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£30,000 Compensation For Hip Replacement Injury Claim

Mr T received £30,000 as a result of a hip replacement injury claim after it was found that his hip surgery had not ben carried out to the standards expected from a competent surgeon.

What happened?

A hip replacement injury claim was pursued by Mr T in 2012 when after several years of pain, it was discovered that his hip replacement surgery had been performed very poorly. Following advice from his GP, the client had sought advice from an alternative surgery when it was discovered by a professor in the Spinal Team that the source of his pain was a poorly fitted hip replacement. The new hip was ill-fitting and too short for the client’s leg resulting in around 8 years of pain. Mr T underwent further surgery in 2013 and finally he was able to go about his day to day life free of pain. Armed with medical evidence from both a Consultant Orthopaedic and a Trauma Surgeon that confirmed the original hip replacement had not reached the appropriate standard we were able to pursue a claim for compensation for the client which resulted in a five-figure sum payout.

Hip replacement injuries – How common are they

As with any type of surgery there are always risks involved and whilst the majority of hip replacement surgeries are successful, there are cases where complications may take place leading to a hip replacement injury claim in some instances. It is estimated that around 3-4% of patients will suffer from at least one incident of hip dislocation. The most common complication of the surgery. In general, for patients who do suffer a hip dislocation for over 40% this will only happen once.

What Injuries Can be sustained in hip replacements?

The most common injury that can occur as a result of hip replacement is hip dislocation. However, there are a number of other injuries that can be sustained such as:

  • Loosening of the joints which happens in around 10% of cases, and normally not until 10-15 years has passed since the surgery
  • Blood clots
  • General wear and tear to the hip joints

As with any type of surgery there is also a small chance of infection.

What did the claimant claim for?

As part of any hip replacement injury claim there are a number of costs that you can claim for. In the case of Mr T, the pain caused by his hip replacement made it difficult for him to continue his work as a lorry driver causing him a loss of earnings. We were able to help him claim compensation for this as well as the years of pain and suffering that he has endured as a result of his poorly fitted hip replacement. Because of the pain the client endured driving of any kind was problematic and with many GP visits for his pain we were also able to put in a hip replacement injury claim for the additional travel expenses on his behalf.

Do I claim against the hospital or the manufacturer?

It can be hard to know where to start with a compensation claim, but we are here to help. If the surgeon who carried out the hip replacement is found to be at fault, then your claim will be against them. If, however you have a DePuy hip replacement which has failed prematurely then you may in fact be entitled to make a claim against the manufacturer for the pain, suffering and any financial loss that you have had as a result of your hip replacement. As a specialist solicitor we deal with Depuy hip settlement amounts UK whilst personal injury compensation amounts will vary from case to case we will strive to get our clients the Depuy compensation payouts uk that they deserve.

Common complaints leading to a hip replacement compensation claim

Aside from age related symptoms that can lead to the necessity for a hip replacement, they can become necessary following some types of accidents such as those involving a vehicle. Unfortunately, hip replacements can suffer from general wear and tear, which over time can lead to the onset of symptoms such as pain and discomfort, or as in the case of Mr T poorly fitted hip replacements can lead to unacceptable levels of pain.

Patients who received metal on metal hip replacements, which bring with them their own set of symptoms that can lead to a metal on metal hip replacement compensation claim, report symptoms which include difficulty walking and a clunking, grinding sound in the hip. A metal on metal solicitor, will have experience of this and will deal with a lot of metal on metal hip claims uk.

No win No Fee hip replacement injury claims – what’s involved?

If you have had issues following hip replacement surgery, and would like to speak to someone about pursuing a hip replacement injury claim then please get in touch with us for a free no obligation consultation. If like Mr T you decide to make a hip replacement injury claim for compensation, then we can help you to pursue that. We offer a No Win No Fee policy; that means that you will not have to find any money up front to pay for solicitor’s fees and if your claim for compensation is not successful you will not have to pay a penny.

Call Us for Free Advice

Our team of experts who have many years of experience dealing with this type of hip replacement injury claim will be happy to discuss the details of your case with you. If we feel that you have a case, then we will work with you, whilst hip replacement compensation amounts will vary from case to case, we will do everything we can to secure you the maximum pay-out for your hip replacement injury claim. If you are wondering how much compensation you will be able to claim we can give you an indication of average compensation for soft tissue injury as well as figures relating to typical payouts for personal injuries including foot injury compensation payouts, but claims vary from case to case so this should be used a guide only. If you use an injury compensation calculator online, this should also be used as a guide only.

If you would like to discuss the details of your claim with one of our solicitor’s, then please contact us for free advice. We can be contacted on 0800 073 8804, alternatively you can also contact us using our online chat option which is open 7 days a week. Whether you’d like us to tell you the average settlement Depuy hip replacement claims see, or want to know more about payouts for hip replacements that have gone awry in other ways, then we will be happy to help.

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