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How Much Compensation Can I Claim For A B&Q Accident?

We all spend time in and around retail units, shopping centres and the high street. We expect that we will be safe, and this is certainly no different when we make a trip to our local DIY store, B&Q. We accept that as busy places, there are hazards and risks but that as a responsible retailer, a visit to one of their stores won’t result in us being injured. Likewise, as an employee, you assume that as your employer, B&Q will take all reasonable steps to keep you safe from accidents, injury and illness. But accidents can – and do – happen, leaving people hurt. This could be an employee or a customer, or both.

If the accident was the direct result of a breach of duty of care, you may have a claim for compensation and that is why you need Legal Expert. With many years’ experience managing personal injury compensation claims, we are the people to turn to. Our ‘A Guide to B&Q Accident Claims’ is essential reading for anyone – customers or for any of their 20,887 employees – hurt in an accident at one of their 359 UK stores.

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A Guide To B&Q Accident Claims

Your expectation when you visit a store is that it is safe to do so, with all reasonable care taken to keep you safe. For example, you don’t expect furniture displays to collapse or to be crushed by a reversing forklift truck. But, there have been accidents of this kind resulting in people being injured. A DIY store accident can be life changing such as the death of a customer crushed by a piece of equipment in a B&Q store or the child who received facial injuries when a bathroom basin display collapsed onto her.

B&QHealth and safety in a B&Q store is expected to be high. With equipment such as forklifts in operation on the shop floor and in the garden centre area, there are many procedures and processes that staff must follow to prevent forklift accidents and similar incidents.

But understanding if you have a claim and how the process of personal injury compensation works can be difficult. In our guide to B&Q accident claims, we make sure that you have all the information you need. It covers everything from understanding what accidents at B&Q can occur, what you need to do in the event of an accident, as well as the process of making a claim.

We also take a look at what level of compensation you could expect and how our friendly, knowledgeable staff here at Legal Expert can help you in your quest for the compensation that you deserve.

DIY And Furniture Accident Claims

An accident at B&Q can happen on the shop floor in the furniture display sections, for example, as well as the outside garden centre areas. Most stores are outfitted in a similar way. This means aisles of tall shelving, furniture displays as well as racks of merchandise in the garden centre area.

These areas are open to the public. It is where customers browse to choose their products. To reach things from higher shelves, the staff will be trained to use forklifts and other lifting equipment.

There are non-public areas too, mainly the warehouse. This is the part of the store for staff only and where products are sorted and stored once they have been delivered. Again, there are many different types of machinery in use and thus, many warehouse staff will be trained to use key pieces of equipment. But accidents can happen to B&Q employees too, leading to injury or worse.

If a piece of equipment is faulty, for example, or as an employer, B&Q is deemed to have breached a duty of care to the injured employee, they have a claim for compensation.

Accidents have happened in B&Q stores across the country, leading to injuries with staff and customers affected. Badly maintained or built furniture displays, including bathrooms and kitchens, have led to crushing injuries. Customers and staff have been hurt in forklift accidents too. The injuries from such accidents tend to be serious, with one accident in 2004 leading to the death of customer as a result of being crushed by a forklift.

Customers and B&Q staff can make personal injury compensation claims, with the best way of doing this as a no win no fee claim with the help of Legal Expert.

What Can B&Q Store Accidents Include?

There are many different types of accidents that can happen in and around B&Q stores. Staff and customers can be injured as a result of;

  1. Slips, trips and falls
  2. Injuries caused by unsafe use of equipment, e.g. forklifts
  3. Being hit by falling objects
  4. Being crushed by falling objects
  5. Lack of instruction or information on how to use equipment
  6. Accidents resulting from unsafe equipment
  7. Poorly maintained fixings and display units, including furniture

This is by no means an exhaustive list but a collection of seven broad categories of accidents resulting in injury at DIY stores such as B&Q. You may have suffered a different kind of accident – such as being trapped in faulty automatic doors – but just because it isn’t listed doesn’t mean you can’t claim. As you will go on to discover, there are essential components of a personal injury claim that needs to be proven before compensation is awarded.

Slip, Trip And Fall Accidents At B&Q

Slips, trips and falls are common types of accidents that happen all across the country and in different places. From slipping in a supermarket to tripping over a poorly maintained walkway, slips, trips and falls are not just common to DIY stores.

And it is not just customers affected by B&Q slip trip and falls either. The Health and Safety Executive note that slips and trips are the most common cause of injuries in the workplace, as well as being a contributing factor in other kinds of accidents such as fall from a height or scalding.

For customers and employees who have been injured as a result, they may have a claim;

  • Slipping – a slippery surface underfoot increases the risk of falling significantly. For the safety of staff and customers, B&Q are expected to train staff in health and safety, and the importance of clearing up spills quickly and effectively. If this cannot be done immediately, warning signs alerting people to the hazard should be in place. When this doesn’t happen, someone who is unaware won’t know to take evasive action, leading to slipping. This can lead to soft tissue injury as well as broken bones.
  • Tripping – busy stores can become untidy with products not being stored correctly on shelving. It only takes a second to catch your foot on an object leading to a nasty fall. Again, this is a hazard that affects staff and customers.
  • Falls – some stores may have more than one-floor level and this increases the risk of falling, along with other hazards present in the store. From failing to adequately protect customers and staff from falling from a height to not clearly highlighting steps etc. falls can result in serious, life-changing injury depending on the height.

What Is B&Q’s Duty Of Care In A DIY Store Accident?

To make a successful no win, no claim for personal injury compensation, your solicitor will need to prove three important factors in your case;

  1. Firstly, they will need to show that B&Q did, in fact, have a duty of care to you. This means that it is their responsibility to alert to an issue, remind you that forklifts operate in the store, provide safe equipment and training etc. for staff and so on.
  2. Secondly, your solicitor will need to show that this duty of care was breached, e.g. a forklift truck being operated without a second member of staff acting as ‘lookout’ resulting in the death of the customer, as seen several years ago in a B&Q store.
  3. Thirdly, that you were injured as a result of the breach in their duty of care, such as the facial injuries the small child suffered as a result of a wash basin falling from a display.

B&Q Accident At Work Claims

Not all accidents at B&Q happen to customers. Just like at any workplace, accidents at work at B&Q do happen to employees sometimes. However, it is important to understand that you can only make a B&Q accident at work claim if you employer has failed in their duty to keep you safe at work, providing all you need to do your job safely and with as little risk as possible to you, including providing a safe workplace.
If it is found that your employer has been negligent in their duties towards keeping you safe at work, you may have cause to launch a B&Q accident at work claim. If this is the case, then do not think your employer will treat you differently because of this. There is legislation in place to protect you, and ensure this does not happen. If you would like more information on this, we will be happy to talk to you about this.

A Guide To Forklift Truck Accident Claims

Forklift trucks are a common sight in most B&Q stores. They are an effective means of lifting and moving large, heavy objects. They are used to move products around at ground level, as well as lifting and retrieving them from high shelving and racks.

In order for forklifts to be operated safely, staff need to be trained. Once qualified, refresher training is usually provided to ensure that as an employer, B&Q are ensuring that their employees and customers are safe when forklifts are in use.

But forklifts are dangerous, especially in untrained hands. Complacency is also an issue. In other words, reversing the truck and not paying adequate attention to who is in the area, resulting in someone being hurt. As well as crushing, other common forklift truck accidents are;

  • Toppling over as a result of too heavy or unbalanced load
  • Falling items from an unsecured local
  • Banging into and dislodging racks, causing structure to crumple and fall
  • Collisions with objects
  • Collisions with people
  • Collisions with vehicles
  • The forklift driver falling from the cab
  • Excessive speed, a common cause or accidents leading to forklift accident claims.

At Legal Expert, our team are experienced in dealing with forklift accident claims. Whether you are an employee of B&Q or a customer, if you have been hurt in a forklift accident, you may be able to claim compensation.

Storage Racking And Accidents At B&Q

B& Q, like most DIY and warehouse stores, have an extensive storage system using racking. These are tall, fixed shelving units onto which large or heavy objects can be placed. It is an efficient system providing it is built correctly and well-maintained. Once staff are trained in how to use it effectively and safely, it offers efficient storage space in both the warehouse and the shop floor.

But it is not without its hazards. There are two main types of accidents and B&Q that result from the storage racking system;

  1. Manual handling accidents – staff who regularly as part of their role at B&Q, lift and move objects should be trained how to do so safely. Manual handling courses are on offer from all kinds of establishments but if you have been hurt, and were not trained how to lift correctly, this may constitute a breach of their duty of care to you as an employee.
  2. Crush injuries – racking has been known to collapse or to be knocked by forklift trucks and other equipment. Falling objects injure people but worse still, a racking system that collapses can result in catastrophic injuries.

How To Make Accident At B&Q Compensation Claims

If you suffered a B&Q store accident as an employee or customer, you may be thinking of making a claim. But what should you do in the event of an accident?

  • Record what happened – as soon as you can, make a note of what happened. Try to record the event in as much as detail as possible, because some of these smaller elements of the incident could be important in your claim. For employees, it is important that the accident is logged in the store’s Accident Book.
  • Get witness contact details – if anyone witness your B&Q store accident, make sure you get their contact details, including name, address, email and phone number. Again, their witness statements could prove invaluable.
  • Take photos – most people own a smartphone these days, complete with onboard camera. If you can, take photos. Again, these photos could prove invaluable as part of your no win, no fee claim.
  • Keep proof of expenses – sometimes, being injured means not being able to drive or having to attend hospital appointments etc., all of which can cost money. If this is the case and you think that these expenses can be linked to being injured, keep proof of what you have spent, how much and when.

How Much Compensation For An Accident In B&Q Can I Claim?

The amount of compensation awarded depends on the type of injury and the extent of its impact on you. The compensation claim table gives an indication relating to some type of injuries;

Type of Injury Payment amount

*this will vary depending on your injury and accident

Explanatory Notes
Neck injury – severe £112,750 A severe neck injury could be as a result of falling objects or a forklift accident. May also involve fractures to the spine and other bones.
Back injury – moderate £9,500 – £21,100 Crush fractures of the vertebrae can lead to either severe or moderate back injury.
Back injury – slight £6,000 – £9,500 Although fractures have healed, the ‘nuisance factor’ e.g. pain, may be high for the foreseeable future.
Fractured clavicle £3,900 – £9,300 Breaking your collarbone can be painful and if it leaves residual symptoms, such as pain from time to time, you would claim the higher amount.
Fracture of the forearm £5,000 – £14,600 Slips, trips and falls often result in a broken forearm. Depending on the severity of the injury, you may receive up the higher amount.
Broken wrist £2,675 – £3,600 A simple but still painful broken wrist is often the result of a fall. Full recovery within 12 months will result in this payment although like all other injuries, for more severe cases, the compensation award increases.
Leg injury £9,000 upwards Simple fractures with no lifelong issues on recovery are at the lower end of the scale. Severe crush injuries resulting from fork truck accidents, however, can result in payments as high as £103,250
Knee injury Up to £10,450 Knee injuries can be as a result of many accidents, including awkward trips, slips and falls Minor knee injuries can receive up to £10,450.

No Win No Fee B&Q Accident Claims

At legal expert, we handle all B&Q accident claims with our no win, no fee agreement. You have probably seen this phrase used many times before, but what does it actually mean?

The crux of the agreement is this: if we are unable to secure a successful conclusion to your compensation claim, you don’t pay us any legal fees or costs. Effectively, it means that if you lose your case, you don’t have a huge bill to pay at the end. We work hard from the start to make sure that everything about your case is based on clear, factual evidence that shows the defendant – Kingfisher, the group that owns the brand B&Q – did have a duty of care to you as a customer or employee, that they breached this duty of care and as a result, you were hurt. In such circumstances, it is only right that you are awarded the compensation you deserve.

The benefits of using our 100% no win, no fee claim service are that you are not taking a financial gamble but, could have a lot to gain.

How Legal Expert Can Help You Make A B&Q Store Accident Claim?

We can manage your case, supporting you to find the right no win, no fee personal injury solicitor who specialises in cases like yours. We talk you through the whole process, what happens and when. We also ensure that any medical appointments are carried out close to where you live so you do not have travel or face further expenses.

We look at the evidence relating to the accident and your injuries, as well as ensuring that there is proof that B&Q are liable for the accident. We put your needs first and stay in contact with you throughout your claim so that you remain in control, making informed decisions that are right for you.

Why Choose Us For Your Claim

In our guide to B&Q accident claims, we have attempted to include everything you need to know to understand if you have a claim, what you need to do to start the process of seeking compensation, as well as how much compensation you could be entitled to.

But we understand that you may need more information or talk through worries and concerns you may have about making a claim. And that’s why you should give our team at Legal Expert a call.

There is no obligation to continue and working with an expert panel of specialist personal injury solicitors, you know your case is in safe hands.

More importantly, you know that with us, you are not taking a financial gamble. When we say 100% no win, no fee, that is exactly what we mean.

That doesn’t mean that accident at B&Q compensation claims are ‘easy’. Cases can take several months to resolve. There will be many ups and downs, many decisions to make and questions to answer. But if you have been hurt and it wasn’t your fault, you are entitled to seek compensation.

To find out more or to start your claim after a DIY store accident, contact us by either;

Call us any day of the week between 9 am and 9 pm.

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