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How To Claim Compensation For A Swimming Pool Accident In London UK? – A Guide To How Much For A Personal Injury?

How Much Compensation Can I Claim For A Swimming Pool Accident In London?

In this guide you will find out everything you need to know about claiming compensation after being injured in a swimming pool accident in London. As the claimant in this case you may be a resident of the city, visiting from another part of the UK, or an overseas tourist. Where you are from does not matter, if you suffered an injury which was caused by the owner, operator, or staff at the swimming pool, our team are here to help you.

We have included information on how accidents or negligence can lead to pool users suffering an injury or becoming sick, as well as comprehensive advice on when you are eligible to seek damages, and the best way to do so. At the bottom of this guide, you will also find recommendation for other helpful guides on our site.

If after reading this guide you would like to get in touch with our team to discuss your injury in more detail, you can do so by phoning us on 0800 073 8804.

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A Guide To Claiming Compensation For A Swimming Pool Accident In London

Swimming pool accident London

Swimming pool accident London

There are numerous locations across the British capital and its surrounding areas where you may use a swimming pool or waterpark. Locations may be run by local councils, be part of a hotel, be run by schools but open to the public at certain times, or run by private operators (sometimes also on behalf of a local authority). No matter who owns, runs, or operates a swimming pool they and their staff owe pool users the same duty of care and should follow the same health and safety regulations in doing so. If they have not and you were injured as a result, you may be able to launch a swimming pool lawsuit against them.

What Are Swimming Pool Illnesses Or Accidents?

Injuries or illnesses caused by swimming in a pool could be caused by negligence on the part of the party (such as a hotel or local council) who is responsible for swimmers safety. They could be caused by the operator not providing an adequately trained lifeguard, not make sure that the water is clean and safe to swim in (such as ensuring it is free from any parasites), or the failure to properly maintain the area immediately around the swimming pool. If you are seeking compensation for injuries sustained in a swimming pool accident in London, your accident does not need to have happened in the water itself. You could have been injured in the facilities attached to the pool, such as changing facilities, if they were not kept free from any hazards.

Common pool injuries may include slips, trips, & falls, water borne diseases or parasites, or harm caused by too high a level of chlorine or other chemical in the water. In the next section we will look at what safety measures swimming pools need to put in place.

What Safety Measure Must Swimming Pools Take?

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA), and the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) have all produced guidelines which swimming pools should follow in order to safeguard their users both in and out of the pool itself. Some of these are rules which pools must follow, whilst others are guidelines which should be followed by either the swimming pool itself or users. The HSE notes that there are not any specific laws pertaining to the operation of a swimming pool, rather that operators and staff must observe general health and safety legislation.

Tips to stay safe at the swimming pool

  • Young children should be kept under supervision at all times, whether in or out of the water
  • Users should familiarise themselves with and follow any rules of the swimming pool
  • You should always follow instructions given by a lifeguard
  • Do not dive into shallow water
  • Ensure that you are aware of the depth of the swimming pool at the shallow and deep ends. Also note where non-swimmers should not go beyond
  • Never swim after consuming alcohol

Observing these tips, the rules of your pool, and the instructions of any lifeguarding staff present can mitigate many common pool injuries.

Can I Claim Compensation If Injured In A Swimming Pool Accident At My Hotel?

London is home to numerous swimming pools which are owned by or operated as part of a hotel. It is quite common for these to be open to both guests of the hotel, health club members, and the general public. A swimming pool operated by a hotel is under the same obligation to provide its users with a safe environment free from hazards and the potential for illness. If their negligence leads to a swimming pool user becoming sick or hurt, said user could seek damages through a swimming pool accident lawsuit.

Unfortunately children are more likely to be the victim of an injury or even drowning in a hotel swimming pool. Such swimming pools often have less supervision than public facilities. Children can often be eager to dive straight into the pool whilst parents let their guard down when on holiday. These three factors can combine to produce some of the swimming pool deaths in the UK.

Common Illnesses From Swimming Pools In London Or The UK

According to the NHS and studies which have been conducted in the UK, swimming in a public or private pool can expose people to certain risks and dangers. Chemicals used in keeping pools clean could expose people to risks. You can find out more about these in this assessment carried out by the NHS.

The most common personal injury claims for illnesses which we see in relation to swimming pools are due to contamination and poisoning.

Illnesses caused by contamination of the swimming pool: Water in most swimming pools in London and the UK will be chlorinated, or make use of a similar disinfectant. The purpose of these is to kill off any bacteria which could be harmful to swimmers. However if levels are not monitored, contaminates can still build up.

Chlorine poisoning: If chlorine (or other disinfectants) are present in very high concentrations they can lead to people suffering chlorine poisoning.

If the level of chlorine, or other chemical agent, is too high, it can also cause chemical burns or lead to serious skin and/ or eye irritation. In the most extreme cases, swimming pool deaths could potentially be caused by over chlorinated pools.

Can I Claim Compensation For A Fatal Swimming Pool Accident In London?

We are sad to say that unfortunately there have been a number of people who have died whilst in swimming pools in London. Swimming pool deaths in the UK are very rare, but the have and do happen. In recent years people have suffered fatal swimming pool accidents in London caused by having epileptic fits in the pool (an event not spotted by the lifeguard staff) and a member of the public who drowned after suffering a heart attack in a swimming pool. In such instances the staff at the swimming pool failed in their duty of care by not promptly reacting to these circumstances.

There are numerous ways in which a swimmer can suffer a fatal injury caused by a swimming pool accident. Whether you live in the city, were visiting from the rest of the UK, or were a tourist from abroad, if a member of your party did suffer a fatal injury or illness at a swimming pool anywhere in the capital, please contact us to begin a claim with a personal injury solicitor.

What Are The Leading Causes Of Swimming Pool Accidents?

Whilst there are numerous ways in which you could be hurt at a swimming pool, there are certain types of accident which are more frequently the cause of injuries than others. These include the following.

Slips, trips, and falls. These are a very common cause of injuries both in and around swimming pools. They are often caused by a slippery floor around the pool, or the steps into the pool being too slippery for people to safety enter or exit the pool.

Lacerations or cuts. These are another of the most common forms of accident people are injured by. They can be caused by jagged or broken tiles, or other sharp surfaces. This type of injury can be compounded if people contract infections from contaminates either in the pool itself or areas around the pool. They will commonly affect the feet or hands.

Diving accidents. Most swimming pools with have rules and regulations pertaining to if and where or when diving is allowed. Diving accidents can often affect children, diving into the wrong part of a swimming pool. If you dive into a pool which is too shallow you can suffer very serious injuries. In the worst cases, these can include spinal or head injuries.

Drainage accidents. Injuries can happen if the drainage suction level is set too high. In the worse cases, people can in fact be sucked under water and into drainage areas, becoming unable to breathe.

Swimming pool accidents can happen more frequently in unusually shaped swimming pools. One reason for this is that they can be harder for users to judge the depth of a pool, leading them to dive into water which is too shallow.

If you have suffered any of the accidents listed above, or been hurt in another way in a swimming pool, please contact our personal injury solicitors.

Claim Compensation For A Child Swimming Pool Accident In London

As we will see when we look at UK swimming pool accidents statistics, children are more likely to sustain injuries in a swimming pool accident than adults. In the most extreme cases these can and have led to fatal accidents. If you child has been hurt in a swimming pool accident we understand that the most important thing is to ensure that they get all the medical attention they need. After their care has been taken care of, you should contact our personal injury lawyers to help you claim compensation.

You can find out more about making a child accident, injury, or illness compensation claim in this guide.

Statistics For Swimming Pool Related Accidents, Injuries & Illnesses In The UK

Whilst there are as many as 420 deaths across the UK related to water each year (statistic for the year 2010), the vast majority of these do not happen in either public or private swimming pools and occur in other bodies of water.

Swimming pools

Swimming pool accident statistics show that the bulk of fatal accidents happen in rivers, canals, or open waters. Of the 217 recorded fatalities in the UK that year related to swimming/ water, only six of these took place in swimming pools. It is at this point that we should not the rarity of people being fatally injured in swimming pools across the UK as a whole.

Age brackets

We can also see from these statistics, that of the 420 fatally injured, 57 were under the age of nineteen. Further to this, 19 of these were under the age of 10.

Swimming pool accident statistics for those under 19

0 - 4 years old5 - 9 years old10 - 14 years old15 - 19 years oldTotal number 0 - 19 years old
Swimming related deaths recorded in the UK - 20149352138
Those admitted to hospital due to swimming related injuries - 2012/ 13105331613167

What Should You Do After A Swimming Pool Accident In London?

The first thing you should do after any form of accident is to seek any medical treatment you need. In an emergency, you can dial 999 to get assistance. If you have suffered a swimming pool accident and wish to claim compensation for any resulting injuries, there are several steps which you can take which will help our personal injury lawyers to better prepare your case. Some of these steps may be more relevant to those who were visiting London as tourist from the rest of the UK or abroad, and may pertain more to those who were hurt at a hotel they were staying in, booked as part of a package holiday.

Steps to take

  • Report both your accident and any resulting injuries to the operator of the pool immediately. Make sure that your incident and injuries suffered are recorded in the operators accident report log.
  • If you were injured in a hotel or premises booked as part of a package holiday, inform your holiday provider, or there local representative immediately. Again, make sure they record what happened to you in their accident log.
  • If you were on holiday when you were injured, inform any travel insurance provider you have a policy with.
  • Keep a record of anything you have to buy or pay out for in connection with your injury, such as medical treatments.
  • When you return home, contact our team and find out if you are eligible to make a personal injury claim.

What Can I Claim For After A Swimming Pool Accident Or Illness In London?

When making any form of personal injury claim, there are several types of damages which you can seek as a part of your claim. These will be combined to make the final settlement you recieve. For many of the people we help to claim compensation, general damages which are paid out for your injury itself, will be the largest part of a settlement. This could include compensation for physical, mental, or psychological harm suffered. It could also include the effect of any disabilities sustained, or other difficulty seen during recovery.

Other forms of damages you could be able to seek in your claim might include those of costs which you either have already met, or will have to meet. These can include (but are not limited to): the cost of care in the home or at a care facility, the cost of travelling to medical appointments or emergency travel home, any expenses related to medical treatment or medication, and compensation for any income which you have or will lose due to your injury.

To find out more about how much you could claim in compensation, please contact our specialist team today.

How Much You Could Claim After A Swimming Pool Accident In London

There are lots of personal injury claims calculators available online. The first thing you should know when viewing such calculators is that without the specifics of your injury and its effects on you, it is difficult for you to be provided with an accurate information. However, in the table below we have included information on specific forms of injury, and how much people can be awarded for them.

Form of injuryHow serious was it?Notes on the injuryAverage recommended settlements
Foot injuriesAll levels of severityFoot injuries can range in severity from minor to severe. Minor injuries may include simpler cuts or lacerations. This can then increase in severity through breaks and fractures, through disabilities and even feet being amputated.Up to £96,157
Leg injuryAll levels of severityLeg injuries can range from simple sprains or strains, to soft tissue injuries, breaks and fractures and even up to a serious disability, or amputation.Up to £119,217
Hand injuryAll levels of severityHand injuries might affect the hand, the fingers, or the thumb(s). As with the previous forms of injury, we could help you make a claim for almost any qualifying injury to your hand.Up to £54,287
Loss of incomeEarnings/ salary, etcThere is a wide degree of allowance in this category, and it is possible for you be awarded more than the maximum amount. Awards are based on your current and future predicted earnings.£10,000 - £400,000
Loss of incomeBenefitsThis compensates you for your actual losses suffered.£5,000 - £500,000
Pain and sufferingN/AHow much pain and suffering you have experienced is examined and compensation awarded accordingly.£1,000 - £200,000
Wrist injuryAll levels of severityThis can include all levels and forms of injury to the wrist.Up to £4,167
Ankle injuryAll levels of severityAgain, this may include a variety of different forms, types, and severities of injury to the ankle. These can commonly happen in and around swimming pools.Up to £61,117
Minor injuriesMinor injuriesThose from which you can and will recover within three months.Up to £1,860
Chemical poisoningModerateSymptoms of chemical poisoning (as discussed above) which last for more than a few weeks.Up to £7,250

The figures in this table only look at general damages paid out for the injury itself. They do not take account special damages and the amount of compensation you could be awarded may vary from this.

No Win No Fee London Swimming Pool Accident Claims

As we have said, whether you live or work in London, we visiting from the rest of the UK, or were a tourist from outside of the UK, you could be eligible to claim compensation for the harm you suffered. Legal Expert are here to help and happy to offer you what is called a no win, no fee agreement.

These are also sometimes known as conditional fee agreements. They can be the simplest and are often the most effective way for many of those we help to seek damages after being hurt in an accident which was not their fault.

The largest benefit of taking advantage of a conditional fee agreement is that you will not be under any form of financial risk. This is thus a risk free way to do so. You will only be asked to pay your fees if you are awarded damages for the harm you suffered. You will not be asked to make any payments before this point. A second benefit of being offered a conditional fee agreement is that you can be more assured of your chances of making a successful clam. Remember, under such an agreement, you will not have to pay the solicitor unless you win your claim. They will work extra hard to secure this award for you.

Please contact our team today to find out more about how the process of making a claim through a conditional fee agreement, and to start your claim.

How We Can Help You To Claim Compensation

Legal Expert are specialists at getting those we assist in making a personal injury claim the largest compensation settlement possible given their injuries. If you chose to make your claim through us we will be on hand to discuss your claim whenever you have any questions, and will keep you fully informed throughout the process. We also promise not to bombard you with complex legal language. We will always put everything in the simplest terms and ensure you are fully aware of what you are agreeing to before you register with us, and during your claim.

We have helped people from all walks of life and in a very wide variety of different accident circumstances. As such, you can rest assured that we will have helped people in a situation similar to yours.

Contact our team using the number below to talk to us about taking advantage of our no win no fee service.

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