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Milton Keynes Injury Solicitors No Win No Fee

By Stephen Bishop. Last Updated 20th September 2021. Welcome to our guide on making a personal injury claim with the help of Milton Keynes personal injury solicitors. No matter whether you are situated in Milton Keynes or you are based anywhere else in the United Kingdom, Legal Expert can manage your claim for compensation.

Milton Keynes Personal Injury Solicitors

Milton Keynes Personal Injury Solicitors

From matching you with a personal injury solicitor that will make things easier for you by arranging a medical report at a convenient medical centre situated near you to finding a personal injury solicitor that has fought cases like yours before, we can take the stress out of making a claim. Read on to discover more about working with Milton Keynes personal injury solicitors.

Making a personal injury claim

If you want to make a personal injury claim, Legal Expert can ensure you are matched with the best No Win No Fee solicitors in Milton Keynes based on the ins and outs of your case. We have many years of experience in the industry, and we can give you the best chance of getting the amount of compensation you deserve.

If you are to successfully secure compensation, the Milton Keynes personal injury solicitors working on your case need to prove three things to be true. These are as follows:

  • The Defendant owed you a duty of care
  • The Defendant breached this duty
  • You suffered an illness or injury due to the breach

There is a three-year time limit on all personal injury cases. This means that you will have three years from the date of the incident. Nonetheless, there are cases whereby your injuries take a while to develop. In such circumstances, you will have three years from the date of your diagnosis instead. The sooner you make your claim, the better, as this will give your solicitor the opportunity to collect useful supporting evidence.

How to choose the best No Win No Fee personal injury solicitor in Milton Keynes

Securing compensation can be a timely process. Sometimes it will take months, however, there are cases that take years. This is why you need to choose a solicitor with care. The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) does regulate all Milton Keynes personal injury solicitors and across the UK. However, service levels do vary, which is why you need to conduct due diligence when searching.

Reviews for personal injury lawyers in Milton Keynes

Before you call a solicitor to talk about your case and the claims process entailed, it is a good idea to read reviews that have been left by previous clients. After all, these individuals were once in your position, looking for the best solicitor, and so their advice can be extremely useful.

One thing that often surprises a lot of claimants regards the Conditional Fee Agreement. They are often shocked by the disparity in the level of success fees and insurance premiums charged by such firms. Basically, some companies charge a much greater rate in terms of the percentage of compensation awarded when compared with others. This is why it is a good idea to get a quote before you make up your mind.

Should you care about the location of the lawyer?

Despite living or being injured in Milton Keynes, you are not required to use the services of a local firm. This means that you can make your decision based on numerous factors, for example, the company’s reputation or the success fee a solicitor charges.

The one part of the claim that does need to be conducted on a local basis is the medical exam. If you work with a reputable law firm, they will be able to sort this out for you. At Legal Expert, we can arrange a local medical at a convenient location, at no cost to you.

What compensation claims do you handle?

Here at Legal Expert, we have Milton Keynes personal injury solicitors who handle cases for a wide range of injuries. Our team has the experience and know-how to secure compensation for the likes of:

Road traffic accidents in Milton Keynes

We have a wealth of experience in securing compensation for the victims of road traffic accidents across Great Britain. This includes everything from pedestrian road traffic accidents to crashes involving motorbikes and cyclists.

Other types of road traffic accident claims which our solicitors can help out with include (but are not limited to) the following:

Local road traffic accident statistics

Just how frequent are road traffic accidents in Milton Keynes and how often do they cause fatalities and serious injuries? For insight into this question, we can take a look at statistics published by the Department for Transport (DfT).

Figures from this organisation show that in 2018, there were a total of 86 road casualties who were killed or seriously injured (KSI) recorded within Milton Keynes. That represented a slight decrease on the year before, when 93 KSI road casualties were reported in the area.

Among the 86 KSI road casualties recorded in Milton Keynes in 2018:

  • 37 of them were car occupants
  • 17 were motorcyclists
  • 15 were cyclists
  • 14 were pedestrians

Serious injury

It does not matter how obscure the incident was that you were involved in, so long as it was not your fault, we can help you to claim. This will eliminate the financial pressure so that you can focus on getting better.

Slip, trip and fall accidents

Slip, trip and fall accidents are common. There are a lot of diverse ways these accidents occur, from tripping on a broken pavement to slipping on an unmarked wet floor. Irrespective of what has happened, we can help you to secure the maximum amount of compensation.

Accidents in the workplace

All employers have a legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy workplace. If they have failed to do this, you will be entitled to compensation. Claims range from falling from a height to being hit by an object.

Other workplace accident claims we could potentially assist with include the following:

Accident at work statistics for this area

The most recent statistics (2013/14) for workplace accidents in Milton Keynes Local Authority reveal the following:

Accidents at work. As reported in Milton Keynes2011/122012/132013/14
Cause not identified594842
Caused by or relating to electrocution011
Caused by or relating to machinery171513
Caused by or relating to fire111
Exposure to a harmful substance (such as pesticides)1663
Caused by or relating to falls from heights352422
Animal related (e.g. riding accident)411
Manual handling or lifting accidents1566882
Slip or trip - at the same height14515089
Having been struck against something171111
Vehicle impacts13119
Object impacts713843
Trapped by something collapsing100

Medical negligence

This is often referred to as clinical negligence. If you have been injured while in the care of a healthcare professional, you can make a claim against the medical organisation in question. Medical negligence can often be a complex form of claim to make. To help you better navigate this, we have produced a local area medical negligence guide.

Specific types of medical negligence claims which we could potentially help you with can include the following:

Industrial disease

From siderosis to NIHL, if you have sustained an industrial illness, we have Milton Keynes personal injury solicitors to assist.

Milton Keynes No Win No Fee Lawyers

No Win No Fee solicitors in Milton Keynes make it possible for anyone to make a claim, irrespective of their current financial situation. This is because you don’t need to settle your legal fee bill if compensation is not secured for you.

Will you have to put forward any fees?

With some firms, they may make you pay some fees if your case is unsuccessful. This is not the case with Legal Expert. When we say No Win No Fee, we mean it. Find out more about our No Win No Fee way of working.

How to proceed

No matter whether you have any questions or you are ready to make your claim, Legal Expert can assist.

Get more information

If you have any queries, all you need to do is give us a call, and we will be more than happy to assist. You can reach us on 0800 073 8804. This line is available seven days a week, from 9 am until 9 pm. Alternatively, send an email to, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also use our online contact form or request a call back on-site.

Helpful contacts in Milton Keynes

If you have been involved in an accident in Milton Keynes, there are a number of organisations you may need to contact, in addition to a personal injury solicitor. This includes the following:

Local hospitals in Milton Keynes
University Hospital,
Standing Way,
Milton Keynes,
MK6 5LD.
Tel: 01908 660033

Milton Keynes Magistrates Court
301 Silbury Boulevard, Witan Gate East,
Milton Keynes,
MK9 2AJ.
Tel: 0870 241 2819

Milton Keynes Police
Milton Keynes Police Station
302 North Row,
Witan Gate East,
Milton Keynes,
MK9 2DS.
Tel: 101

Other Useful Compensation Guides

Thank you for reading our guide about making a personal injury claim with the help of Milton Keynes personal injury solicitors.

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