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Horse Riding Activity Personal Injury Claims Explained

Equestrian sports are quite common in the UK. Many people regularly participate in lessons, events and competitions. However, like with any other sport, there is an evaluated amount of risk involved. This is especially true when it comes to injuries.  A personal injury due to horse riding activity can have a claim for compensation.

horse riding activity personal injury claims

A guide on horse riding activity personal injury claims

In this guide, we will look at how someone could be injured whilst participating in horse riding activities. This guide will look into the different types of activities people could have been involved in, how an accident could happen and when they could make a claim. 

The Activity Centres (Young Persons’ Safety) Act 1995 and the Adventure Activities Licensing Regulations 2004 are two pieces of legislation that protect people that participate in activities such as horseback riding. 

If you still have questions about how to make a personal injury claim after finishing this guide, get in contact with us today. 

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What Are Horse Riding Activity Personal Injury Claims?

People that participate in horse riding activities may suffer an injury. This is often unavoidable because of factors such as a spooked horse or uneven terrain. However, if it is found that there was negligence on the behalf of the stable or activity centre, and that caused the injury, then a personal injury claim could be made. 

If you’d like more information on horse riding activity personal injury claims, our team of advisors is on hand to answer the questions that you might have. 

Horse Riding Activity Personal Injury Claims Statistics

A study of horse riding activities was funded by the Department for Transport according to the British Horse Society in August 2021. 78% of equestrians said they had experienced an incident while using roads with their horse. 322 (4.5%) said they had been involved in a road incident in the previous year that caused injury to either a person or an animal.

Types Of Horse Riding Activity Accidents

Accidents can take many forms when it comes to horse riding activities, ranging from minor to major. We have listed some of the potential causes of accidents that could occur.

  • Unmaintained horse riding equipment
  • A fall from a horse due to riding on an unsafe surface, despite being assured the terrain would be safe
  • Road traffic accidents that involve a rider and their horse
  • Lack of preparation on the behalf of the stables
  • Inadequate training or an instructor’s bad advice
  • An unsuitable horse for a rider’s skill level

The duty of care of the riders should be in the best interest of the stables. If they breach their duty of care then it could result in accidents and/or injuries. 

Types Of Horse Riding Activity Injuries

There are many forms that injuries can take in horse riding activities. We have listed some examples below of the types of injuries that could happen: 

If you have suffered a personal injury due to a horse-riding accident, and you believe that you have a valid claim, you can get in contact with us today. 

Child Horse Riding Activity Accident Claims

If a child has been injured during a horse riding activity, it can be a traumatic experience for both the child and the parents. Injuries could have a life-long impact on the child’s life. 

Litigation friends are used in cases where those under the age of 18 have been involved in an accident.  However, you would have to apply to become a litigation friend.

How To Make Horse Riding Activity Personal Injury Claims

Although not the most common reason for people to seek personal injury claims, horse riding activity injury claims have the same claims process as you will see further on in the article.

If you were involved in a horse-riding accident, then you should do everything you can to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. This can begin with gathering information and evidence of the incident. 

Forms of evidence: 

  • Take photos of you injuries or the accident site
  • Document financial losses (keep receipts, for example)
  • Get contact details of any people that witnessed the incident

By following the advice above, you could have a greater chance of winning your compensation claim for a personal injury caused by a horse riding activity.

If you have any further questions on horse riding accidents and the claims process, our advisors are available to discuss your claim. 

Time Limits To Claim For Horse Riding Accidents

During the claims process, you would need to be made aware of the time limits that are placed upon personal injury claims. This is the role of the Limitation Act 1980. It makes it possible for people to make a claim from the date of the injury or from the date that you were made aware that you were injured in an accident and the injury was caused by negligence. This is usually a period of 3 years.

However, there are exceptions to the 3-year time limit. The limitation period can be paused for a brief period of time if the person is mentally unable to make a claim. The time limit begins once the person has regained the mental capacity to claim. Meanwhile, you can begin a claim on the behalf of some who has been determined to not have the mental capacity to claim. This is known as a litigation friend. 

If the claimant is under 18, a litigation friend could claim on their behalf. However, they’d have 3 years to claim from their 18th birthday if nobody has already done so on their behalf by that point.

Horse Riding Activity Personal Injury Claims Calculator

By using a personal injury claims calculator, you can self-evaluate your claim. This is a tool that can be used for free and can offer you a guideline of what you could be offered in terms of compensation. 

The figures that are listed in the table below are from the 16th edition of the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG), which was produced in April 2022. The Guidelines are used by legal professionals when they value claims. 

Physical InjuriesBrackets for CompensationInjury description
Back Injuries: Severe (i)£91,090 to £160,980Severe injury to the spinal cord as well as nerve roots.
Neck Injuries: Severe (i)In the region of £148,330Symptoms that are similar to incomplete paraplegia or permanent spastic quadriparesis.
Injuries to the Pelvis and Hips: Severe (i)£78,400 to £130,930A large number of fractures to the pelvis. This can impact the bladder, bowels and other internal functions.
Injuries Resulting in Permanent and Substantial Disablement: Arm£39,170 to £59,860Serious fractures to either one or both forearms.
Back Injuries: Moderate (i)£27,760 to £38,780Crush fractures to the lumbar vertebrae, pain is continuous and long-lasting
Neck Injuries: Moderate£24,990 to £38,490Fractures or dislocations which have a severe and immediate symptoms.
Shoulder Injuries: Severe£19,200 to £48,030Similar to neck injuries, an impact to the brachial plexus can lead to a significant disability.
Shoulder Injuries: Serious£12,770 to £19,200The dislocation of the shoulder along with other injuries relating to fractures or pain in the shoulder.
Wrist Injury (d)£6,080 to £10,350A fracture or an injury soft tissue that is recovered in a 12 month period.
Hand Injury: Moderate£5,720 to £13,280Injuries such as crush, deep lacerations, penetrating wounds and damage to the soft tissue.

Types of Damages 

  • General damages – a focus on the physical injuries that you have sustained, as well as the long-term health effects, discomfort of loss of function and any psychological trauma.
  • Special damages – a focus on the financial costs or losses and any impact on future income that are associated with your injuries.

Both types of damages would require some evidence to demonstrate the seriousness of your injuries. For example, a medical assessment would be undertaken as a way to determine the severity of your injuries. 

These are a few types of special damages that you might claim following a horse riding accident. Contact us today to find out what applies to your case. And, if you’d like our advisors to value your claim for free, get in touch.

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Have you suffered a personal injury due to a horse riding activity in the last three years? Do you have a valid personal injury claim? 

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No Win No Fee Horse Riding Injury Claims

Managing a claim for horse riding accident claim could seem costly with the help of a legal professional. However, a No Win No Fee arrangement can be a beneficial tool for you to use. It provides you with a way to claim personal injury compensation with the help of a solicitor without paying their fee unless your claim is successful. 

A success fee is used to cover the expenses of the legal services you have used if your claim is successful. However, the success fee is capped by law. What’s more, if the claim fails, you don’t have to pay the success fee. 

Additionally, For more information on No Win No Fee arrangements, call us today. 

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We have collected some of our guides for you to look through, helping you gain more information about the topic of horse riding activity and how personal injury claims can be made.

Additionally, we have gathered some external information for you to have a read through. 

To find out more about personal injury claims about a horse riding activity, you can contact us today. 

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