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Hotel Accident Claims In Switzerland – How much compensation can i claim for a personal injury?

Whether visiting the clean and calm cities, staying in the lush countryside, or visiting the Alps for skiing, a stay at a hotel in Switzerland should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. However, for a small number of those staying in hotels in Switzerland, their stay will result in an accident, injury, or some form of sickness which was the fault of the hotel. If this has happened to you, our team of personal injury solicitors could help you to make a hotel accident claim in Switzerland.

If you have been injured or have become sick due to negligence on the part of your hotel, the staff working there, or the company operating it, you could be eligible to make an accident in a hotel claim against the business. We understand that being injured or becoming sick whilst on holiday or visiting Switzerland for work can be disruptive and even distressing. This is why our team will always work hard to get you the compensation settlement which you deserve. We will work hard to make sure that you receive compensation not just for the injury you suffered or sickness you contracted, but also for any additional costs you have had to meet. We may even be able to secure you compensation for any loss of enjoyment on your trip.

Our team of personal injury lawyers don’t just help with hotel accident claims in Switzerland. If you were injured in another way whilst visiting the country, find out how to make a claim in our guide to holiday accident claims in Switzerland.

Please read the rest of our guide below to find out more about how to make a successful personal injury claim for a hotel accident claim in Switzerland. When ready to make a claim, you can do so by calling our team on 0800 073 8804.

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A guide to Swiss hotel accident claims

In this guide, we will take you through many of the circumstances in which you can make an accident in a hotel claim. We will look at factors which may cause an accident, such as slips and falls, or food poisoning. We also look at the ways in which people may be injured, such as broken bones. We will also provide you with advice on the best way to make a successful compensation claim for such accidents in a hotel, as well as examples of how much compensation you could be entitled to.

Hotel Accident Claims In Switzerland

Hotel Accident Claims In Switzerland

Our team of personal injury solicitors are able to provide you with all of the advice you need to make a successful hotel accident claim in Switzerland. If you choose to use Legal Expert we will help you to collect evidence pertaining to your claim, such as statements by witness, and medical reports. As your hotel accident claim is being made for an accident in Switzerland you may be able to make the claim against either against a party in the UK, or abroad. You may find that personal injury claim time limits vary between the UK and Switzerland, so you should begin your claim as quickly as possible.

How to claim damages for an accident at a hotel in Switzerland

If you have had an accident in a hotel room, or elsewhere on their premises, which was the fault of the hotel, we can help you to make a claim. Our team are able to help with claims on behalf of guests who were staying in a hotel, those visiting a hotel and using the facilities, or even employees of the hotel.

In most instances, your holiday accident claims in Switzerland will be made against the owner of the hotel, or the operator of the package holiday which you booked in the UK. No matter your reason for staying at the hotel, or visiting (such as for a conference), the hotel owner, operator, or the package holiday company you booked it with, will owe you a duty of care. If you booked through a UK package holiday company they owe you a duty of care under British law. If you booked independently with a Swiss hotel, the laws relating to the hotel’s duty of care may differ.

Guests can suffer an accident in a hotel room or anywhere in a hotel if potential risks have not been identified and addressed. Your hotel has a duty to minimise the chances of your being injured. They should carry out regular checks and perform any maintenance required.

Injuries caused by slips or falls at a Swiss hotel

Injuries caused by slipping or falling over are some of the most common we see clients make personal injury claims for, and those making hotel accident claims are no exception to this. The most commonly types of slips and falls at a hotel are people slipping over around swimming pools, in a bathroom, or elsewhere.

Causes can often be negligence on the part of the hotel. They may have failed to have maintain handrails, banisters, or the stairs themselves leading to falls. Surfaces may have become wet and not be cleaned up, or a fall may simply be caused by lack of appropriate lighting, meaning guests or staff can not clearly see where they are walking.

If you were injured due to a fall, contact us to find out how we can help you to make a Swiss hotel personal injury claim.

Sickness or food poisoning at a hotel in Switzerland

Food poisoning and other forms of illness, such as infections causing an upset stomach on holiday, can quickly spread through guests at a hotel and it is not uncommon for such outbreaks to affect a large number of guests at a single hotel or resort. To prevent outbreaks of food poisoning or of other illnesses, hotels must ensure that guest areas, hotel rooms and kitchen or food preparation areas are kept clean. The hotel must have a robust system in place to ensure that people do not develop holiday stomach bugs or upset stomachs. In the kitchen it is easy for things to go wrong with lots of staff preparing and handling foods. Items may not be stored in the right way, or they may not be cooked correctly. Doing so can lead to people suffering food poisoning.

A holiday stomach bug may not just be caused by foods you have eaten. If swimming pools or spa facilities (such as a hot tub) are not cleaned correctly, you can become sick due to contaminants in the water. Some of the most common things people make such hotel illness claims for include:

  • Salmonella or E. Coli.
  • Norovirus.
  • Food poisoning caused by foods from a buffet.

Swiss hotel compensation claims for bed bug bites

Improper hygiene in a hotel can also lead to other forms of claims for hotel injury settlements, such as for bed bug bite compensation. Whilst in most hotels across Switzerland infestations of bed bugs are extremely rare, they can, on occasion, happen. Bed bug bite compensation claims can be made for the effects of the bite themselves (often leading to skin blisters), but also for damage and injury caused by the bed bugs being carried home in your clothes. This may even include the cost of eradicating the bed bugs from your home.

To make a bedbug bite claim, please contact our personal injury lawyers today.

Switzerland hotel elevator and escalator accident claims

Depending on the size and layout of your hotel, there may be facilities such as lifts and escalators allowing people to access the lobby and their rooms, as well as other facilities. In most instances, lifts are one of the safest forms of travel. However, these pieces of equipment can and do break down or go wrong. On occasion, these failures might lead to a person being injured. One of the most common reasons for people to make a hotel personal injury claim regarding a lift accident is for having been trapped in a lift for a protracted period of time. In the UK, people have claimed compensation after being stuck in lifts for even short periods of time.

If you were injured in a lift, or whilst riding an escalator, please contact our team to make a claim for accident in Switzerland at a hotel today.

Switzerland hotel swimming pool accident and injury claims

You can also claim compensation if you have been injured in (or around) a swimming pool, in associated facilities, and in other spa or recreational facilities, such as a hotel gym. Hotels have a responsibility to ensure that swimming pools are clean and free of anything which may cause illness. They should also be well maintained and free of anything which would cause injury. If swimming pool is not being supervised in the correct way, or if the areas around the pool have been left wet or not repaired and maintained, injury can happen to guests, or even staff.

Similarly, if you have been harmed in a hotel spa due to how treatments were applied to you, you can also claim compensation for these. Find out how our team can help with hotel accident claims in Switzerland for similar forms of injury by contacting us today.

Claims against hotels in Switzerland for burn injuries

Hotel guests can be burnt or scalded in a variety of ways. Simple accidents, such as a waiter falling and spilling things on you, a radiator being set far too high, or foods being served at the wrong temperature, can all causes such injuries. Being burned can be extremely harmful and burn injuries painful, and very serious. They will require immediate medical care and can leave lasting scars.

To make a claim for a burn or scald in a hotel in Switzerland contact our team today.

Other types of claims you can make against a hotel in Switzerland

Fixtures and fittings which have not been well maintained could lead to guests suffering accidents, injuries and illnesses. If a piece of furniture, such as a chair in your room or another part of the hotel, breaks, you could well suffer an injury. Similarly, if electrical appliances in your room are not well maintained, you could even suffer an electric shock injury.

If you have been injured due to furniture or other appliances in the hotel breaking, or having not been properly maintained, we could help you to make a compensation claim. Contact us today to start your claim.

How to claim compensation from a hotel in Switzerland

The best way to start a hotel accident claim in Switzerland is to get in touch with our team. We will be with you at each step of the way. The process will begin by our team going over the circumstances of your accident or illness, what injuries or other harm you suffered, and what the consequences of these has been on you. At this point we will assess whether we can help you to make a claim. You will be able to ask us any questions that you may have about the claims process, and what we can do for you. We may also ask you further questions. This is so that we can better assess where and how we can help you, and to be able to provide you with the most relevant advice.

What can be claimed for after an accident at a hotel?

In any type of personal injury claim, there are several things which you can claim compensation for. If you have been injured in an accident in a hotel in Switzerland, you may be able to include any of the following in your claim. These are as follows;

General damages. This is the compensation which is awarded for the sickness or injury itself. We look at some forms of this in the table below. It may also include compensation for the suffering which you have suffered as a result of the injury or sickness.

Medical bills and associated costs. If you have had to meet any immediate medical costs, such as paying for visiting a doctor, getting treatment, or getting medication, keep receipts of these as it is likely you can claim them as part of your claim, or through your travel insurance. If when you return to the UK you may need extra care, these costs could also be claimed for.

Costs of returning to the UK. Your sickness or injury may mean that you have had to return to the UK, or have had to travel across Switzerland for treatment. If so, these additional travel costs may be able to be included in your claim.

Loss of income. Your injury or sickness may have meant that you had to take time off work, losing wages or failing to accrue benefits. If you can prove your lost income, this could also be included in your compensation claim.

How much Swiss hotel accident compensation can I claim?

As there are many different ways in which people can be injured or become sick in an accident in a hotel, it is very difficult to provide you with an ‘average hotel injury settlement’ example. Different accidents, injuries, illnesses, or levels of injury therein can attract different levels of compensation. To provide you with an illustration of how much your hotel injury settlement may be, we have included a table below with some examples.

Grounds for claiming compensationPotential settlementsAditional notes
Minor injuries of the neckNo more than £2,150 Simple injury which will heal over the short term.
Moderate injuries of the neck£6,920 - £33,750More severe than those in the category above.
Severe injuries of the neck£39,870 - £130,060You could have a permanent level of injury.
Suffering and/ or painup to £200,000+Wide variance in terms of settlement.
Lost salary, wages, or income£10,000 - £400,000Income you were not able to earn.
Minor injury of the backover £10,970Simpler injury. Full recovery expected and should be quick.
Moderate injury of the back£10,970 - £34,000Injury of your muscles or connective tissues.
Serious/ severe injury of the back£34,000 - £141,150Up to and including breaks of the back.
Moderate injuries of the hands£5,110 - £11,640Those requiring some form of surgery but whih can be recovered from.
Severe or serious wrist injuries£41,760 - £52,490The victim will be left with wrist disabilities after 'recovery'.

Please note that these figures are just for the stated injury. Your final settlement may include other components and vary from these. Figures are correct as of the 2018 Judicial College Guidelines.

No win no fee Switzerland hotel accident claims

Whether you need to make a claim with a holiday accident solicitor in the UK, or abroad, getting the compensation which you are owed can seem a difficult thing to do. Potential claimants can often feel that the process will be costly in terms of both time and money. These fears often put people off starting a claim all together. If you have been involved in an accident in a hotel room, or been sick abroad you may already have had to pay medical bills in Switzerland, or have had to pay to come back to the UK much earlier than expected. This is where our no win no fee service can help allay many fears.

Making a hotel personal injury claim under this type of agreement means that you will not have to pay anything to your solicitor to start the claims process. You will also not be required to make any payments for your holiday accident solicitors services until you have won your case. If the solicitor loses your claim, then you have nothing to pay. If you do win your claim then your legal fees can be deducted from the final hotel injury settlement. This means that you will never be let wondering how you will meet any legal costs. As the solicitors payment is contingent on winning the claim, they will only have taken on your case expecting it to be successful.

How Legal Expert can help you

Our team of holiday accident solicitors can help you to make a claim and seek a hotel injury settlement from the liable party. If you are making your claim against a UK based travel or holiday company, you will have the same time in which to make a claim as any other form of injury or illness. This is three years from either the incident happening, or you becoming aware of your injury or illness. It should be noted that cases can and do take time to process. In some cases this may take the three year period to do so. The sooner you begin your claim, the better your chances of making a claim.

We have a dedicated team who can help you to gather any evidence you need to make your claim, and who have the skills and experience to secure you the best possible settlement.

Talk to us now

We hope that this guide to hotel accident claims in Switzerland has helped you find out all you need to know before starting your accident in a hotel claim. The best way to begin your claim with Legal Expert is to get in touch with our team. You can do so via phone, email, or through our contact form. If you choose to message us, we can then organise a call back to discuss your claim at a time convenient to you.

Phone: 0800 073 8804

However you choose to contact our team, we are ready to begin your hotel accident in Switzerland claim.

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