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Can I Claim Compensation For A Emergency Braking Accident on A Bus?

Updated by Max Mitrovic on 5th April 2022. Welcome to our guide about making a compensation claim after an emergency braking accident on a bus. The bus services in the UK are something that sees lots of commuters and leisure travellers every day. While most journeys go off without a hitch, it is important to note that not all bus journeys end satisfactorily.

A bus accident injury is no joke whatsoever, and if a bus braking causes it in an emergency, you may not realise it, but it might be a possibility that you could claim compensation. Whether you have suffered whiplash, strains, sprains or more serious injuries, then you might want to read below to see if you’re likely to be able to claim.

If you’re more interested in talking about what you’ve gone through to ascertain the validity of a bus accident claim, then 0800 073 8804 is the right number to call. You can also contact us through our website or write to us using the chat bubble now on your screen.

This guide answers important questions about the claims process, such as “do bus drivers owe a duty of care?” and “are bus drivers liable for accidents?” To learn more, please read on.

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  1. A Guide to Emergency Braking Bus Accident injury claims
  2. What Could Happen If A Bus Brakes in An Emergency
  3. What Are Dangerous Emergency Stops?
  4. Common Causes of Bus Emergency Braking Accidents
  5. Bus Whiplash Claims
  6. Can A Driver Make A Claim for Injuries Caused by An Emergency Braking Accident on A Bus?
  7. Who Can You Make A Claim Against If Injured on A Bus in An Emergency Stop?
  8. Case Study: Injuries Caused by A Bus Braking in An Emergency
  9. What Compensation Can My Bus Accident Injury Claim Include?
  10. Emergency Braking Injury on A Bus Compensation Claims Calculator
  11. No Win No Fee Bus Accident and Injury Claims
  12. How We Can Help People Injured in A Bus Emergency Stop
  13. Talk to Our Specialist Team Today
  14. Useful Links

A Guide to Emergency Braking Bus Accident Injury Claims

Bus emergency brake accident

Bus emergency brake accident

Accidents involving buses and coaches on UK roads happen almost every day. Whether you drive yourself or use the roads as a passenger, motorcyclist or cyclist, then you’ll know only too well how other drivers can often be unpredictable, and this can lead to accidents. The same applies to any mode of public transport, which is why bus accident injury claims occur.

Whether you feel the bus driver was at fault or another road user was, you have the right to expect to complete a journey without injury. If this doesn’t happen, you are likely to be not only physically injured but could lose out financially as well. This is why bus accident injury claims can help. Here at Legal Expert, we have a specialist team ready to advise you on this type of claim. We have likely heard similar stories to the one you’ll have to tell us, and we’ll be able to take any stress off your shoulders about claiming by providing solicitors that have fought and won compensation claims just like yours.

In this emergency braking accident on a bus guide, we will cover some of the most pressing questions that clients in bus accident injury claims usually have and explain the process of claiming. We’ll also give you somewhat of a personal injury education, such as letting you know what the personal injury claim times limit is, as well as informing you of typical payouts for injuries sustained in a bus accident – somewhat of a personal injury claims calculator. We hope you find it of use.

What Could Happen if a Bus Brakes in an Emergency?

Whether someone cuts in front of a bus or someone tries to cross the road in front of one, there are several reasons a driver may have to make an emergency stop leading you to be injured on bus journeys, including if they have lost concentration for a second and not noticed that traffic lights have changed.

Several different scenarios could happen if you were on a bus and coach that had to effect an emergency stop.

Firstly, if you were a standing passenger, you might be thrown forward, causing you to fall, bang into something, or suffer injuries such as whiplash.

Should you be seated, because many buses don’t have seatbelts, you could, again, be thrown forward into the seat in front of you, into the aisle, or even someone standing or sitting in the vicinity of your seat.

Another way you could be injured when a bus driver brakes suddenly is where there is luggage or other items on the bus that could be launched into you because of the bus braking. This could cause serious injuries, particularly if the item that hits you is heavy.

Whatever injury you’ve obtained from a bus accident from emergency braking, our team can offer assistance with getting you the compensation you are entitled to claim.

Do Bus Drivers Owe A Duty Of Care?

You may be wondering, “do bus drivers owe a duty of care?” Bus drivers and every other road user has a duty of care which is why you may be able to claim compensation if you’ve been injured by their negligence. For bus drivers in the UK, their duty of care is established in The Public Service Vehicles (Conduct of Drivers, Inspectors, Conductors and Passengers) Regulations 1990

This basically means that the bus driver needs to act safely and responsibly in their role. If they are deemed negligent in their actions, you may be able to claim for the injuries you’ve suffered. However, please remember that, in some instances, emergency braking will be considered the appropriate action and, if it is, they wouldn’t be considered negligent. If so, you couldn’t claim. 

As every case is different, you can contact us for free legal advice to learn more about whether you’re able to claim. Contact us using the details above.

What Are Dangerous Emergency Stops?

Dangerous emergency stops can happen for a variety of reasons. However, situations requiring an emergency stop occur quickly, leaving very little time for a driver to decide whether it should happen.

As a bus has no seat belts, it is essential that a driver only affects this manoeuvre should there be only one option. This is especially dangerous to standing passengers, who often suffer worse injuries than others in these situations.

If a driver is seen to have effected an emergency stop when they should not have done, or done so because they were distracted and did not spot a hazard in time to effect another manoeuvre, then it may be a case against the bus company that is put forward. However, if the emergency stop was necessary because of the fault of another road user, then that may lead to a case against that other road user.

When picking out who is liable for a bus accident injury involving an emergency stop, you must have expert assistance. Legal Expert can provide a personal injury solicitor that will look at the case to find who is at fault and take action on your behalf accordingly. Please continue reading to learn more about a compensation claim for an emergency braking accident on a bus.

Common Causes of Bus Emergency Braking Accidents

There is an almost infinite number of things that can go wrong on the roads, and whilst it would not be possible to list all of the reasons a bus driver might make an emergency stop, we can list the most common causes. They are:

  • When a driver loses concentration momentarily and doesn’t see the lights change
  • Dangerous manoeuvres affected by other motorists
  • Pedestrian stepping out in front of bus
  • An animal running out into the road
  • Malfunctioning traffic lights changing suddenly
  • Malfunctioning vehicle

Whether one of these was the cause of your bus accident injury or some other reason for the emergency stop, if you are injured, and someone is at fault, call us to ascertain how valid your claim would be.

Bus Whiplash Claims

Can you get whiplash on a bus? Absolutely. Whiplash is a complex but common injury in a bus accident UK, simply because the movement of a vehicle forwards and backwards suddenly is exactly the movement that can cause this type of bus whiplash claim. The main symptoms of whiplash are as follows:

  • Stiffness and pain in the neck area
  • Shoulder stiffness and pain
  • Headaches
  • Tiredness/Fatigue
  • Jaw soreness
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness or pain in the arm
  • Backaches
  • Tinnitus
  • Visual problems

While whiplash does not always last for a long time, there is somewhat of a partial disability that victims have to put up with. However, it is prudent to mention that there are also cases that last for several years, and a recognised condition named Whiplash Associated Disorder may cause depression, stress, PTSD and sleep disturbances.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that, if you are over eighteen, involved in a car or vehicle crash and your injuries are worth £5,000 or less, you would need to claim through a different method. In this instance, you would need to claim compensation by using an online portal. This is due to The Whiplash Reform Programme. If you’re unsure how much your injury is worth, we can provide you with a second opinion if you call us at a time that works for you.

Can A Driver Make A Claim For Injuries Caused By An Emergency Braking Accident On A Bus?

Few people consider the driver in a bus accident injury case. Still, it is, of course, the case that if other passengers are injured because of an emergency stop, then there is just as much risk to the driver suffering this type of injury. This can lead to accident on a first bus claims or whichever company operates the bus. If a bus driver is injured in an accident because they had to brake to avoid another road user acting negligently or dangerously, then it stands to reason that they should claim. Similarly, if the bus driver has been forced to drive a bus that is not maintained to a sufficient standard and this causes the need for the bus suddenly braking, then a bus driver could make an accident at work bus injury claim against their employer.

If you have been injured as a driver of a bus, and believe someone else was at fault for the accident that caused your injuries, then you should get in touch with a personal injury lawyer who can handle a compensation claim for you. We can help with this.

What to do if you are in an accident on a bus? 

You may be wondering, “what to do if you are in an accident on a bus?” If you feel your injury has been caused by third-party negligence, you will need evidence to successfully receive compensation. This includes:

  • Taking photographs of your injury and the accident scene. 
  • Getting the contact details of any witnesses that saw the accident. 
  • Having a medical professional or doctor provide you with a medical report, assessing the nature of your injury. 
  • Ascertaining further evidence, such as CCTV footage. 

Our solicitors can help you gather evidence that could improve your chances of receiving compensation. 

Who Can You Make A Claim Against If Injured On A Bus In An Emergency Stop?

As we have mentioned earlier, it is not just the bus driver that could be at fault for a bus accident injury. When it comes to road accident claims, liability can fall to any party involved in the accident, and sometimes liability can be split. Here, we offer some information on how fault would likely be decided in certain cases.

Bus driver negligence – Should your driver have been speeding or taking corners at excessive speed, leading to late notice of a hazard, or they lost concentration before having to go about bus braking hard incidents. It may well be a possibility to claim against the bus company.

If the road was unsafe – and this led to the driver braking without warning-you may be able to affect a claim against the local council or owner of the road.

Driver Negligence from another vehicle user – Should someone have pulled in front of the bus without warning or swerved into the road, leading the driver to ensure the bus suddenly braked, then it stands to reason your driver may have had no choice but to brake suddenly. In these cases, the claim would usually be against the road user that caused the accident.

Are bus drivers liable for accidents?

You may be wondering, “are bus drivers liable for accidents?” As the above section shows, whether the bus driver is liable or not depends on the circumstances surrounding the accident. A bus could easily brake due to an emergency that is not the driver’s fault. If the accident was caused by council negligence or another road user’s negligence, you would need to make the claim against them.

Confused about who is to blame? Then call our experts who can help figure this out for you.

Case Study: Injuries Caused By A Bus Braking In An Emergency

One horrific accident about suing a bus company for an emergency stop accident would involve claims against Arriva buses by David Lloyd. Mr Lloyd, who was 66 at the time of the accident, was on a bus that made an emergency stop allegedly due to the need to avoid a bike user on a roundabout. Lloyd, a pensioner from the Midlands, was thrown about the bus, out of the seat he was occupying and hit the floor.

He was left with broken ribs and a punctured lung that necessitated a stay in a critical care unit for a week. He hopes, with the evidence provided by a medical expert showing his bus injuries were potentially life-threatening, to win a personal injury on a bus claim from Arriva, the bus company that was carrying him as a passenger.

What Compensation Can My Bus Accident Injury Claim Include?

A passenger bus accident claim usually results in a payment that takes into account several different factors. The first of which is usually an amount determined by the injury you would have received. It is important to remember that there is no set payment amount for a specific injury, such as whiplash. Your injury would be calculated based on the medical evidence and the prognosis for recovery. Still, an injury may affect you differently than another person, which will obviously be taken into account. Physical and psychological injuries will be considerations for any emergency braking accident on a bus claims.

On top of this bus passenger accident claim payment for the actual injury, you will likely have other payment amounts for losses resulting from your bus injury. These can include the wages you might have lost while you have been recovering from your injury. But that is not all.

If you must take any more time off work for treatment, this expected amount of lost wages can also be put on your award. Add to this the other costs you may have incurred because of the bus accident, such as expenses for medical items such as prescriptions or mobility aids, the cost of travelling to any appointments, parking etc., and your compensation could go up.

Sadly, however, not all bus accident claims cases lead to the victim recovering. In the rare event that a loved one loses their life in this manner, then the relatives of the deceased might be able to put through a personal injury claim on their behalf, particularly if they depended on the victim financially.

Emergency Braking Injury on a Bus Compensation Claims Calculator

Now, let’s talk about how we calculate compensation for an emergency braking accident on a bus. There are several ways that a bus accident injury can happen and different types and severities of injury. This would lead to a fluctuation in terms of bus compensation payment amounts. With this in mind, this shows common injuries and a potential bracket that the claim amount falls into.

Type of InjurySeverityBracket of CompensationFeatures of Injury
ElbowSeverely Disabling£36,770 to £51,460This bracket is for an elbow injury that is severely disabling.
ElbowModerate or MinorUp to £11,820Tennis elbow syndrome, simple fractures and lacerations fall into this bracket. No permanent damage is caused.
ShoulderSerious£11,980 to £18,020Shoulder dislocation and lower brachial plexus damage that can lead to neck and shoulder pain as well as aching in shoulder.
ShoulderModerate£7,410 to £11,980Limitation of movement caused by frozen shoulder. Discomfort will be caused and symptoms will persist for around two years.
Pelvis and HipSevere (iii)£36,770 to £49,270Many hip and pelvic injuries fall into this bracket including an arthritic femur or hip fracture that leads to a hip replacement surgery being needed.
ArmInjuries Resulting in Permanent and Substantial Disablement£36,770 to £56,180Examples of injuries in this bracket include serious forearm fractures to one or both arms, leading to significant permanent residual disability.
ArmLess Severe£18,020 to £36,770While there have been significant disabilities, a substantial degree of recovery will either have already occurred or will be expected to occur.
LegFracture£8,550 to £13,210Simple femur fracture with no articular surface damage caused.
LegSevere (ii)£51,460 to £85,600These injuries cause permanent mobility problems, with the need for mobility aids and crutches being required for the rest of the injured person's life.
KneeModerate (i)£13,920 to £24,580Dislocation, torn cartilage or meniscus causing issues like minor instability, wasting and other mild future disabilities.

Should you suffer a different injury, it’s still possible for us to explain which bracket your injury falls into. To get help with this, call us.

No Win No Fee Bus Accident And Injury Claims

Claiming without funds upfront? Can it be done? We are often surprised by the number of people that think there are some sort of catch to no win no fee bus accident claims, just like other personal injury claims. There is no catch. This is an agreement in advance detailing what percentage of your payout goes to your personal injury solicitor. There are no surprises.

Once your case wins, that amount comes out of the compensation award, and you get the rest. Note that there’s a legal cap on what the personal injury lawyer fees can come to. So, you will not be out of pocket because of this. Also, remember that if your case loses, meaning no compensation, you won’t face legal bills.

Many people talk to us about this before deciding whether to initiate a claim. So, please speak to us to find out more about No Win No Fee claims.

How We Can Help People Injured in A Bus Emergency Stop

You may have questions about an emergency braking accident on a bus and may not be ready to claim. We pride ourselves on offering free advice to anyone who calls us without pushing you to use our service. Our call handlers will be able to answer queries you may have about making claims. This includes the personal injury claims time limit, liability, and getting hold of a solicitor who can help.

In fact, we can provide you with the solicitor best suited to take your case on. We are careful to make sure that we don’t put pressure on you. But we can connect you with this type of solicitor to fight your claim to a satisfactory conclusion. Keep reading to find out how to claim.

Talk to Our Specialist Team Today

Whether today, tomorrow or next week you decided you need advice or support, we are here to help. 0800 073 8804 puts you through directly to legally trained handlers that will be happy to speak to you about bus accident injury, the repercussions and what we can do to help. Should you want to get in touch a different way, click this link.

Useful Links

Some useful resources that you might be interested in reading are below. We prefer to make sure all bases are covered, so if you are looking for additional information, then click below:

Whiplash details

The NHS page on whiplash tells you all about this condition.

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The government’s page on CFA no upfront fee legal cases for personal injury is above.

Road traffic accidents – Claim guide

If you have an accident on the roads, this guide answers the myriad of questions you might have.

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Emergency Braking Accident On A Bus FAQs

Can you claim if your bus crashes?

Yes, you can file a claim if your bus has a crash, especially if the bus driver is entirely responsible.

How do I claim after a bus accident?

You should take details of the bus and driver, then report the accident to the police and the bus firm.

Can you get whiplash from an emergency stop?

Yes. In fact, an emergency stop is the most frequent cause of whiplash.

Can you sue TFL (Transport For London)?

Yes, TFL is a potential defendant if you suffer an injury while using a TFL service.

What is a good settlement offer?

This is an offer that meets at least 80% of your expectations.

Can you claim for anxiety after a car accident?

Yes, though you must present sufficient medical evidence to support your suffering from anxiety.

How long does it take for a neck injury to heal?

Depending on its severity, this could be a few weeks, a few months or upwards of a year.

What happens if I reject a settlement offer?

You couldn’t accept that same offer further down the line.

Thank you for reading our guide about making a compensation claim after an emergency braking accident on a bus. If you have further questions, such as “what to do if you are in an accident on a bus?”, contact us for free legal advice using the above details.

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