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ERS Motorbike Insurance Compensation Claims Guide

Within this guide to making a personal injury claim against ERS Motorcycle Insurance, we shall explore both bikers who have suffered a motorbike injury and need to make a split liability claim, and also other road users injured by the actions of a motorcycle rider who need to claim against the rider’s insurance.

ERS motorcycle insurance accident claims guideThere may be unique aspects of your claim that require specific information this guide doesn’t provide.

In this case, please give our team of claims advisors a call on 0800 073 8804. A knowledgeable advisor will be ready and waiting to provide you with any help you may need.

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A Guide To ERS Specialist Motorcycle Insurance Claims

Below, you’ll find a detailed guide to bringing an ERS motorcycle insurance claim is aimed at two different kinds of claimants. Firstly, motorcyclists who are insured by ERS and need to bring a claim against their own insurance for some reason (more on this later). Secondly, other road users who are injured by a motorcyclist who is insured by ERS.

We start the guide off with a general overview of what these types of claims are. We then move on to explain some of the kinds of situations in which a claim could arise. The role of underwriters is covered, in addition to how your claim will be assessed by the insurer. We provide an explanation of why it could be a bad choice to accept a pre-medical settlement offer, and how a solicitor would likely help you to secure a higher level of compensation. The last sections of this part of the guide list some information you can provide to your lawyer to support your claim, and a discussion of the concept of eligibility to claim.

The next part of this guide contains several sections that cover different financial aspects of a claim. We have added a table that you can use to look up your injury and find out the range of compensation it might attract. You will also find an explanation and list of the types of compensation your settlement could consist of if your claim is a success. Lastly, we take a look at No Win No Fee claims and how this legal agreement can minimise the financial risk of making a claim, whilst ensuring you have access to the legal expertise you need.

If you have any questions about the contents of this guide or the process of making a claim in general, please call one of our friendly claims advisors on the telephone number at the beginning or bottom of the guide. One of our expert claim advisors can answer any questions you have and offer you some free legal advice on how best to proceed with your claim.

What Is A Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claim?

Like most motorcycle insurance companies, ERS specialist insurance is tailored to motorcyclists, with insurance products for riders with multiple bikes, those who ride classic bikes at a very low mileage every year, moped riders, and so forth. Motorcyclists using ERS as their insurer know that they are dealing with a company that understands their specific needs, and this includes understanding how motorcyclists face specific road hazards other road users do not.

The rider will generally not claim against their own insurance when involved in an accident unless it is a split liability claim. However, when a rider causes an accident, and a third party is harmed or suffers a loss, it is ERS that they will claim against.

For more information about the claims process and the responsibility of an insurer such as ERS, please contact a knowledgeable advisor today.

When Could You Make A Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claim?

It isn’t just a motorbike accident that could result in somebody needing to bring a compensation claim against ERS. There are other scenarios as well. A list of which may include:

  • Theft of a motorcycle insured by ERS.
  • Damage to a motorcycle insured by ERS, which cannot be attributed to a third party. For example, a motorcycle being knocked over and no witnesses saw who did it.
  • For harm and loss endured by a motorcyclist who is covered by ERS Insurance, but liability is shared equally with one or several third parties in a split liability claim.
  • Damage to a vehicle or private property that was caused by an accident that was the responsibility of a biker insured by ERS.
  • For physical harm to the driver or passenger of a vehicle that was caused by an accident for which a motorcyclist injured by ERS was responsible.

If you would like to know if you could be in a position to bring a case, call our team and ask an advisor to evaluate your claim for you.

What Are Insurance Underwriters?

When you take out a motorcycle insurance policy with a company such as ERS, the policy may be underwritten by a third party or by the insurer themselves. The underwriter acts as the financial guarantor to ensure that claimants can receive any compensation settlement they are awarded. In effect, the underwriter is gambling that the total value of claims is lower than the overall revenue generated by the policies they have underwritten.

ERS acts as its own underwriter, meaning there is no third party involved in the claims process. This simplifies the claim somewhat, as there will be no input from a third party that could potentially derail the claim.

If you would like more information about the role in which an underwriter plays in relation to vehicle insurance, please contact an expert advisor today who can help you further.

How Are Insurance Claims Assessed?

When, for example, a company such as ERS receives notification of a motorcycle accident involving one of their customers, a process is triggered internally. ERS would request relevant information from the customer, and if an insurance payout is due, the customer will be paid this.

If the claim is disputed, things become more complicated. The customer would need to prove to the insurance firm that their decision is wrong. In this case, engaging a solicitor to help make the claim would be necessary. This is something we can assist you with. If you call our claims line, an advisor can tell you how.

What To Consider Before Accepting A Motorcycle Insurance Claim

If ERS contacts you to offer you a pre-medical settlement, what should you do? Is it wise to accept such an offer? A pre-medical offer, as the name suggests, is made before your injuries and the effect they will have on your life have been evaluated. For this reason, the offer will likely be much lower than an offer that is made by forging ahead with a full claim. A personal injury solicitor can help you to prepare the case for your claim, and this will include ensuring that you have been examined by a medical professional and the results of this examination have been submitted in support of your claim.

When A Solicitor Could Help With Insurance Claims

As described above, a personal injury lawyer could assist you in making a claim for a greater amount of compensation if you have been offered a pre-medical settlement. They can also assist in obtaining the evidence that will support your claim, assess the value of your case for you and tell you what level of compensation might be appropriate.

Our personal injury and accident solicitors have over three decades of experience providing this kind of service. If you would like us to go ahead and introduce you to one of our solicitors, please give our team a call today.

What Information Should You Provide A Solicitor?

As part of the process of making personal injury claims, your solicitor is going to expect you to provide them with the information they need to be able to process your claim successfully. Information such as:

  • Details of any third party involved and their insurer.
  • The information of your insurer and policy.
  • Any medical evidence you have in relation to your injuries and the prognosis for a full recovery.
  • Documented evidence of any financial losses already incurred.
  • Any evidence you have, such as photographs of the accident.
  • A reference or incident number from the police if they attended the accident.
  • Contact information for anyone that could be approached to provide witness testimony down the line.

If you want some advice about the types of information one of our solicitors would need in order to start working on your claim, please discuss it with our team of advisors today.

Check That You Are Eligible To Make A Claim

In this section, we will attempt to explain what it means to be eligible to bring a claim for a motorcycle for injury. There are a number of things that need to be in place in order for you to be potentially eligible to start a claim. These include:

  • You must instigate your case within the applicable personal injury claims time limit.
  • You need to be over the age of 18 unless a parent or guardian is acting as your litigation friend.
  • You need to have suffered some form of physical harm or loss that was caused by the accident.
  • In the case of a road user making a claim against a biker insured by ERS, they will need to prove that the motorcyclist is at least partially liable for causing the accident.

If you are unsure that you are eligible to claim in your own circumstances, then please contact our team. One of our expert advisors can explain the concept to you in more detail and let you know if you have a potentially valid claim or not.

Motorbike Injury And Accident Claims Calculator

Using the table below, it’s possible to gauge the level of compensation that might be awarded based on your own injuries. We created this table by basing it on the actual figures published in the guidelines provided by a legal body called the Judicial College.

Injury Severity Notes Compensation
Injured hand Minor Generally includes minor fractures that heal within 6 months. Up to £4,461
Injured arm Moderate Injuries of this severity could include any injury that will eventually heal, but leave the victim with a permanent or long-term impairment of some kind, but which would not have a significant negative impact up the victim’s life. A good example of this kind of injury is tennis elbow. A fairly serious medical condition that takes an extended period of time to heal fully, leaving the patient’s arm impaired for the duration. We also might include injuries such as hairline or simple fractures, sprains, strains and dislocation, as well as deep puncture wounds, lacerations and crush injuries. Up to £11,820
Injured back Moderate Injuries of this severity could include any injury that will eventually heal, but leave the victim with a permanent or long-term impairment of some kind, but which would not have a significant negative impact up the victim’s life. As an example, a crushed back vertebra that requires spinal fusion to treat. Causing chronic pain and the risk of osteoporosis in the future. £26,050 to £36,390
Injured neck Minor Strains or sprains that heal within 3 months. Up to £2,300
Injured foot Moderate Injuries of this severity could include any injury that will eventually heal, but leave the victim with a permanent or long-term impairment of some kind, but which would not have a significant negative impact up the victim’s life. As an example, a displaced metatarsal fracture. A painful injury that takes time to heal, and could leave the patient with a change in gait and unable to wear off the shelf footwear. £12,900 to £23,460
Injured leg Moderate Injuries of this severity could include any injury that will eventually heal, but leave the victim with a permanent or long-term impairment of some kind, but which would not have a significant negative impact up the victim’s life. For example, multiple injuries to a single leg such as hairline or simple fractures, sprains, strains and dislocation, as well as deep puncture wounds, lacerations and crush injuries £26,050 to £36,790
Injured head/brain Moderate Injuries of this severity would leave the victim with impaired cognitive ability, memory problems, or issues with speech, hearing or vision. They would be unlikely to find employment and their life would be affected for the foreseeable future. £40,410 to £205,580

A personal injury claims calculator could also give you a rough idea of how much you could claim for your injuries. However, for a much more accurate estimate, speak to our advisors and arrange for a solicitor to evaluate your claim.

Further Damages You Could Be Compensated For

If your solicitor reaches a positive resolution to your claim and you are awarded compensation, then the settlement will be made up of potentially different types of damages.

General damages relate to the physical reasons for making a claim, such as pain and suffering, including psychological harm. The amount of compensation is determined by factors such as how bad the injuries were, whether a full recovery is likely, and any lasting impairment the victim might suffer. For example, a broken leg will attract less compensation than a motorcycle brain injury that left the victim severely disabled. Typical general damages cover:

  • Disabilities, either permanent or long-term.
  • Traumatic or painful treatment such as invasive surgery.
  • Psychological damage and conditions such as depression or anxiety.
  • Suffering at the time of the accident or while receiving emergency treatment.
  • Stress and shock caused by undergoing a traumatic event.

Special damages all relate to the non-physical reasons to bring a claim, such as financial and other ad-hoc losses. When claiming for monetary loss already encountered, the claimant will need to provide invoices, receipts, bills, and other documented proof to support their claim. Typical special damages include:

  • Loss of earnings due to missing work during your recovery.
  • Lowered working prospects or lessened ability to work down the line, affecting your potential lifetime income.
  • Private healthcare that the NHS could not provide.
  • Care costs, such as hiring a nurse or home help.
  • All costs related to the accident, your injuries, or the claims process itself. Such as travel expenses to visit your solicitor or attend hospital.

For more information on the specific damages that might be applicable in your own case, please call one of our claims advisors. An advisor will assess your case and tell you the types of damages you could possibly claim for.

No Win No Fee Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claims

Did you know that using a No Win No Fee lawyer is a way to secure the legal expertise you need whilst minimizing the financial risk of bringing a case at the same time? Your solicitor will not seek payment unless the case is successful.

There is no fee for the lawyer to start working on your claim for you or whilst it is being processed. If you do win your claim, the solicitor will likely ask you to pay a small success fee, capped by legislation, so you won’t run the risk of losing a chunk of your compensation.

Talk To Legal Expert Today

Do you need some free legal advice about bringing a compensation claim for a motorcycle injury? Maybe you are ready to have your claim processed for you, and need to find a good solicitor? Either way, contact our team on 0800 073 8804. When you do, a claim advisor will answer any questions you have, and advise you on the best way to proceed with a claim.

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