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Borehamwood Car Accident Claims Solicitors Guide – No Win No Fee Claims Guide

Car Accident Claims In Borehamwood

Borehamwood car accident-claims solicitorsIs a local Borehamwood car accident claims solicitor the best choice when it comes to representing you in a compensation claim for a road traffic accident? As long as you are ready to begin making your claim within the personal injury claims time limit of three years, then this page should be of value to you. It contains information such as:

  • The reasons why we believe it is vital that every victim of a road traffic accident in Borehamwood, visits an expert medical professional for an impartial medical examination so that they can reinforce their claim.
  • Information on why it is critical that you choose a personal injury solicitor who has a proven track record of winning compensation claims for injuries caused by a road traffic accident.
  • Several small sections which cover all of the most frequent types of road traffic accidents that occur in the UK every year.
  • Several small sections which cover all of the most frequent types of injuries that are caused by road traffic accidents that occur in the UK every year.
  • Several tables that present some of the most important statistics regarding road traffic accidents in the Borehamwood area.
  • An overview and introduction to the national claims service that Legal Expert offers to all residents of Borehamwood as the best way to make a claim for a road traffic accident injury.

Once you have reached the end of this guide, you might need some additional info, or a few questions answered. If this is so, then please call Legal Expert on 0800 073 8804 so that we can assist you further.

Get Medically Assessed locally to Borehamwood by our Panel Of Medical Experts

One of the most important of all steps you can take with regard to making a car accident compensation claim for an injury that you have sustained in a Borehamwood road traffic accident, is to arrange to have an expert medical examination done. The results of this examination can be used to clearly demonstrate the severity of your injuries. Legal Expert can arrange to provide you with a free local medical examination as part of our claims service. The closest doctor who could perform this free medical examination is:

Dr Salman Baig

Regus Watford

54 Clarendon Road


WD17 1DU

How To Choose The Right No Win No Fee Car Accident Solicitor In Borehamwood For Your Needs

As a general rule of thumb, the more experience your legal team has in processing road traffic accident claims, then the better your chance of winning your case will be. Furthermore, an expert legal firm would have a greater chance of winning you the maximum amount of compensation possible.

Legal Expert has a track record of winning roads traffic accident claims and can take on your case under a Conditional Fee Agreement. We can also arrange for you to receive a free local medical examination.

Reading Reviews Of Car Accident Solicitors In Borehamwood

If you can find a trustworthy review site that covers car accident claims solicitors, then you can use this information to build a shortlist of possible legal firms to process your claim for an injury sustained in a Borehamwood road traffic accident. However, be sure to double check all of the facts as not all review sites are 100% reliable.

Does Road Traffic Accident Solicitor Need To Be Based In Borehamwood?

There is no reason at all why you must engage a local firm of Borehamwood personal injury solicitors to represent you in a road traffic accident injury claims case. Location plays a small part in the decision-making process. Instead, you should give more weight to the track record and the ability of your legal firm to successfully process your claim, no matter where they happen to be located.

What Car Accident Compensation Claims Does Legal Expert Conduct?

There are many types of accidents that form the basis of compensation claims in Borehamwood. However, there are some vehicle accidents that are frequently encountered more commonly than others. We have covered some of these in the following sections.

Claims For General Car Accidents

Not every personal injury claim is made by a person who has been injured in one of the more common types of road traffic accidents in Borehamwood. Accidents such as those that involve an ambulance or police car, driving instructors, lorry drivers, etc. are not covered below, but Legal Expert is more than capable of processing a claim for them on behalf of a client.

Claims For Passenger Car Accidents

As a passenger riding in a private vehicle, or on some form of public transport, if you are injured due to the vehicle being involved in a road traffic accident in Borehamwood, then you will be able to make your own personal injury claims. A passenger is just as eligible to claim compensation in such cases as the driver.

Claims For Taxi Accidents

A taxi driver, or the driver of some other form of private hire vehicle, such as a chauffeur driven limo, is required under UK law to have a valid public liability insurance policy to protect members of the public who are riding in their vehicle. As the passenger of a private hire vehicle, if you are involved in a car accident, Legal Expert can help you claim against the insurance firm.

Claims For Bus and Coach Accidents In Borehamwood

If you were riding on a bus in Borehamwood and it was involved in a road traffic accident, then if you were injured in that accident, injury solicitors in Borehamwood could process a compensation claim for you.

The same is true of all public transports. Coaches, minibus, trams and trains. If you are inured whilst riding on one, you can claim against the operator of the service for the injuries you incurred.

Rear End Car Accidents

Of all types of car accidents, rear end shunts are the most common of all. Don’t be fooled by the fact that these accidents are generally low-speed ones, involving just two vehicles. A rear end shunt can cause serious injuries including whiplash and concussion.

Car Crashes and Other Roundabout Accidents

A good personal injury lawyer would be able to help you make a compensation claim for an injury sustained in a Borehamwood roundabout accident. At rush hour, a distracted driver can very easily cause a serious accident on a large roundabout. Legal Expert could help you claim the compensation that is rightfully yours if this accident involved you.

Pedestrian Accidents In Borehamwood

As a pedestrian, the fragility of the human body, and the fact that you have no protection from the trauma of a vehicle hitting you in a Borehamwood road traffic accident, it is likely you would be severely injured in such an event. This is the trend we historically seen here at Legal Expert. Pedestrians who are involved in a car, motorcycle, bus crash, etc. generally come off the worst hurt. We can help you claim compensation if you are hit by a moving vehicle in Borehamwood.

What Injury Types Can Be Caused By Car Accidents In Borehamwood?

Just as the previous sections of this guide dealt with the most common types of road traffic accidents that personal injury solicitors see, the sections below cover the most common types of injuries sustained in Borehamwood road accidents.

Whiplash and Neck Injuries

Every solicitor who handles personal injury claims will have processed compensations claims for whiplash. This is the most common of all injuries sustained in vehicle accidents across the entire UK every year. This does not mean to say that whiplash is a minor injury; a severe case can take many months to heal, and potentially leave the victim with permanent damage to their neck.

Back Pain and Injuries

Another common reason for people to make a car accident claim in Borehamwood is due to some form of back injury. Even a minor back injury can be incredibly painful and leave the victim unable to stand or walk for an extended period. A low-speed road traffic accident can cause a minor back injury, with more severe accidents causing severe, long-term back damage.

Other Types Of Serious Injury From Car Accidents

Legal Expert can help you to claim for any injury you incurred in a Borehamwood car accident. We are experienced car accident solicitors with a proven track record of winning significant compensation awards for serious injuries such as brain damage, limb amputation, damaged internal organs and mental issues such as P.T.S.D.

Car Accident And Road Accidents in Local Authority Area Covering Borehamwood

The tables below present some of the most important statistics about road traffic accidents in Borehamwood. The data that we used to make these tables covers the period 2014 to 2016.

StreetNumber of RTA's
Shenley Road16
Elstree Way11
Theobald Street9

The table above shows us that between 2014 and 2016 that Shenley Road, Theobald Street and Elstree Way were the three most dangerous roads to drive on in Borehamwood.

Borehamwood road accident map

Borehamwood road accident map

Overall, between 2014 and 2016, there were a total of 101 road traffic accidents of all types in the area of Borehamwood.

Goods vehicles265
Young driver131015

Of those 101 accidents including over 170 injured, the vehicles involved are shown in the above graph. We can see that in Borehamwood, cars were most commonly involved in road traffic accidents.

How Many Fatal Car Accident And Road Accidents In the Local Authority Area Covering Borehamwood?


Between 2014 and 2016, there were few fatal road traffic accidents in Borehamwood, with the majority of them involving cars.

No Win, No Fee Car Accident Claims Solicitors For Borehamwood

Legal Expert operates a national team of No Win No Fee car accident solicitors, which enables us to offer our claims service to all residents of Borehamwood and the UK (excluding N.Ireland).

Under our No Win No Fee deal you pay nothing to begin a claim, nothing as we seek a settlement for you, and nothing if we fail to win your claims case. You only pay us when your claim is successful. As car accident claims specialists, we believe this is your best option for claiming for a Borehamwood road traffic accident.

Proceeding With Your Claim

When new clients come to us, looking to start fresh car crash claims, we have a proven process that we follow to make things as simple as we can for them. We start by asking you the kinds of questions we need answers to so that we can come to understand your injury and the accident that caused it. We use this knowledge to offer you some completely free legal advice on what we think your best move would be.

Getting More Information

If you want more information about the service we offer, one of our legal team will go over the entire claims process with you, they can also give you an estimate of how much compensation you might be able to claim. This will be a far more accurate estimate than if you had used an online personal injury claims calculator.

Start Your Car Accident Claim With Legal Expert

Are you ready to begin your claim for road accident compensation for an injury you sustained in a Borehamwood road traffic accident? If you are, then please call Legal Expert on 0800 073 8804, so we can talk over your options with you.

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