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Sunderland Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence – No Win No Fee Claims

This online guide hopes to provide you with the information you may need if you are thinking of making a medical negligence claim against a Sunderland Walk-in centre. To hold a valid medical negligence claim you need to be able to establish that negligence caused you harm you would not have otherwise suffered. We look at what type of negligence could cause unnecessary suffering and what injuries you could suffer. Also, we look at the importance of walk-in centres both the private ones and the ones that are run by the NHS. They have helped to enormously lower the waiting times in some A and E departments to allow the illest of people to be looked at quickly.

Sunderland walk-in centre medical negligence claims guide

Sunderland walk-in centre medical negligence claims guide

Our team of advisors can be contacted on 0800 073 8804. They are available all hours of the day, seven days a week to answer any questions you have. We can’t answer every possible question in this single guide. So call and talk to our team to have any questions answered, and at the same time, they will explain how we can help you to get your claim started.

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A Guide On Claims For A Sunderland Walk-in Centre Medical Negligence

Making a compensation claim for a Sunderland walk-in centre clinical negligence may be complex. That is why we have provided the information below. It is fair to say that some medical treatments mean that the side effects could cause an injury or an illness. But this guide looks at when an illness is caused through negligence. We start with some basic background information. We explain what a clinical negligence claim is, and why you could be left in a position to make one. You will find some advice on how to find your local walk-in centre, and also explain when and who can visit, and for what types of treatment. We then move on to discuss specific the ways in which medical negligence could come about;

  • A doctor failing to listen to your symptoms of a minor injury therefore you are misdiagnosed.
  • Minor illness symptoms are missed or not recognised because you are not examined properly leading to a missed illness.
  • Negative effects on health are due to being given poor sexual health advice.
  • Pharmaceutical errors that lead to you suffering health problems.

We tie this guide up with several sections that are focused more on certain aspects of the claims process. The guide also provides you with a basic example compensation table, that demonstrates how the level of compensation is driven by how much pain and suffering you went through, and for how long. We have also added a shortlist of some of the more commonly claimed for types of damages. The last part of this guide covers the main service that we can offer you. It will explain how we can provide you with a specialist medical negligence solicitor working under a No Win No Fee deal.

If you have any questions about walk-in centre medical negligence claims that this guide hasn’t covered, we can help you if you get in touch with our team. Use the contact number at the end of this page, and an expert advisor will provide all of the answers you need, and also tell you how we can help you to move your claim forward today.

What Is Medical Negligence At A Walk-in Centre In Sunderland?

In this section, we will try to explain to you what may constitute medical negligence at a Sunderland Walk-in centre. Please note that walk-in centres can be both privately run and run by the NHS. Every medical professional, a nurse, doctor, surgeon, owes you a duty of care to never cause you harm that is unnecessary.

Sometimes during your treatment, you will suffer an injury or illness as part of the treatment that will eventually see you well again. Examples of this could be a surgeon cutting you open during an operation, or having chemotherapy to treat cancer. This kind of harm wouldn’t be something you could claim for. We are only talking about harm that has been caused by some kind of error, mistake, omission or oversight. If such a mistake harms you, then it could be construed as clinical negligence, and it may be possible for you to claim compensation for the pain and suffering you went through. A breach of duty of care might be defined as:

  1. A medical professional treated you, and thus had a duty of care towards you.
  2. A mistake was made because the doctor or medical professional was negligent in treating you.
  3. If the medical professional had taken different action, you would not have suffered the harm.
  4. You can show causation, due to the fact that you would not have suffered the harm if the medical professional had not taken the action they did.

Every successful clinical negligence claim would display those four factors. If this sounds like you and your own situation, please reach out to our team. They can help you to get a claim underway.

Walk-in Centre Services Near Sunderland

If you need to find a walk-in centre near Sunderland, you can search for one here – help you locate. But to make things easier for you, we have provided the contact details for the urgent care and walk-in centres in Sunderland below.

Pallion Health Centre

Sunderland Royal Hospital

Hylton Road



Bunny Hill Primary Care Centre

Hylton Lane



Grindon Lane Primary Care Centre

Grindon Lane



Sunderland Eye Infirmary Walk-In Centre

Queen Alexandra Road



Sunderland Royal Hospital Walk-In Centre

Sunderland Royal Hospital

Hylton Road



When To Visit A Walk-in Healthcare Centre

Many walk-in centres in Sunderland do not require an appointment. As long as you visit within opening hours, you can just go in and wait. How long you have to wait will depend on how busy the centre is. Most walk-in centres have at least one doctor on duty, but some only have nurses. The services on offer at the urgent care or walk-in clinic will depend on the medical professionals on duty, but typically include:

  • Having minor wounds treated, such as cuts, grazes, burns, etc.
  • To have minor infections or illnesses diagnosed and treated if applicable.
  • To get sexual health, pregnancy and contraception advice.
  • Other ad-hoc services such as vaccinations and examinations.

In the following sections, we look at how if a patient is provided with substandard care their injury or illness could get worse before it gets better. This guide will try to show you how medical negligence in a clinical setting could lead the patient to be eligible to make a claim.

Negligent Treatment For A Minor Injury In A Walk-in Centre

One of the primary roles of walk-in and urgent care centres is to treat minor wounds that would otherwise take up valuable resources at a hospital Accident & Emergency Department. How minor injuries could be affected by substandard care:

  • The medical professional treating you might not recognise that you actually have a much more serious injury. For example, you actually have a fractured wrist, but it is treated as a sprained wrist at the walk-in centre because they failed to listen correctly to your symptoms.
  • You are not sent for an X-ray when you are clearly showing signs of a fracture.
  • You are not referred to a specialist and your injury is allowed to worsen because the doctor did not recognise the severity of your injury.

To establish if negligence was present very often the Bolam test will be carried out. This gathers a group of medical professionals together and they are asked if they would have provided the same care and treatment. If they disagree with the treating doctor a medical negligence case may be possible. Call our advisors to have your case assessed for free today.

Negligent Treatment For A Minor Infection In A Walk-in Centre

Many minor illnesses and infections can be treated at a walk-in centre. The common cold, eye infections, throat infections, etc. It is vital that when you are treated by a medical professional they listen to all your symptoms. However, just as equally important is that as patients you inform the doctor of all your symptoms. Failing to establish all symptoms on either part can lead to a misdiagnosis.

  • A Sunderland walk-in centre misdiagnosis can happen when symptoms are either not listened to or not communicated properly to the physician.
  • If your illness is misdiagnosed for another illness you may be provided treatment you do not need, this, in turn, could cause harm to your health that could have been avoided.
  • When you are misdiagnosed the illness is not recognised therefore cannot receive the treatment it needs. This can mean your illness worsens more than it needed to.

Misdiagnoses can seem complicated that is why we offer all potential claimants the opportunity to have their case assessed for free. If our advisors can see you have a valid case they will introduce you to our medical negligence team.

Negligent Sexual Health Advice From A Walk-in Centre

Some people visit an NHS urgent treatment centre for guidance about their sexual health, family planning, contraception, etc. Sexually transmitted diseases or STI’s if not treated correctly can cause an array of problems not only for the sufferer but others with who they have sexual contact with. Some issues that could happen include;

  • You are advised to try a contraceptive that has a known interaction with another medication you are taking.
  • You are diagnosed with a different STI because test results are read incorrectly than what you are suffering from therefore you are given wrong treatment and your existing condition worsens as a result.
  • A medical professional fails to diagnose a Sexually Transmitted Illness (STI) that you are suffering from, and the illness becomes worse because of this.

STI’s can have serious complications if not diagnosed and treated properly. If you think that you experienced care and treatment that was below the expected standard and this caused your condition to gradually worsen call our advisors today. All calls are confidential and there is no obligation to go any further if you choose not to.

Negligent And Wrongful Medication From A Walk-in Centre

Although a walk-in medical centre in Sunderland will not generally have a pharmacy on-site, and those centres which are only staffed by nurses will not usually prescribe medication, you could still come to harm due to a pharmaceutical error. As examples:

  • A mistake is made with a prescription, such as a spelling error or a printing error, which means that you are given the wrong medication by a pharmacy.
  • A drug you are prescribed has a known reaction to a type of medication that you are already taking. The fact you are taking this medication has been missed on your medical records by the person treating you.
  • When you visit a pharmacy to collect your prescription, one of the pharmacy staff hand you entirely the wrong medication.

Pharmaceutical mistakes can be simple in nature, yet very dangerous in practice. If you can prove that a mistake has taken place involving medication or a prescription, then we might be able to help you to make a compensation claim.

Clinical Negligence Compensation Calculator

If you make a claim against walk-in or urgent care services in Sunderland and you win your claim, the amount of compensation you receive will depend on how much pain and suffering you went through. It is very difficult to give an average for the value of claims, as each is different. The table below clearly demonstrates how the more harm you suffer and the longer you suffer for, then the higher the compensation payment in general. We used the guidelines that the courts in England use, that are published by the Judicial College, to create this table.

Medical Issue Severity Level Possible Compensation Additional Info
Illness Severe £36,060 to £49,270 Illnesses graded as severe, that would have painful, incapacitating symptoms. The victim would require hospital treatment and potentially intensive medical care. Major symptoms will have cleared up, but it is very likely that there will be a permanent or long-term impairment to the victim’s health in some way.
Illness Serious £8,950 to £18,020 Illnesses graded as serious, that would have painful symptoms, possibly incapacitating, that may require some amount of hospital treatment. The victim will recover from the main symptoms within a four-week period, but there may be ongoing health issues for years.
Illness Degrees of disabling pain £860 to £3,710 Uncomfortable symptoms. Full recovery within weeks.
Illness Causing significant discomfort £3,710 to £8,950 Uncomfortable or painful symptoms. Medical treatment at hospital may be needed, with the main symptoms dissipating within a four-week period. However, there could be ongoing symptoms for up to two years.

You may feel you need to know more accurately how much you could potentially win if your claim is a success. If this is the case, we recommend you talk to one of our advisors, and explain to them that you would like a specialist medical negligence lawyer to value your claim for you. They can help to arrange this for you.

Common Damages Claimed

If you do win your claim for clinical negligence at a Sunderland walk-in centre, whether you are awarded a settlement through the court system, or offered out of court, the settlement itself is going to comprise potentially a number of different forms of damages. General damages each pertain to the physical or psychological harm you have suffered, from short-term pain to long-term impairment. For example:

  • Permanent disabilities or impairments that will last for the long term.
  • Psychological damage. Depression or anxiety for example.
  • The pain and suffering of your major symptoms.
  • Trauma caused by invasive treatment.

On the other side of the calculation for compensation are what are known as special damages. These types of damages are all related to non-physical aspects, such as financial losses. If you do intend to try and claim back money you have already spent due to the incident that you are claiming for, you are going to need to be able to provide documented proof of spending. Examples of special damages might include:

  • Lowered lifetime earning potential due to decreased working capacity, or loss of ability to work entirely.
  • Lost wages or salary, either in total or partially, because you had to miss work while you were recovering.
  • The cost of any private medical care that you had to pay for yourself.
  • Out of pocket and other ad-hoc expenses, travels costs for example.
  • The cost of hiring a nurse to care for you at home, or somebody to help you with chores and maintenance.

We have covered many of the basic types of damages you may claim for, but there are many more. We would recommend that you call us and speak to one of our claims team, who will be able to indicate to you the types of damages that might be appropriate to seek in your own case.

No Win No Fee Claims For A Sunderland Walk-In Centre Clinical Negligence

We can provide you with a specialist clinical negligence solicitor, that would work on your claim under a No Win No Fee agreement. We also term this a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). And as the name seems to suggest, the solicitor’s fee is conditional on them winning your claim for you. This means that:

  • You do not have to pay upfront fees.
  • Even if the claim takes months to process, you won’t be asked to pay any solicitor’s fees until the claim is resolved and has been won.
  • If your solicitor doesn’t reach a successful resolution to your claim, then you will not need to pay the solicitor’s fees.

If the claim is won though, your lawyer will generally request that you pay a legally limited success fee. And this may be collected directly from any compensation payment that your solicitor has received on your behalf.

Contact A Solicitor Covering Sunderland

Have you been harmed by what you believe might have been clinical negligence at a Sunderland walk-in centre? Do you need some help working out if you have a valid claim, or how to make one? Then contact our claims team on 0800 073 8804. Our advisors will help you further.

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