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Barnsley Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence – No Win No Fee Claims

If you have been let down by a doctor, a nurse, or any other practitioner in a walk-in centre, you could be entitled to claim compensation. Being harmed by the incompetence or poor decisions of the person treating you when you go to the hospital, a GP or a walk-in centre is known as medical negligence or clinical negligence. This page is a guide to making those types of claims, specifically Barnsley walk-in centre medical negligence.

Our team of legal experts and experienced lawyers can help you to make a claim and to win the maximum amount of compensation you could be entitled to. Once you have finished reading this guide, why don’t you contact us using any of the following contact methods:

Barnsley walk-in centre medical negligence claims guide

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  1. What Is Barnsley Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence?
  2. GP And Walk In Centres In Barnsley
  3. When To Access Walk-In Centre Healthcare Services
  4. Walk-In Centre Injury Negligence
  5. Walk-In Centre Infection Negligence
  6. Walk-in Centre Reproductive Healthcare Negligence
  7. Walk-in Clinic Prescription Negligence
  8. No Win No Fee Barnsley Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence Claims
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What Is Barnsley Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence?

There are standards expected of anyone who practises medicine. Under these standards, anyone from surgeons to dentists have a duty of care to their patients to look after their well-being to the very best of their abilities and with the degree of competence expected of someone of their rank and degree of qualification. It also means that they cannot allow harm to come to their patients through negligence or through mistakes.

When a medical practitioner causes harm to their patient or allows preventable harm to come to their patient through mistakes, negligence or deliberate mistreatment, it is known as medical negligence. Patients who can prove they have been harmed by medical negligence can be entitled to claim compensation. 

The following sections will detail how medical negligence in a walk-in centre could happen.

GP And Walk In Centres In Barnsley

One of the NHS walk-in centres in Barnsley is the South West Yorkshire Partnerships’s New Street Health Centre. This is located on New Street in Barnsley town centre. For a non-NHS service, there is Spectrum Community Healths’ sexual health clinic in Gateway Plaza.

When To Access Walk-In Centre Healthcare Services

Walk-in centres are a type of compromise between an ordinary GP clinic and a hospital. They are designed for people to receive on the spot care and treatment from a doctor or a nurse. This may be in cases where they cannot wait for a doctors appointment or are not registered with a GP, or because the situation does not warrant going to a hospital or contacting emergency services. 

In the latter regard, walk-in centres are a good option if you are experiencing the symptoms of an illness or an injury that needs attention but is of a minor nature.

The services that are provided at a walk-in centre can vary from one to another. Some walk-in centres provide broader services than others. Generally, walk-in centres services include:

  • Diagnosing and treating minor illnesses
  • Dog bites
  • Minor wounds
  • Sprains and strains

Services that some, but not all, walk-in centres provide are:

  • Pregnancy, STI and Contraception provision services
  • Prescriptions.

If you aren’t sure about whether or not to attend a walk-in centre or a hospital, you can visit this site or call 111.

Walk-In Centre Injury Negligence

Walk-in centres are commonly referred to as minor injury units. This is because one of the main roles they fulfil is treating minor injuries which do not require the victim to call 999 or visit A&E, but which do need rapid medical attention. This is more convenient for many patients, and it also serves to reduce the amount of unnecessary pressure on emergency services and hospitals.

Some of the injuries that you could bring to a walk-in centre include:

  • Minor burns
  • Minor scalds
  • Insect stings and bites
  • Sprains and strains
  • Broken noses
  • Damaged fingernails

 The fact that an injury is minor does not diminish the level of responsibility that a medical professional has over their patient. They still have a duty of care to provide the best and most attentive level of care they can. 

Even minor injuries could become a potentially severe health issue if medical negligence becomes involved. What may appear to be a minor injury could actually be something more serious. For example, a sprained ankle may actually be a bone fracture. A doctor has a responsibility to correctly diagnose an injury, in this case, they should refer a patient to receive x-rays or scans if they suspect that it could be more than just a sprain.

Another example may be the treatment of an injury. A cut may require cleaning and stitches. If this isn’t done properly, the patient may experience an infection or avoidable scarring. In both of these examples, medical negligence may have led to the patient experiencing preventable harm, and there could be grounds for making a medical negligence compensation claim. Even if the negligence came about through honest human error, if it fell below the standards that are reasonably expected of a doctor or a nurse, they could be liable for a claim.

Walk-In Centre Infection Negligence

Walk-in centres are where many people will go when they have minor illnesses as well. It is useful to have a service that people can use without having to wait until a GP appointment has been made, or that people can use even if they have not yet been registered with a GP. 

Minor illnesses and infections that people should attend a walk-in centre with can include:

  • Gastrointestinal problems, such as vomiting, diarrhoea, or stomach pains
  • Cold and flu symptoms, such as headaches, coughs, fatigue, joint aches
  • Eye and ear infections, with symptoms like earache and conjunctivitis
  • Skin complaints, such as eczema or rashes.

Usually, complaints like these do not pose a serious threat to health and will pass by themselves, or with the assistance of over the counter medications. However, this still means that doctors should deal with the patient’s symptoms with all due diligence and to the best of their abilities. Failure to do so could lengthen the period of recovery, or exacerbate their symptoms, causing unnecessary pain and/or discomfort.

There is also the possibility that a minor complaint is actually the symptom of something more serious. A doctor is expected to be able to diagnose an issue correctly and respond appropriately when they see a warning sign that something is more serious than it seems, even if it just means handing the patient over to someone more qualified. Failure to do this could leave the patient in harm’s way through a misdiagnosed and improperly treat illness.

If you have suffered harm due to misdiagnosis in a Crawley walk-in centre, medical negligence may have been the cause. If you can prove this was the case, you could be entitled to compensation. Call us for more information and feel free to read this guide to misdiagnosis medical negligence claims.

Walk-in Centre Reproductive Healthcare Negligence

Walk-in centres can also offer reproductive healthcare services (although you should look online first to find out if the one you intend to visit provides it). Reproductive healthcare services can encompass:

  • Walk-in testing and healthcare relating to pregnancy
  • Provision of walk-in testing and treatment (where possible) for sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Provision of contraception.

In each of these cases, medical negligence could put the patient’s health at risk.

If a walk-in centre is providing service users with contraceptives, then it is up to them to ensure that the contraceptives they are providing are safe, effective and appropriate for the patients’ needs. If a patient experiences an unwanted pregnancy, develops an STI, or suffers some kind of allergic reaction to the contraception because the walk-in centre provided them with faulty contraception, for instance, then there could be grounds to claim compensation.

Diagnosing and treating an STI as early as possible is important, as with any infectious illness. Failure to diagnose it and provide the correct treatment could lead to the illness lasting longer than it should, potentially causing the victim to experience unnecessary and avoidable pain. Some STIs can cause permanent and damaging health complications if they go untreated, such as infertility.

Pregnancy is probably the most important aspect of reproductive healthcare. Medical negligence in testing and treating a pregnant patient potentially put two people at risk. If there is to be a complication with the pregnancy, birth, or the health of the baby then it needs to be diagnosed early on. 

Failure to do so could cause birth injuries with lasting effects to both the mother and baby and possibly even a miscarriage. For more information on claiming compensation for medical negligence related to pregnancy, visit this page or call our team.

Walk-in Clinic Prescription Negligence

Some walk-in clinics can provide prescriptions to patients who visit them. Providing a prescription carries with it a weighty responsibility. The prescription has to be correct—there is a lot that could go wrong if the prescription is incorrect. Medical negligence in providing a prescription can cause harm, and there are a number of different ways that it could happen.

 Providing the patient with too great a dose of medication

  • Providing the patient with too little medication
  • Providing the patient with a medication that clashes with substances already in the patient’s body, such as other drugs
  • Providing the patient with medication that triggers an allergic reaction.

If you can prove you suffered harm because of Barnsley walk-in centre medical negligence in respect of medication, you could be entitled to claim compensation. Get in touch with our team to find out more.

No Win No Fee Barnsley Walk-In Centre Medical Negligence Claims

Lawyers do not often work for free. Usually, they will charge legal fees. These can vary, but they are often a significant sum of money for anyone on a normal income. This can turn making a claim into a financial risk. Many people could be dissuaded from making a claim if doing so means taking a chance with their money, especially if they have already been financially impacted by the cause of the claim.

Legal Expert can help you to avoid this problem by offering you the chance to pursue a claim on a No Win No Fee basis. A No Win No Fee claim is a way of pursuing a case wherein you sign an agreement with your lawyer, agreeing that you will not be charged legal fees if the claim doesn’t succeed. There are also no fees to pay upfront or during the case.

If your case is successful, your lawyer will deduct a small success fee from the compensation awarded to cover their costs. This deduction is capped by law. 

For more information on how this type of agreement works, see our page on No Win No Fee claims here.

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