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Doncaster Personal Injury Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims

Doncaster personal injury solicitors

Doncaster personal injury solicitors

If you have been injured in an accident in Doncaster, it is important to make a claim so that you can get the compensation you deserve. In this guide, we will reveal everything you need to know about finding a high quality firm of Doncaster personal injury solicitors or indeed some that work outside of the area but cover claims for incidents that happen there and working with them effectively. Here at Legal Expert, available at 0800 073 8804, we have many years of experience providing our services all of over the UK. If you are looking for Doncaster solicitors free advice, read on.

What Is A Personal Injury Claim?

A personal injury claim is one whereby you make a case if you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault. If you think you could be entitled to compensation, you will probably be wondering what you can claim for. Firstly, you will receive money for the suffering and pain you have experienced. This is calculated based on your injuries, the severity of them, and the impact they are going to have on your life. Additionally, you can claim for special damages, and some common examples of this are as follows –

· Vehicle repair costs – If your vehicle has been damaged in the accident and requires repair work, you will be able to claim for this.

· Loss of income – A lot of people find themselves unable to work during the recovery process, and thus they suffer a financial loss as a result. It is a good idea to get a letter from your employer to back this up. If you are self-employed, you will need invoices and other relevant business documents from the months before you were injured to show how much you are losing.

· Medical expenses – From treatment expenses to prescription costs, you are bound to experience some medical costs because of your injuries.

· Travel costs – Whether it is the cost of using alternative transport because you cannot drive through your recovery, or it is the hospital car park tickets, special damages cover all travel costs that have been inflicted because of your injuries.

· Childcare expenses – If you have had to pay for someone to watch your children while you recover, you will be able to claim for this.

How Our Team Can Help You Claim Compensation For Accidents, Injuries, Or Illnesses

One of the main aspects that personal injury victims ponder over is whether they need to hire Doncaster personal injury solicitors or those based across the UK that cover such claims in order to make a case. The truth is that there is no legal requirement to use the services of a solicitor. You can make a compensation claim yourself. However, this is something that you are not advised to do. A personal injury solicitor will give you the greatest chance of getting the compensation you deserve. After all, it is their job.

It is vital to recognise that all personal injury cases are different, and so they can throw up different challenges. Are you prepared for any legal issues and complexities that may come your way during the process? If not, you could find yourself missing out on some of your compensation, or, even worse, all of it. You may think it is going to be cheaper to make a case by yourself. However, it is only going to cost you more money in the long run.

Moreover, if you are worried about the costs that are associated with solicitors, we advise you to use the services of No Win, No Fee solicitors in Doncaster. By doing this, you are offered a significant degree of financial protection, and the payments are much more manageable and affordable too. This is because you only need to pay legal fees if your case is a success.

If you have been involved in an accident, Accident Claims UK have the team of solicitors you need to ensure you get the maximum amount of compensation you deserve. We have dealt with many accident cases before, and we have an outstanding track record. All of our solicitors work on a No Win, No Fee basis too. Aside from this, another thing that sets us apart is the fact that we aim to secure compensation in the quickest and smoothest manner, and in some instances we are able to do so over the telephone. If you have any further questions about our service, or if you would like to make a claim for compensation, all you need to do is give us a call.

When Am I Eligible To Claim Compensation?

One of the first things you always need to do is determine whether you have the basis for a claim. There are three key factors you need to assess when determining whether this is the case. As mentioned, you need to be able to show that you are not at fault for the incident in question. In order to build a strong case, you must prove that someone else is responsible for your suffering, either by making an error or acting negligently. Aside from this, the incident must have happened within the past three years and you must have received professional medical attention too. If you can tick these three boxes, there is a very high chance that you will get a payout.

A Checklist To Find Your Solicitor

If you have been injured, and the accident you were involved in was not your fault, there is a very high chance that you will be eligible for compensation. To secure the payout you deserve, you will require the services of a top quality solicitor. If you take a look on the Internet, you will see that you have an abundance of professionals to choose from, and the importance of selecting the right one cannot be overlooked. After all, you do not get a second chance to make a claim. So, read on to discover everything you need to know, from factors to consider to the costs.

There are many factors that you must look for when trying to find a good personal injury lawyer for your case. Firstly, you should ensure that they are UK based, and UK registered. Aside from this, they should have a considerable degree of experience in the industry. Not only do you want to be certain that they have handled many personal injury cases successfully, but you also want to ensure that they have relevant experience, i.e. that they have worked on cases similar to yours before. A good step to take is to read reviews that have been left by previous clients. This will give you a great insight into the level of service you are likely to experience if you choose the solicitor in question. You should also establish effective lines of communication from the offset. The last thing you want is a solicitor that is impossible to get in touch with.

A lot of people worry about making a personal injury claim because they fear that they will not have enough money to cover the costs of a solicitor. While it is true that a lot of solicitors cost extortionate costs, if you go for a No Win, No Fee service you will benefit from a significant degree of monetary protection. This is because you will only need to pay legal fees if your case is a success. If the solicitor fails to secure compensation for you, you will have the peace of mind that the financial implications are not as large as they would have been.

Read Different Online Reviews Of Potential Solicitors

Reviews of solicitors can be very insightful. Take the time to read them with care and make sure they have come from an independent review platform.

Does It Matter Where A Solicitor Is Based?

Quite simply; no. You can use a solicitor based anywhere in the UK, you don’t have to pick Doncaster personal injury solicitors and you won’t experience a lesser service. Your solicitor can also help find you an appointment with a medical expert in Doncaster:

Expert NameAddressPostcode
Kashif WaseemClaim Service
72 Silver Street
Masroor AhmadClaim Service
72 Silver Street
Masood AhmadClaim Service
72 Silver Street
Sumeet VohraDoncaster CVS
5/6 Trafford Court
Sohail RehmanRutland House
Rutland Street
Sumeet VohraITRM
Cavendish Court, South Parade
Sumeet VohraCavendish Court
South Parade
Sumeet VohraTracey Wood Osteopath Limited
12 South Parade
David PontefractThorne Road Chiropractic Clinic
45 Thorne Road,
Asad Nadeem KhanThorne Road Chiropractic Clinic
45 Thorne Road,
Kashif Waseem54 Thorne Rd, DoncasterDN1 2JP
Weqas Ahmed26 Netherall RoadDN1 2PW
Ghulam Wattoo26 Netherall RoadDN1 2PW
Rehana Rehman26 Netherall RoadDN1 2PW
Hafiz Rehman26 Netherall RoadDN1 2PW
Saleh Al-Ali300 Thorne RoadDN2 5AJ
Stephen Grant Charlesworth-JonesThorne Road Therapy Centre, 300 Thorne Road,DN2 5AJ
Kaleem Siddiqui4 BennetthorpeDN2 6AD
Syed NaeemShelton House
4 Bennetthorpe
Sohail RehmanShelton House
4 Bennetthorpe
Mark Innes BurginBack on Track, 185 Bennetthorpe,DN2 6AH
Adrian Thomson26 High Road, BalbyDN4 0PL
David Adamah26 High Road, BalbyDN4 0PL
Kashif Waseem36 Nostell Pl,
West Bessacarr
Mohammed SafdarChestnut Avenue CarcroftDN6 8AP
Kaleem SiddiquiRobin Hood Airport
First Avenue
James Hampton1 Ringhill Street, PoundburyDT1 3TL

Types Of Accident, Injury, And Illness Claims We Can Conduct

We handle all types of claims. Find out more about some of the most common ones below:

Industrial Disease Cases

From industrial deafness to cases involving asbestos, there are many different types of industrial disease we can help you to secure compensation for. Call us today for more details.

Clinical Negligence Cases

If you have been injured because of clinical negligence, we can help you to claim. Our medical negligence solicitors will show that a healthcare professional’s actions or lack of action has caused your injuries. We can also help for claims involving poor standards and hygiene too.

I Was Hurt In A Workplace Accident – Can I Claim For My Injures?

All employers have a responsibility to make sure they provide a working environment that is safe and healthy. And while most employers adhere to the rules and regulations that are in place, there are incidents when an error or negligence can result in accidents and injuries occurring. If you have been the victim of such a scenario, you will be entitled to compensation. In this section, we are going to take a look at some of the most common accidents in the workplace in order to give you a better understanding.

Industrial hearing loss – When it comes to industrial hearing loss, most people find that they are claiming against an employer they worked for years ago, as this is an injury that usually develops over time. In order to make a successful case, you need to show that your employer did not educate you on the risks of your working environment or did not provide you with the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure that no damage occurred.

Construction accidents – All working industries are subject to the regulations that are in place. However, there are some environments that are more dangerous, and thus they are subject to further rules, and the construction industry falls into this category.

Repetitive strain injury – Repetitive strain injury is one of the most common injuries that occur in the workplace. This is a condition that happens when an individual has carried out repetitive actions, and it typically affects the hands, causing restricted movement and pain. In a lot of cases, workers who spend all day sitting at a desk and working on their computer suffer from this. If your employer has refused to give you a break or educate you about RSI, you could be entitled to compensation.

Poor health and safety – Last but not least, this relates to any injuries that have occurred because of poor health and safety in the workplace. Has your employer failed to carry out necessary risk assessments? Perhaps they have known about a danger in the workplace but have done nothing about it? If so, they are responsible for your injuries, and you will be entitled to compensation.

Accident in the workplace claims and injury statistics for Doncaster

Doncaster Local Authority2013/14
Trapped under falling object1
Hit by falling object74
Hit by vehicle11
Struck against10
Slip, trip, and fall130
Physical assault52
Manual handling111
Injured by an animal4
Harmful substance exposure4
Exposed to fire1
Electric shock0

Slips, falls, and trips

Slips, trips, and falls are very common, and they can happen in many different ways, from tripping on a broken pavement to slipping on a wet floor. We can help you claim no matter the situation.

Serious injury claims

We have a team of lawyers for serious injury claims. From head injuries and brain damage to back injuries and amputation, we will make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

I Was Injured In A Car Accident In Doncaster, Can I Make A Claim?

If you have been hurt in a car accident in Doncaster that was not your fault, there is a very high chance that you are going to be eligible for compensation. Aside from showing that someone else is to blame, the only other aspects that are vital to your case is whether you have seen a medical professional and if the incident occurred within the past three years. This is because there is a three-year time limit on all personal injury cases, and the medical report provided by your doctor is the most vital piece of evidence. If all of this applies to your case, read on to discover some of the things you will be able to claim for:

  • Medical expenses – If you have been injured, there is no doubt that you are going to face some medical expenses, whether this is the cost of treatment or prescription expenses. You will be able to claim for all medical expenses that relate to your suffering so long as you have receipts to back up your claim.
  • Vehicle repair costs – If your vehicle has been damaged in the incident, you will be able to claim for the cost of repair.
  • Vehicle hire – If you need to hire another car while your vehicle is getting repaired, you will also be able to claim for this as special damages.
  • Vehicle storage costs – There are some cases when people have to pay to have their vehicle stored when they are waiting for it to be repaired. This also counts as a special damage.
  • Loss of income – Have your injuries left you unable to work? If so, and you are losing income as a result, you will be able to claim for this. You are advised to get a letter from your employer to back this up. If you are self-employed, you will need proof of your injuries to show how much you are missing out on.
  • Travel expenses – Finally, you can also claim for travelling to and from the hospital, as well as any parking costs that are incurred during these journeys.

Reported Injuries Or Deaths On The Road In Doncaster


No win no fee personal injury lawyers

There are a lot of people in the UK that have been entitled to compensation but never made a claim. One of the main reasons for this is because they believe that the cost of personal injury lawyers is too high. They assume that they are going to be faced with extortionate costs, and so it is going to be too much of a financial burden for them to make a claim, even though they could receive a payout at the end. There are then those that have even approached a solicitor or two, and have been quoted astronomical figures. It is understandable to see why this would put you off. However, it’s not all doom and gloom, so before you put off making a claim altogether, read on to discover more.

There is no denying that some solicitors do charge huge prices, and it is not hard to see why people do not make a claim as a result. After all, while you may receive compensation, there is no guarantee. Therefore, for a lot of people the financial risk is simply too much. They do not want to run the risk of investing a huge sum of money only for then to lose their case. And, this is completely understandable, however, there is an alternative available to you.

To combat the problem, you simply need to search for No Win, No Fee solicitors when looking for the best person to work on your case. A No Win, No Fee solicitor will agree to work to a payment structure whereby you will only pay legal fees if your case is a success, by which you will have your compensation to cover the expenses. This reduces monetary risk by a significant degree. You can be sure you will not find yourself in the scenario that was mentioned before – i.e. spending fortunes and not receiving a payout.

This leads to many of other benefits too. For instance, you do not need to make a huge upfront payment to start the claim process. You can also be confident of an exceptional service too. After all, the solicitor in question is going to be impacted by the outcome of your case, as pay is performance related. You can also be confident that a No Win, No Fee solicitor will only take on your case if they believe it is strong enough – they won’t waste your time.

Here at Legal Expert, all of our solicitors work on a No Win, No Fee basis, so you can be sure of all of the benefits mentioned above.

What fees will I have to pay?

You are only going to need to pay legal fees if your case is a success. If it is not, you do not have to pay anything. In terms of how much you will have to pay, it will be a percentage of your payout, which will have been agreed on beforehand.

How to start a personal injury claim

Whether you are ready to start you claim now or are simply looking for more information, Legal Expert can help.

I need more information, where can I find it?

Making the right decision depends on receiving the correct information. We have lots of useful guides on our website.

Speak to Legal Expert today

From car crashes to construction accidents, there are many different reasons why people find themselves in the position where they are thinking about making a personal injury claim. If this applies to you, read on to discover why you should choose Legal Expert if you need help with a compensation claim in Doncaster.

  • No Win, No Fee – There is only one place to begin and this is with the fact that we offer a No Win, No Fee service. All of our solicitors work to this payment structure. What does this mean for you? Well, you will only have to pay legal fees if your case is a success. This reduces financial risk while assuring you of a top service, as you know our solicitors are going to be impacted by the outcome of your case.
  • Experience – Having been established numerous years ago, we have many years of experience in the industry. Over this time, we have worked on thousands of personal injury cases, and so you can be sure that we have the experience to deal with your case.
  • Convenience – You will find it easy to get in touch with the solicitor working on your case. Not only this but we aim to resolve all claims over the phone whenever possible.
  • Reputation – We are one of the leafing law firms in the whole of the country. The reviews that our previous clients have left show that this is the case. We are confident that this should leave you in no doubt that we a very good choice for you.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call. Whether you want to start the claim process, or you have some queries about personal injury compensation, we would be more than happy to help. You can start the claim for compensation by calling 0800 073 8804 or via contact form here. You can also use the live chat feature on our website, enter your details and we will call you back, or send an email to our team.

Helpful emergency contacts in Doncaster

Local Police Station

70 Waterdale, Doncaster DN1 3BU

Tel: 0114 219 6905


Local Crown Court

College Rd,



Tel: 01302 36671


Local Hospital

Thorne Rd,


Tel: 01302 366666

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