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Brentwood Personal Injury Solicitors

By Stephen Parker. Last Updated 1st September 2021. Welcome to our guide on Brentwood Personal Injury Solicitors. Do you live in the Brentwood area? Have you been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault? Our personal injury solicitors can help. We specialise in claiming compensation for anyone who has fallen victim to an accident at work, on the road, or on business or public premises.

We have been operating in the personal injury sector for many years and have claimed back thousands of pounds worth of compensation for hundreds of different clients. If you have been involved in an accident that was caused by someone else, our team can fight for your case and ensure you receive the money you’re entitled to.

Can I Afford To Make A Claim With Your Brentwood personal injury claims service?

Yes, you can. Our No Win No Fee service means you won’t ever have to pay a penny upfront when you make a claim with us. We take a percentage of any successful claim payout (which will be agreed upon before the case begins) and do not charge you upfront for any legal advice, support, or consultations.

Is The Claims Process Easy?

It couldn’t be easier. We make the claims process as simple as possible so you never have to worry. No matter what the nature of your case may be, your injury claim can be settled in three simple steps:

  1. Consultation

This is just a simple question and answer session to determine exactly what happened during your accident. We’ll ask you a few easy questions about how you sustained your injuries, who you were with at the time and when the accident occurred.

We’ll also ask you to provide any evidence you can – including police reports, doctor’s notes, and proof of lost income. All these documents can help to strengthen your claim and increase the chance of you reclaiming a sizable amount of compensation. If you need any help gathering evidence or are unsure about the kinds of documents required to help your case, our team of Brentwood solicitors will be able to help you.

  1. Contact with the defendant

After gathering all the evidence we need to support your claim, we’ll write a letter to whoever is responsible for causing your accident. This person or organisation (known as the defendant) will then have about 12 weeks to respond to our letter – but this can vary from case to case. When the defendant does get back to us, they’ll need to declare whether they are liable for your accident or refuse to admit fault.

  1. Financial settlement negotiation

When the defendant admits liability, we can arrange a meeting with them at a convenient time and place to negotiate a fee for compensation. If the defendant refuses to admit that they are responsible for causing your injuries, the case will be taken to court. Our solicitors will continue to fight for your cause before a judge in order to get you the compensation you deserve.

What Types Of Accidents Do Your Brentwood Personal Injury Claims Team Cover?

As long as you have a legitimate case, our experienced team of Brentwood personal injury lawyers have the legal knowledge and expertise to claim back compensation for your injuries. Just some of the types of accidents we are able to help you with include:

  • Work accidents

If you have experienced an accident in your place of work in Brentwood or surrounding areas – whether it’s repetitive strain injury from using poor equipment in an office or broken limbs from a fall suffered in a manual labour position – our personal injury solicitors will be able to help.

  • Traffic accidents

We’re able to support anyone who has suffered an injury on the road in Brentwood or surrounding areas when it wasn’t their fault, regardless of whether they were the driver of a vehicle, a passenger in another car, onboard public transport or were an innocent bystander/pedestrian.

  • Medical accidents In Brentwood hospitals or clinics.

If you’ve suffered an injury after undergoing a medical procedure, our team of lawyers will be able to investigate the matter and determine whether you’ve been a victim of malpractice.

  • Accidents in public places In Brentwood or surrounding areas.

Our team are also capable of supporting your claim if you’ve suffered a fall in a public place or have been victim to an assault in a nightclub or bar.

Whatever type of accident you have been involved in, our specialist injury lawyers will be able to provide you with a high-quality legal service that can’t be matched.

I Have Only Sustained Minor Injuries. Can I Still Make A Claim?

Definitely. We can help you claim compensation for all kinds of injuries – no matter how serious or minor they might be. Claiming compensation when you’ve suffered an accident that wasn’t your fault is well within your rights. Even minor injuries can lead to more serious problems later down the line and have the potential to damage your overall quality of life. Injuries can also lead to a series of financial problems, including medical expenses after undergoing treatment and loss of financial income after being unable to attend work. Talk to our specialist solicitors and they can advise you more on this matter and advise you whether you have a viable personal injury claim and how much it might be worth.

How long do I have to start a claim?

Due to the Limitation Act 1980, there is usually a time limit for beginning a personal injury claim, whether that’s in the Brentwood area or elsewhere. The time limit is normally three years from when your accident/injuries occurred. If injuries caused by negligence could not be confirmed until a later date, then the time limit may apply from when your injuries were diagnosed. The ‘date of knowledge’ is a term which may be used to describe this particular day.

If you intend to start a personal injury claim, then we always recommend you get this process underway as soon as possible. Personal injury claims can sometimes take a while to set up, particularly if it’s a complex case. Therefore, it’s best to play it safe and give yourself the maximum amount of time to get the claim up and running.

The three year time limit rule can function differently depending on the circumstances. For instance, if a child has been harmed by negligence, then the three year time limit won’t initially apply to them. It will remain suspended until the day comes when the injured party reaches the age of 18. The claim time limit can also be put on hold when the injured party currently lacks the required mental capacity which allows them to make their own decisions independently.

When a victim is under 18 or is lacking in mental capacity, they are unable to commence a personal injury claim by themself. However, it may be possible for a representative called a litigation friend to start a claim on the victim’s behalf.

How Much Compensation Will I Receive?

Once we’ve heard all the details about the nature of your accident and gathered all the evidence we can to support your claim, our team of Brentwood personal injury solicitors will be able to estimate how much compensation you are likely to receive. Every case is different, but once we’ve established how your injury occurred, we can provide you with a calculated figure to give you a guide. Our solicitors offer a fully committed service and will help to push your claim through as quickly and effectively as possible although like any legal case, sometimes these things can take time, some cases being resolved in a matter of weeks, but most taking several months to resolve.

If your claim is ultimately successful, then you may receive compensation for two types of damages:

  • General damages – Compensation for general damages aims to cover you for the injuries you suffered due to the accident/negligent behaviour which your case has centred on.
  • Special damages – If you are eligible to receive compensation for general damages, then you may receive additional compensation which covers specifically for special damages. Compensation for special damages is designed to cover for financial losses which can be directly linked with the accident and injuries you suffered due to negligence from another party. Fixing or repairing personal property or the costs of transport to receive medical treatment are examples of the type of financial losses which you may be compensated for under special damages.

Give our Brentwood solicitors a call today. Our team will be more than happy to chat with you and answer any questions you may have. When you’re claiming through personal injury solicitors within Brentwood we strongly recommend that you read their terms and conditions.

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