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Whiteley Personal Injury Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims

Whiteley personal injury solicitors

Whiteley personal injury solicitors

If you’ve had an accident in Whiteley and are looking for a personal injury law firm to make a compensation claim on your behalf, then this guide will help you to do that.

Legal Expert deal exclusively with personal injury and accident claims, Our solicitors take on personal injury claims across Great Britain and have years of experience. If your accident was caused by somebody else, then we may be able to help you and offer you our no win no fee service.

This guide explains how to choose the right solicitor for your case, details the most common types of accidents claimed for and also explains how no win no fee agreements work.

What is a personal injury claim?

In short, a personal injury claim is where you, or your solicitor, asks somebody else to pay you compensation for injuries and financial losses because you believe it was their fault that the accident happened.

It can be quite complex, especially when the other person denies your claims, which is why it is essential that you choose a specialist personal injury solicitor to ensure your claim is put together thoroughly and that the claims made can all be backed up with evidence.

How we can help you if you were hurt in an accident which was not your fault

Legal Expert can help with accident claims in the Whiteley area by giving you access to our many personal injury specialists. We also offer our no win no fee service on all claims we take on.

There is no substitute for experience either and the team at Legal Expert have been dealing with all types of personal injury claims for many years.

Your right to compensation claim for an accident or injury

When making a claim for compensation there are a number of things that any solicitor has to be able to prove to ensure the claim will stand up:

  • Firstly, we need to show that the defendant (or the person you’re blaming for your accident) had a duty of care towards you.
  • Secondly, that they breached that duty of care in some way (this can include their staff or contractors).
  • And finally, it was that breach of care that caused your accident.

We understand that it’s not always black and white and so, if you’re unsure if all of the above are true in your case, our experts can advise you whether your case has a chance of success or not.

Checklist to find the right solicitor to handle your case

As with anything on the Internet, choosing the best solicitor to deal with your case can be quite tricky and daunting when you first start out. There is a lot of incorrect information out there or sales firms making claims that don’t stack up so we’d recommend that, when looking for a personal injury lawyer to make your claim, that you:

  • Look for a firm of solicitors with plenty of experience.
  • Read reviews of any solicitor you’re considering (more on this in the next section).
  • Choose a specialist personal injury solicitor rather than a firm that also deals with injury claims. There is a lot of legislation involved with accident claims and a specialist will know this inside out rather than having to be advised about it.
  • Ensure your solicitor offers a no win no fee service. This makes claiming much more stress-free and ensures that, if your claim is unsuccessful, you don’t end up with a massive legal fee.

Don’t just take a recommendation either, it is still a good idea to apply the steps above just to make sure that you are choosing the best personal injury solicitor for your case.

Read reviews of different legal firms

As mentioned above, reviews can be a great starting point when assessing a particular firm of solicitors. Look for testimonials that show how positive the clients are about the firm, how many are happy with the amount of the compensation received and generally how positive clients are about the solicitor you’re researching.

Experience matters more than location

There is a misconception that you need to have a Whiteley based personal injury solicitor to make a claim for an accident there but this far from the truth. There is no legal requirement for a solicitor to be based near any particular area. Mostly clients and solicitors communicate over the phone and by email, so the location of their office is irrelevant.

We do however ensure that our clients don’t have to travel far from Whiteley by employing local medical specialists so that, if you need an assessment or treatment, you don’t need to travel far.

The table below lists a few of the local medical experts that we employ when dealing with injury claims in Whiteley:

Expert NameAddressCityPostcode
Kashif AzizJury's Inn -
1 Charlotte Place
SouthamptonSO14 0TB
David WrightHampshire Sports Injury
& Physiotherapy Clinic
140 Lodge Road
Philippa Keech Fareham Enterprise
Hackett Way, Newgate
FarehamPO14 1TH

Examples of personal injury claim categories we handle

The following sections describe the common types of accident claims people make. Legal Expert can however deal with any type of claim, regardless of if it’s listed here, so long as it was caused by somebody else’s negligence.

Making an industrial disease or illness claim

It is often the case that a compensation claim for industrial diseases is made many years after the disease was caused. Under UK law all claims have to be made within 3 years of the accident happening except in the case where you don’t find out until much later. Then the 3-year time period begins from the date you are diagnosed by a doctor.

Common industrial illnesses that are seen include Vibration white finger, Tinnitus, Acoustic Shock, Deafness, Occupational Asthma and Mesothelioma.

Making a clinical negligence claim

When you attend a medical practice for assessment or treatment you never expect to have to make a compensation claim for medical negligence but unfortunately it does happen.

A claim for medical or clinical negligence can be made for injuries caused by a doctor, nurse, carer, surgeon or dentist who caused you to become injured while treating you, caring for you or assessing you.

Usually, the claim will be made against the local NHS authority rather than the individual involved or the provider in case of private health care. Claims can also made for negligence while undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Making a fall or slip injury claim

Slips and trips often seem like silly little accidents, but some falls can lead to far from silly injuries that take many months or years to recover from (if at all).

The types of injuries caused by a slip or fall are varied and can include: bruising, strains, soft-tissue damage, broken bones, head injuries and spinal injuries.

If somebody else was to blame for your accident in Whiteley then you could claim against them. As an example: if a shop floor was being cleaned but the cleaner failed to use warning signs and you slipped on the wet floor, then you could claim against the shop for compensation.

Making a serious injury claim

Any type of injury mentioned in this guide about Whiteley personal injury solicitors can be deemed serious. The definition can be somewhat complex but essentially, if the injury is life-changing or has a long-term impact, then it may be deemed serious and result in larger amounts of compensation being awarded to support the claimant’s recovery and ongoing care.

The types of injuries which could be classed as serious may include: Brain damage, spinal damage, amputations and disfigurement.

We’ve written a much more detailed guide about serious injury claims which you may find useful.

How to claim damages for a personal injury in the workplace

Every employer in the UK is obliged to provide staff, customers and visitors with a safe working environment at all times.

They should risk assess processes in the job, provide staff full training, ensure the right safety equipment is provided and ensure that all equipment is maintained and in a good state of repair.

If you’ve had an accident at work in Whiteley and need a personal injury law firm to take on your case, then Legal Expert can help if your employer was negligent in any way (which can include if another member of staff caused your injury).

Recorded accidents in the workplace in Hampshire county council authority area

Whiteley is part of the Hampshire Local Authority. The table below details all of the workplace accidents reported to the HSE for the Hampshire area over a 3-year period:

Work accidents in Hampshire (including Whitely) Local Authority HSE2011/122012/132013/14
Machinery related665
Fire related (e.g. burns)001
Harmful substance exposure 441
Fall from height (such as ladders or scaffolding)171517
Lifting and handling injuries582827
Physical attack141010
Slip, trip or fall (not from height)705455
Struck against752
Hit by moving vehicle400
Hit by object201416
Trapped by something 103

The largest category of accident each year was for slip, trips and falls. Employer’s should mitigate against these types of accidents and, if they didn’t, employees can make an accident at work claim.

How to claim damages for a car or other vehicle road traffic accident

Car crashes and collisions can cause serious damage to vehicles and also serious personal injuries. Solicitors making car crash claims in the Whiteley area can claim on behalf of pedestrians, passengers and drivers that have been injured when the other driver was to blame.

It is best to gather as much evidence at the time to support the claim such as photographs, dashcam footage, other driver’s details and witness details.

Even in the event that the other driver does not have insurance or does not identify themselves (hit and run), there are schemes in place that Legal Expert can make use of to claim compensation from the insurance industry.

Statistics showing vehicle deaths and serious injuries in Hampshire

The following table shows the most serious and fatal injuries reported in the Hampshire region for past 3 years.

Car occupants270282258
Annual total723757707

There are no specific reports for Whiteley, so the statistics are included in the Hampshire table

No win no fee accident claim

No win no fee solicitors dealing with claims in the Whiteley area do exactly the same job as a more traditional solicitor (one’s who charge by the hour regardless of the outcome of the case) but don’t charge unless they win the compensation.

Legal Expert provide free consultations, prepare your claim, gather evidence, deal with any offers and can, in rare cases, take the case to court. All without charging you up front for their service.

What charges and fees are involved?

The great thing about no win no fee agreements is that you never actually have to send a payment to your solicitor.

If the case is unsuccessful then there is nothing to pay at all, as agreed in the agreement. If you win the case then your solicitor will receive the compensation on your behalf, retain their agreed percentage for winning compensation and then send the rest of the compensation directly to you.

This makes no win no fee risk free and reduces the stress of making a compensation claim much.

How to find out more about the personal injury claim process

We understand that even after reading this guide about personal injury solicitors dealing with claims in the Whiteley area that you may still have some questions.

We’d recommend that you browse our site further to help answer those questions as there is a wealth of information here.

If, after browsing the site, you still have questions then please don’t give up. It’s important that you get the right answers from a trusted source so please contact one of our advisors with your questions. We’ll guide you in the right direction and help you to decide what to do next.

Talk to us today

If you are now ready to begin your claim with Legal Expert, then there are a number of ways you can get in touch:

  • Telephone: It’s free to call us on 0800 073 8804
  • Email: Send details of your claim to
  • Live Chat: Our expert advisors are available 7 days a week
  • Online: Submit your claim online using our easy form

However you choose to contact us, we’ll begin by offering an initial consultation where you can explain the details of your accident in Whiteley and we’ll assess it with you.

Where to get help after an accident in Whiteley or Hampshire

Following an accident in Whiteley there as well as contacting a personal injury solicitor you may need to contact other organisations such as hospitals, police or the local court. We’ve listed their details here for your convenience:

Winchester Police Station
Mottisfont Court
Tower Street
SO23 8ZD

West Hampshire Magistrates Court
Southampton Courthouse
100 The Avenue
SO17 1EY
Telphone:02380 384 200
Opening Times: Monday to Friday 9am to 4.30pm

Fareham Community Hospital
Brook Lane
SO31 7DQ
Telephone: 01489 587 400

Other Useful Resources

Clinical/Medical Negligence Claims – a more comprehensive guide to medical negligence claims and amounts of compensation involved.

Accident at Work Claims – A much fuller article on how to make a claim for an accident at work, there’s not an injury claim calculator (as they don’t exist) but it does give a range of compensation amounts for different types of injuries.

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