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Laser Hair Removal Burns On Legs Guide – How Much Compensation Can I Claim?

How To Claim Compensation For Laser Hair Burns On Legs

By Daniel Godfrey. Last updated 20th October 2021. Welcome to our guide on how to claim for laser hair removal burns. Laser hair removal has fast become one of the most popular semi-permanent treatments. It eliminates unsightly/unwanted body hair, with more beauty salons and clinics offering the treatment to customers. Beauty professionals have a duty when it comes to keeping their clients safe throughout a laser treatment process. And they must ensure that clients are happy with the results.

Laser Hair Removal Burns

Laser Hair Removal Burns

Laser hair removal is a fast and effective method of ridding yourself of unsightly and unwanted body hair. More men and women than ever before now undergo the process, and in most cases, things go well. However, the process can also go disastrously wrong, leaving you with laser burns on your legs.

Even a slight laser burn can become infected, leaving a nasty scar even after being treated by a medical professional. If you suffer laser hair removal burns like these, then you could be entitled to file a claim for compensation for the pain and suffering you experienced together with any out of pocket expenses you incurred.

To find out more on how we make the process of filing a laser hair removal burn claim that much easier to understand, please click on the select a section below, or to speak to someone about starting your claim today, call us on 0800 073 8804.

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A Guide To Laser Hair Removal Burns On Legs Compensation Claims

Laser hair removal burns on legs are not only painful, but they can leave unsightly scars too. With this type of hair removal process being one of the most popular with both men and women, it is hardly surprising that burn accidents happen either through lack of training or negligence on a beauty salon or technician.

Beauty salons have a duty of care to ensure that you remain safe throughout a laser hair removal procedure. By law, they must make sure you understand what the process entails. Beauty technicians must be correctly trained to use laser devices and carry out specific tests while assessing whether you can undergo laser hair removal.

Failure to carry out a patch test or explain what a laser treatment entails could result in you suffering a burn to your leg because the technician has not been sufficiently trained or negligent.

All beauty treatments carry some level of risk, including laser hair removal, and beauticians must inform clients of these risks before commencing treatment. Failure to do this and you suffer burns on your legs from laser hair removal. It could mean you would be entitled to file a claim for laser hair removal burn compensation.

Our team of personal injuries solicitors can establish whether you have a strong compensation claim. We can assist in securing the correct level of compensation for the laser burn injuries you sustained through no fault of your own and whether it’s the beauty salon or the technician who could be held responsible.

Why would somebody file a claim for laser hair removal burns?

This is because the victim is suffering from burns that shouldn’t happen but are also totally avoidable. After all, only a small minority of people suffer burns from laser hair removal treatments.

And this emphasises the person or company providing the treatment showing negligence by not correctly performing a laser hair removal treatment. Therefore, if they have sufficient evidence to support their case, the victim has every right to seek compensation.

How does the process of making a compensation claim work?

In the immediate aftermath of suffering laser hair removal burns, you should receive appropriate medical treatment. You must make a full recovery aside from any potential scars that may physically remain. After that, though, it is wise to keep a record of everything relating to the incident, including your medical reports.

That’s because this evidence is vital in helping you to win your personal injury claim once you file it. So, you would speak to a personal injury solicitor about the possibility of making a compensation claim against the salon.

At that stage, the solicitor then gathers their own evidence while also sending you for another independent medical evaluation. You have up to three years to take legal action, so your condition may change by the time you claim. In any event, the solicitor then states the intention to file a claim on your behalf.

Then, negotiations then begin between your legal representation and the defendant for a possible out-of-court settlement. If this doesn’t happen, then the case goes to court, where a judge has the final ruling over a decision. And if you do receive compensation, the defendant has 28 days to pay this to you. Please continue reading for more information.

How The Treatment Works And How Can Laser Hair Removal Burns On Legs Be Caused?

Laser hair removal works by destroying hair follicles by the use of laser light pulses. The laser devices and systems used in beauty salons and clinics throughout the UK are designed to pinpoint specific areas of a person’s body by sending out a concentrated beam. The beam of light is absorbed by skin pigment and damages hair follicles, so regrowth on a targeted skin area is that much slower. However, the beam of light should not affect any of the surrounding skin tissue or result in any laser hair removal burns.

The procedure is extremely popular because of all the benefits it offers to unwanted body hair. These benefits include the following:

  • Laser hair removal targets specific areas removing unwanted and/or unsightly hair without negatively impacting surrounding skin tissue.
  • The treatment is fast, allowing technicians to target larger areas of unwanted hair in the minimum amount of time. This includes your back and legs, which can be achieved in around one hour. Smaller areas, which include upper lips, can be treated in around one minute.
  • Occasionally, laser hair removal can achieve lasting results with no evident hair regrowth when you undergo 6 to 7 treatments, even though it is a semi-permanent hair removal treatment.

The graph below shows examples of treatment costs based on the body treated, as provided by the NHS.

Laser hair removal statistics graph

Laser hair removal statistics graph

Although there are many benefits to laser hair removal treatments, there are some downsides and side effects to consider too. These include the following:

  • Itchy skin
  • Redness around treated areas
  • Swelling around the affected areas

These side effects are not permanent and generally vanish two to three days after undergoing a laser hair removal treatment.

When things go wrong, it can result in you suffering laser hair removal burns on areas of your body that have been treated which includes laser burns on legs.

Burns and other injuries following laser hair removal are typically caused when the person operating the device is not correctly trained. Any improper use of a laser hair removal device can lead to injuries. With so many lasers, it’s essential that correct training is given to beauticians and other technicians before they work on clients.

Laser burns on legs are painful and are caused by improper use of a laser device by an untrained or negligent technician, which is why it’s important to seek out licensed technicians for this kind of procedure. If you have sustained burns from laser hair removal on your legs, you could be entitled to claim compensation from the beauty salon or the technician who carried out the procedure.

Our team of personal injury legal experts can help you through the process of filing a compensation claim for laser hair removal burns on your legs. We would assess your case, offering valuable advice on how to proceed should we think you have a strong case to claim compensation against a salon owner or the technician who carried out the procedure.

What kind of burn injury pain should I expect?

 Burn injuries can be very painful. First degree burns, which only damage the outer layer of the skin, may cause mild pain or discomfort, especially if the burned area is rubbed on by fabric like clothing or bedsheets. 

What Steps Should You Take If You Have Been Injured By Laser Hair Removal Burns On Your Legs?

When you suffer laser hair removal burns, you must take certain steps that strengthen your case and help prove your claim. These essential steps are as follows:

  • Take photos of your injuries: Burns from laser hair removal pictures provide photographic evidence of a laser burn provides proof of the injuries and burns you sustained after undergoing a laser hair removal treatment.
  • Get a medical report: It is also essential that you seek medical attention as early as possible. A doctor would thoroughly examine your burn and write an official report on the extent of damage that has been done to your skin. They’ll offer medical advice, including the recommended laser burn treatment needed to put things right, which could include having to undergo plastic surgery.
  • Obtain information on laser treatment procedure: Having all the relevant information on how a clinic/salon/beauty technician describes the treatment helps establish liability. You should note down how they perform the treatment, which all helps to prove a case.
  • Keep all expenses: You must keep all receipts as proof of out of pocket expenses you incurred as a result of sustaining laser hair removal leg burns. This includes travel costs to and from treatments, the cost of prescriptions, childcare expenses, fees incurred for counselling, and loss of earnings, including loss of future earnings when applicable.

I Suffered Laser Hair Removal Burns On My Legs, What Compensation Can I Claim?

You can claim compensation following a laser hair removal treatment that resulted in painful burns on your legs. This includes the damages detailed below.

Can I Claim for Uneven Or Blotchy Skin After Laser Hair Removal Burns On My Legs?

Yes, you can because any discolouration to your skin caused through negligence or because a technician failed to tell you about any side effects associated with laser hair removal would entitle you to file a claim against a beauty salon or other beauty establishment.

Can I Claim For Scarring After Laser Hair Removal Burns On My Legs?

Yes, you can because although scarring is known to be a potential side effect of laser hair removal treatments, if the beauty technician who carried out your treatment was not sufficiently trained to use a laser device and/or failed to tell you about the side effects associated with laser treatments, you may be entitled to file for compensation for the scarring you sustained following your laser treatment.

Can I Claim For Blisters After Laser Hair Removal Burns On My Legs?

The answer is yes. That’s because blisters are from burns after a laser hair removal procedure by a beauty technician lacking training or showing negligence. Consequently, you could file a compensation claim against the salon or the technician for laser hair removal burns on the legs.

I got a burn following my laser hair removal, what should I do?

The answer is that you must inform the salon owner/manager of the incident immediately, then seek medical attention, so you have an official medical report detailing your injuries. Next, you should seek legal advice by contacting us.

We have extensive experience in laser hair removal burns on the legs. We can provide the necessary advice on whether you have a strong case to file a claim against the salon responsible for the burns you sustained during a laser hair removal procedure.

What Injuries Do Negligent Laser Hair Removal Burns On Legs Commonly Lead To?

There are several injuries common for laser hair removal procedures that lead to slight and more severe injuries. Now, these could include:

  • Blistering and burns
  • Scarring
  • Blotchy and uneven skin tone
  • Infection
  • Laser burn marks on legs
  • A darkening of the skin – hyperpigmentation
  • Reduced muscle tone
  • Slight bleeding that leads to scabbing
  • Bruising – more common in people with sensitive skin

Who Is Liable For The Laser Hair Removal Burns On My Legs

Many people ask us, “who do I file my claim against” following an incident involving laser hair removal burns on legs they sustained during a treatment. The answer is that it depends on several factors, which are below:

  • Your initial contact with a beauty salon/clinic
  • The expertise of a laser treatment technician/professional
  • The aftercare you receive following a laser hair removal treatment on your legs

Beauty professionals and technicians have a duty to keep you safe when undergoing laser hair removal. Under UK law, they must do the following before starting treatment:

  • Assess whether you are healthy and that your skin is in good condition
  • Inform you of what the laser procedure entails
  • Take in-depth notes of your medical history
  • Perform a patch test
  • Offer you the chance to change your mind if you have any concerns or doubts
  • Inform you of any side effects of laser hair removal
  • To only use correctly sterilised equipment and to use the correct techniques

If you suffer laser hair removal burns on your legs, we listen to the circumstances surrounding your injury. The end goal is to establish who is liable. That could be the beauty salon/clinic or the technician/professional performing your treatment.

With years of experience relating to laser burns on legs, we would assess your case and guide you through the process of filing a laser hair removal burn compensation claim for the type of burn you sustained, whether slight or more serious. We would include the financial and emotional cost of the laser burn treatment needed to get you back to where you were before the injury occurred.

What Is The Best Way To Start A Laser Hair Burn On Legs Compensation Claim?

The best and most effective way of starting a laser hair removal burn on legs compensation claim is to seek legal advice from the word go. We offer a No Win No Fee service, which allows you to begin a claim without any financial restrictions because no upfront fees are necessary for us to act on your behalf.

We also offer a free initial consultation which allows us to assess your case in detail. It also allows you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your laser hair removal burns claim. We are also in the best position to arrange for you to see a local doctor if necessary, which would do at no extra cost.

What Adverse Reactions Could I Suffer When Having Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Most side effects are minor and typically disappear a few days after undergoing a laser hair removal procedure on your legs. These are:

  • Redness on the surrounding areas of your skin gradually fades away.
  • A slight irritation or swelling around hair follicles.
  • You may experience itching during a treatment.
  • A slight tingling or mild discomfort during treatment is more common in people with sensitive skin types.

Beauty technicians and professionals know how to prevent laser hair removal burns. However, anyone lacking sufficiently training puts you at risk of suffering burns to your legs when undergoing laser hair removal.

Many people ask us can laser hair removal cause cancer? For the moment, no research carried out has established whether laser hair removal leads to cancer.

Now, there are potential side effects for laser hair removal. Therefore, beauty technicians and other beauty professionals have a duty of care to tell you about them. They must establish whether it is safe for you to undergo laser hair removal. This comes after learning if you suffer from any medical condition and/or if you take any medication.

Compensation Calculator For Laser Hair Removal Burns On Legs

To calculate how much compensation you could claim following a laser hair removal burn on legs, we would need to thoroughly look over your case bearing in mind that every case is unique. As such, we provide an estimation for how much you might receive should a court rule in your favour.

We base this estimate on our vast experience in dealing with personal injury claims. And we also base it on successful compensation for previous clients of ours.

InjuryTypical amount awardedNotes
Minor scarring to legUp to £7,350Where scarring is superficial or more noticeable
Severe scarring to the leg£7,350 to £21,330Amount awarded depends on how noticeable scars on leg
Less severe psychological damageUp to £5,500Amount awarded depends on how the damage affects sleep pattern and daily activities
Moderately severe psychological damage£17,900 to £51,460Amount awarded based on the psychological impact, and if surgery was required, the size and thickness of burns
Moderate psychological damage£5,500 to £17,900Amount awarded depends on prognosis, the extent treatment is successful and how the damage impacts a person's daily life
Severe psychological damage£51,460 to £108,620Amount awarded depends on prognosis, the extent treatment is successful and how the damage impacts a person's daily life
Less severe post-traumatic stress disorder£3,710 to £7,680Virtually full recovery made within 1-2 years
Moderate post-traumatic stress disorder£7,680 to £21,730Largely recovered with any continuing effects not seriously disabling
Moderately severe post-traumatic stress disorder£21,730 to £56,180Positive prognosis but professional help required for any recovery

When it comes to what you can claim for, this goes as follows:

  • Medical costs: You could claim the cost of any treatment, the cost of prescriptions and any counselling.
  • General damages: You could claim for the pain and psychological suffering as a result of the incident.
  • Travel costs: You could claim any expenses you incur for travelling to and from the place that you receive treatment. You could also include any vehicle adaptions and/or alternative transport.
  • Care costs: Should you need the services of someone to help around the home, the person you employ could file a “care claim”.
  • Loss of earnings: You could claim for loss of income, providing you can prove it as a direct result of your injury.

No Win No Fee Compensation Claims For Laser Hair Removal Burns On The Legs

No Win No Fee arrangements exist so that everyone has access to legal assistance should they require it. When working with a lawyer on a No Win No Fee basis, there are no upfront fees. Additionally, you are only responsible for covering your lawyer’s costs if you are awarded compensation.

Your solicitor is paid via a small percentage that is taken from your compensation amount. It is taken before your settlement reaches you, and the amount they take is kept small by law. If your claim is unsuccessful, then you won’t owe them a penny.

Whilst it is not a legal requirement to have a lawyer assist you in making a claim, we strongly recommend it. Without a No Win No Fee deal in place, you could be expected to pay expensive legal bills even if your claim is unsuccessful.

So, get in touch today if this method of making a claim sounds like it would suit you.

Why Use Legal Expert For Your Laser Hair Removal Burns On Legs

We make it easier to file a compensation claim and ensure you receive the maximum compensation you rightly deserve. That’s due to our experience of working on many successful claims for clients in the past.

We offer the right advice needed if you suffer an injury whilst working as an agency worker. And we provide an estimate on the amount you may receive should your claim be successful.

You only pay if your case is successful when using a No Win No Fee personal injury solicitor.

Contact Our Team Today

If you’ve suffered, laser hair removal burns claims are a possibility. You can call and speak with us today on 0800 073 8804, anytime, any day. We can also ring you back, which you can arrange by filling in a callback request form on our website.

You can also email us directly at office@legalexpert.co.uk to receive a prompt response.

Useful Links

Laser hair removal burns FAQs

Do laser hair removal burns go away?

If the burn is minor, it could fade. Head to the NHS website or ask your doctor for advice if you’re concerned they will not go away. Or find out more if you wish to claim against the NHS for a similar injury.

How do you prevent laser hair removal from burning?

A beauty professional might apply something to cool your skin before removal, to prevent the laser from burning. 

Can I sue for laser burns?

If a professional neglected to prevent you from the laser burns you received, breaching their duty of care, you could be able to make a claim.

What does a 1st Degree Burn look like?

1st-degree burns can leave the skin quite red or tender. Read NHS advice to find out more on 1st-degree burns.

How much compensation could I get for a laser hair removal burns claim?

As personal injury claim compensation amounts vary, it’s impossible to estimate how much you could get without looking into the details of your case. This is because we value payouts using the extent of each claimant’s suffering. Get in touch today for your free consultation.

How do you treat a burn from hair removal?

If you suspect injury after a laser hair removal procedure, it’s always best to seek professional medical advice. This way, you can receive proper treatment if necessary and have a doctor log the incident on your medical records. And this could evidence your claim in future.

How long do I have to make a laser hair removal burns claim?

Personal injury claims have 3-year time limits. This means you must claim within this period while you’re still eligible for compensation. Exceptions apply, but this is typically effective from the date of the incident or the date of injury knowledge.

How could a No Win No Fee agreement help me?

These types of agreements have no upfront or surprise charges. So, you don’t have to pay your solicitor unless they win your case. This way, you can get legal help regardless of your financial standing. And this also gives your claim a better chance of success.

Thank you for reading our guide to laser hair removal burns.

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