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Denmark Hotel Accident Claims Guide – How To Claim Compensation For A Personal Injury Claim Against a Hotel In Denmark?

Have you been injured or become sick whilst staying at a hotel in Denmark? If so, our team can help victims such as you to make hotel accident claims in Denmark. If you have been hurt at a hotel, find out how to seek damages and get a hotel injury settlement for the harm that you suffered. Whether you were hurt in an accident, or have become ill because the staff at your hotel, the hotel itself, your package holiday company, or a contractor for them have acted in a negligent way which contributed to or directly caused your injury, you may be able to claim damages for this injury or illness in Denmark.

Find out more about making a holiday accident claim in Denmark in this guide. When you are ready to make a claim, please get in contact with our team using the number or contact form above.

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A Guide To hotel Accident Claims In Denmark

Hotel Accident Claims In Denmark

Hotel Accident Claims In Denmark

Whether staying at a hotel in the UK or Denmark, if you booked your package through a UK based company, your security and safety should be guaranteed for the duration of your stay. This means that as a guest, you should not suffer any losses or harm deemed to be unreasonable. What we have seen is that in many cases of people being hurt in a hotel abroad, there was a failure to meet this duty. Accidents can often be caused by people or organisations not following the right procedure. Simple repairs may not have been carried out, or spilled foods or liquids not being cleaned up. However you were hurt, if the hotel was responsible, we may be able to help you claim compensation.

To find out more, please read the rest of our guide below. When you are ready to start your case, you can get in touch on the number listed at the top and bottom of this page.

Do I Have A Claim Against A Hotel In Denmark?

There can be lots of causes of accidents in hotels, and you could have a valid claim against a hotel in Denmark if you were hurt in an accident which was not your fault. Typically, we could help people make hotel accident claims in Denmark if they were harmed whilst staying at the hotel as a guest or someone attending the hotel for a conference.

Please note that to be covered by the UK’s regulations governing the duty of care owed by a package travel company, you will need to have stayed overnight in the hotel.

Slip Or Fall Hotel Accident Claims In Denmark

If you or a loved one has been injured whilst staying in a hotel in Denmark due to a slip or fall, you might be able to make an accident in a hotel claim. Slips and falls are one of the most common ways in which tourists get hurt on holiday. They can happen in just about any part of a hotel, or across outdoor areas which are part of the hotel facilities and grounds.

Common causes of this type of accident could be slippery or watery floors around a swimming pool, or spillages in other areas. If a pathway has been allowed to become damaged, or is slippery due to being icy, and action has not been taken, guests might slip over. Falls can even happen in your hotel room. You could slip in a bath or bathroom due to some form of damage in the room, or due to a water leak which you did not know about.

Foodborne Hotel Illness Claims In Denmark

Whilst there are several bacteria and other causes of food poisoning, the effects which you will feel may well be very similar, presenting with similar symptoms. If you believe that you are suffering from or have suffered food poisoning, you can check your symptoms against this guide from the NHS.

In most cases, food poisoning will last a few days and victims can expect to make a full recovery. However, losing several days of your trip could well ruin your holiday. If you have been affected you could claim for the harm caused by the sickness, as well as losing the enjoyment of part of your holiday, and the costs of any pre-paid activities you could not attend. You may also be able to claim for anything else you had to pay for in relation to the illness.

Personal Assault Or Property Damage At A Hotel In Denmark

If the hotel has not taken adequate steps to keep guests safe from theft, damage to personal property, or even assaults from staff, they cold be held liable for the consequences of such acts. Whilst your eligibility to make a claim may vary, if criminal acts have happened which the hotel could have prevented, there may be grounds to make a compensation claim.

Hotel Injury Claims In Denmark For Bed Bug Bites

Instances of people being bitten by bed bugs are uncommon in Denmark due to the very high standards you can expect in hotels across the country. However, occasional lapses or negligence can happen, and infestations can develop. Bedbugs will not just cause you harm by biting you, they can also cause damage to fabrics, such as those of your clothing, or even luggage. The effects of being bitten by bed bugs, or their being brought home in your clothing, can last for many weeks or in some cases months after your holiday has ended.

Our team could help you claim compensation for the immediate and long term effects of bed bugs in your hotel room.

Claiming When Injured In A Lift At A Hotel In Denmark

Lifts are, in general, safe and for the most part, they are injury and event free. However, a small number of people may be injured in them, or become stuck in an elevator. If your are hurt, or trapped in a lift (even for a brief time) the experience can be distressing. There are some simple steps which you can take to make sure you stay safe when using lifts, or escalators, at a hotel.

  • Small children should be accompanied when using an escalator or riding in a lift.
  • Some lifts abroad might not have an internal door, thus leaving a small gap where fingers or feet could be trapped. If using such a lift, make sure to stay away from the exposed wall.
  • Floors might not always line up correctly. If there is a mismatch, take care to step over this without tripping up.

If you are injured whilst riding on an escalator, or in an elevator, contact our team today to find out if you can make an accident in a hotel claim.

Accident Or Injury At A Hotel Swimming Pool In Denmark

In the UK, and abroad, we often see that children are the victims of accidents in swimming pools. This could be due to lack of supervision, or a variety of other causes, such as the depth of the pool not being properly marked. In some cases the overall design of the swimming pool might even be at fault, if designed in a way which could lead to accidents being more likely. Guests can also be hurt if the hotel did not provide a lifeguard (and failed to notify guests that they used the pool at their own risk), if they had not made sure that the water itself was clean and safe to swim in, or had not made sure that the area around the pool was safe to walk around.

If your hotel failed in keeping users of a swimming pool (or similar leisure facilities) safe whilst doing so, you may be able to make a claim against them with a holiday accident solicitor.

Burns Suffered At A Danish Hotel

Hotels need to take all precautions possible to make sure that guests do not suffer burns. There are several ways in which you could be burned in a hotel. Surprisingly, one of the most common ways people suffer burn injuries is through coming into contact with radiators, or pipework which is exposed. Whilst the radiator temperature may be appropriate for the room or time of year, exposed surfaces might be a hot as 75, or even 80 degrees. This is very close to being considered boiling and can cause serious skin burns in just a few seconds. Leaning against such a hot surface could lead to the guest suffering burns over a large area of their body. There have also been cases of people being burned through faulty showers causing the water to come out far too hot.

If you have been burned whilst staying at a Danish hotel, contact us to see if you can make a claim.

Other Ways In Which People Can Be Injured At Hotels In Denmark

As well as the circumstances looked at above, there are many other ways in which guest could have an accident in a hotel room, or elsewhere across the hotels facilities and grounds. If the furniture in the hotel lobby, restaurant, cafe, or even in your room has not been maintained properly it could break when used, causing guests to be hurt. Railings and banisters by steps and stairs should be in good repair, and any electrical equipment in your room, or which guests could be expected to use (such as light fixtures or a hairdryer) should be in good order and should not cause harm.

If you have been hurt in an accident in your hotel room which was caused by the hotels negligence, contact us today through the channels at the bottom of this guide.

How To Claim Compensation After Being Hurt At Hotel Abroad

If you have suffered an accident in a hotel, whether in your room or in any of the other facilities, there are several simple steps which you could take in order to make a hotel personal injury claim. These steps are the same as those which you should make in any instance of being injured or sick because of someone else’s actions.

The first steps which you could take include these. You could inform the hotel, your travel company and a travel rep if on site. You could also inform your insurance provider, and any other relevant party of what has happened to you. You need to make sure that both the hotel and the package travel company you booked through fully record what happened to you in their accident report logs. You could then request copies of these reports from the hotel itself, and the package holiday company. These can be used as an official record of how you were harmed.

At the time you were harmed, there are some immediate steps which you should take, which can help your case. You could take photographs of the scene of the accident. Did you trip over on a broken floor? If so, photograph the damage and your injury. Other guests or even members of staff might have seen you be injured, or even have been hurt in the same way, or at the same time. If so, ask if they could be a witness. As early as you can after being hurt, write a note of what happened to you. This will help you to have a clear memory and record of what happened to you for later.

You could then contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as you can, they will be able to begin your personal injury claim against the hotel, or travel company involved.

What Your Hotel Accident Claim Could Compensate You For

Before we look at what you could claim for, or how much you could be awarded, we should note that you have a certain amount of time in which you can make a compensation claim. In general this means that you have three years (this varies as in some cases it can be up to 30 years) from when you are hurt, or when you found that you have been harmed. If holidays are booked through a UK tour operator in the UK holiday makers have three year time limitation period.

If you do wish to make a hotel accident claim in Denmark, there are several things which you can claim for. These include, but are not limited to, the following;

General damages: we will examine this more in the next section, but general damages is the compensation paid out for the harm you suffered. This might include physical harm, or mental/ emotional harm.

Other damages: this might include several things. If your injury or illness in Denmark led to you requiring any type of healthcare or medical services, and if you needed to pay for theses, the costs of this can be recovered. This extends through any healthcare costs you have to meet when back in the UK. Whilst you may have travel insurance and be covered by the European Health Insurance system, visitors may still need to pay for some healthcare services in Denmark.

Being harmed when on holiday or staying in a Danish hotel for work could mean that you have to travel to another part of Denmark for treatment, or that in some cases you may even need to come back to the UK. The expense incurred in having to buy additional travel tickets could also be recovered in your claim, if not done so through travel insurance. It may also be that upon returning home, you also had to take some additional and unexpected time off work. This could mean losing wages or not accruing workplace benefits in doing so. If this is the case, these can also be claimed for. In essence, these other forms of damages are designed to compensate the victim of injury or illness in Denmark for any costs they have had to meet out of their own pocket.

Denmark Hotel Accident And Injury Compensation Calculator

Whether settled between the two parties, or through a court, how much your hotel injury compensation settlement will be is based on how you were harmed (your injury), and the severity of your injury. There are guidelines provided for the minimum or maximum amounts which should be awarded for different forms of harm suffered. These recommendations are made by the Judicial College.

Grounds for claiming compensationAditional notesPotential settlements
General pain and or physical or mental sufferingHow much you could be awarded will vary considerably.up to £200,000+
Mental anguish steming from your accident or injuryFears that your life could end because of what happened to you.£3,550
Benefits from work which have been lostBenefits from work you would have accrued but now have not.up to £500,000
Wages or salary not earnedIncome which you could have earned, but which you did not. up to £400,000
Injury to the ribsRecovery will be complete and over the short term.Up to £3,000
Injury to your legsDislocation of the leg, or similar injury to your soft tissues. £5,340 to £34,370
Serious injury to your legSuch as a severe fracture.£34,370 to £48,080
Injury to your backMuscle or ligament injury.£1.950 to £34,000
Serious or severe injury to your backThis might include a broken back or similar injury.£34,000 to £141,150

These guidelines will be used by your solicitor, those acting on behalf of the defendant, and if necessary the courts. These help both parties agree on the value of general damages to be awarded.

No Win No Fee Claims Against A Hotel Abroad

No win no fee compensation claims are offered to almost all of those people who we help to make an accident in a hotel claim. So, what are the main benefits of making this type of a claim? For most people, the biggest benefit of a conditional fee agreement is being able to start legal action without needing to make any payments to the solicitor in order to do so.

In essence, by making a claim with a personal injury lawyer under this type of contract, if we can’t win your claim, you will have nothing to pay. If you do win, the fee will be deducted from the settlement which you are awarded. How much this figure will be should be set out in the contract you sign. Before you agree to using our services we will make sure that you know how much you will have to pay. This way, there will never be a surprise when using a holiday accident solicitor through Legal Expert.

Why Work With Our Team On Your Hotel Accident Claim?

When you decide to make your hotel injury compensation claim, we hope we have shown that there are lots of reasons for choosing to use Legal Expert as your personal injury solicitors service. You can make a claim whether staying in a hotel in Denmark on holiday, or whilst staying for work. Some of the reasons for working with us might include our many years of experience in the industry, having solicitors with many, many years of experience in helping people in similar situations, and the fact that we have a track record of successfully helping people.

Remember, we will always put you first, and we will aim to get the highest possible compensation payout for you.

Hotel Accident Claims In Denmark

How long do you have to make a personal injury claim if you are hurt whilst staying in a hotel in Denmark? The amount of time you have available in which to make a hotel accident claim will depend on the circumstances of your injury. If your injury happened whilst you were on a package holiday in Denmark you you may have a different amount of time in which to make a claim, than if you were harmed in a hotel booked independently. In this table we set out how long you have in which to make a claim. The details of this are correct at the time of publication. If you are not sure which type of claim your circumstances fall into, contact our team today.

Circumstances in which you need to make a claimClaims time limit
Accidents or injuries which happened in a hotel that you booked as part of a package holiday. This must be booked through a British travel company.3 years
Hotels accidents, excursions, transport booked privately3 years (varies widely can be up to 30 years please call for more information)

All time limits may vary if you are unsure of the time limit in your case please call us.

Call To Discuss Your Claim Today

We hope that through this guide we have provided all of the information you need in order to know when and how to bring hotel accident claims in Denmark. To begin your claim, you can get in touch with our team today by the channels below. Remember, our personal injury solicitors have a high rate of success and can get you the right possible settlement for your case. Our lines are open from 9am – 9pm each and every day.

Call: 0800 073 8804

You can also contact us using the support feature, or other messaging channels listed on this page.

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