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Personal Injury Solicitors | Islington | No Win No Fee

By Emily Jones. Last Updated 2nd May 2023. Welcome to our Islington personal injury solicitors guide. If you have been injured in an accident or incident in Islington, you may be rightly thinking about claiming compensation.

This guide reveals everything you need to know about working with personal injury solicitors who covers the Islington area. You will discover how to find a quality personal injury lawyer, information on our service, which you can also get on 0800 073 8804, and an insight into the different types of claims.

Islington personal injury solicitors

Islington personal injury solicitors

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  1. Legal Expert’s Research Into Personal Injury Claims Against Islington Council
  2. What Are Personal Injury Claims In Islington?
  3. Am I Eligible To Claim For Injuries In Islington?
  4. How Reviews Can Help You Choose A Solicitor
  5. Do I Need To Claim With Solicitors Within Islington?
  6. Personal Injury Claim Payouts For Cases In Islington
  7. No Win No Fee Compensation Claims

Legal Expert’s Research Into Personal Injury Claims Against Islington Council

Legal Expert found through a Freedom of Information request that 46 personal injury claims had been made against Islington Council in the past year. 

Although most of the claims received between April 2022 and April 2023 were not settled, personal injury payouts came at a cost of £110,842.80 for the local authority.

Over 67% of these claims were caused by slips, trips or falls. Other leading causes included:

As a local authority, Islington Council has a duty of care to ensure visitors and employees are reasonably safe whilst in premises, spaces or highways that they control.

If you have been injured in an accident that was caused by a council breaching their duty of care to you, you might have grounds for a valid claim. Our advisors are available 24/7 to offer free advice and could connect you with our expert personal injury solicitors.

What Are Personal Injury Claims In Islington?

A personal injury claim involves claiming to receive personal injury compensation if you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault. If you have sustained injuries, solicitors and lawyers can put forward a case outlining what has happened to you and why you need a payout. This is critical because it ensures you receive the money you need to help you through your recovery. Get in touch today about how to claim.

How Our Team Help People To Make Personal Injury Claims

Our solicitors have years of experience in the personal law sector, and they can help you get the maximum compensation you are entitled to. As you will see from our website, we pride ourselves on being transparent and empowering our clients with all of the knowledge they need to make the right decisions. Our Islington personal injury solicitors will then handle your case for you so that you can focus on your recoveries.

Am I Eligible To Claim For Injuries In Islington?

Generally, speaking you need to prove three things to be true to secure personal injury compensation. The first is that the incident occurred because of someone else’s error or negligence. After all, you can’t go ahead and claim if you are the reason you ended up injured. Being clumsy is not a valid excuse for securing a payout. If you were partially to blame, give us a call. You may still be entitled to a payout. However, you should expect this to be lower to reflect your involvement.

The second is that you received professional medical attention for your injuries. And thirdly, the incident must have occurred within the last three years, as this is the time limit for all cases. Nonetheless, all you need to do is give us a call on our legal helpline, and we will tell you whether you have a good chance of getting compensation. We will give you a realistic assessment regarding the strength of your case.

How Reviews Can Help You Choose A Solicitor

The first thing that you should consider when determining who to employ to deal with your personal injury compensation claim is what previous customers thought about the service they received and whether the claim was a success or not. Reading personal injury solicitor reviews can be extremely helpful. After all, this is a great way to get an insight into the level of service offered and the success the solicitor or the company has had so far. A credible company will have all of their reviews available on their website for everybody to see.

This will not just be one or two reviews, which they have hand-selected themselves; this will be all the feedback that has been left accompanied by the person’s name and the date they left the comment. Moreover, ideally, their reviews will be left via a neutral, external reviewing website, like Trustpilot, to ensure authenticity, rather than being copied and pasted. Here at Legal Expert, we are more than happy to supply you with reviews we have received from our past clients. So please get in touch with our Islington personal injury solicitors at any time.

Do I Need To Claim With Solicitors Within Islington?

Many people assume that the only option available to them is to use personal injury solicitors in Islington or, at the very least personal injury solicitors in North London. However, this is not the case. You can use the services of personal injury lawyers based anywhere in the UK. This is because cases today are handled via phone and email. Therefore, you can choose someone based on their reputation and experience, rather than being forced to work with someone purely because they are based nearby. Please speak to us about how to claim online today.

What Types Of Claims Can We Help With?

Here at Legal Expert, our team can assist you with a variety of claims if you have had an accident in Islington.

Some examples of the types of claims we can help you with include:

  • Accident at work claims: For example, if your employer failed to provide you with the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE), such as steel-toe boots to protect you on a construction site, and you suffered an injury as a result of this.
  • Medical negligence claims: If you suffered unnecessary harm due to a medical misdiagnosis as a result of a medical professional breaching their duty of care, you might be able to make a claim.
  • Road traffic accident claims: For example, if you were injured in a car crash due to another road user breaching their duty of care, e.g. they were drunk driving.

As previously stated, you do not only have to use personal injury solicitors in Islington for your claim. Our solicitors for Islington accidents could help you through your particular claims process.

To discuss your potential claim and to be connected with one of our experienced solicitors, contact our advisors today.

Personal Injury Claim Payouts For Cases In Islington

If you have a strong case for claiming personal injury compensation, then we could potentially help with your case. You may have questions on how much you could claim for your injuries if you are able to make a successful claim.

While there are no guaranteed figures that could be referred to, you can look at the brackets below for certain injuries. These are based on the latest Judicial College Guidelines. These guidelines factor in the payouts handed out for certain real-life cases and solicitors may consult them while evaluating the value of your own claim.

Brain DamageVery severeThe person might be able to follow some basic commands. However, they will need full-time care and show little meaningful response to their environment.£282,010 to £403,990
Neck InjurySevereA neck injury that is associated with incomplete paraplegia or results in permanent spastic quadriparesis.In the region of £148,330
Knee InjurySevere (ii)Constant pain and limited movement caused by a leg fracture that has extended into the knee joint.£52,120 to £69,730
Arm InjuryLess severeThe person will have suffered with significant disabilities. However a substantial recovery has taken place or is expected to.£19,200 to £39,170
Back InjuryModerate (ii)Frequently encountered back injuries, that disturb the ligaments and muscles and cause backache.£12,510 to £27,760
Shoulder InjurySeriousA dislocated shoulder with damage to the lower part of the brachial plexus that causes shoulder and neck pain.£12,770 to £19,200
Elbow InjuryModerate or minorElbow injuries such as lacerations, simple fractures or tennis elbow syndrome. The recovery rate will affect how much is awarded.Up to £12,590
Leg InjuryLess serious (iii)Simple tibia or fibula fractures, or soft-tissue injuries, with minor ongoing symptoms.Up to £11,840
Whiplash Injuries With Psychological InjuriesOne or more Lasting for 18-24 months£4,345
Whiplash Injuries One or moreLasting for 18-24 months£4,215

No Win No Fee Compensation Claims

If you contact Legal Expert about your potential claim and they determine that you have a strong case, then we may be able to provide support with one of our No Win No Fee solicitors. Working with a No Win No Fee solicitor can provide several financial benefits. You usually only have to pay if your case is a success. The payment is usually a small percentage of the personal injury compensation awarded to you.

No Win No Fee compensation claims are ideal for those worried about money because they guarantee that you will not end up out of pocket. If you lose the claim, then you will not have to part with your money. Furthermore, you can be safe knowing that your solicitor will work as hard as possible to ensure that they win the case for you because they will want to get paid as well.

If your case has been a success, you will need to pay No Win, No Fee personal injury solicitors. This will be a percentage of the compensation, which you will have agreed on beforehand. If your case has not been a success, you will not need to pay.

To learn more about making a No Win No Fee claim, you can call our team of advisors on 0800 073 8804. You can also reach us online using our contact page or our live chat service.

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