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Milton Keynes Car Accident Claims Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Guide

A Guide To Car Accident Claims In Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes car accident claims solicitorsOn this page, you will find a guide to finding the best team of car accident claims solicitors covering the Milton Keynes area to represent you in a personal injury claim.

You won’t find a personal injury claims calculator on this page as it’s better to call us so we can take everything you have endured into account but you will find key facts about the legal process of making a claim, such as the personal injury claims time limit of three years and how you must make a claim before this deadline. This page contains the following information:

  • A full explanation of the main reasons why we believe it is vital that every resident of Milton Keynes that has been involved in a road traffic accident, gets themselves examined by an expert medical professional, to help support their compensation claim.
  • An overview of why it is important that you choose the right legal team to process a claim for an injury that you sustained in a road traffic accident in Milton Keynes, and how this can affect the amount of compensation you receive.
  • A number of different sections that go into detail about the more common types of road traffic accidents that occur in Milton Keynes.
  • A number of different sections that go into detail about the more common types of injuries that can be incurred in road traffic accidents that occur in Milton Keynes.
  • Some easy to understand tables that will enable you to understand some of the main statistics regarding road traffic accidents in Milton Keynes each year.
  • An introduction and an overview of the Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) that Legal Expert uses as a basis for the national claims service we offer Milton Keynes residents as the best way to process a claim for a road traffic accident.

If you reach the end of this page and there are still some questions you need answers for, then please call Legal Expert on 0800 073 8804, and we will help you by answering them.

Get Medically Assessed locally to Milton Keynes by our Panel Of Medical Experts

When personal injury claims solicitors in Milton Keynes or elsewhere are processing a compensation claim for an injury that was caused in a RTA, proving the extent of the victim’s injuries is often a pre-requisite of making a successful claim. Legal Expert can arrange for you to receive a free local medical examination in the Milton Keynes area. The closest doctors who would be able to perform this examination would be:

Dr Reheela Khand

Fairbourne Drive


Milton Keynes

MK10 9RG


Dr Ghulam Wattoo

50 Tiers Road

Milton Keynes

MK11 3EA

Why It Is Critical To Choose the Right No Win No Fee Car Crash Solicitor For Milton Keynes

If you just stick to searching for car accident claims solicitors in Milton Keynes to make your compensation claim, you may not be giving yourself the best chance possible of winning your claims case. A different legal firm might be better equipped to process your claim. The better your legal team is, the more chance you have of winning your claim. Any solicitor you choose should be able to:

  1. Provide you with a free local medical examination.
  2. Arrange to take on your case under a Conditional Fee Agreement
  3. Be able to prove they have won a similar case within the last year.

How Important Are Reviews Of Car Accident Solicitors In Milton Keynes

Review sites can be a good way to get some basic information about Milton Keynes accident lawyers. You should be especially interested in whether they’re experienced in successfully claiming car accident compensation for their clients. It is also worth remembering that some reviews may not be accurate, so don’t take the reviews at face value, be sure to double check your shortlisted legal firms before choosing one.

Does It Matter Where Your Solicitors Are Based?

If a car accident claims solicitor is actually in Milton Keynes really has no bearing on making a personal injury claim. While engaging solicitors in Milton Keynes might seem handy due to their location, they may not be the best legal team to process your claim for you. A far more important consideration than location is how experienced your solicitor is in making similar claims. The better your solicitor, the higher your chance of successfully making a compensation claim.

What Car Accident Compensation Claims Can We Conduct For Milton Keynes Residents?

Legal Expert is a legal firm that operates a team of expert personal injury claims solicitors covering Milton Keynes. Due to the sheer volume of personal injury claims we make each year, we often find trends in the type of accidents most commonly seen. With regards to Milton Keynes road traffic accidents, the most common types are covered below.

Make A Claim For A General Car Accident

There are many types of Milton Keynes road traffic accident that although not the most common, do happen quite frequently. If you are involved in an accident with a learner driver or an instructor, an emergency vehicle, a lorry, commercial or agricultural vehicle in Milton Keynes, then Legal Expert can help you by processing a compensation claim on your behalf.

Make A Claim For A Passenger Car Accident

Road accidents claims involving pedestrians are one of the most common of all types of claims processed by solicitors in Milton Keynes. Passengers often suffer terrible injuries when involved in an accident, as they are less protected than the driver in most vehicles. The kind of injuries that a solicitor would need to pursue damages such as loss of earnings, lowered life quality, etc. for.

Make A Claim For An Accident In A Taxi

If you are riding in a taxi or minicab, and it is involved in a road traffic accident in Milton Keynes, personal injury solicitors would be able to process a compensation claim for you. Every taxi driver must, as a legal requirement, maintain an active public indemnity policy, and your claim would be made against the insurance firm that provides this policy.

Claim For A Milton Keynes Bus & Coach Accident

If you are riding on a bus in Milton Keynes, and it is involved in a road traffic accident, then personal injury solicitors in Milton Keynes would be able to process a compensation claim for you. In this instance, we would seek compensation from the company that operates the Milton Keynes bus service.

Rear-End Shunts

A rear end shunt is often seen as a minor type of road traffic accident. The truth is that even a low-speed rear-end shunt can cause whiplash, and even mild cases of this injury can take several weeks to clear up. If you are involved in a rear end shunt in Milton Keynes solicitors will be able to help you to claim compensation for your injuries.

Accidents On A Roundabout

One of the most common places that a car accident in Milton Keynes takes place is on a roundabout. Milton Keynes, the way the road layout was designed, relies very heavily on roundabouts to control traffic. These roundabouts can be a dangerous place for young or inexperienced drivers, or those that have become distracted.

Pedestrian Accident Injury Claims In Milton Keynes

As a pedestrian in Milton Keynes, if you are hit by a moving vehicle in a road traffic accident, then a personal injury solicitor could be able to process a compensation claim for you. Pedestrians often suffer the most serious of all road traffic accident injuries, and as such, Legal Expert would arrange a free medical examination to prove the extent of your injuries so that you could claim the most compensation possible.

Common Forms Of Injuries Suffered After Car Accidents In Milton Keynes?

Just as there are more common types of road traffic accidents, there are also more common types of injuries that are caused by road traffic accidents in Milton Keynes each year. Any of which, Legal Expert could help you to process a claim for. We have covered the most frequent injuries below.

Neck And Whiplash Injuries

The most common of all injuries that are caused by road traffic accidents every year in the UK is whiplash. Legal Expert has a team of road accident compensation lawyers covering Milton Keynes that can help you claim for a whiplash injury. Whiplash can be caused by even low-speed collisions; a serious case of whiplash could leave a person unable to work for several months or more.

Back Injuries And Pain

Back injuries are another very common type of injury that is caused due to road traffic accidents. The top of the back and the neck are unprotected in vehicles that are not equipped with airbags. This means that it is very easy to injure the muscles of the neck or back and also the vertebrae of the spine, in even a low-speed crash. If you are injured in such a fashion, then Milton Keynes personal injury solicitors can help you to claim compensation.

Other Forms Of Serious Injury

The injuries above might be the most common, but there are many more serious injuries that Legal Expert can help you claim for if you suffer them due to a road traffic accident in Milton Keynes. Injuries such as loss of an arm or a leg, damage to the kidneys or liver, severe concussion or severe brain damage, etc.

Car Accident And Road Accidents in Milton Keynes Local Authority

Below, you will find a number of simplified tables that present some of the most important statistics regarding road traffic accidents in Milton Keynes visually. The data for these tables covers 2014 to 2016.

Street or LocationNumber or RTA
Avebury Road46
Midsummer Blvd15

The table above shows that the most dangerous three roads in Milton Keynes from a road traffic accident perspective are; Avebury road, Portway and Midsummer Blvd.

Milton Keynes road accident map

Milton Keynes road accident map

Overall, a total of 229 road traffic accidents took place in Milton Keynes within the time period covered by this data.


The table above shows that by far the most likely type of vehicle to be involved in a road traffic accident in Milton Keynes are cars. The drivers of which, may have been able to claim road accident compensation.

How Many Fatal Car Accident And Road Accidents in Milton Keynes?


Between 2014 and 2016 there were relatively few fatal road traffic accidents in Milton Keynes.

No Win, No Fee Lawyers Helping Car Accident Claimants In Milton Keynes

If you have questions such as, how much is the average settlement for a car accident? then a partial answer would be that it depends on the fee structure of the solicitor you use to process a claim. Legal Expert operates a team of No Win No Fee car accident solicitors covering the Milton Keynes area that provide you with a way to make a compensation claim in a financially risk-free way. You pay nothing when we begin processing a claim for you, and nothing as we pursue your claim. If we are unsuccessful, you still pay nothing. We will only take our fee when we receive a compensation payment for you.

Are Claimants Charged Any Costs Or Fees?

Under our No Win No Fee claims service, when processing a car accident compensation claim, you are not charged any legal fees no matter how long it takes us to resolve your claim. The only time you pay us is when a compensation payment is received.

Proceeding With Your Claim

If you wish to proceed with your claim for road accident compensation, then call Legal Expert on the number below. We will talk you through the process of making car crash claims as well as help to start your own claim today.

How To Find More Information

If you have questions such as, can I get compensation for a car accident? or, how much money can you get from a car accident settlement? All you need to do is call Legal Expert on the number below, and one of our team will answer any questions you may have using simple, plain English.

Starting Your Personal Injury Compensation Claim

Are you ready to make a claim for car accident compensation? Do you need to find the best car crash solicitors to process your claim? If so, call Legal Expert on 0800 073 8804 today, and we will walk you through the process of starting a claim.

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