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I Slipped On Ice – Can I Claim Compensation?

By Cat Soong. Last Updated 7th June 2022. In this guide, we explain the requirements and steps to follow if you’re looking to claim slipped on ice compensation. The winter creates wet, icy and potentially dangerous conditions across the country. A question people often ask after slipping or falling over on ice is, “I slipped on ice, can I claim compensation”? If you were injured in this type of accident and it wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to make a slipped on ice compensation claim.

If someone else has been negligent, and if this negligence caused your accident and injuries, you could potentially make your claim against the responsible party. For instance, if there are no warning signs or other measures taken to prevent the ice forming or trips taking place, another party may be considered responsible.

If you have slipped over on property maintained by the council or private property and they have not taken reasonable steps, you could be entitled show the council’s liability for slipping injuries on ice and snow. Those in charge of places such as hospitals, car parks, schools, supermarkets, workplaces and shopping centres owe a duty of care to their users and staff. They are bound to keep walkways free from slip, trip and fall hazards. If this has not been done, they may have been negligent.

For information about your rights and how you could be able to make a claim, please read on. Alternatively, why not get in touch with Legal Expert today to see how we could help? You can contact us today by calling 0800 073 8804. You can also reach us via our contact page or chat feature on this page. Alternatively, you can detail your case in an email to us and we will be in touch.

What Are The Causes Of Sipped On Ice Accidents?

'I slipped on ice, can I claim compensation?'

‘I slipped on ice, can I claim compensation?’

If you’re wondering ‘I slipped on ice, can I claim compensation?’, this guide can help.

Autumnal and winter weather conditions producing rain, sleet, snow and freezing temperatures are the main causes of ice forming on the pavements and other walkways.

During the winter councils and authorities as well as private places have procedures in place to grit roads and walkways when certain weather conditions are prevailing. As a council will not be able to grit every single pathway, pavement and road in their area, councils will often have a priority system for identifying which pavements to grit in the winter. These could be pavements where it is known that there will be a lot of footfall, or where ice is known to form. You can use this tool from the government to find out which roads and pavements in your area will be gritted.

If a pavement or road which should have been gritted has not been, you may be able to claim compensation. However, if the ice has only just formed when you slipped over, it may not be reasonable for the party responsible to have cleared the area of ice or snow.

If you’re wondering ‘I slipped on ice, can I claim compensation?’, please continue reading or get in touch with Legal Expert today. Talking to an experienced specialist legal solicitor will help to establish whether you can make a slipped on ice compensation claim.

Claim Time Limits

Before we begin, please be aware that all personal injury claims have a time limit within which legal proceedings can be made. Typically, this is 3 years, either from the date of incident or the date of knowledge of your injuries.

However, exceptions do apply. For example, if the claimant is under 18, the time limit doesn’t begin until they come of age and are able to claim for themselves. Alternatively, if the claimant is incapacitated, the time limit is frozen until they resume the ability to claim for themselves. If this never happens, a litigation friend can be appointed to claim on another’s behalf.

Please get in touch today if you’re wondering ‘I slipped on ice, can I claim compensation?’ but you’re unsure whether you’re still within your case’s limitation period. 

Ice Slip, Trip Or Fall Claims In A Public Place

The first thing to note is that it is not always possible to control conditions or predict the weather. However, it is possible to reduce the risks associated with bad weather and the cold of winter.

The easiest way for any public space or private land to reduce the risks of slipping on ice is to keep paths, pavements and roads gritted where possible and free of any other hazards. Depending on where the accident happened, different parties could be responsible for this. Public roads and pavements are largely the responsibility of local councils and authorities. In order to achieve this, they must have a solid system in place for reporting and amending any issues before they become a danger to others, which they must act upon as early as is reasonably practicable.

Hospitals, shops and other public spaces are governed by similar rules which state that they must have taken reasonable care to keep people safe whilst on their premises. Again, this includes clearing snow and ice.

Any workplace also has a duty of care to ensure that employees are kept safe. If any of these can be shown not to have taken reasonable steps to prevent ice forming or to have cleared pathways from snow and ice.

If you’re wondering ‘I slipped on ice, can I claim compensation?’, you would have to be able to prove that the third party in question breached a duty of care to you, leading you to suffer as a result. Please get in touch today for a free consultation on your case.

A Guide To Making No Win No Fee Slipped On Ice Claims

Slipping over on ice can result in serious injuries, especially so for those with brittle bones, such as elderly people. Injuries resulting from slipping on ice can range from minor back injuries to broken bones in more severe cases, which will require serious and urgent medical attention and often require time taken off work.

If you are seeking compensation after slipping on snow or ice, whatever your situation, make sure you get a copy of your medical report with your injuries denoted. This way, you can evidence your case and give yourself good grounds to make a claim for your suffering.

If you have a valid claim, we could potentially connect you to our No Win No Fee solicitors. No Win No Fee is an agreement between a solicitor and a claimant which sets out what the solicitor will do, and what their eventual fee will be, as well as how this will be paid. It will guarantee that you won’t have to make upfront or ongoing payments of solicitor fees. This means that whatever your slip and fall on ice settlement amounts to, you won’t have been left out of pocket.

If you’re wondering ‘I slipped on ice, can I claim compensation?’, you may also be wondering how much you could be entitled to. Below, we’ve included some figures taken from the Judicial College Guidelines to give you an idea of what type of payout you may be entitled to. This compensation calculator style table includes amounts for general damages payouts rather than special damages (which can be recovered using receipts, bank statements and the like).

Neck InjuriesSevereIn the region of £148,330Severe neck injuries can include serious disc fractures, leading to permanent disabilities.
Neck InjuriesModerate£24,990 to £38,490Moderate neck injuries can include dislocated tendons.
Back InjuriesSevere£91,090 to £160,980Severe back injuries including fractured discs and some soft tissue damage.
Back InjuriesModerate£27,760 to £38,780Moderate back injuries include a wide range of symptoms.
Knee InjuriesSevere£69,730 to £96,210Serious knee injuries such as disruption to the joint and the loss of some mobility in the knee joint.
Knee InjuriesSevere£52,120 to £69,730Serious fractures which extend through the knee joint itself. Symptoms include some form of permanent pain and/or discomfort.
Leg InjuriesSerious£39,200 to £54,830Serious bone fractures and soft tissue damage.
Leg InjuriesModerate£27,760 to £39,200Moderate and simpler leg injuries. Including fractures where there will be no lasting damage.
Chest InjuriesModerateUp to £3,950Moderate injuries can include fractures of the soft tissues as well as the ribs

Every case is different, so we’ll need to give you a proper consultation before we can provide you with an accurate estimate of how much you may be able to claim. Please get in touch with us at Legal Expert today to learn more about your case.

Top Tips On Proving Claims After Slipping On Ice

To make a personal injury claim after slipping on ice, you must be able to prove that your injuries were a result of third-party negligence. This means that someone else must have been at fault for your injuries.

If you choose to hire a solicitor when making your slip on ice claim, they can help you gather evidence to help you strengthen your case. This evidence may include:

  • Witness details: The details of anyone who might be able to attest that you slipped and fell on ice as a result of third-party negligence could be useful, as a legal professional can later collect their statement.
  • CCTV footage: If the area in which your accident occurred is equipped with CCTV, you may be able to request footage of your accident, or the circumstances leading up to it. For example, perhaps the ground was not properly salted when you slipped on ice, and this can be shown through CCTV footage.
  • Medical evidence: As part of your claim, you may be invited to an independent medical assessment. During this time, a medical professional will evaluate your injuries, and form a report of their findings. This can then be used to help strengthen your claim.

For more information on proving your claim, and to find out how one of our solicitors can help you with your case, contact our advisors today.

How Can Legal Expert Help You?

Are you wondering ‘I slipped on ice, can I claim compensation?’. Would you like to seek legal help to get you the compensation you deserve? If so, please contact Legal Expert today.

'I slipped on ice, can I claim compensation?'

‘I slipped on ice, can I claim compensation?’

After your free consultation, if our specialist advisors believe that you have a valid claim, we can connect you to our personal injury lawyers to handle your case on a No Win No Fee basis.

This a contract between a solicitor and a claimant which sets out what the solicitor will do and what their success fee will be in the case that they win your claim for you. What’s more, it will guarantee that you won’t have to make upfront or ongoing payments and you’ll only have to pay your solicitor if they win your claim. By working on this basis, however much your slip and fall on ice settlement is, you won’t have been left out of pocket.

To learn more, you can contact us today by calling 0800 073 8804. You can also reach us via our contact form or chat feature on the page. Alternatively, detail your case in an email to us and we will be in touch. To claim the compensation you are entitled to, start your claim with the specialists at Legal Expert today.

I slipped on ice, can I claim compensation? FAQs

Can I sue if I slip on ice?

You may have grounds to make a claim if a you suffered as a result of third-party negligence. For example, if the owners or operators of a public library failed to grit their steps and you slipped and fell on ice as a result, they may be held liable for failing to uphold their duty of care.

What is negligence?

This 3-step criteria can typically determine negligence:

  1. A third party owed you a duty of care by law
  2. Which they failed to uphold
  3. Leading you to suffer as a result

What’s the average payout for a slip and fall?

There is no such thing as average payouts in personal injury claims as they are valued on an individual basis. Every claimant’s circumstances are different and therefore, they are compensated as such.

How are claims valued?

Claims are valued depending on the severity of damage experienced by the claimant as a result of their accident. The more they suffered, the more they’ll be compensated.

How is compensation calculated?

Compensation for personal injury claims is made up of two types of damage; special damages and general damages. Whereas special damages allow claimants to recover any financial losses they experienced as a result of their accident, general damages compensate for physical and psychological injuries.

Do I need a lawyer?

There isn’t any legal requirement to have a lawyer but having one could help ensure that you give your case the best chances of success. Therefore, it’s wise to let a professional handle your claims process to see that you get the maximum compensation you deserve.

Where can I get a lawyer?

At Legal Expert, we have a panel of specialist solicitors that always work on a No Win No Fee basis and have over 30 years of experience. You can get updates on your case from the comfort of your own home if you choose to work with us, giving you peace of mind without any inconvenience.

How can I contact Legal Expert?

Please refer to our contact section for information on how to get in touch. Alternatively, use the live chat feature on your screen for an immediate response.

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Thank you for reading our guide, where we’ve addressed the question of ‘I slipped on ice, can I claim compensation?’. Once again, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today if you have any questions or are interested in seeking help from our services.

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