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If you’ve been injured in Stafford in an accident that wasn’t your fault then you could be due compensation for your injuries.

Our Stafford personal injury team are a highly experienced team who have been handling personal injury claims for many years and have recovered substantial damages on behalf of clients in Stafford and across the UK.

Every one of our personal injury solicitors are highly experienced in handling claims for personal injury across a wide range of injury types, from minor trips, slips and falls to serious accidents with life changing or even fatal injuries.

Wherever you are in the Stafford and Staffordshire area, every personal injury claim made with ourselves is treated with the same level of expertise and you can rest assured that your case is being handled by a specialist personal injury solicitor who will ensure that they give you the very best representation and get you the maximum amount of compensation that you are entitled to under UK law.

Personal Injury Solicitors That Care

When you place your personal injury case in the capable hands of our Stafford legal team, you can rest assured that our dedicated team will handle your case expertly and ensure that you are kept updated by a dedicated contact who will advise you on the exact progress of your personal injury case.

You’ll get a direct telephone line to call should you have any questions at any part of your case and we are always on-hand to help you with any concerns that you have. We understand that following a personal injury, it can be a very emotional time and every one of our advisors will treat you with the care and attention that you deserve.

Our Stafford Personal Injury Team Deal With Every Type of Claim

Stafford Road Traffic Accidents

Every year sees thousands of road accidents occur and many of these result in serious injuries and sometimes even fatalities. Our Stafford personal injury team are very experienced in all types of RTA claim and can help you whether your accident was simple, straightforward and relatively minor or extremely serious with life changing or even fatal injuries.

If you’ve been injured in any type of road traffic accident whether as a driver, pedestrian or passenger, get in touch with our specialist Stafford legal team who will help you with your claim.

Examples of RTA claims include:

  • Driver claims;
  • Passenger claims;
  • Pedestrian claims;
  • Whiplash injuries;
  • Motorcycle injuries;
  • Uninsured driver injuries;
  • Defective vehicle claims;
  • Brain and spinal injuries.

Accidents at Work

Employers are legally obliged to provide their employees with safe equipment, plant and machinery as well as training. In spite of this, and rigourous health and safety legislation and enforcement by the Health and Safety Executive, accidents at work in Stafford and elsewhere in the UK of course still happen.

Our personal injury solicitors for Stafford are experienced in all forms of personal injury cases caused by accidents at work. Please do get in touch if you have been injured at work and it was not your fault. You could be owed a significant amount of compensation.

Examples of successful accident at work claims include:

  • Slips on wet surfaces;
  • Exposure to harmful substances in the workplace;
  • Manual handling injuries;
  • Construction site injuries;
  • Injuries due to defective or dangerous machinery.

Industrial Diseases

Industrial diseases are still quite common in the UK and are conditions caused by or contributed to by the conditions of your employment.

There are a myriad of different conditions that can be described as industrial diseases and our Stafford personal injury team are experienced in representing people who have a range of conditions caused by their employment.

Examples of successful industrial disease claims include:

  • Repetitive strain injuries;
  • Industrial deafness;
  • Tinnitus;
  • Vibration white finger;
  • Skin diseases.

Slips and Trips

Thousands upon thousands of people are injured in the UK every year by simple trips and skips. Whilst many of these are quite minor, some can give rise to more serious injuries that can involve both a high degree of pain and limitation of life as well as a variety of costs.

Our Stafford personal injury team are very experienced in all of these types of cases and can take on your case on a No Win No Fee basis if the accident was not your fault. To find out more, get in touch today.

Examples of premises successful claims could be made on include:

  • Pathways on public or private land;
  • Shopping centres;
  • Supermarkets;
  • Pubs;
  • Clubs;
  • Restaurants;
  • Shops.

Head Injuries

Did you know that over 1 million people per year suffer a head injury? These can range from cuts and bruises through to major brain trauma which can have significant consequences for the rest of that person’s life as well as the life of their families.

Our personal injury solicitors have dealt with many cases of this type and work in a considerate way that ensures you get the best legal representation at what can be a very traumatic and difficult time. If you, or someone you know has suffered a head or brain injury that was not their fault then get in touch because they could be owed significant amounts of compensation.

Common causes of head injuries can include:

Defective Products

European and UK legislation protects you as a consumer from defective products. If you are injured as a result of a defective product then you could very well have a claim for compensation from the manufacturer.

Our personal injury solicitors have a wide range of experience in these matters so why not get in touch to see if you may be able to take out a No Win No Fee compensation claim?

Examples of defective product injury claims are:

  • Injuries caused by unsafe medical products;
  • Claims against hairdressers for injuries to hair and scalp;
  • Children’s injuries due to defective toys;
  • Injuries caused by defective home appliances;
  • Exploding canister injuries.

Asbestos Related Claims

Our Stafford personal injury team have a lot of experience with mesothelioma and asbestos related claims. These, and related conditions have a devastating effect on health and lifestyle. You could be owed thousands, so get in touch with our Stafford team today to start your personal injury claim.

Examples of asbestos related diseases include:

  • Pneumoconiosis;
  • Primary carcinoma of the lung;
  • Bilateral diffuse pleural thickening;
  • Byssinosis;
  • Diffuse mesothelioma.

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