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Birmingham Car Accident Claims Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Guide

A Guide To Birmingham Car Accident Compensation

Birmingham car accident claims solicitorsIf you’re looking for a high quality team of Birmingham car accident claims solicitors to represent you in a personal injury claim, for any injuries that you have sustained during a road traffic accident this guide will help you to do that. There is a personal injury time limit of three years, so you must be ready to make your claim within this time-frame. If you are, then this guide is going to be of use to you, as it includes the following information:

  • How getting an expert medical examination an be a pivotal part of the process of making a compensation claim for a roads traffic injury, and how it can help you to prove the severity of your injuries.
  • An overview of the reason why, when you are choosing a solicitor to represent you in a claims case for injuries you sustained in a road traffic accident in Birmingham, the better your solicitor is, the higher your chance of winning compensation.
  • A number of small sections that go into some detail about the most frequent types of road traffic accidents in Birmingham each year.
  • A number of small sections that go into some detail about the most frequent types of injuries that are caused by road traffic accidents in Birmingham each year.
  • A look at the road traffic accident hotspots in Birmingham, and also the main statistics pertaining to road traffic accidents between 2013 and 2017.
  • An introduction to the core service offering of Legal Expert, which is a national claims service, that operates under a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). We think this is the best way for residents of Birmingham to claim compensation for injuries that they received in a road traffic accident.

When you get to the end of this page, you might have a few questions that you still need to be answered. If you do, please call Legal Expert on 0800 073 8804, and one of our team will answer them all for you.

Get Your Medical Examination And Assessment In Birmingham With One Of Our Medical Experts

We cannot stress enough that one of the most important things you can do to ensure that you have the best chance possible of winning road accident compensation successfully, is being able to prove how severe your injuries are. Legal Expert can help with this. As part of our claims service, we can arrange for you to have a medical examination done by an impartial expert. The results of this examination will be used to support your claims case. The closest doctor who could do this examination for you is:

Dr Andre Brittain-Dissont

Regus Business Centre

Ground Floor

1 Victoria Square


B1 1BD

Having The Right Solicitor For Your Claim Is Crucial To Its Success

If you want to have the best chance of winning a compensation claim for injuries that were caused by a road traffic accident in Birmingham, then you need to find the most capable solicitor to process your claim. All solicitors are not equal; some are much more experienced than others in making personal injury claims. Any solicitor you are considering using will need to be able to demonstrate the three following things:

  1. That they have won a similar claims case to your own within the last 12 months.
  2. That they operate under a Conditional Fee Agreement and can take on your claim using this fee model.
  3. That they have access to a local doctor in Birmingham, who can perform a free medical examination for you, to support your claim.

Reviews Of Birmingham Injury Lawyers

A good way to start a search for a personal injury claims lawyer in Birmingham to represent you in a car crash claim is to try an to find an online reviews site that covers solicitors. This kind of information can be very useful to build a shortlist of potential legal teams. Always be sure to double check the facts though, as reviews can be wrong, and others could be entirely false.

Do I Have To Use Local Solicitors To Make Road And Car Accident Claims In Birmingham

One possible answer to the question, can I get compensation for a car accident? is that it all depends on how good your solicitor is at making road accident claims. This means that your local solicitors in Birmingham might not be the best choice. You really should not be thinking about the location is important as it was before the internet was available with emails and e-sign documents. You can use the telephone or email to keep in touch with your legal team no matter where they happen to be. So, it is far better to ignore your local high street solicitors, and instead, try and find one with a proven track record of successfully winning similar cases to your own.

What Kinds Of Vehicle Accident And Injury Claims Does Our Team Handle?

Legal Expert has a long history of processing road and car accident claims in Birmingham. Due to the sheer volume of claims cases for road traffic accidents we handle on behalf of our clients each year, we have seen trends emerge, with regard to the most common types of accidents. We have gone over some of these types of accidents below:

Car Accident Claims In Birmingham

One thing that you need to consider before making your claim for injuries that you sustained in a road traffic accident in Birmingham is that you must be able to prove that you were not at fault. Proving liability is an important part of the claims process and one that Legal Expert can help you with. If liability cannot be proven, in some non-fault claims we could still help you to claim.

Passenger And Child Car Accident Claims

If you are riding as a passenger in a private vehicle, as an adult or a child, then you will be able to claim compensation for any injuries that you incur in a road traffic accident in Birmingham. As a passenger, it is highly unlikely that the accident was your fault, so proving liability should be simple. You will even be able to claim against the driver of your own vehicle if they are proven to be liable.

Taxi Driver And Passenger Accident Claims

Every driver of a taxi or minicab, as well as other private hire services such as a limousine or minibus, must, by law, have a valid public indemnity insurance policy. If you are injured while riding in a taxi, then you will make car accident claims against the insurer.

Birmingham Bus and Coach Injury Claims

If you are travelling on a bus or coach in Birmingham, and it is involved in a road traffic accident, then a personal injury solicitor will be able to make a compensation claim for any injuries that you sustained. In this case, Legal Expert will pursue compensation against the company that owns and operates the bus or coach service.

Birmingham Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

We have included a table lower down this page, that shows the number of fatal accidents by type. You will note that pedestrians are more frequently killed in road traffic accidents in Birmingham than any other type of person apart from car drivers and their passengers. Any solicitor processing a claim for a pedestrian that has been injured during a road traffic accident in Birmingham must be experienced in claiming for severe injuries.

Rear End Car Accidents

Rear end shunt accidents are the most common type of road traffic accident in the UK each year. These low-speed accidents can be quite serious and are a frequent cause for people to claim road accident compensation. Whiplash is a common injury sustained in rear-end shunts, more on this further down the page.

Roundabout Accidents

Check the map of accident hotspots in Birmingham that we have included farther down the page. You will see that major road junctions and roundabouts are frequently the locations of road traffic accidents. Often, these will be complicated, multi-vehicle accidents and proving liability will be a complex process that Legal Expert can help with.

What Are The Most Common Injuries In A Car Accident?

There are certain injuries that we process car crash claims for on behalf of our clients more often than others. Below, you will find some additional information covering some of these common injuries, that are sustained by people involved in road traffic accidents in Birmingham.

What Is Whiplash?

Of all injuries we see people claim for, after a road traffic accident, whiplash is the most common by far. It is estimated that the cost of whiplash claims alone adds approximately £90 to every single motor insurance policy in the UK. Making a successful whiplash claim will involve having a medical examination, and Legal Expert can arrange one of these for free in Birmingham for you.

What Can Cause Pain In The Back?

Although whiplash is the most common road traffic accident injury, back injuries are also frequently encountered. The back, especially the upper back and neck is fairly unprotected, even if the vehicle is equipped with an airbag. The upper vertebrae of the spine are also easily damaged, as they are fairly fragile compared to those in the lower back.

What The Most Severe Injuries You Could Have?

Of all injuries that a Birmingham car accident lawyer might process a claim for, serious injuries such as brain damage, loss of a major limb, internal organ damage, and loss of sight are those which generally attract the most compensation. Make sure any solicitor you use is experienced in handling large compensation claims for serious injuries.

Locations Of Road Traffic Accident In Birmingham

The table below shows that when it comes to dangerous roads to drive on in Birmingham, the A440, A38 and A4540 are the most dangerous of all.

Street or LocationNumber or RTA

Street or LocationNumber or RTA
at the map below, you can clearly see the major road traffic accident hotspots in Birmingham. Note how many of these are on major road junctions.

Birmingham road accident hotspots

Birmingham road accident hotspots

Birmingham Car Accident And Road Accidents Statistics

The table below shows the number of road accidents in Birmingham across 2014, 2015 and 2016, and the most common types of vehicles that were involved in them. We can clearly see that car drivers and passengers are the most commonly injured of all.


Fatal Car And Road Accidents In Birmingham?

The table below shows the number of fatal accidents in Birmingham in 2014, 2015 and 2016, and also the most common types of vehicle involved in them.


No Win, No Fee Car Accident Solicitors For Birmingham

Legal Expert offers out national claims service to residents of Birmingham as the simplest, most effective way to process a compensation claim for injuries that you sustained in a road traffic accident. Using our claims service, will give you access to the best No Win No Fee car accident solicitors possible to process your personal injury claim on your behalf.

Why No Win No Fee Claims Are A Good Way Of Claiming

When we take on your claims case under our No Win No Fee agreement, it really does mean that you pay nothing at all until you receive a compensation payment. There is no charge at all to begin processing your claim, and even if it takes months to reach a settlement, we won’t charge you any ongoing fees at all. If in the unlikely event we fail to complete a claim for you, then you won’t owe us a thing.

How To Take The Next Step

When it comes to making an accident claim, Birmingham residents will not find a simpler service to use than the one we offer at Legal Expert. All you need to do to get started is give us a call on the number below. We will ask you some questions such as:

  • Where did the road traffic accident in Birmingham happen?
  • When did it happen?
  • What injuries did you sustain?
  • What is the prognosis for your recovery?
  • Have you had to miss work due to your injuries?
  • Have you had to pay any out of pocket expenses for travel or medical treatment?
  • Have you suffered any financial losses due to your injuries?

Once we know the answer to these questions, we will be in a better position to give you informed advice on what we believe your next move should be. In many cases, we will recommend you use our claims service to get you the compensation you are eligible for.

Finding Out More

If you need to find out more about how our car crash solicitors approach the claims process, or you have any other questions you need to be answered, then please call us on the number below. One of our team will be available to help you, and the will explain the claims process using plan, simple English and not confusing legal jargon.

How To Start Your Injury Claim

If you are looking for a solicitor to represent you in road traffic accident compensation claims, then call Legal Expert on 0800 073 8804 today. Once we know a little more about your injuries and the accident that caused them, we will offer you some free legal advice on what we think you need to do next.

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