • If you are involved in a road traffic accident, make sure that the police are informed and that they have a record of the accident.

Once you have taken steps such as these above, contact Legal Expert using the number at the bottom of the guide for help with teeth damage claims.

How To Make A Teeth Damage Injury Claim

If you need to begin a broken tooth claim or for a lesser injury, such as compensation for a chipped tooth, then the process of starting a claim is very simple. Just call Legal Expert using the number at the bottom of the guide, and we will walk you through the teeth damage claims process. We will start by asking you questions such as:

  • Where did the events that caused your injury to happen?
  • When did the events that caused your injury to happen?
  • Who caused the accident?
  • How severe is your injury?
  • What is the opinion of your doctor on the prognosis of your recovery?
  • Do you have any photographic evidence to support your claim?
  • Were there any witnesses who could provide testimony to support your claim?
  • Have you had to miss work because of an injury?
  • Have you suffered any financial loss because of your injury?

These questions and more will help us to get a better idea of your case. Once we know enough, we will offer you our opinion on what we believe your next logical step should be in making a claim for teeth damage compensation.

What Can My Broken Tooth Injury Compensation Claim Include?

When you make a claim for broken tooth injury compensation, the teeth damage compensation amounts you receive will consist of a number of different types of damages. These are known as general damages and special damages. General damages are awarded to the claimant to account for their physical pain and mental suffering caused by their injuries. The severity of these injuries and the recovery time are some of the factors that can affect the amount awarded.

Special damages are awarded as reimbursement for any additional outgoings or costs accrued due to their injuries. It’s important to keep records of these expenditures or you could find it very difficult to claim back the costs. For example, if you have had to take a taxi to a follow-up appointment, ask the driver for a receipt. Travels costs are just one of the things that you can reclaim.

Typically, settlements for broken teeth and other dental harm may consist of damages such as general damages and special damages.

General damages provide compensation for your physical and psychological injuries. They take into account any long-term impact the injuries may have had on you.

Also, your settlement may comprise special damages which reimburse any expenses incurred as a result of injuries. These might include:

  • Loss of current earnings
  • Loss of future earnings
  • Medical fees
  • Travel costs

To get an accurate estimate of the types of damages that you could claim in your case, contact Legal Expert using the number at the bottom of the guide today for help with teeth damage claims.

Tooth Damage Compensation Claims Calculator

Instead of providing a teeth injury compensation claims calculator, we have published this list of prospective compensation amounts for a range of tooth and related injuries.

The figures below have been taken from a publication called the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG). These guidelines are made up of an extensive list of injuries and bracket compensation amounts to go alongside them.

Facial scarringMinorAt this level, scarring will be very minor, and only visible to somebody who is close to your face.£1,600 to £3,310
Less SeriousAt this level, scarring will be minor but permanent and visible to anyone who happens to be standing close to you.£3,710 to £12,900
SeriousAt this level, the scarring is quite heavy, and will easily be spotted by anyone you happen to be talking to.£8,550 to £28,240
Less SevereAt this level, the scarring is very heavy and will easily be seen by anyone who happens to be in the same room as you.£16,860 to £45,440
Very SevereAt this level, the scarring is extremely heavy and will be easily visible to anyone who happens to see you at range.£27,940 to £91,350
TeethBack toothDamage or loss of back a tooth (per tooth).£1,020 to £1,600
Front tooth (one)Damage or loss of a single front tooth.£2,070 to £3,710
Front tooth (two)Damage or loss of any two front teeth.£4,080 to £7,160
Front tooth (several)Damage or loss of a several of your front teeth.£8,200 to £10,710
ChronicSerious damage to the teeth, that will result in ongoing pain and suffering for a period of several years.Up to £35,790
JawMinorSuch as simple fractures that leave the jaw immobilised for the short-term.£6,060 to £8,200
SeriousSerious fractures that will be painful, restrict the ability to eat and take some time to heal.£16,860 to £28,610
SevereSerious multiple or compound fractures, causing permanent pain and disability and will prevent the person from eating and drinking properly, as well as cause significant cosmetic disfigurement.£28,610 to £42,730

Please only use these figures as a guide though because actual settlements for broken teeth vary on a case by case basis.

To get a more accurate idea of how much compensation for a broken tooth you might receive, call Legal Expert using the number at the bottom of the guide.

No Win No Fee Teeth Injury Compensation Claims

All of our specialist solicitors will pursue 100% of their personal injury claims on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that you will only be obligated to pay a success fee in the event that your case is successful, and you are awarded the compensation you deserve. The fee is taken in the form of a small, legally-capped percentage from your payout.

In the event your personal injury claim is unsuccessful, you will not need to pay your solicitor the success fee. Many see this method of pursuing a claim as very favourable when the alternative is to still be responsible for covering legal bills even in the event of an unsuccessful claim.

Get in touch today to get started on your No Win No Fee claim.

How Legal Expert Can Help With Your Personal Injury Claim

Legal Expert offers the simplest claims service for making the loss of teeth or tooth damage compensation claims. Once you call us and go through our quick question and answer session, we will be ready to move on with your teeth damage compensation claim if we believe it is valid.

By choosing us to make teeth damage injury claims for you, you are gaining access to all of our legal experience in claiming the maximum level of compensation on behalf of our clients. We will explain every step of the claims process in simple English and never do a thing to risk the success of your claim. We’re regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), so you can be sure that your case is being handled competently by specialist solicitors.

If you are ready to become one more of our thousands of happy clients, then call us using the number at the bottom of the guide to get the teeth damage claims process started today.

Contact Legal Expert Today

Are you ready to make a teeth injury compensation claim for damaged teeth? If you are, call Legal Expert today on 0800 073 8804. Once we have got to know a little more about your injury and claim, we will offer you our opinion on what to do next.

Additionally, our advisors could provide further guidance on what counts as a dental accident and the settlements for broken teeth that you could claim.

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In this section, we’ve included some links to additional resources you may find informative.

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Our overview of what a claim like this entails.

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This is one of our articles regarding how to claim for an accident involving other road-users.

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Other guides you may find useful:

Teeth damage claims- FAQs

What are some examples of damaged teeth compensation payouts?

If you have damaged your teeth, the claim amount will need to be calculated on an individual basis. The legal professionals that calculate a payout for damaged teeth will take various aspects of how you’ve been affected into account.

Depending on which teeth have been damaged or lost, a sum can sometimes be applied and awarded per tooth. The level of damage inflicted may also affect the value of a settlement for damaged teeth. As well as physical damage, there may even be a psychological impact associated with your injuries.

For example, some claimants may become depressed or anxious about the change in their appearance. The impact on your mental health can also be taken into account when a payout for damaged teeth is calculated.

Not only that, but you may also have been impacted financially due to your injuries. In these cases, you could claim back the costs associated with your injuries.

For instance, you may be entitled to reimbursement for a loss of earnings caused by your ability to work being affected. Additionally, you may need dental treatment to repair your damaged or lost teeth. The cost of this treatment may also be eligible for inclusion in your final compensation

How much compensation do you get for dental malpractice?

This depends on the particulars of your case. Your compensation will be calculated based on the effect your injuries have had on your quality of life as well as any financial losses they’ve caused.

What is classed as dental negligence?

Dental negligence is where your dentist has neglected their duty of care to you, providing a level of care that falls short of what is expected and causing injury as a result.

How do you prove dental injury?

As part of your claim, you’ll be invited to a medical assessment whereby it will be confirmed whether your injuries were caused by your accident or medical negligence.

Can I sue my dentist for nerve damage?

Yes. If the nerve damage you’ve experienced was a result of your dentist acting negligently, then you may be able to make a claim for teeth damage compensation.

Can I claim for front teeth damage from my employer?

Yes. If you were involved in an accident at work, like a slip, trip or fall or contact with moving machinery that damaged your teeth and was caused by your employer’s negligence, then you may be able to make a claim.

Can I claim for tooth damage from my local authority?

Yes. As long as the damage to your teeth was caused by a breach of duty of care on the part of the local authority which caused your injury, then you may be able to make a claim.

How much is a damaged tooth worth in a compensation claim?

This depends. The amount of compensation you receive will be based on the effect your dental injuries have had on you, combined with any special damages you’ve incurred. These can include things like medical costs and time off work.

How long does a damaged tooth claim take?

This will vary depending on the specifics of the case. More complicated claims may take some time to be settled, whereas simple claims where liability is clear may be settled within a few months.

Thank you for reading our guide on teeth damage claims and teeth damage compensation.

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