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Newham Personal Injury Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims

In this guide we will look at how residents of, visitors to, and those working in the borough of Newham can claim compensation after being hurt in an accident which was not their fault. We look at what personal injury solicitors  and services you could use covering the Newham area to make your claim, how our team can help you, and what the most common forms of accident we have seen people make claims for in the past.

Newham personal injury solicitors

Newham personal injury solicitors

We start this guide by looking at what personal injury claims are, before taking you through the information outlined above, as well as examining how you can make a no win no fee claim.

Below our guide, at the bottom of the page, you can also find the contact information for services in this area which people may need to access after being hurt in an accident.

Trust Legal Expert to conduct your personal injury case.

What is a compensation claim?

To answer this question, we need to look at what a personal injury is and what a compensation claim is. Then we can see what personal injury compensation claims are.

What is a personal injury?

Legally, a personal injury is one where someone has sustained either a psychological/ mental or a physical injury. It is seen separate to damage to a person’s property. They can happen in many different ways across Newham, such as in car crashes, in the workplace, or may simply be a fall caused by broken paving. The severity of these injuries can and does vary a lot. For some, there will be almost not consequences, for others the effects may last for many years after the event.

What is a compensation claim?

If you have suffered an accident or injury, and if you can show someone else caused the accident, you may be eligible to seek damages from the person who was responsible for your being harmed. The compensation claim is the legal mechanism by which you can seek damages from this party.

How our team could help you make a claim for damages

Our team is very well placed to help people from across Great Britain to make a personal injury claim, getting them the damages that they are owed. At Legal Expert we have solicitors with years or perhaps even decades of experience in helping people such as you in very similar circumstances. These solicitors are backed up by a nationwide panel of medical experts who can help us to better assess what the long term effect of your injury may be on you. We have helped many people to make personal injury claims.

Below, we look at who is eligible to make a compensation claim for an injury, and when they can do so.

Personal injuries – are you eligible to make a claim?

To be able to make a personal injury claim with our solicitors, there are a few quick criteria which we will need to check in order to ensure you are eligible to make a personal injury claim.

  • The first criteria which you need to meet is that of making your personal injury claim within the relevant time limit. For most people, this will be within a three year period, beginning at either the time of the injury itself or the time this was connected to a specific incident or accident. In the case of a child, a designated adult or litigation friend can make the claim till the child is eighteen. After this, the child has a three years to make the claim themselves.
  • You will need to clearly show that the defendant (those the claim is brought against) had a responsibility to keep you safe, or to not do you any harm. This may be the driver of a vehicle you were a passenger in.
  • You need to be able to show that the defendant had not met this requirement, and that subsequently you were injured. The driver of the vehicle you were in may have acted in a dangerous or reckless manor, leading to an accident
  • Your legal team will then need to show that there is a casual relationship between the incident caused above, and your injuries.

When you first call our team we will be able to discuss where and how you meet the eligibility criteria.

Five things to look for in a solicitor or lawyer

There are many different things which you should consider when you are looking at choosing between personal injury lawyers or solicitors. Five of the most important things which you think about are as follows;

1. Does the solicitor, lawyer, or legal firm specialise in personal injury law?

We recognise that there are many different law firms with which you could make your claim. However, many of these solicitors firms may not specialise in personal injury law, focusing instead on other areas. Whilst they may be competent, working with a solicitor who specialises in this areas of law can be an advantage. They may have more experience and expertise.

2. Can you read reviews of how they have helped people in the past?

As we will look at further on, reviews of a solicitor can be helpful in establishing their experience and whether previous claimants they helped have been satisfied. You should look at whether this solicitor or lawyer has a proven history of helping people. Even better is if they have conducted cases similar to your own and won.

3. What terms of payment can they offer you?

Whilst the services provided by many solicitors could be broadly the same, the way in which they do so, the rate of success, and what they charge you can vary substantially. Small variations can also sometimes make a big difference. You should not necessarily be tempted by a company offering services at a lower cost, especially if they do not have as good a history of securing settlements.

Make sure that you do use a no win no fee service. Whilst there are many payment options, we believe that this method, which removes any burden from you in terms of needing to make a down payment for legal services, can often be the best.

4. Can they provide you with additional, specialist services?

The legal side of things may not be the only part you need help with? Can your solicitor also organise things such as extra medical testing and assessments to make sure that we know the full extent of your injuries, and what treatment you need to make the best possible recovery?

5. Do they operate across the country?

Whilst many people are happy to use a local service, you do not need to do so. Below we will also look at how a nationwide service, such as ours, can help people to make compensation claims. Not being tied into an area allows us to leverage and make use of the best members of our team for your case. Whilst we are not located in this area, we can still help you to claim compensation.

Should I read reviews of personal injury claims solicitors

When you are looking for someone to conduct your claim, you will want to find the best personal injury lawyer you can. When you look at their websites, law firms will often say that they will give you a high quality service and get you the best possible result. But are their claims realistic and are they really experts with an established record of winning claims. We have many years of helping people such as yourself. Over this time we have accrued lots of reviews written by those who we have helped.

Read stories and reviews by people we have helped in the past on our reviews page.

Do I need to use a personal injury solicitor near me?

The quickest answer to this questions is no. You are in no way limited to using a solicitor or lawyer based in the same area as you. Whilst you may have god local solicitors and lawyers in your area, they may not have the best and most relevant experience to be able to help you make your claim.

What should be much more important to you that where your solicitors offices are, is their ability to help you make a claim. In most cases, the only part of the overall claims process which may need to be carried out close to you, and for your own convenience, is the medical assessment. We work with a panel of medical experts across Great Britain. In the borough of Newham, these are as follows;

Asef Zafar
9 High Street,
East Ham
E6 6EN

Salman Baig
Holiday Inn-Stratford City
Meeting Rooms
10a Chestnut Plaza
Westfield Stratford City
Montfichet Rd
Olympic Park,
E20 1GL

Shams Tabraiz (MedCo GP)
Holiday Inn
Westfield Stratford City
10a Chestnut Plaza,
Westfield Stratford City,
Montfichet Road
E20 1GL

This list of medical experts does not include all of the experts we may work with in this part of London. It is correct as of publication.

Personal injury claims advice for common accidents

Next we move on to looking at some of the most common types of accident or injury which we often help people to claim damages for. These simply represent some of the most common types of accident and should by no means be taken as an extensive list of the types of case which we can pursue.

Industrial disease claim advice

Industrial diseases may also sometimes be referred to as either industrial accidents, or occupational illnesses. These terms are used to describe either an illness or other medical condition which has arisen as a result of your having been exposed to materials, substances, or chemicals. This Will often have been caused by unsafe practices in the workplace, or people not being issued with protective clothing.

If you have developed an industrial disease or condition, please find more information in this guide.

Medical negligence claims advice

Medical malpractice and clinical negligence are often used as umbrella terms for a wide range of different circumstances in which people can be caused harm by healthcare professionals. Whilst there are numerous forms which this negligence or malpractice can take, the circumstances outlined below are often the most commonly seen.

  • Negligent hospital care. There are a wide range of things we could happen in hospitals to cause harm to patients.
  • Surgical errors. Surgical staff may leave instruments or other equipment in the body. Operations can also be conducted in the wrong way, causing harm.
  • GP errors. Your GP could miss the symptoms of an illness, misdiagnose those they do see, or prescribe the wrong course of treatment.
  • Cosmetic surgical errors. Cosmetic surgery and cosmetic medicine can have a plethora of different things go wrong in their administration. Many women across the country have been harmed in such ways.
  • Errors during pregnancy and childbirth. There are so many different ways in which both the mother or the child be harmed during childbirth. Find out more in this guide.
  • Dental treatment errors. Dental treatment can lead to a variety of different errors by the dentist, nursing staff, or other members of staff during surgical procedures.
  • Mistakes in the provision of medicine. Providing the wrong kind of medicine can lead to serious harm, or in the worst cases, death.
  • Mistakes in the provision of anaesthetic.

Find out about medical negligence claim in London in this guide.

Trip and slip claim advice

This is at least one of the most frequent ways people get hurt. You might trip over at work because a colleague left items in the wrong place, or slip over in a supermarket on an unmarked spillage. You could fall over at work, or anywhere else. If you were not responsible for your fall, i.e. if someone else cause the circumstances which led to it, you can claim compensation.

Trip and fall claims explained.

Serious injury claim advice

This category of injury will very often have implications lasting over the long term, or even the rest of a person’s life. These implications can be traumatic for everyone involved, not least for the family and others varying for the victim. How much compensation which will be awarded depends on the seriousness of the injury, and how it will affect someone over the longer term. Settlements awarded are often higher than the average settlement, based on the long term effects.

Serious injury claims explained.

Accident at work advice claims solicitors

At Legal Expert we have helped people to make a wide variety of different types of accident at work claim. Whether you work in an office, on a construction site, or in the hospitality and lesiure industries, our team can help you. In the next section we will look at the numbers of people involved in different types of accidents at work in Newham.

Newham local area authority recorded workplace accidents

This table contains statistics for the reported number of accidents in the workplace in different categories over the indicated period.

Accidents at work. Reported in the borough of Hounslow2011/122012/132013/14
Other causes604431
Electrical injuries510
Machinery caused/ related injuries1038
Caused by explosions200
Caused by a fire301
Exposure to a harmful substance665
Falling from heights282732
Caused by animals501
Lifting, carrying, and handling1096673
Assaults and attacks442121
Falling on the same level11810884
Struck against something18126
Hit by a vehicle993
Struck by object393534
Trapped underneath something030

Road traffic accident claims advice

Our nationwide panel of road traffic accident claims solicitors have helped people from across Great Britain to claim compensation for accidents or injury caused by another party. If you have been involved in a road traffic accident we can help. Below we look at how many people have been killed to seriously harmed in this area.

Newham road traffic accident casualty statistics

The following table contains data on the numbers of people either seriously harmed, or killed in each category of road traffic accident across a period from 2011 through to 2017. The data excludes less serious forms of injury, as well as accidents with no injuries. This table also does not include the total number of RTA’s in the area. This is included in a separate table.

Car drivers/ passengers10151914
Other people injured4246

Find a no win no fee solicitor for your claim

Today there are many personal injury law firms and solicitors across the country who can help people by offering no win no fee services. What this type of agreement means is that if your personal injury lawyer is not able to win your claim, you have nothing to pay.

When you and your personal injury solicitor initially come to an agreement it means that they will offer you their services, assist you through the legal parts of your claim and do so with the agreement that if it is not successful, you will not be charged for these services. To put it very simply, they will have assumed all of the risk in your claim. This leaves you the time and space to concentrate on your recovery.

No win no fee charges and fees

As a claimant using a solicitor through a conditional or no win no fee agreements, you are only expected to pay any charges or fees if the claim which you are making is decided in your favour. The costs of this will already have been agreed upon between you and the solicitor prior to your signing the agreement with them.


In general the costs which you will be expected to pay are a set percentage of the final settlement which you receive. The costs are also usually directly recovered from the compensation which you are awarded.

Your contract will set out these rates. It is a full and legally binding agreement between you (the claimant) and your solicitor.

Our guide to no win no fee claims.

Where can I get more personal injury solicitors advice?

We understand that the choices of whether or not to make a claim and between different personal injury law firms is not always easy. After all, you want to know that you are taking the right course of action and that you have found the best personal injury lawyer for your unique needs. To make the right choice for you, you need to have the answers to any questions which you may have. We have pointed you to additional resources on our site through this guide. But, if you feel you still need a bit more information, why not call our friendly team and discuss and queries or concerns that you may have directly with them.

Talk to our team today

There are several quick and easy ways in which you can get in contact with our team. The best way can often be to give us a call and speak directly to a member of staff about your case, ability to make a claim, and any concerns which you may have.

Call us between 9am and 9pm on 0800 073 8804.

Alternatively, you can send us the details of your claim either using our online contact form, or by email to

However you choose to contact us, our friendly team are ready to provide you with the advice you need.

Helpful services and assistance in Newham

After being involved in an accident on the roads, at work, or in the street, you may require the immediate help of the police to report an accident or need to go to hospital. In a small number of cases, you may also need to go to court for your claim to be settled. Find details of these local services below.

Forest Gate Police Station
350-360 Romford Road
E7 8BS

Newham University Hospital
Glen Road,
E13 8SL
Tel: 020 7476 4000

Snaresbrook Crown Court
75 Hollybush Hill
E11 1QW
Tel: 020 8530 0000

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