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Hospital Listeria Outbreak Claims Guide – How To Claim Compensation? – How Much Can I Claim For Negligence? – Sandwiches Poisining Death Liverpool / Manchester

NHS Hospital Sandwich Listeria Outbreak Compensation Claim

In recent news, listeria has hit the headlines after five people are suspected to have died after eating pre-packed salads and sandwiches in NHS hospitals around the country. One of these was a Liverpool hospital; Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. In this guide, we will go over the specifics of how people go about making a Listeria NHS claim. Here at Legal Expert, we have many years of experience and we could help people to seek compensation if they have been impacted by the sandwich bacteria deaths. Read on to discover more or call 0800 073 8804 if you want to talk to the experts on our helpline.

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A Guide To Claiming Compensation For Listeria Caught From Hospital Sandwiches

In this guide, we go over the sandwich bacteria deaths that have been in the news lately and have been under investigation, and we will cover how people may go ahead with making claims for cases like this. This includes answering questions like: What happens if you get Listeria? What are the symptoms of listeria? How serious is Listeria? How do you get rid of Listeria? We will also advise you regarding the sorts of damages you could claim for. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more information. You will find our contact information at the end of the guide.

What Is Listeria?

Listeria is a rare infection, which tends to cause mild illness in healthy people. However, when it impacts those with a pre-existing medical condition, it could have very severe consequences. The same could apply to people with weak immune systems and pregnant women. This is why the listeria sandwich outbreak has had serious consequences at NHS hospitals.

What Is Listeriosis?

Listeriosis is a rare infection, which is called by a type of bacteria known as listeria. It often tends to go away by itself. However, if you have a weak immune system or you are pregnant, it could result in very serious problems. Most people may tend to catch listeriosis when they eat food that contains the bacteria. You could catch it from many different types of foods. However, it is sometimes considered a problem with chilled ready-to-eat foods, which is the issue here. It could also be a problem with soft cheese, dairy products made with unpasteurised milk, and unpasteurised milk. There are other ways that you could catch listeriosis. This includes close contact with farm animals and catching it from someone else who had it. Symptoms of this condition include diarrhoea, vomiting or feeling sick, chills, aches and pains, and a high temperature of 38C or above.

What Has Happened At The Hospitals Affected By This Outbreak?

An investigation is ongoing after five people have died and it is suspected that this is because of a listeria outbreak at NHS hospitals in the UK. One at Nottingham City Hospital, two people at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, another person at the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS, and one person at a Liverpool hospital; Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. These sandwich bacteria deaths have been linked to packaged food that has been supplied from The Good Food Chain. The company supplies 43 NHS trusts throughout the United Kingdom. The company uses North County Cooked Meats for their meat, and the company has since tested positively for a strain of listeria. Both companies have stopped production for now.

How Many People Have Been Affected By These Outbreaks Of Listeria?

The listeria outbreak is linked to five deaths in the United Kingdom at the moment. However, it is project that many more people could have suffered severe illnesses because of the outbreak. After all, the Good Food Chain company, which is at the centre of this issue, supplies food for 43 of the NHS hospitals throughout the UK, and so the scale of the problem could be huge.

How To Claim Compensation If Affected By The Outbreak

If you want to make a claim because you have been impacted by the sandwich bacteria deaths, you may be feeling at a bit of a loss regarding where to start. This is understandable. After all, it is not common for many people to have experience in making a compensation claim – let alone one as complex as this. Firstly, you might need to establish responsibility. A successful case may hinge on showing that the pre-packaged food you consumed while in hospital is to blame for the listeriosis you have experienced. Therefore, you will need to be diagnosed with the condition medically. Aside from this, you may be wondering whether you are going to be making a claim against the NHS or the food company. Both companies could be deemed negligent depending on the circumstances. Of course, the Good Food Chain could be deemed negligent for selling food that contains the bacteria. However, if the NHS has not carried out the correct checks in order to ensure the food provided was safe, then they may also be deemed negligent. A good idea to do is to give our legal team a call and explain what has happened to you. They will be able to advise you on the right steps to take and give you and an overview of the claims process.

Liverpool Hospital Sandwich Bacteria Illness And Death Compensation Calculator

When it comes to claims for the sandwich bacteria deaths, whether you have lost a loved one or you are ill because of the sandwich listeria outbreak, you might want to know how much compensation you are going to be able to receive. The truth is that it is impossible to say without knowing the ins and outs of your case. This is because every claim is handled on an individual basis, ensuring that you are awarded a fair amount. However, what we can do is look at the guidelines for payouts to help you get a better understanding. You can find that information in the table below. Not only this, but you can use a personal injury claims calculator. Nevertheless, you do need to note that this is only ever going to provide you with a very rough estimate. If you feel the table below doesn’t reflect your level of suffering or indeed your type of illness, do feel free to call our helpline and we could advise you further.

InjuryNotesGuideline for payout
Illness/Damage Resulting from Non-traumatic Injury, e.g. Food PoisoningDifferent degrees of diarrhoea, cramps, and disabling pain, which can last for some weeks or days.Up to £3,460
Illness/Damage Resulting from Non-traumatic Injury, e.g. Food PoisoningThis will cause significant fatigue, bowel function alteration, cramps in the stomach, and food poisoning. Complete recovery within a year or two. Hospital admission for some days.Up to £8,360
Illness/Damage Resulting from Non-traumatic Injury, e.g. Food PoisoningShort-lived but serious condition, Over two to four weeks, vomiting and diarrhoea will diminish. A level ofbowel function disturbance, as well as an impact on enjoyment of food and sex life, and a level of discomfort, over a few years. £8,360 to £16,830
Illness/Damage Resulting from Non-traumatic Injury, e.g. Food PoisoningSevere toxicosis, which will cause severe fever, diarrhoea, vomiting, and acute pain. Hospital admission will be required for some weeks or days. There will be irritable bowel syndrome, haemorrhoids, and incontinence. This will have a significant impact on ability to work and enjoyment of life.£33,700 to £46,040

What Could You Be Compensated For After Contracting Listeria?

If you want to make a claim against Liverpool hospital or any other sort of hospital because you have been impacted by the sandwich bacteria deaths, you might well be in a position to claim for a number of different damages. Firstly, you could be able to claim for the non-quantifiable damages that are associated with the listeria outbreak. This includes the physical and psychological injuries. This could be calculated based on the medical report that has been put together from your doctor and the impact the illness is having on your life. You could also be able to claim for any of the costs associated with the illness. Not only does this include the cost of Listeria treatment, but any other expenses, for example, you might be able to claim if you have experienced a loss of income because of what has happened due to the fact that you were unable to work. Moreover, if you have lost a loved one, a claim could cover funeral expenses. It might also cover those financial hardships for dependents that come with losing the main breadwinner of the family for example.

No Win No Fee Claims For Liverpool Hospitals Listeria Outbreaks

When you have a personal injury lawyer working on your case from our team, you could be sure of a no win no fee service. This is the case no matter what type of personal injury claims we handle. This means that you are only going to have to pay legal fees if your case is a success. This ensures you will never end up out of pocket, i.e. in a position whereby you have paid for a lawyer but you have received nothing for your money. This also reassures you of a great service, as your solicitor is going to be accountable for the service they provide.

Talk To Our Hospital Claims Experts

If you have been impacted by the sandwich bacteria deaths at Liverpool Hospital, or you have been involved in any sort of accident, Legal Expert could assist, as our service covers the whole of the UK, and we have plenty of experience in this area of personal injury. We have helped many victims to get the compensation they deserve. Here are some of the key reasons we feel you should consider using our service to make a personal injury claim:

  • Experience – We were established as a company many years ago, and over the past years, we have successfully helped thousands of personal injury victims to get the compensation they deserve. You could be confident that we will have handled many cases like yours before.
  • No win no fee – All of our personal injury solicitors work on a no win no fee basis, which means you only need to pay legal fees if your case is a success. This offers a significant degree of financial protection while also guaranteeing a brilliant service, as our solicitors are impacted by the outcome of the case.
  • Reputation – We have an impeccable reputation in the industry. All you need to do is take a look at the reviews on our website to see that this is the case.

So, if you are ready to make a claim, or if you have any questions about the sandwich bacteria deaths at Liverpool Hospital, all you need to do is give us a call on 0800 073 8804. Our line is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. However, there are other ways to get in touch too, including via live chat or you can leave your details and we will call you.

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