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Boston Personal Injury Solicitors No Win No Fee Claims Guide – Boston Lincolnshire

By Mark Ainsdale. Last Updated 4th October 2021. Welcome to our Boston personal injury solicitors guide. When you have had the misfortune of suffering a personal injury and are considering making a No Win No Fee claim; you need to have someone strong to fight your corner when you feel at your most vulnerable in order to give you the best chance of winning the compensation you deserve. You can search for ‘personal injury claims Boston Lincolnshire‘ online to look for personal injury solicitors and you will probably get a lot of results.

But doing so can be a hit or miss affair to find professional personal injury solicitors who truly understands your needs and can competently advise you on whether you, first of all, are eligible to make a claim (and have a good chance of winning this claim) as well as offering an excellent standard of service throughout.

Boston personal injury solicitors

Boston personal injury solicitors

Whether you live in Boston, Lincolnshire or whether you live in a different location within the UK; Legal Expert contactable on 0800 073 8804 can provide this advice and continuity of service throughout any personal injury claim you are entitled to and consequently decide to make.

Many clients can be initially wary of seeking advice regarding claiming for a personal injury due to financial concerns – will they have to pay money upfront? Will they have to pay even if their claim is unsuccessful? These are the types of questions often running through their minds but No Win No Fee means just that – there is no financial risk to you and so you have everything to gain from contacting our personal injury solicitors for Boston in the first instance to discuss your individual claim online.

You may be thinking about making a personal injury claim not just because of a personal injury as the result of a road traffic accident for instance but perhaps due to another reason such as the result of some form of medical malpractice or clinical negligence, slip or trip, or accident in the workplace. It is precisely at a time like this that you need the supporting hand and guidance of a professional personal injury lawyer. No matter how you have suffered your personal injury, please be reassured that our company can match you with No Win No Fee solicitors who will advise you on and fight your corner in your personal injury case.

How We Can Help You Make a Claim

A personal injury can affect you on many levels – not just physically but emotionally with ripple effects then spreading out to your loved ones, your home life, your working life and leave you questioning the future especially in terms of finances and being able to provide for yourself and your loved ones.

In the modern age of the internet you may be able to find a lot of general information online regarding the amount of compensation you could be entitled to, which will usually be awarded on a variety of factors such as the type of injury you had and the length of time you have suffered etc. You can use one of the many compensation calculators you can find online but this does not replace the firsthand professional advice that you can receive by speaking to Legal Expert direct who will be able to discuss the true specifics of your personal injury case and provide you with a much more accurate estimate of your eligibility. This will not only help you to make a claim but also to provide a more accurate compensation figure which you could expect to receive if your claim was successful.

Compensation calculators can not give you a true picture of the amount you will receive this is because the final monetary award will depend on the specifics of your personal injury claim and also the specific circumstances in which it happened. This will include the severity of the personal injury and all the other factors mentioned previously such as the length of time you have suffered and the amount of time it could take for you to fully recover. Or if full recovery is not possible, then the potential future impact your injury will have regarding your future needs and how these needs can be met which often involves a larger compensation claim being awarded.

We do recommend therefore, that you pick up the phone and speak to Legal Expert directly so that one of our panel of personal injury solicitors for Boston can explain how to claim.

Specific legislation framework does already exist within the legal profession to support and compensate people seeking damages for their personal injury case. Legal Expert’s team can provide you with the right personal injury lawyer no matter the circumstances of your claim.

Some personal injuries, like hand arm vibration syndrome may have arisen from a workplace accident or negligence that happened many years ago, but just because it is in the past does not mean you do not have an eligible personal injury case in the present. The law supports claims that are made within a three year window of medical diagnosis and not when it originally happened. A no win no fee personal injury solicitor can advise you whether you are eligible to still make a claim as well as the likely success and potential compensatory award of this claim.

What Are The Criteria Claimants Need To Meet?

In order to make and have the best chance of winning your Boston personal injury claim; it will need to be ascertained and demonstrated that whoever you are claiming against – the Defendant:

  • Owed you a duty of care
  • That this duty of care was breached by the Defendant
  • That it was this breach that caused the personal injury or accident

The sooner you decide to begin your claim, the sooner your solicitor can begin to gather the evidence to back this claim.

Tips to Pick the Right Solicitor or Lawyer for Your Claim

The SRA (Solicitor’s Regulation Authority) requires all professional solicitors to be registered and regulated by their governing body by law. A solicitor may operate within the framework of these regulations but there can be considerable differences in individual service levels offered. Bearing in mind that a personal injury claim can take a considerable amount of time to be settled; you need to feel reassured that you are choosing not only a professional, regulated solicitor but one that will offer a consistent, excellent level of service to you throughout your whole claim process.

Comparing Solicitors by Reading Reviews

You can search for and read Boston personal injury solicitors reviews to help you gain a good idea of the quality of service levels that are on offer. It is also important to check the fee structure that will be involved in a successful personal injury claim. Many clients can be shocked at the difference in success fees charged by No Win No Fee solicitors. Ultimately; the higher the fees charged by a personal injury lawyer then the less of the awarded compensation you will receive.

Will I Need To Use A Solicitor In My Area?

The beauty of using Legal Expert is that our panel of personal injury solicitors covers all locations in Great Britain, and so although you may initially think you have to use a solicitor in your area – the answer is no – you can use any solicitor you choose.

Choice is a personal matter and depends on factors that are significant to you which may include location but will also depend on the level of service offered by the solicitor and their fee structure etc. If you choose a solicitor from the Legal Expert panel then the only part of the claim that would more than likely need to be carried out in your area is a medical examination. However, this will easily be arranged by Legal Expert’s provided lawyers who work with medical experts across the UK for the convenience of clients. Those close to this area are;

Ramangowd Ganadinni
Venture House,
Boston Enterprise Center,
Enterprise Park,
Endeavour Way,
PE21 7TW

Miriam Wohl
Tawney Street,
PE21 6PF

Personal Injury Claims That We Can Conduct

We handle many different types of personal injury claims that include but are not limited to the following types:-

Industrial Disease Claims

Many people assume that the workplace is a safe place but unfortunately many clients make personal injury or work related sickness claims because they are suffering from Industrial Diseases that arose from their working conditions. Common claims are for Carpal Tunnel known as hand-arm vibration syndrome; lung conditions including asthma and silicosis, allergic skin conditions such as eczema, deafness caused by industrial noise and work related cancers including mesothelioma from asbestos exposure but we can advise you on any industrial disease or work related sickness claim.

Medical Negligence Claims

You feel at your most vulnerable when you are unwell and yet the very medical setting that is entrusted with your care can unfortunately be the cause of further suffering if they fail or breach that duty of care. Medical and clinical negligence refers to the harm that arose as a result of that failure or breach and could include injury due to surgical error, worsening of a medical condition due to lack of treatment or the wrong treatment in a variety of medical or clinical settings such as hospitals, dentists, clinics etc. Legal Expert’s personal injury solicitors for Boston can advise you on any medical or clinical negligence claim you wish to discuss. For more information please click on the link:-

Workplace Accident Claims in Boston Lincolnshire

Workplace accident claims happen in Boston as they do all over in or on business premises within the UK due to all kinds of circumstances. Employers have a duty of care to make the workplace a safe place to work and visit, but often that care is breached causing accidents that result in personal injuries from cuts, burns, sprains and even broken bones. In the worst-case scenario, these can be fatal or cause life altering injuries. Legal Expert can advise you on any workplace accident claim you have had the misfortune to suffer and whether you are eligible to seek compensation.

Reported Accidents In The Workplace For Boston

Government derived figures are reported below:

RIDAGGR Reported Accidents In Boston Local Authority2011/122012/132013/14
Electric Shock Injury010
Machinery Contact11126
Harmful Substance Exposure321
Animal Related201
Lifting and Handling804950
Slip, Trip or Fall (not height related)534037
Struck Against12123
Struck by Moving Vehicle578
Hit by Object272215

Slip, Trip and Fall Injury Claims

If you have suffered any kind of slip, trip or fall whether this was at work, on business premises or in a public place then Legal Expert can advise you regarding the eligibility of your personal injury claim where you are compensated not only for any injuries received but all other associated losses such as time spent off work etc.

Serious Injury Claims Solicitors

We never expect serious injuries to happen to us but anyone can be the victim of an accident that can alter the whole of their lives in an instant. Legal Expert can be a guiding hand through the legal process of your personal injury claim where a successful compensation award that will help you to get back on track and feel more in control of your finances and future.

Accidents on the Road and Car Crash Claims in Boston

Road traffic accidents happen in Boston area as well as all over the UK often resulting in personal injury and even death. The following table of statistics reveals the number of road traffic accident statistics where people have been killed or seriously injured in the Lincolnshire area. If you have been the victim of a road traffic accident in Boston; whether as a pedestrian or an accident involving a car, motorcycle, bus or another vehicle, our personal injury solicitors covering Boston will handle your specific accident and personal injury case.

Statistics For The Number Of Road Traffic Accidents and Injuries In Lincolnshire


Solicitors for No Win No Fee Claims

Legal Expert can confirm that you will only have a fee to pay if your claim is successful and that this fee will be deducted from the claim that is awarded and not taken out of your own pocket. You can confirm this by contacting Legal Expert and talking to one of our experienced panel of no win no fee road traffic accident claims solicitors.

What Will I Need To Pay and When?

Any personal injury claims made under a no win no fee agreement means that you will only have to pay your solicitor fees if the claim is successful. If the claim is agreed in your favour then you will need to pay fees which will be a set percentage of your compensation award. There are no upfront fees payable and the solicitor takes on the risk of your case not being successful.

Where You Can Learn More

If you are ready to begin your personal injury claim then Legal Expert can help you with all the aspects of the process. Talking to our personal injury solicitors for Boston is the first step on taking a journey that could see you awarded compensation and together we can help you change your life for the better.

You don’t know the answers until you have asked the questions and it is the answers to these questions that will help you make the right decision regarding your personal injury case. Legal Expert can answer any questions regarding the litigation process from start to finish. You can ring and talk directly to one of our representatives or request a call back.

How to Begin Your Claim

Please call 0800 073 8804 or fill in the online contact form at We are waiting for your call to assist you with your personal injury claim.

Helpful Details and Contact Information:-

If you have been involved in an accident in Boston then you may wish to contact the following organisations in addition to consulting a personal injury solicitor.

Boston Police Station
Lincoln Lane
PE21 8QS
In an emergency call 999. Non-emergency call 101

Boston Magistrates’ Court
Boston Courthouse
55 Norfolk Street
PE21 6PE
Enquiries 01522 528218

Pilgrim Hospital Boston
Sibsey Road
PE21 9QS
Enquiries 01205 364801

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