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£125,000 Compensation For Fractured Sternum

By Marianne Herondale. Last Updated 21st April 2022. If you have suffered a broken sternum or a fractured sternum in an accident that wasn’t your fault, call us now on 0800 073 8804, to see if you have a legitimate claim for sternum fracture compensation.

Have you been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault and suffered from a broken sternum or fractured sternum? If the accident was caused by negligent behaviour from another party, then you could be entitled to thousands of pounds in broken sternum compensation.

How much is a fractured sternum worth in compensation? Compensation awards vary in price, depending on the severity of the injuries sustained, and whether or not any other injuries were inflicted as a result of the accident, but you could be owed several thousand pounds in compensation.

Whether you suffered your broken sternum in a car accident, accident at work, or in a public place like a shop or a restaurant, trust Legal Expert to help you make your claim. Legal Expert is a trusted legal advisory service, that can match you to the right personal injury solicitor to handle your case. Call us for your free consultation, we will advise you on whether or not you have a legitimate case to claim compensation, the value of your broken or fractured sternum claim and what’s more, we’ll match you to the best solicitor to handle your case at no extra cost to you.

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Fractured Sternum Claims Guide

In this case study, we are going to look at the case of Mrs H (we have abbreviated for reasons of privacy) who was 57 years old at the time of the accident and suffered a fractured sternum in a car accident, amongst other serious injuries. Mrs H’s injuries occurred when her car was involved in a head-on collision, for which the other driver admitted full liability.

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Road Traffic Accident and Injury Statistics

Road traffic accidents are decreasing but are still relatively common. The most recent government report to be published on the subject found that there was a decrease in road casualties of 9% in the year ending June 2021, compared with the year ending June 2020, down to 119,850. There was also an 11% decrease in reported road deaths in the year ending June 2021, compared with the year ending 2020, down to 1,390.

What Fractured Sternum Injuries were Sustained During this Case?

Unfortunately, the car accident caused Mrs H several serious injuries, including a fractured sternum. Other injuries Mrs H sustained included a head injury, which meant a moderately severe brain injury. Some of the consequences of this head injury included post-traumatic amnesia, and a fracture of the left orbital floor (part of the eye socket), which resulted in a sunken eye that had to be fixed by surgery. As well as this she suffered optical nerve damage, which caused numbness to the left side of her face. As an ongoing consequence of these injuries, the victim had problems with balance, which were expected to improve with time. Because of her head injuries, it was believed by her doctors that Mrs H suffered an increased risk of developing post-traumatic epilepsy. Fortunately, this condition did not occur, and with time the risk that Mrs H suffered, was reduced to be in line with the rest of the population.

Mrs H also sustained a fractured sternum in this accident, which resulted in difficulty breathing. How long does it take to recover from a broken sternum? Fractured sternum recovery time can be between 4 to 6 weeks. Unfortunately even after the fracture and any bruising have healed, the victim can still experience discomfort and pain for some time after that. Other injuries Miss H suffered include: soft tissue injuries to both thumbs, and a laceration to her right Achilles tendon which required stitches. Because of the traumatic nature of her car accident, Mrs H also suffered psychological damage and had to go to see a therapist.

After four months Mrs H was able to return to her previous job. Unfortunately, during her recovery time, she had endured a lot of pain and also lost income on account of being unable to work.

What can you do for a fractured sternum?

According to the NHS guide on sternum fractures, treatment can differ depending on how the bone broke and the related symptoms. You may require surgery, or the fracture may heal on its own. You should always seek medical attention if you suspect you’ve fractured your sternum to see what treatment you need.

If you suffer from pain in your shoulder or arms as a result, this could also be considered in the evaluation of your claim. If you get in touch with our team today, they can provide you with more information about how your claim could be valued, and connect you with an expert solicitor.

Building a Case, How a Personal Injury Solicitor Helped

If you have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, and want to sue the negligent party who caused your accident for compensation, then you need to hire a personal injury solicitor to help you make your claim. Mrs H hired a personal injury solicitor to help her make a claim for a broken sternum car accident settlement, which would also take into account her other injuries. Before making the claim, the team researched the value of her fractured sternum compensation claim to ensure the Defendant’s team didn’t intentionally lowball the claim, taking into account reports from several medical experts. Unfortunately, a Defendant’s legal representative or insurer will often deliberately undervalue what a claim is worth, taking advantage of the claimant’s lack of knowledge in the area this is why it is important to hire a personal injury solicitor who can accurately determine how much a fractured sternum is worth, so you don’t get short-changed on your claim.

The Sternum Fracture Compensation Settlement

This section includes a table of potential compensation amounts awarded for sternum injuries. These amounts are not guaranteed as each case is assessed according to the individual circumstances. The figures shown are taken from the Judicial College Guidelines and refer to what is known as the general damages head of your claim; this is the compensation you receive for your pain and suffering.

Chest(B)£61,710 to £94,470Traumatic injury to the chest, heart and/or lung(s). There will be permanent damage, including a physical disability, reduction of life expectancy and impaired function.
Chest(C)£29,380 to £51,460Chest and lung(s) damage that results in some form of continuous disability.
Chest(D)£11,820 to £16,860Example could be a single penetrating wound that causes some long-lasting tissue damage but has no lasting effect on lung function.
Chest(G)Up to £3,710Rib fracture of soft tissue injuries that cause disabilities and serious pain for a period of weeks.

If you have experienced specific financial losses as a result of your accident or injury, you could also be eligible to claim special damages. This could cover costs such as medical expenses and loss of earnings.

For more information on what you could claim after a broken sternum injury, get in touch with our team today. Alternatively, you can use our online compensation calculator.

Case Study Example

Before the sternum fracture compensation settlement was finalised, Mrs H’s solicitors managed to secure some interim compensation payments. As she was left unable to work for several months, this helped cover her loss of income and medical expenses such as her treatment and transport costs. Fortunately in this case the defendant admitted full liability and the broken sternum car accident settlement did not proceed to court. Mrs H was awarded damages of £125,000 for her injuries.

No Win No Fee Solicitors

If you want to claim compensation for a broken sternum or a fractured sternum in an accident, then you may want to consider using a No Win No Fee solicitor. This means a solicitor who will offer you a No Win No Fee service, meaning that you will only be charged a fee if your case is successful. For many claimants, it is a more affordable way to claim compensation and is less stressful, as you are not taking any sort of financial risk. Contact us today, to see if you would be liable to make a No Win No Fee compensation claim.

Contact Legal Expert Today

If you have suffered from a fractured sternum or a broken sternum in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence then you can claim for compensation. Contact us today to see what your claim could be worth, and be matched to a top personal injury solicitor at no extra cost to you. We’re looking forward to learning from you.

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