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Claim Compensation With A Work Injury Lawyer Near Me

By Cat Way. Last Updated 8th December 2023. Your employer has a responsibility to take care of your health and safety at work to a reasonable standard. If they do not do so, and you fall ill or become injured as a result of their negligence, you could consider making a claim for compensation. If you have been injured at work, searching for ‘injured at work lawyer near me’ may be something you are considering. But do you really need to search for a ‘work injury lawyer near me’ to find one that could be appropriate for your claim?

This guide has been created to answer that question and many more about making a claim for compensation for an accident at work.

Below, we talk about finding an appropriate solicitor to help you make an injury claim and explain whether there is any need for you to use search terms such as ‘injured at work lawyer near me’ and ‘good injury lawyers near me’. They may not necessarily be the most appropriate ones for your needs.

We also explain how you can check your eligibility to make a claim and how much compensation you could look to receive for a number of work-related injuries.

If you have any questions after reading this guide, or you would like our help with starting an accident at work claim, we’d be happy to speak to you. You can get in touch with us at 0800 073 8804 at any time. You can also get in touch with our advisors online by using our 24/7 live chat service or our online contact page. To learn more about claiming personal injury compensation, read on.

Injured at work lawyer

Injured at work lawyer

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  1. What Is An Injury At Work Lawyer?
  2. Can An Injury At Work Lawyer Help Me Gather Evidence?
  3. Do I Have To Claim With Injury At Work Lawyers Near Me?
  4. What Work Injuries Could I Claim For?
  5. Can Work Accident Lawyers Help Me Gather Evidence?
  6. Compensation Payouts In Personal Injury Claims
  7. Claims For Injury At Work – Special Damages
  8. Working With A No Win No Fee Accident At Work Lawyer
  9. Essential Resources On Working With Lawyers Near Me

What Is An Injury At Work Lawyer?

If you’ve been hurt in the workplace, a lawyer could help you make a personal injury claim. Generally speaking, personal injury lawyers could take on the legal paperwork and process involved with making such a claim. They could negotiate a compensation settlement for you without you needing to go to court in some cases and support you through a court case if it is necessary for your case to be heard in court.

Perhaps more importantly, using the services of a lawyer could also help to maximise your compensation and ensure you get everything you are eligible to claim.

Generally speaking, to make a claim for compensation with injury at work lawyers, you’d need to be able to evidence that:

  • Your employer breached their duty of care towards your health and safety in some way
  • The breaching of their duty of care towards you led to you suffering an injury

If you believe you could have a work injury claim, you may be thinking ‘I was injured at work, I need a lawyer near me to help me make a personal injury claim’. But the section below may convince you otherwise.

work injury lawyer near me

Can An Injury At Work Lawyer Help Me Gather Evidence?

Collecting evidence is an important step in the personal injury claims process, but you may not know where to start. Evidence can help support a number of different areas within your claim, including the types of injuries you suffered, how your accident occurred, and how your injuries will affect your life going forward. It can also be useful in establishing who is liable for your injuries.

Working with personal injury lawyers on your claim can come with many benefits, one of which is that they can help you gather evidence. A work injury lawyer from our team could draw from their years of experience to help you collect evidence that is relevant to your claim in order to help you build a strong case. Some examples of this evidence could include:

  • Witness statements: It can be helpful to collect the contact details of any witnesses, as this allows their statements to be taken later by a professional.
  • Photographs: Taking photographs of your injuries and, if safe, the accident site can be helpful. This can help demonstrate both the severity of your injuries and how the accident occurred.
  • Medical records: Your medical records provide official documentation of your injuries and the treatment you require for them.
  • Accident book logs: Any workplace with ten or more employees must have an accident book. Filling this out creates a permanent record of what happened, and this report can be used as evidence later.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about the potential benefits of choosing to work with a lawyer on your personal injury compensation claim. Or, read on to find out how much compensation you could get from a successful claim.

Do I Have To Claim With Injury At Work Lawyers Near Me?

Some people may assume if they’re injured at work, searching for ‘personal injury lawyers near me’ could be the best place to start. However, this could restrict your search more than you’d need to.

Technology has improved greatly over the years. As electronic communications and telephone systems have improved and computers have become more accessible, many personal injury claims are handled largely by letter, e-mail, and telephone. This has led to claimants having much more choice when it comes to choosing a personal injury solicitor to help them with a claim.

With all that in mind, there’s certainly no need to restrict yourself to searching only for lawyers in your local area. If you are searching online for lawyers for work injury claims, then you can consider optimising your search to find lawyers that specialise in the type of claim you wish to make. For instance, you could consider searching terms like ‘work injury solicitors for complex injuries’ or ‘No Win No Fee injury at work lawyers’. Such searches will likely bring up numerous lawyers located across the UK. From these options, you could pick the most appropriate lawyer for your needs.

No matter where in the UK your lawyer is based, they could meet with you face to face if necessary and could handle much of the paperwork, if not all of it electronically. So there really is no need to choose a lawyer that is local to you. Instead, you could opt for the one you feel most comfortable with, and the one you feel could best handle your case.

work injury lawyer near me

Make a workplace injury claim with an accident at work lawyer

What Work Injuries Could I Claim For?

Any workplace injury could lead to you making a compensation claim provided it is caused by your employers’ breach of duty. Injury claims could be made for both mental and physical injuries and could include:

  • Back, neck or spinal injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Head injuries
  • Burns
  • Lacerations
  • Electric shocks

This list is not exhaustive. If you’ve been injured or fallen ill and you believe your employer could be held responsible, one call to our team could set you on the path to the compensation you deserve. They can offer more information on making a compensation claim, and may be able to connect you with one of our personal injury lawyers.

Can Work Accident Lawyers Help Me Gather Evidence?

One of the benefits of working with personal injury lawyers on your claim is that they can help you gather evidence to strengthen your case. Evidence can be very beneficial to your claim, as it can help establish who is liable for your injuries, how they occurred, and how they will affect your life going forward.

If you make a claim after being injured at work, lawyers may collect the following evidence to help support your case:

  • Photographs: Photographs of your injuries can be used to illustrate their severity.
  • CCTV footage: If your accident was caught by a CCTV system, the footage could be used to help illustrate how your accident occurred.
  • Witness statements: If you take the contact details of potential witnesses, then your lawyer can take their statements at a later date.
  • Medical records: Your medical records can offer more insight into your injuries and the effect that they will have on your daily life.

Time Limit For Claiming With An Injury At Work Lawyer

These are only a few examples of evidence that you could collect to help prove a claim for workplace injuries. A lawyer may be able to help you gather further evidence to help strengthen your case; contact our team of advisors today to learn more.

The personal injury claims time limit is set out by the Limitation Act 1980. It states that you have three years from the accident date to begin legal proceedings. However, you may still be able to make a claim if your injuries occurred more than three years ago, as this time limit has some exceptions. 

The first exception is for those who are under the age of eighteen. If the claimant was injured at work while under the age of eighteen, the time limit will not begin until their eighteenth birthday. A litigation friend appointed by the courts can make the claim on their behalf while the time limit is paused. 

The second exception is for those who do not have the capacity to make a claim for themselves. In this case, the time limit is indefinitely suspended, and a litigation friend can bring the claim forward for them. Otherwise, the time limit only reinstates if they regain the required capacity. The person will then have three years from the recovery date to begin their claim if one hasn’t already been started for them. 

To learn more about time limits and how a work injury lawyer could help you make a claim, contact our team today.

work injury lawyer near me

Claim for serious injuries after an accident at work

Compensation Payouts In Personal Injury Claims

You might be wondering how much compensation you could receive for a successful claim. When you sustain a personal injury, the compensation that you’re awarded could be made up of more than one figure. The settlement you may receive could comprise up to two heads of claim. These include:

  • General damages – This amount is awarded to account for the pain and suffering caused by your physical and mental injuries.
  • Special damages – Comprised of costs that occurred due to your injuries. For example, a loss of earnings or medical expenses.

The table in this section relates to general damages. Legal professionals use a few different resources when valuing how much your injuries should be worth in compensation. Not only will they look at the relevant medical evidence, but also a publication called the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG).

The figures below have been taken from the 16th edition of the JCG, as this is the most up to date edition, published in 2022. As you can see, the JCG contains descriptions of injuries that could be caused by negligence. Accompanying each entry is a range of guide figures that help those valuing your claim arrive at the most appropriate amount for the harm you have sustained.

It’s vital to keep in mind that your claim can only be accurately valued once your individual circumstances have all been addressed and taken into account. So, please use this resource as a guide only. Please also note, that the top entry of this table has not been taken from the JCG.

If you’d like a bespoke estimate, reach out to our advisors. Then, if we think you have a valid claim, we could connect you to an injury lawyer near you – or one best-suited to your case.

Type of injury Further notes Guideline compensation bracket
Multiple Severe Injuries With Special Damages Multiple severe injuries in combination with financial losses, such as lost earnings, home adjustments, pension contributions, and mobility aids. Up to £1,000,000
Very Severe Brain Injury There is little to no meaningful response to the injured party’s surroundings, and little to no remaining language function. This, paired with double incontinence, leads to a need for full-time professional care. £282,010 to £403,990
Severe Back Injuries This bracket addresses the most severe injuries, including damage to the nerve root and the spinal cord that results in partial paralysis. £91,090 to £160,980
Severe Psychological Damage There are serious problems in coping with work, socialising, and all aspects of day-to-day life. £54,830 to £115,730
Total Loss Of One Eye The amount of compensation depends on the cosmetic effect, the age of the claimant, and the psychological effects. £54,830 to £65,710
Less serious leg injuries (i) Fractures leading to an incomplete recovery, or soft tissue injuries that are deemed serious. £17,960 to £27,760
Less serious leg injury (ii) No articular surface damage with a simple femur fracture. £9,110 to £14,080
Moderate knee injuries (i) Those that involve torn cartilage, dislocation or meniscus tears leading to mild future disability such as instability (minor), weakness or wasting. £14,840 to £26,190
Serious toe injuries Injuries would usually include serious injuries to the big toe, or two or more toes having been fractured multiple times. Permanent disability could include sensitive scarring, pain or discomfort. £9,600 to £13,740
Moderate hand injury Including compression (crush) injuries, penetrating injuries causing wounds, deep cuts and soft tissue injuries. This bracket may be considered appropriate if, despite surgery, there is some remaining disability £5,720 to £13,280

Claims For Injury At Work – Special Damages

Alongside general damages, you may also be entitled to special damages. Special damages address the financial losses you have suffered due to your injuries.

For example, you may need to take time off work to recover from your injuries. In this case, you could experience a loss of earnings. Under special damages, you could potentially claim back these lost earnings as part of your compensation claim.

Special damages could also help you recoup the cost of:

  • Prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.
  • Childcare.
  • Domestic help, such as help with cooking or cleaning.
  • Mobility aids and home adjustments.
  • Essential travel.

One of the benefits of working with a workplace injury lawyer is that they can help you gather evidence to support a claim for special damages, which might include bank statements, invoices, and receipts.

To learn more about working with a lawyer for your injury at work claim, contact our team today. They can offer more information and can answer questions such as ‘Do I need to work with an injury lawyer near me?’ and ‘How much compensation could I potentially receive?’

Working With A No Win No Fee Accident At Work Lawyer

If you are eligible to make a personal injury claim, one of our specialist personal injury solicitors could help you. After discussing your accident at work claim, our advisors could connect you with one of our lawyers for work injury claims. If they agree to take on your case, they may offer you a type of No Win No Fee agreement called a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA).

When working with a No Win No Fee lawyer, you won’t be required to pay any upfront or ongoing fees. Additionally, if your claim is unsuccessful, you will not be required to pay your lawyer for their services.

Alternatively, if your claim proves successful, your lawyer will take a success fee from the compensation awarded to you. The percentage your lawyer can take as a success fee is capped by the law.

To discuss your claim and be connected with an accident at work lawyer, you can contact our advisors by:

Essential Resources On Working With Lawyers Near Me

Below, we’ve included some more guides on working with “lawyers near me” that you may find useful:

  • Here is a general guide on workplace accident claims and how a personal injury solicitor could help you get the compensation you deserve.
  • If you would like to know who could pay your medical bills after an accident at work, this guide could be useful.
  • One of the most common types of accident at work, this guide shows how slips, trips and falls at work could lead to personal injury claims.
  • Employer’s Responsibilities – Health and Safety responsibilities of employers towards their employees are detailed on the HSE website.
  • Compensation For Work Injuries – You can find out more about what compensation could be claimed for workplace injuries.
  • Statutory Sick Pay – You may have to go on SSP if you are off work for some time. This page on the government website explains more.
  • Learn if a whiplash claim can be refused through our helpful whiplash injury claim guide.

If you would like to speak to an adviser about queries you may have such as “injury lawyers near me”, then you can speak to one by contacting Legal Expert today. You can reach us using the contact details highlighted above.

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