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Spain Bus / Coach Accident Claims Guide – How much compensation can i claim for a coach / bus accident in Spain?

There are tens of thousands of bus and coach passengers travelling across Spain each day. During the summer months, in popular destinations, many of these could be British tourists and families. For most of these passengers the journey will be smooth and event free. However, for some, it could end in an accident and the need to bring a bus or coach accident in Spain claim.

If you are a bus passenger and involved in an accident which means you need to make a holiday accident in Spain claim, you could have been involved in any of the following situations leading to a crash or other vehicle accident.

  • Your bus cold have collided with a second vehicle, with your driver not being at fault.
  • The same circumstances could have happened, but with liability laying with your driver.
  • Accidents which happened because your bus had not been maintained properly, and was not safe.
  • If the accident was caused by driver fatigue.
  • The road you were travelling on was in a poor state of repair, leading to your accident.

Whether you are travelling in any coach or bus, in the UK, Spain, or any other country, there are actions which you should take to prevent you from being harmed, or to lessen the extent of any injuries in the event of an accident.

  • If you have a seatbelt, you should fasten it securely.
  • Make sure your luggage is placed securely and does not obstruct people passing through the bus.
  • Do not distract or talk to the driver unless necessary.

If someone else was to blame for your bus or coach accident, you could be able to make a holiday accident in Spain claim.

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A Guide To Bus/Coach Accident in Spain Claims

In this guide we will look at how to make bus or coach accident in Spain Claims, as well as the circumstances in which you can do so. We have also included a personal injury claims calculator, so you can see examples of how much personal injury compensation Spain you could be owed.

What Are Your Passenger Rights When Travelling By Bus Or Coach In The EU?

Bus or Coach Accident in Spain ClaimsIf you are taking a bus or coach journey over 250 km, and which starts or ends within the EU, the following EU bus passenger rights could apply to you. According to European Union law, if you are involved in a bus or coach crash which happened on a regular, long-distance service, you can claim compensation. These rights extend to any dependants, who can make a bus or coach accident in Spain claim for compensation in the event of your death.

If the accident resulted in any of your belongings (such as your cases or other luggage) being damaged, you can include this in your bus injury compensation claim. Your EU rights also extend an obligation for the company running the bus or coach service to provide you with accident compensation and assistance, such as any immediate medical care, clothing, onward transport, and even food and drink if needed.

Accidents On Airport Transfers, Coach Trips, And Other Excursions

Bus or coach accident in Spain claims could even be made for accidents and injuries which happen before your holiday has even properly started. Did you book a coach or bus transfer to the airport in the UK, or from the airport to your hotel in Spain? If your injury happened on either of these journeys it could ruin,or even prevent you having your holiday. Whether these journeys were booked as part of your package holiday, through your airline, or even privately booked, you can make a claim for compensation for your injuries and the loss of enjoyment, as well as impact on your holiday.

You can also make a bus personal injury claim in Spain for accidents and injuries caused by, or whilst travelling on coach trips or other excursions. Again, this trip could have been a planed part of your holiday (through a UK tour operator) or an activity you booked for yourself whilst in Spain. Either way, you could be entitled to claim compensation, especially if your holiday was ruined as a result.

Contact Legal Expert today to find out more information about accidents and injuries on transfers and coach trips.

I Got Whiplash In A Bus/Coach Accident in Spain, Can I Claim?

Whiplash can be a very common type of injury resulting from a road traffic accident in Spain in a bus, coach, or any other type of vehicle. Whiplash happens when the connective tissues (such as ligaments or tendons) in the neck are stretched greater than how they would normally be. This usually happens in a very sudden way, such as during the impact of a road traffic accident. The muscles and other tissues can suffer minor to major tears and can lead to severe injuries on you. This might lead to long-term pain, or for some, mobility issues affecting the neck, shoulders, and upper back.

Symptoms of whiplash will typically present very soon after the accident, but could take up to a few days to do so. You can find out further information about the general symptoms of whiplash in this NHS guide article.

If you think that you have suffered a whiplash injury, the first thing to do is always to get any medical attention you need. You might notice that your neck has become very stiff, or that it is painful to move about. When you talk to a doctor, tell them about how you were injured, and all of your symptoms. They will be able to examine you thoroughly, and determine whether or not you have whiplash. If necessary, they may perform a x-ray to rule out more serious conditions. When making European road accident claims, you can claim for whiplash injuries, just as you would in the UK.

Compensation Claim Time Limits In Spain

Whilst you have three years in which to bring a personal injury claim in the UK, this is not always the case when injured abroad. The personal injury claims time limit in Spain can vary, depending on the nature of your accident.

If your coach or bus trip was booked through, or part of, an activity which was organised by your UK based holiday operator, you claim will be made against them in the UK courts system. As such, you will still have three years in which you bring your claim, though we advise people to do so as easily as possible.

If your bus or coach accident in Spain claim needs to be brought against a local operator and was booked privately, you have one year in which to bring your claim.

What Can You Claim For After A Road Traffic Accident In Spain?

If you are making a personal injury claim for an accident abroad, such as a bus or coach accident in Spain claim, you can claim for many of the same things that you can claim for if involved in an accident in the UK. These may include (but are not limited to) the following.

General damages. This is the part of your settlement which compensates you for your actual injury, or the psychological trauma you have suffered. For many people, this could be the largest part of their claim.
Loss of income. This might be for earnings you have lost due to time off from work whilst recovering, or it could be for lost benefits as well.
Medical expenses and the cost of care. This could be a very large breadth of compensation type. It could include awards for the cost of treatments and prescriptions, right through to having to pay for help around the home if needed after you leave hospital.
Travel Costs. For someone claiming compensation for a road traffic accident in Spain, this could include the costs of travelling to medical appointments, through to flights and transfers to get you home if needed.
Lost enjoyment on your holiday. Being injured on holiday is bound to affect how much you enjoy your holiday. As such, you could also be able to claim for the time and enjoyment you have lost due to your accident.

In the section below, we look at how much compensation you could be awarded for different types of injury.

Bus Personal Injury Claim In Spain Calculator

Before looking at examples of different compensation settlements that you could be entitled to when making bus/ coach accident in Spain claims, is that we can’t tell you an ‘average amount of compensation for a holiday accident in Spain’. This is because each and every person, injury, and accident is different and, as such, each claim is different. You may have lost the enjoyment of your entire holiday if your accident happened early on, or you may have lost a lot of income as a result of time off work. Even when looking at two similar injuries, such as whiplash, it can affect people in different ways. This is why when looking at the table below you should bear in mind that the compensation you are awarded could differ from these amounts.

Injury and severityNotes/ commentsLower/ upper settlement limits
Moderate back injuryDamage which affects the connective tissue, such as tendons of ligaments, as well as musculature. There will be pain when healing.Lower £10,970 upper £34,000
Minor back injuryCuts and other injuries such as major bruising as well as strains or sprains. No lasting damage.Upper limit of £10,970
Severe neck injuryEffects of the injury we be longer lasting. There could be very long term injury or damage. Even after recovery is 'complete' the person may have mobility issues and pain.Lower £39,870 upper £130,060
Moderate neck injuryHow long the injury lasts and in how much pain the claimant is sets the compensation level.Lower £6,920 upper £33,750
Minor neck injuryWhiplash and whiplash like injuries to the neck area.Upper limit of £2,150
Very serious thigh injuryPermanent level of disability and movement problems.Lower £43,710 upper £67,41
Serious thigh injurySerious damage or injury such as a compound fracture or damage to leg joints. May also include serious soft tissue injuries.Lower £31,250 upper £43,710
Moderate thigh injuryCrush injury as a result of the crash.Lower £22,130 upper £31,25
Minor shoulder injuryThere should be a full recovery within a short period of time (a few months) and there should be no lasting damage.Upper limit of £1,950
Moderate shoulder injuryThis might include a frozen shoulder.Lower £6,290 upper £10,180
Serious shoulder injuryInjuries similar to and including dislocatedshoulders.Lower £10,180 upper £15,300

If you need to make a European road accident claim for a bus or coach crash injury, there are several different components which can go towards making up your final settlement.

No Win No Fee Bus/Coach Accident in Spain Claims

If you have been injured and need to make a bus/ coach accident in Spain claim, the last thing you want to think about is the added worry of how much it could cost you to get any compensation which is rightfully yours. One of the things which commonly puts people taking any type of legal action (even if they are in the right, such as making a personal injury claim) is worry about how much it might cost. You may already have either had to prolong your trip, or pay for emergency flights back to the UK. If your injuries have also caused you to take time off work, this additional strain on your finances could really cause you worry.

This is why no win, no fee personal injury claims were created. In their simplest form, they are a way for solicitors or personal injury lawyers to provide services without charging an hourly rate or asking the claimant for upfront fees, as other solicitors might. This means you can start a bus personal injury claim in Spain confident in the knowledge that it will not cost you anything unless you win your claim, and that it will never add to any financial pressures you are facing.

How Legal Expert Can Help Make Your Bus/Coach Accident in Spain Claim

At Legal Expert we understand that you have a lot of choice when it comes to deciding which claims management service or personal injury lawyer to help with your bus or coach accident in Spain claim. That is why we have always tried to offer our clients something different. Our experienced team will listen to the individual circumstances of your claim before taking the time to carefully review what happened to you, and what injuries you suffered. They will then provide you with the right personal injury solicitor to work on your claim.

We treat each claim individually and are also proud to be able to offer many of our claimants services under a no win, no fee agreement. Whether your bus or coach accident in Spain claim is for whiplash, or any other injury, we can help. We will never try and run up large legal bills you have to pay and will make sure you get the maximum amount of bus injury compensation possible.

Start Your Claim By Contacting Us Today

When you are ready to start your bus/ coach accident in Spain claim you should contact Legal Expert. Our team are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day and can provide you with an experienced and professional personal injury solicitor who can work with you on your claim.

Contact us via the number above, or the contact us form on this page. You can also reach our team by sending an email to and request a call back. Start your holiday accident claim today.

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