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Are you from Guildford and have been injured in an accident that was not your fault? Whether you have been injured at work, on the road, on holiday, in the street or elsewhere, your first concern should be about your well-being and getting quick medical attention to ensure that you get the right treatment.

Your second concern? That should be about getting justice and that is where our Guildford personal injury team come in. Our specialty Guildford injury team are experts in the full range of personal injury cases and believe strongly that you have the right to claim appropriate compensation.

If you suffer any form of personal injury from minor injuries from slips, trips or falls to major accidents that may have life changing consequences, you can use our solicitor’ expertise to fight on your behalf and ensure that you get the justice and compensation you are entitled to under UK law. Your compensation payment could be a substantial amount that covers your pain and suffering , loss of earnings and all the expenses that you may have incurred.

Personal Injury Solicitors Specialising In All Injury Claims

Our Guildford personal injury team of solicitors are experienced in the full range of personal injury cases and types. Unlike general solicitors who may deal with personal injury cases alongside other cases such as conveyancing and wills, our solicitors deal only in compensation claims and on a No Win No Fee basis. This makes them specialists and highly experienced and sought after professionals thanks to their in-depth knowledge and skills.

Their expertise includes personal injury types such as:

Road Traffic Accidents

If you have been unfortunate enough to have been injured in a road traffic accident (RTA) then you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Whatever your injuries, our personal injury solicitors for Guildford are here to help you get the compensation and rehabilitation that you need.

Road traffic accident claims cover a wide range of incidents. This can include claims for car accidents, motorbike accidents and public transport accidents. Victims can be drivers, passengers or pedestrians and regardless of the circumstances, if you have been the victim of a road traffic accident then you should get in touch with our specialty RTA accident solicitors to see if you have a valid claim for compensation.

Accidents in a Public Place

Whether you are in the street, park or another public place in Guildford such as a shop, supermarket or restaurant, you should be free to go about your normal business without the risk of injury.

Businesses and public bodies such as councils are obliged to minimise any risks to ensure the public’s safety and for the most part, this is the case and most people are not accident victims. But sometimes accidents occur and if the accident was not your fault, then you should consider making a claim for your personal injury.

Serious Injury Claims

Huge disruptions in your life can occur if you have been the victim of a serious accident. Head, spinal cord and other serious injuries such as blindness or amputation can have lifelong consequences that can affect all parts of your life including:

  • Your family.
  • Employment.
  • Healthcare.

Serious injuries can be hugely traumatic and as well as leaving you with life limiting injuries, they can leave you with psychological conditions such as stress, anxiety and a host of other mental health issues.

Our specialist Guildford team of solicitors are proud to have made a real difference to countless people who have been the victims of serious accidents and have done all they can to help them claim compensation to assist them living a life as full as possible after their accident. If you have been the victim of a serious accident then don’t delay in getting help from our specialist personal injury solicitors.

Accidents At Work

All employers in the UK have a legal obligation to protect you from any possible risks that you face at work. From offices and shops to construction sites and factories, there are a wide range of accidents that can happen at your workplace of the appropriate safety guidelines are not followed.

If you have been unfortunate to have been injured in an accident in the workplace, our accident solicitors are here ready and waiting to help you get the justice and compensation that you deserve.

Industrial Disease Claims

Thanks to the UK’s Health and Safety at Work Act, your employer has a duty of care to protect you as an employee. Unfortunately, every year many people are the victims of industrial diseases due to employer negligence. These include:

  • Respiratory problems such as mesothelioma, asbestosis or occupational asthma.
  • Repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, vibration white finger and bursitis.
  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Hearing damage such as tinnitus, acoustic shock and noise induced hearing loss.
  • Chemical poisoning causing issues such as dermatitis.

Defective Product Claims

Have you ever found yourself the victim of a defective product? In the UK, whatever you buy has to be by law fit for purpose and safe to use. Sometimes unfortunately this is not the case.

Maybe you have suffered an allergic reaction, been burnt by hair colour or have been electrocuted by a faulty electrical product. Our Guildford personal injury team have helped many people claim compensation for a variety of these sort of claims so if you have been injured by a defective product, get in touch with our personal injury experts.

Start Your Guildford Personal Injury Claim Today

If you’ve been injured in an accident that was not your fault the it is your right to be able to claim compensation and our Guildford personal injury team of solicitors are here to help you.

Thanks to our No Win No Fee process, you won’t have to pay anything upfront and in the unlikely event that your claim is not successful, you won’t be charged a penny.

You could be owed serious money in accident compensation so don’t delay and get in touch with our expert accident solicitors by calling 0800 073 8804 or completing our contact form and take the first steps to making your claim today.

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