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AXA Bike Insurance Motorcycle Compensation Claims Guide

If you suffered a motorbike injury in a road traffic accident, you could seek compensation for the damages and losses you suffered. Whether you hold AXA bike insurance or the motorcycle accident was caused by another person insured through AXA, you could file a personal injury claim against the insurer.

AXA motorcycle insurance accident claims guide

If you are ready to pursue a claim for compensation against AXA, please get in touch with a member of our team on 0800 073 8804 who would be happy to assist you.

Should you wish to read through our guide to AXA bike and motorcycle insurance claims, please click on the sections below.

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A Guide To AXA Motorcycle Insurance Claims

Our guide to claiming compensation for a motorcycle injury against AXA Insurance provides essential information on the claims process, the sort of evidence required to support a bike injury claim, and how a solicitor could offer invaluable assistance when it comes to proving liability.

We explain how split liability may affect your claim and the amount of compensation you could be awarded if you contributed to the bike accident happening. We also cover other important aspects of claiming compensation against AXA Insurance which includes the following:

  • The importance of gathering as much evidence as you can following a bike crash in which you were injured. This includes witness statements and their contact details
  • The importance of reporting a bike crash to the police if anyone is injured or suffers any sort of damage
  • We explain the sort of motorbike injuries you could suffer and for which you could claim compensation.
  • The importance of having a detailed medical report of injuries you suffered in a bike crash
  • The guide provides information on how AXA insurance handles claims filed against them by injured parties and the reasons why a claim could be rejected by the insurer
  • We also provide a general idea of the amount of bike injury compensation you may be awarded which includes general and special damages
  • We explain how we could be of assistance in filing a motorcycle accident claim against AXA Insurance, and why we may offer No Win No Fee terms once we have established your case against the insurer is valid
  • We explain how No Win No Fee agreements take the worry of having to pay for legal representation off the table, leaving you to focus on recovering from the bike injury you suffered

To find out how we can be of assistance, please speak to a member of our claims team on 0800 073 8804, our lines are open 24/7.

What Is An AXA Bike Accident Insurance Claim?

AXA Insurance is one of the largest insurance providers in the UK, offering a range of insurance policies which includes cover for motorcyclists. Should you hold a motorcycle insurance policy issued by AXA and you contributed to a road traffic accident in which you were injured, you could seek compensation by making a personal injury claim against your insurer. This is referred to as ‘split liability’.

Should the road traffic accident have been caused by another road user who is insured with AXA, you could be entitled to seek compensation for injuries, damages, and losses against the other party’s insurer. However, you would need to prove the other party was fully responsible for the bike accident in which you suffered any sort of injury or damage for AXA to accept your claim.

To speak to a member of our claims team about your specific case against AXA Insurance, please get in touch today.

Bike Accidents You Could Make An Insurance Claim For

Whether you were injured in a road traffic accident when you were riding a motorbike, moped or scooter, you could be entitled to compensation not only for any injury you suffered but also for damages to your equipment and property. You may be able to pursue a claim if the following applies:

  • You were injured in a road traffic accident caused by a third party who holds an AXA Insurance policy
  • You are insured with AXA Insurance and you suffered injuries in an accident for which you are partially to blame, which means you would file a claim against your own insurer
  • For theft or damage to your motorbike and you hold an AXA Insurance policy

To find out how we can be of assistance in claiming bike injury compensation against AXA Insurance, whether you were partially to blame or another road user caused the accident, please get in touch today.

Are AXA Bike Insurance Policies Provided By Brokers?

AXA Insurance underwrites its own insurance products and also provides insurance cover to customers via brokers throughout the United Kingdom. As such, you can take out AXA motorcycle insurance cover by contacting a broker or AXA directly.

If you need assistance and advice on how to make a bike crash claim against AXA Insurance, please call a member of our claims team.

Do Bike Insurers Dispute Accident Claims?

There are many reasons why AXA Insurance could dispute a personal injury claim made against them. Some of which are listed below:

  • You failed to inform the insurer of any modifications made to a motorcycle
  • There is insufficient evidence to prove you were injured in a motorbike accident
  • You are unable to prove that another road user who holds an AXA policy was responsible for the injuries and damage you suffered
  • You were riding irresponsibly when the motorbike accident occurred

These are just some of the reasons why AXA Insurance could dispute a bike crash claim made against them. However, even if your claim is disputed you should seek legal advice as soon as you are able to. This is where we can be of assistance, so please get in touch with a member of our claims team today.

Should You Directly Deal An Insurer About Your Claim

You could pursue a claim against AXA Insurance yourself without legal help. However, because motorbike accident claims tend to be complex, and proving liability is often challenging, it is far wiser to seek advice from a solicitor who has the necessary experience.

It is also worth noting that many insurance providers will make a low initial settlement offer if a case against them is strong. This often involves making what is referred to as a ‘pre-medical’ offer. The problem with this type of early settlement is that without a medical report, it is difficult to place an accurate value on the injuries a claimant sustained in a motorbike crash.

You shouldn’t accept an early settlement or a pre-medical settlement offered by AXA Insurance without first seeking advice from a personal injury solicitor.

When Should You Talk To A Solicitor?

The sooner you contact a personal injury solicitor following a motorcycle accident in which you were injured, the better. Seeking legal advice from the outset avoids unnecessary delays and could reduce the risk of your motorcycle accident claim against AXA Insurance being disputed or rejected.

A solicitor has the necessary legal experience in dealing with motorbike claims filed against insurance providers and would ensure the following:

  • That sufficient evidence is gathered to support a bike crash claim
  • Arrange for your injuries to be examined by an independent medical professional whose report would be essential when it comes to placing a value on the harm you sustained
  • Keep you informed at every stage of the process
  • Inform you as soon as possible of the amount of bike crash compensation you could be awarded
  • Should your case be complex and therefore a final settlement takes longer to be agreed, the solicitor would ensure you are not put under any sort of financial hardship by negotiating interim payments for you
  • Should your claim go to court, a solicitor acting on your behalf would arrange for representation at any hearings, should this be necessary

With thirty years’ experience, our solicitors understand the legal process when making a motorcycle accident claim against AXA Insurance. They respect time limits and work hard to ensure that claimants are awarded a level of bike injury compensation that is both fair and acceptable. To find out how we can be of assistance, please get in touch today.

Evidence Which Could Help Your Solicitor

The sort of evidence you would need to provide a solicitor who is pursuing a motorbike accident claim on your behalf would include the following:

  • The details of your own insurance provider and those of all other parties involved in the motorbike accident
  • Witness statements and their contact details
  • Medical notes detailing the injuries you sustained in the bike crash
  • Proof of damage to your equipment or property
  • Proof of how much it would cost to replace equipment and property
  • A police report and accident reference number
  • Photos of where the incident happened – this could be dashcam evidence or CCTV footage if available

If you need assistance on what sort of evidence you should gather following a bike crash in which you were injured, please call a member of our claims team today.

When Could You Claim Damages For Your Injury?

If your motorbike crash is upheld, you could claim both general damages for the injuries you suffered, and special damages for the out of pocket expenses you incurred following the incident. You would need to provide sufficient proof that you did not cause the motorcycle crash or that you were partially to blame, in which case, your claim would be heard on a split liability basis.

As previously touched upon, the more evidence you can provide, the stronger your case would be, which in turn means you could claim damages for injuries you sustained in the motorbike crash.

To find out whether you have a valid case against AXA Insurance, please speak to one of our advisers today.

Calculating Bike Accident And Injury Claims

It would not be possible to calculate an exact amount of motorbike injury compensation you may be awarded without having all the details to hand. However, we have provided a table which offers an idea of how much you may receive. The amounts are based on the Judicial College Guidelines which courts, insurers and solicitors in the UK use when calculating how much claimants may be awarded in successful personal injury claims.

Severity Injury Type Compensation Amount
Less serious Hand £13,570 – £27,220
Less severe Arm £18,020 – £36,770
Minor Back Up to £11,730
Moderate Foot £12,900 – £23,460
Very serious Leg £51,460 – £85,600
Moderate Head/brain £40,410 – £205,580

If you would like a more accurate idea on how much motorcycle injury compensation you may receive, please get in touch with a member of our claims team today.

Other Forms Of Damages Which You Could Claim

As previously mentioned, personal injury compensation is broken down into two parts which are as follows:

  • General damages for the injuries and suffering sustained
  • Special damages for all out of pocket expenses incurred

You could claim back the following in special damages:

  • Loss of wages and future income
  • The cost of private treatment/therapy/care
  • Care costs should you need help with daily chores around the home
  • Home adaptations
  • All other expenditure connected to injuries sustained

If you would like more advice on the sort of damages and losses you may be able to claim back, please speak to a member of our claims team today.

No Win No Fee Claims For Bike Accidents And Injuries

Conditional Fee Agreements, otherwise known as No Win No Fee Agreements, allow injured parties the chance to claim compensation without having to worry about paying upfront for legal representation when they need it the most. Working with a No Win No Fee solicitor means you can pursue a motorbike crash claim against AXA Insurance without any financial risk while at the same time having a legal expert act on your behalf.

You would not have to pay upfront or ongoing fees when you sign a No Win No Fee agreement. The only time you pay the solicitor a ‘success fee’ is when you are awarded compensation and the amount, a small, capped percentage, is taken from the money you receive. Should your motorbike crash claim against AXA Insurance be unsuccessful, you would not have to pay for the legal services a No Win No Fee solicitor provided.

To find out more about No Win No Fee agreements, please get in touch today.

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