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Kidderminster Personal Injury Solicitors No Win No Fee

If you’ve been injured in an accident in the Kidderminster area, you may be able to claim compensation. Our experienced team of personal injury solicitors Kidderminster are capable of taking your case under their expertise and fighting to get you the financial remuneration you’re entitled to.

Injuries occur every day in Britain – both in the workplace and on the road. If you’ve been victim to a negligent employer or irresponsible driver and been hurt in the process, you deserve to be financially compensated so you can get back on your feet. Our team of Kidderminster personal injury solicitors can complete all the legal paperwork for you and stand in your corner throughout the claims process.

Is It Expensive To Hire Our Kidderminster Personal Injury Solicitors?

No! In fact, you won’t be charged a penny in most cases until your claim is won. Our Kidderminster personal injury service operates on a No Win, No Fee basis. This means that even if your claim is not successful, we won’t charge you for your time or charge you any legal fees.

If you have a valid claim, there is a strong chance we will be able to claim compensation for you. Instead of asking you to pay money for our services along the way, we will take a percentage of the overall compensation payout instead (this percentage will be agreed upon before the case begins).

There are no hidden fees included anywhere along the line, and any consultations you arrange with our team will be completely free. We’re dedicated to providing free professional legal advice for our clients and will do our utmost to win the case for you. When you make a claim with us, you’ll never have to be concerned about any financial implications.

Is The Claims Process Complicated?

Not with our Kidderminster personal injury solicitors. We’ll make the entire process as straightforward as possible and immediately deal with any complexities that arise so you never have to worry.

We simplify all the legal terms that crop up during the process and translate them for you into plain language that’s easy to understand. This way, you can remain well aware of what’s happening during your claim from beginning to end and feel completely reassured throughout.

A typical personal injury case consists of a few easy steps:

Gathering details and evidence

After you’ve made an initial inquiry, our Kidderminster personal injury solicitors team will arrange a consultation for a time that suits you. During this consultation, we’ll ask you several questions about your accident in order to determine who is responsible and the amount of compensation you ought to receive. This is conducted in a caring and compassionate manner. Any questions you have during this consultation will be answered in full.

Any evidence you can supply during this consultation will greatly help your cause. Documents such as eyewitness reports, photographic/video evidence, police reports and doctor’s notes can help to prove how the injury occurred and the extent to which you have suffered as a result.

Proof of any loss of income and medical expenses can also prove to be extremely valuable. We can help you to gather this information.

Contacting the person/organisation responsible for your accident

Once we have established who is to blame for your injury, we will contact this party by writing them a letter. We will describe to them – firmly but politely – that you have suffered at the hands of their negligence or misbehaviour and that you are entitled to compensation.

Settling on a compensation fee

The person responsible for your Kidderminster accident has around 12 weeks (depending on the nature of the case) to respond to our letter. If they accept liability, we can arrange a time and place to discuss legal compensation. If they decline to meet with us or refuse to respond, the matter will be taken before a judge.

What Claims Do Kidderminster Personal Injury Solicitors Deal With?

We know a valid personal injury claim when we see one. If you’ve been victim to one of the following types of accidents, get in touch with our Kidderminster injury solicitors team and we’ll be able to tell you whether you have a case:

Victim of assault/attacks

We can help you to claim compensation if have you have been victim to assault in a nightclub, bar or any other public place in Kidderminster or anywhere in the UK. We can also help you claim money if you have been attacked by an animal and suffered injuries as a result.

Accident at work

We can support your claim for compensation if you have suffered an injury in your place of work. These can include injuries sustained from handling faulty equipment, repetitive strain injury, or illness from working in poor hygiene conditions.

Accident on the road

We are able to launch your claim for compensation if you’ve experienced an accident whilst you were on the road. This can be an injury you’ve sustained as a driver or passenger of a vehicle or as a pedestrian.

Injuries as a result of mismanaged medical procedures

If you’ve suffered an injury after undergoing a medical procedure that was handled incorrectly, we can help you to launch a claim against those responsible.

Accidents in public places or business premises

If you have suffered a fall in a public place or on business premises, our team of solicitors can assess the situation to determine whether the owners of these grounds are under legal obligation to provide you with financial compensation.

How Much Compensation Will Our Kidderminster Team Claim For Your Accident?

Given the extent to which personal injury claims vary from case to case, it is always difficult to put an exact figure on the amount of compensation you will receive until we’ve heard the full facts about your accident.

Once we have established what has happened and assessed the full nature of your injury, our team of Kidderminster personal injury lawyers will be able to estimate the kind of compensation you’re likely to receive. This figure may be subject to change, but we will always keep you updated.

If you’ve been injured in the Kidderminster area and it wasn’t your fault, contact our team of Kidderminster personal injury solicitors today.

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