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Hounslow Personal Injury Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims

Hounslow personal injury solicitors

Hounslow personal injury solicitors

This guide to find the right solicitor or lawyer for your claim has been produced for people searching for Hounslow personal injury solicitors. The guide contains everything that you need to know in order to make a personal injury claim for an accident or injury which either happened in this area, or to people living in the borough. Whilst our head offices are not located in Hounslow , we will take you through how and why we can still provide you with an excellent personal injury claim service.

Information this guide includes:

  • What a personal injury claim is.
  • What are some of the common types of accident our team sees
  • Statistics for the number of people hurt in accidents at work or on the road in Hounslow
  • How we can help you to make a no win no fee claim

Beneath the guide you can also find information on services which victims of accidents and injuries in the Hounslow area may need to access, the different ways in which you can contact our team, and further helpful guides on our site.

Please read more to find out about making a claim anywhere in Great Britain with our no win no fee personal injury solicitors.

What is a personal injury claim?

This guide is designed for anyone who have been injured in an accident which was not their fault, equipping them with the information necessary to make a personal injury claim. Each year as many as three million people are hurt in an accident such as car accidents, slips and falls in the street, or an accident in the home (figures from the Law Society). In many of these accidents, another person, persons, or organisation is responsible for the accident happening. In such cases the victim may have the right to seek compensation from that person.

Whilst personal injury law can seem (and may be) complicated, if you have a good personal personal injury law firm behind you, the personal injury claims process can be easy (from your perspective).

How we can provide you with the right personal injury claims advice

Contrary to what many people may believe, the personal injury claims process does not have to be difficult at all. In fact, making a personal injury claim with the right solicitor, lawyer, or legal firm should be easy from your perspective. As with many other personal injury solicitors, we are able to offer you an initial consultation for free, in which we can assess whether you meet the criteria for making a claim (set out below), and whether we think we could help you. Our team could then help you deal with parties such as insurance companies, businesses, employers, or local government, anyone the claim is being made against. We promise that we will fully consider your individual circumstances.

Eligibility criteria for making your personal injury claim

To make a claim, such as for clinical negligence, there are a few simple criteria claimants have to check off.

  • The first is that the claim will need to be made in the relevant time limit for doing so. In most instances, this is three years from when you were hurt, discovered an injury, or connected to an event. These steps may happen at the same time or at different times. Talk to your solicitor to find out more about meeting this criteria.
  • It needs to be shown the those you are making a claim against, such as a doctor, had a duty of care to you. Looking at a doctor, if you were under their care, they had a duty to provide the right treatment.
  • Your solicitor will then need to show that they did not meet this requirement to ensure your safety. In the example of a doctor, they could have prescribed the wrong medication or an incorrect course of treatment, resulting in your becoming worse.
  • Lastly, it needs to be established that there is a direct relationship between what the defendant did or did not do (not giving your the right treatment) and the harm you suffered.

During your initial, free, consultation, our team will be able to assess if your case meets these criteria, and if you can make a claim.

Five things to look for when finding a personal injury solicitor

There are many things which you should look at and look out for when you are looking at different solicitors, either in your local area, or in other parts of the country. Below we have outlined some of the most important things to think about and look for in a personal injury lawyer.

1. What experience do they have?
Look at the individual solicitor and the personal injury law firm as a whole. Have they handled cases similar to yours in the past? Were they successful in doing so? The more experience a solicitor has, the better placed they may be to win your case.

2. Have they won cases like yours in the last 12 months?
Experience and recent successful experience can go a long way to showing whether someone is the right solicitor for your claim. If they have not had a good track record in claims such as yours, it may be best to find a different solicitor.

3. Do they seem professional?
You need to be able to place a lot of trust and personal information in the hands of your solicitor. They are responsible in part for the success (or not) of your case. At the same time as being professional, are they empathetic? Suffering an injury can cause a lot of distress and having a friendly, empathetic team behind you can help a lot.

4. Do they offer a no win no fee service?
Look at how their fees work. Are they able to handle your claim on a no win no fee basis. Can they remove any financial risk of you making a claim? Make sure that they can do so, and whether they can offer you protection against any potential costs in the even you don’t win your claim. Make sure you also check how their fees work in the event of a win.

5. What approach do they take overall?
Both as an individual solicitor, and as a personal injury law firm, how do they treat you and other claimants? Will you be able to build a good relationship with the solicitor? You need to think about this due to the role they play in your claims process.

Below, we take a more indepth look at ways you can go about finding the right solicitor for your case.

Read reviews of solicitors you could hire

When you are deciding which solicitor, lawyer, or legal firm to use for their claim, different people may have different approaches. Whilst some might just pick the name of a solicitor out of a hat, others may prefer to be more informed. We always recommend that you do your research and know as much as you can about a solicitor or lawyer before making a claim. You can read reviews of their services written by those they have already helped to get a picture of what they could do for you. We also recommend talking directly with the firm you are thinking of using. And remember, reviews are not always accurate as people can sometimes have created unrealistic expectations for themselves before contacting a solicitor.

Reviews from recent and previous clients, can be found on our reviews page here.

Should I choose between local solicitors?

Whilst you may think that you need to use a Hounslow personal injury solicitor for a claim in this area, in reality you do not need to do so. Whilst some people can be more comfortable working with a solicitor who they can visit in person, there is no actual requirement to do so. Most updates and communication can be carried out by phone or by email, enabling you to be updated at your convenience. The only part of a personal injury claim which may need to be conducted in your local area is having your injuries assessed. This means you will not need to waste additional time in getting to an appointment further away from your home. We work with a panel of medical experts located across the country. In this area, our local medical experts area as follows;

Sanjay Lakhani
Physio Active Clinic
Unit 12 Bellview Court,
183 Hanworth Road

Laura Sanchez
Pallares Salisbury Road

Hassan Mehdi (Medco)
Master Robert Hotel
366 Great West Road

Shams Tabraiz (MedCo GP)
Grand Park Hotel
449 Great West Road

These medical expert details are current as of the time of publication.

Common types of accident and injury claims made in the UK

As a personal injury law firm we have a wealth of experience in handling various different types of compensation claim, successfully winning these claims. This means that we can always find a member of our team who is best qualified to help you make your claim.

Below we look at what are some of the most common ways in which people are hurt, and reasons why they choose to make an accident claim. If you require further information on each type of claim, we have included details of where you can find further information.

Industrial disease claims

In general, claims for an industrial disease or an accident at work will need to be made either within three years of your symptoms becoming apparent, or a connection being made between them and your workplace. This does not need to be three years from when your accident happened, rather from the discovery of the effects were known. This means that people can claim compensation years if not decades after incidents occur if they were not aware of the effects on their health till much later. This can be common in cases where you are claiming for things such as illnesses related to asbestos. You could also launch a claim against an employer who you have left a long time ago. The only requirement is that you will need to be able to show that your sickness was directly caused by your workplace.

Our guide to work related illness compensation claims.

Clinical negligence claims

Medical malpractice or clinical negligence refers to situations where a doctor or other healthcare professional has caused you harm during the course of treating you. Whilst there are many forms medical negligence may take, there are some which are much more common than others. Those which we most frequently include;

  • Failures in the diagnosis of medical conditions, or the misdiagnosis of said condition
  • An error made when making a prescription or in the dispensing of said medication
  • Errors made during the delivery of a child
  • Surgical mistakes or errors
  • Incorrect dosages or administration of anaesthetics

If you were injured due to the way in which your medical care was, or was not provided to you by a healthcare professional whose care you were under, contact us for medical negligence advice.

Our guide to medical negligence claims in London.

Slip and trip injury claims

Trips, falls, and slips are one of the most common forms of accident people are injured in. They can happen to people almost anywhere and they can happen at almost any time, at work, or not. Whilst they may often be a little embarrassing, they can sometimes result in your being hurt, or even suffering a serious injury. Some people can be left with symptoms and injuries which last for years after the initial accident.

No matter where you are walking, you have the right to be safe when doing so. If you have been victim to a slip or fall and as such, have been injured, because others have not met their health and safety obligations to you, it can be difficult to accept. In many cases you may have had to take time off of work, lose income, and possibly have medical costs to pay.

Our guide to making a personal injury claims for slips and falls.

Serious injury claims

There is not a specific and legal definition of what constitutes a serious injury when looking at personal injury claims. However, they generally refer to injuries which have a catastrophic effect upon you. They may be of such an extent that the victim may need others, such as family or friends, to also take time off work (possibly over the long term) in order to care for them. In addition to damages for their own injury, victims could also claim compensation for their lost income and the income of those caring for them.

Our guide to serious injury claims.

Making a personal injury claim for an accident at work

Even if every type of precaution has been taken accidents at work can, and sometimes do, happen. There are many different ways people can be hurt in the workplace. They may be the result of health and safety procedures not being put in place, your not having the right personal protective equipment, or other causes.

Injuries caused by accidents in the workplace can range from the very minor to the most serious levels of harm and even fatal injuries.

Our guide to workplace accident claims.

Hounslow authority area accident at work statistics

This table summarises the total numbers and types of accidents and injuries recorded in the workplace in the years 2011 – 2014.

Accidents at work. Reported in the borough of HounslowDecember 1, 20112012/132013/14
Other causes766151
Electrical injuries603
Machinery caused/ related injuries121015
Caused by explosions010
Caused by a fire 110
Exposure to a harmful substance1155
Falling from heights472330
Caused by animals112
Lifting, carrying, and handling192110109
Assaults and attacks312427
Falling on the same level193119102
Struck against something331811
Hit by a vehicle161419
Struck by object794556
Trapped underneath something020

Looking at the different types of accident listed above, we can see a general pattern where the number of injuries are falling in each category.

Personal injury road traffic accident claims

If you have been unlucky enough to have sustained injuries in a road traffic accident which was not your fault, you may be eligible to make a claim using our road traffic accident claims solicitors. No matter whether you were involved in a road traffic accident with a car, bus, or lorry, were driving, were riding a bike or were hurt as a passenger, we could help you, as long as someone else was responsible

Our guide to road traffic accident claims.

Hounslow road traffic accident casualty statistics

The table below contains data of the number of people hurt or killed on the roads in the borough of Hounslow.

Car drivers/ passengers12112022
Other people injured2622

No win no fee accident claims

Whether they are called no win no fee or conditional fee agreements, these are a type of contract between a claimant and the solicitor or lawyer representing them in their claim. These types of agreements will usually state that if the claimant is not successfully awarded compensation, there will not be any costs or fees to pay for the solicitors time or services. They might be used a little differently from company to company and in different types of compensation claim, eg personal injury claims may be made a little differently to employment claims. At Legal Expert we will always make sure that we fully explain what making a no win no fee claim means, how the process works and under what circumstances you will need to make any payments. This means you can be sure that there are no hidden fees, costs, or unexpected charges.

How you can make a no win no fee claim

The easiest way of making a no win no fee claim is to do so by contacting our specialist team. They will be able to organise the right personal injury solicitor for your individual claim circumstances. The biggest benefit of making your claim with a no win no fee contract in place is that you do so without taking any risk. If you don’t win, you have lost nothing in doing so.

Why make a no win no fee claim?

By working with a personal injury lawyer through this type of contract, they will have a greater motivation to secure you the best possible outcome in your case. Afterall, if you are not given any compensation, they will not get paid.

Where can I learn more about the personal injury claims process

In order for you to make the right choice about what solicitors or lawyers you use and what steps to take, you have to trust your legal teams advice. At Legal Expert we understand that you have a lot of choice in who you choose to represent you in your personal injury claim. Our winning team are on hand to help you to make a personal injury claim, or to answer your questions, providing you with all of the information you might need. To learn more about the process of making a personal injury claim, please read this guide.

Speak to us today

If you are ready to begin your claim for a road traffic accident, medical malpractice, or any other accident in this area, please contact our team. You can contact us

Tel: 0800 073 8804.

Our advisors are here to help you, Monday to Sunday from 9am to 11pm.

Services victims of an accident may need after an accident in Hounslow

If you have been involved in any form of accident leading to an injury, whether or not that accident was caused by someone else, you may need some or all of the following services. As such, we have included the contact details of the local police, hospital, and the courts.

Hounslow Police Station
3-5 Montague Road,
Tel: 101 / 999

Isleworth Crown Court
36 Ridgeway Road
Phone enquiries: 020 8380 4500
Email enquiries:

West Middlesex University Hospital
Twickenham Road,
Tel: 020 8560 2121

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