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Darlington Personal Injury Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims

It is likely that you found this guide whilst searching for Darlington personal injury solicitors to help you claim the compensation you are owed after an accident which was not your fault. Through this guide, we will show you why you do no need to use a solicitor in this area. We also hope to equip you with all of the information you need to have in order to make a personal injury claim.

We will begin by taking you through an overview of the process of how you make a personal injury claim. We set out the criteria you need to fulfil to be eligible to claim, then take you through some of the most common types of claim we often help people to make. If after reading this guide you find that you still have questions about how personal injury claim work, you can find further information at the bottom of the guide, as well as how to get in touch with both our team, and useful contacts in this area.

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Compensation claims and the law

Darlington personal injury solicitors

Darlington personal injury solicitors

We should start out by saying our main office is not based in Darlington. However, our personal injury solicitors can help claimants across the UK. We can also help or organise additional services, such as a medical examination in your area through our nationwide medical expert panel. We have been able to help many claimants from across Great Britain get the compensation which they are owed after an accident which was not their fault. No matter whether you suffered medical negligence, were injured in a road traffic accident, or suffered a workplace accident, we are here to help. As long as you meet the eligibility criteria set out below, our team may be able to help you.

Your eligibility to make a claim

As with many things, there are certain eligibility criteria which you need to meet in order to be able to make a personal injury claim. These criteria apply to anyone seeking damages, not just those using our services. The first criteria you need to meet is that your accident took place within the last three years, or that your condition was either diagnosed in that time, or the connection between your injury and the accident made in that time.

To find out more about how long you have to make your claim, please see this guide to how long you have to make a personal injury claim.

The other criteria you need to meet to be eligible to make a claim are;

  1. We need to establish that legally you were owed a duty of care by the defendant highlighted in the claim. A simple example of this is a doctor or dentist who is treating you. Their duty is to provide care which does not worsen your condition.
  2. Next, you need to clearly show that the defendant was in breach of this duty of care.
  3. Finally, it needs to be clearly shown that the above failure to meet the duty of care led to your being harmed.

During your initial consultation with one of our team, we may ask you questions related to your eligibility

Why you need to use the right solicitor or lawyer on your case

There are several things which you should know before you do choose to go ahead with a claim using a personal injury lawyer from Legal Expert. When you make a claim, or take any type legal action, it can take time to do so. Without knowing the circumstances of your accident and injury, it is hard to say how long your claim will take. However, most claims will take between just a few short months, and the full three years. You should also consider that whilst all solicitors in the country are regulated via the same body, the SRA (see details here) this only means that they meet the qualifying standards. The SRA does not cover how services are provided to you or the way that they are provided. You need to have trust in your solicitors legal advice, as well as the role which they play in helping you.

Solicitor reviews can be helpful

Before you choose a personal injury solicitor for your claim we recommend that you look at reviews of Legal Expert (which you can find here) as well as those of our competitors. We hope that by doing so you can get a better understanding of the level of service we provide. Reviews of solicitors will have been written by previous clients and whilst they are useful, you should remember that negative reviews could be due to people having had an unrealistic expectation of what they can claim before visiting their solicitor. As such, we do also recommend that you also contact either a solicitor or their representatives to discuss how they can help you.

Reviews of solicitors will help you to be able to contrast the different fees which solicitors charge in the event of your claim being successful, these are called success fees. The difference in the fees charged may also reflect the level of service which can be provided, and the amount of compensation which can be secured for you.

Why you don’t need to use a local solicitor

Earlier we stated that you do not need to use a Darlington personal injury solicitor in order to make your compensation claim. Your solicitor does not need to be based in your town or city. In fact, they do not need to even be located in the same part of the country. Whilst we are not based in this area, our accident claims solicitors can still help you. Needing to use a solicitor in your area is of the most pervasive misunderstandings and one which needs to be dispelled. Much more important than where a solicitor has their office is the their ability to help you make a claim.

What personal injury claims do our team handle on a regular basis

Legal Expert operate across the country and our team of accident claims solicitors are able to handle virtually any type of personal injury claim. Our team has a wide range of experience in every area of personal injury law. Whether your case is very complex, or very simple, we will approach it with the same level of dedication and professionalism.

Below we look at the most common types of claim we see, but do remember this is not at all an exhaustive list of the types of claim we can handle.

Claiming for an industrial diseases

Industrial diseases, often also known as work related illnesses are forms of illness (or in some cases injury) which are caused by your working environment or job role. They could be caused by circumstances such as breathing in fabric particles if you worked in the textile industry, or through exposure to chemical agents.

Highlighting the scale of the problem in the UK, there are estimated to be 1.2 million people who are suffering from some form of industrial disease or sickness caused by their work. Annually, a further 13,500 people are newly affected by industrial diseases.

Find out more about work related illness personal injury cases in this guide.

Claiming for medical negligence

Clinical negligence refers to circumstances where you have been harmed in some way due to the negligent action, or the malpractice of a medical professional. The harm could have been caused by (or the claim made against) anyone from a doctor or nurse to a dentist or surgeon. It may also be the case that a health authority, clinical commissioning group, or a private healthcare provider was responsible (and thus liable) for your injury.

Our team can help you to make a claim for clinical negligence. In this guide you can find out more about claiming for clinical negligence in Darlington in this local area guide.

Claiming for cases of workplace accidents

Sadly workplace accidents can happen no matter your occupation and we can help people to make claims against their employer in occupations as diverse as office work or the armed forces. Our professional personal injury lawyers have the expertise that you need when making a claim. In the following section we will look at how many people have been injured in the workplace in Darlington over a given period, as reported to the Health and Safety Authority.

Statistics for accidents at work reported under the RIDAGGR in Darlington

In the following table we have included statistics for the numbers of different forms of accident and injury across a period of four years (2011 – 2014). We can see that accidents do happen on a regular basis across this period, but that they are falling from a total of 214 in the period 2011/12 to 133 in the period 2013/14.

Accidents in the workplace across Darlington2011/122012/132013/14
Cause not defned302215
Burns or other injury from an electric shock011
Caused by machinery142
Caused by fire/ smoke111
Exposure to harmful substance421
Falling from some form of height (ladder)9107
Hurt by an animal313
Lifting and carrying accident533339
Assaults in the workplace27148
Slip, trip & fall same level583844
Beging struck against11124
Being struck by a moving vehicle432
Being hit by something13126
Trapped by something collapsing020
Total accidents per year214155133

Claiming for a trip or slip

One of the headline statistics we can see in the above table is that slips, trips, & falls are the most common way people are hurt in the workplace in this area. Additionally to this, they are often the most common way people are hurt in other parts of their life, such as walking down the street, or whilst out shopping. This type of accident can also often be a contributing factor in other accidents, such as manual handling accidents. If you fell over in the street due to defective paving, you could be eligible to claim compensation from the council responsible for its maintenance.

Find out how to claim compensation from a council with a personal injury lawyer in this guide.

Claiming for a serious injury

If you have sustained a very serious form of injury, such as a serious spinal injury, or brain injury, the professional personal injury lawyers we can provide can provide you with a vital service in getting you compensation for the injury itself, as well as any prior and ongoing medical expenses. Our aim in doing so is to recover the maximum amount of compensation possible for you to alleviate any pressures you are facing due to medical costs.

This guide to serious injury claims sets out in greater detail how we can help you.

Claiming for a car crash or road traffic accident in Darlington

No matter what form of road traffic accident or car crash you have been involved in, or where in the country it occured, our team could help you to make an accident claim for the injuries suffered. As long as another party was to blame, you could have a valid case. In the section below, we look at the frequency of serious or fatal injuries in road traffic accidents in the Darlington area.

Statistics for road traffic accidents in Darlington

The statistics for serious or fatal casualties suffered in road traffic accidents in Darlington show that unfortunately the number of people sustaining this form of injury is increasing over the highlighted period. Please note, the table does not include data for those who sustained a lesser form of injury and does not include the total numbers of car crashes or RTA’s in this area.

Car occupants91616

Further statistics for the Darlington area show that for 2013 there were a total of 325 road traffic incidents in the town. This can be broken down as follows;

  • 6 fatal accidents
  • 35 serious accidents
  • 284 slight accidents

In 2014 there was a slight decrease in the total number of accidents in the road, falling to 322.

No win no fee injury claims

The first thing we need to state is that for the vast majority of claims we handle we are able to do so through what is called a no win, no fee or ‘conditional fee agreement’. The simplest way of looking at this is that you will not have to pay anything till you have won your claim.

Are we really a 100% no win no fee service?

We really do offer a no win no fee service to many of our claimants. The fee which you will pay upon successful completion of your claim is often called a ‘success fee’. In the UK, these fees are set at a maximum of 25% of your total settlement, however the percentage you will pay will be agreed upon by you and the solicitor. These fees do not mean that you will lose that much of the compensation you would have secured in the past. The amount of compensation awarded for different injuries was given an uplift in 2013 by 10%. This helps to offset the effect of the fees. You should also remember that no matter how long the claim takes to conduct or how much work the solicitor has to undertake, the amount you pay does not change. If you are employing a solicitor on an hourly rate, you could find costs spiralling the longer a claim takes.

How to start your personal injury claim

No matter whether you are ready to begin your claim, or need a little bit more information we are here to help. We hope that we have shown that you do not need to use Darlington personal injury solicitors to make your claim and can do so with our expert team. If you do need more information to make a more informed choice about our services you can read our FAQ’s or browse the other guides available on our site.

Talk to us today

If you are ready to start your claim you can do so by speaking to our specialist team. There are several ways in which you can get in touch with us. You can use the phone number provided at the top of this page, the helpful ‘support’ feature on the right, or by sending an email to us at If you send us an email or use the support feature we will be able to organise a phone call from an advisor at a time convenient to you.

Helpful resources after an accident or injury in Darlington

If you have been hurt in an accident in the town, you may need to contact the local police or hospital, or your claim might need to go to court. As such, we have included their contact details, as well as further guides from our site.

Darlington Police Station,
St Cuthberts Way,
County Durham
Telephone: 101

Teesside Combined Court Centre
Russell Street
Telephone: 01642 340 000

Darlington Memorial Hospital
Hollyhurst Road,
Telephone: 01325 380100

Personal Injury Claims Process
In this guide we take you through the process of making a personal injury claim.

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