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How Much Compensation Can I Claim For An Ear Injury?

A Guide To Ear Injury Compensation Claims

Commonly there are three types of ear injury which people can suffer from. These are damage to the inner ear, the middle ear and the outer ear. More broadly, these are broken into two categories, with damage to the inner and middle ear often being grouped together.

What Is An Ear Injury?

ear injury

ear injury

Middle and inner ear injury types affect the more complex parts of the ear. These injuries can range from damage caused by trauma, such as a traffic accident, sports or even workplace accident through to changes in pressure or foreign objects causing internal damage.

When a person experiences a head trauma, the air pressure inside the inner ear can increase. Ear injury symptoms from this can often be a perforated eardrum. This type of inner ear injury can also be caused by excessive noise in a working environment. Sudden and dramatic pressure changes (such a diving or even skydiving) can cause the Eustachian tubes to compress. This then prevents air entering the middle ear and can again result in a perforated eardrum.

Foreign objects can also be a cause of damage to the inner or middle ear. Damage to the outer parts of the ear can be less serious in terms of effects to your hearing, though they may result in much more cosmetic damage. Aggressive trauma can be caused by a variety of different contact sports and other activities. A very common condition known as “cauliflower ear” is caused by direct trauma to the ear. This causes blood clots to form beneath the skin or the skin to be stripped away from the cartilage. The very outer parts of the ear can be damaged by things such as burns or even frostbite in extreme temperatures. Outer ear damage can be caused by surgical negligence.

These ear injury symptoms can range from having a mild and cosmetic effect on a person’s life, through to life-changing effects.

Ear Injuries At Work

Ear injuries at work can be caused by a variety of different factors. If you have any of the following ear injury symptoms in the workplace, you may be able to claim compensation. People who have worked in noisy environments in the past or for long periods of time may also notice these symptoms, as part of overall hearing loss;

  • General loss of hearing resulting in things such as having to turn the TV, radio or other devices up to louder settings as before.
  • Problems hearing people correctly during conversations.
  • Trouble focusing on a voice or noisy environments.
  • Tinnitus, resulting in ringing, buzzing or whistling sounds.

Accidents which can cause ear injury symptoms in the workplace include; cuts and lacerations, head trauma, prolonged exposure to loud noises, and certain drugs.

What Are Ear Injury Symptoms?

Whilst there are a variety of different ear injury symptoms there are some which are quite common;

  • Dizziness and light headedness.
  • Feelings of vertigo, being unsteady, disoriented or woozy. These can lead to Clumsiness, stumbling or even falling over.
  • Problems with vision.
  • Falling over when standing up or walking up stairs.
  • Feelings of nausea and vomiting, including headaches and fatigue.
  • Problems walking on uneven surfaces or in the dark.

Remember, even if your type of ear injury is not be listed in our ear injury symptoms above, you may still be able to claim compensation.

A Guide To Making A No Win No Fee Ear Injury Compensation Claim

Damage to the ear can result in everything from cosmetic damage to the appearance of the ear, through to temporary and even permanent loss of part, or even all, of a person’s hearing. The most severe cases can even result in symptoms such as a loss of speech. Following a medical examination, either by your GP or a specialist, they will be able to determine the extent of the damage to your ear, as well as determining its cause and what the likely long-term effects could be.

Disfigurement in the outer ear can have just as negative an impact on claimants. This can cause psychological ear injury symptoms such as low self-esteem, anxiety disorders and a loss of confidence. Whether you have been left with psychical or psychological damage, you will be able to make a no win no fee car injury compensation claim. These agreements govern your relationship with a solicitor and ensure that you will only have to pay for their services if they win your case. This could then be claimed back from the other parties insurance.

How Much Can I Claim For An Ear Injury?

Damage to your hearing or inner ear can have a serious impact on your life. If your ear injury has been caused by loud noises, workplace injuries, an accident or trauma, you may be able to claim compensation. Below we have a guide to some of the possible injuries you could suffer from an ear injury and the compensation amounts

Total deafness/ loss of speechSevere£83,325 - £107,000 In cases where deafness arises at an early age and in order to aid the development of normal speech.
Total deafnessSevere£69,000 - £83,325 Deafness in both ears. The higher end of the bracket also involves impediment to speech and/ or tinitus.
Total deafness (one ear)Severe£23,800 - £34,600Can also include associated problems, including tinnitus, dizziness and/or headaches.
Partial Hearing Loss or/and TinnitusModerate£11,300 - £22,600Including moderate tinnitus and noise induced hearing loss.
Partial Hearing Loss or/and TinnitusMild£9,575 - £11,300Some tinitus and some degree of noise induced hearing loss.
Partial Hearing Loss or/and TinnitusMildUp to £5,325Slight noise induced hearing loss BUT without tinnitus. Or, slight tinnitus but without NIHL.

Please note these amounts are a guide and your injury could result in a different amount of compensation.

How To Make An Ear Injury Claim

To make a claim for an ear injury, talk to Legal Expert today. You can call us today on 0800 073 8804. Alternatively, talk to us via the online chat feature on our website or send us an email enquiry.

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