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Personal Injury Solicitors Bebington No Win No Fee

Are you looking for personal injury solicitors in Bebington? If you’ve had an accident or suffered an injury that wasn’t your fault then our Bebington personal injury solicitors team are your number one source of advice and guidance on taking out your accident and injury claim.

Choosing the right solicitor is crucial and can make a big difference in personal injury claims. Our Bebington personal injury solicitors team work across the Bebington and wider Wirral area which means wherever you are, there’s a local personal injury solicitor for you and your compensation claim.

How Our Personal Injury Solicitors For Bebington Work

With everyone one of our Bebington team of injury solicitors, personal injury is a specialisation Bebington work accidentand we know that from the outset, you need clarity and transparency as to whether you have a good chance of winning your claim for accident or injury compensation. For this reason, we offer FREE legal advice and a FREE telephone consultation where we can find out more about your case and you can do all of this without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Our Bebington personal injury solicitors team will listen to what you have to say and ask relevant question to ascertain what happened, who they think is to blame and give you an honest and open assessment as to whether they think your claim will succeed or not as well as advising on the potential of:

● Loss of earnings
● Compensation
● Repairs or other costs
● Whether we can offer you a No Win No Fee contract.

What Cases Can Our Specialist Solicitors Help With?

Our specialist Bebington accident claim and personal injury team can assist you in all forms of accident compensation and personal injury compensation claims. These include:

● Workplace accidents
● RTAs (Road traffic accidents) in Bebington
● Sporting accidents and injuries (whether spectator or participant)
● Public accidents (e.g. falling in a poorly lit area, falling due to a pothole or broken kerbstone)
● Cycling accidents or injuries
● Bebington medical negligence claims
● Falls from height
● Criminal injury claims
● Accidents involving children

This is just a small representation of the art of claims that our Bebington personal injury team have dealt with so if you’re not sure whether your accident or injury could be dealt with by our specialist team then we can almost certainly say we can. Please get in contact if you’re not sure.

Generally, we can consider any accident or injury where it can be proved that it was caused by somebody else either through a mistake, negligence or not following the correct health and safety procedures.

How Our Specialist Bebington Personal Injury Solicitors Team Will Proceed With Your Claim?

Once we have properly assessed your personal injury compensation claim and have agreed to take it on, the hard work begins and we’ll endeavour to understand everything about your accident and work tirelessly to gather the evidence that will be essential if your claim is to be a success.

The types of evidence that we will gather will depend upon the particular circumstances of your accident or injury but can include:

● A full statement of events from you and anyone else involved in the accident. This may include eyewitnesses and anyone else who was present at the time of the accident.
● Police reports for those accidents or injuries where the police were required to attend the scene.
● Photographic evidence if available of the accident scene or of your injury itself.
● Your GP and hospital records to prove that you had to seek medical attention and details of the injury itself and its prognosis.

Once we have gathered all the evidence necessary, we will then file a claim and then proceed with the claims process until they are ready to make an offer of compensation for your claim. Once this occurs, you benefit from the years of experience of our personal injury solicitors who will help you to assess whether it is a fair offer and advise you whether you should accept it or continue with the claim through to court action.

How Long Do Personal Injury Claims Take to Settle?

Our personal injury solicitors Bebington teamhave many years experience of dealing with the entire range of personal injury claims and accident compensation claims which means they also know that every case is different in terms of how long it takes to settle. Because the exact circumstances of your injury or accident is unique and all insurers work differently it is impossible to work out an exact timeframe on each case but will usually take a few months upwards. What we can do however is guarantee that we will deal with it in a timely and efficient manner to ensure that it settles as quickly as possible to your complete satisfaction.

How Much Compensation Will You Receive?

Once again, our team of Bebington injury solicitors have worked on thousands of personal injury compensation claims in the Bebington and wider Wirral area and know that it is impossible to provide an exact evaluation of compensation you may receive for your accident or injury. However we can give you guidance once we have established and agreed with the other party:

● Your injury and its severity – There are agreed formulas to use once these have been agreed so this part is reasonably straightforward.
● Costs incurred – This is somewhat more involved and can include travel costs, repairs, replacement costs, loss of earnings and future loss of earnings.

Once the two points above have been agreed then our specialist solicitors for Bebington will be able to give you an approximation of what you compensation claim may be worth. However, as there are no hard and fast rules this is not guaranteed but it does give you a good general idea of your clam’s worth which is invaluable if a settlement offer is made.

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If you’ve had an accident or sustained an injury and it wasn’t your fault then get in touch today and talk to our special Bebington personal injury legal team to start you claim to what is rightfully yours.

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