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Bicester Personal Injury Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Guide

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Solicitors Covering Bicester

On this page, you will find a guide to finding the best team of personal injury solicitors covering the Bicester area to process your personal injury claim. As long as you are ready to begin your claim within the personal injury claim time limit of three-years, this guide will be helpful. It contains everything you need to know about the legal process of making a claim, and also covers the typical types of claims that many people make.

How We Help People To Make Personal Injury Claims

The personal injury solicitors at Legal Expert have a proven track record of winning significant compensation awards, across a very wide range of claims. The national claims service we operate, is available to people all across the UK, including Bicester. We believe that our claims service is the simplest, most effective and risk-free way for you to make a personal injury claim.

Bicester personal injury solicitors

Bicester personal injury solicitors

We will always aim to claim you the highest level of compensation possible, yet we will never do anything that might jeopardise the chances of your claim being successful. No matter how complex your claim is, we should be able to help you. To find out more, call Legal Expert on the phone number down at the bottom of this guide today, so we can begin processing your claim as soon as possible.

Why Having The Right Personal Injury Solicitor Is Important

You need to choose the best personal injury lawyer to process your claim, to give yourself the greatest chance of a positive outcome. All solicitors are not equal; some offer specialised services, focused on making injury claims, others are general legal practitioners.

Every solicitor in the UK is required to be registered with the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA), and comply with all of the UK legislation related to practising law. Making sure any solicitor you choose is fully registered with the SRA as a starting point.

Reviews Of Bicester Personal Injury Solicitors

Finding the right legal firm to process your personal injury claim can be tough. Especially if you have never had dealings with a solicitor before, you simply have no prior experience to help you make an intelligent choice. Therefore, online tools such as community-managed review sites, can be a good source of initial information.

When you are reading reviews posted by members of the public, there are a number of things you should check and compare. This includes:

  • The age of the review – try to find the most recent reviews you can.
  • The claim the review is based on – you need to find reviews that pertain to a claim similar to your own.
  • The content of the review – read the comments of the reviewer, and take note of the pros and cons they have listed for dealing with the legal firm they are reviewing.
  • Note the fee structure – check to see how the solicitor operates their fee structure. Can the offer a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA)? What percentage of the settlement will they take as their fee if they are successful in processing your claim?

Can I Use A Solicitor Outside Of Bicester?

You may believe that you are best off using local solicitors in Bicester to process your claim. In fact, you are free to use any solicitor you wish, no matter where they are located. Using a local firm might be easy, as they are close by. In reality though, it is much more important that the solicitor you choose has the best chance possible of achieving a positive outcome, and winning you compensation. Therefore, choose the best, not the closest. For example, the Legal Expert national claims service specialises in personal injury claims, and can cover the entire UK, including Bicester. If you need a further medical exam, our local expert can carry this out,

Afolake Oyinloye
The Corner House,
Victoria Road,
OX26 6PB

Claims Our Personal Injury Claims Teams Can Handle

There is a myriad of reasons why a person might have a valid personal injury case. Everything from trivial road traffic accidents, through to claiming for medical negligence that caused a death. Legal Expert can process claims for any type of personal injury. We have covered the most common types of claims we process in the sections below.

Industrial Disease Claims

Some types of jobs expose workers to known health risks. For example, miners suffering from silicosis, or textile workers suffering from byssinosis. Furthermore, some workers were exposed to health risks before they were recognised as a risk, such as people who have suffered asbestosis due to working with asbestos. Legal Expert should be able to help people who are suffering from some form of work-related illness, to claim the compensation they are eligible for.

Medical Negligence Compensation Claims

When a medical professional owes a duty of care to a patient, and they fail in meeting this duty, if it causes harm to the patient, then clinical negligence will be deemed to have occurred. In this case, medical negligence solicitors in Bicester or hat cover the Bicester are would likely be able to process a claim on behalf of the victim.

Legal Expert offers our claims service as the simplest way to make a medical negligence claim. We have produced a guide to using medical negligence lawyers to claim for clinical negligence, and you can read it at this link:

A guide to claiming for clinical negligence

Claiming For An Accident At Work

Every company in the UK is expected to conform to Health & Safety legislation, with regards to providing a safe and healthy working environment for their employees. If a company fails in its Health & Safety duties, leading to an accident at work, Legal Expert should be able to help them claim compensation,

Statistics Showing Workplace Accidents And Injuries In This Area

Below, you will find some key statistics, showing the main types of work-related accidents that occurred in Bicester between 2012 and 2014.

Work Related Accidents in Bicester201220132014
Other type464130
Harmed by electric shock100
Harmed by machinery10189
Harmed by fire101
Harmed by chemical exposure425
Harmed by a fall282716
Harmed by an animal022
Harmed lifting934648
Harmed by assault1009
Harmed by a slip, trip or fall826466
Harmed by a vehicle collision735
Harmed when hit by an object432320
Harmed trapped under a heavy weight220

If you have been injured in a work-related accident, then Legal Expert should be able to help you claim compensation. Call us at the number at the end of this guide to find out how we can assist you.

Claims For Falls, Slips, Or Trips

The most common type of accident in the UK, excluding road traffic accidents, that form the basis of a compensation claim are slip, trips and falls. These accidents can happen in a public place such as a supermarket, restaurant, or library. They can happen indoors, or they can happen outdoors, for example, walking along the road and tripping over a damaged paving slab. Legal Expert can help you to make a claim for a slip, trip and fall, no matter where it occurred.

Severe Injury Compensation

When legal expert processes a claim for a person who has suffered a severe injury, we know that we may need to claim additional types of damages. Damages that will compensate the victim for the effects their injuries will have on their lives in the long-term. Injuries such as brain damage, loss of a limb, paralysis and chronic psychological disorders, will all lower the life quality of the victim, and potentially prevent them from working in the future. Legal Expert aims to win a level of compensation that reflects the severity of these injuries.

Road And Car Accidents In Bicester

Road traffic accidents are the most common form of accident that Legal Expert processes claims for. Everything from minor whiplash caused by a rear-end shunt, to death caused by a high-speed fatal road collision. If you have been injured in a road traffic accident in the Bicester area, then Legal Expert should be able to help you claim for the compensation you are eligible for.

Statistics For Road Traffic Accidents In Bicester (Oxfordshire Statistics)

Car occupants140126154108
Annual total378361357281

No Win No Fee Solicitors Covering Bicester

Legal Expert offers our No Win No Fee national claims service, to residents of Bicester and all across the UK, as the simplest, most risk-free way to process a personal injury claim. You really have nothing to lose by allowing us to handle your claim, as unless we win you a compensation payment, you pay nothing at all.

How Do No Win No Fee Claims Work?

When you use the Legal Expert claims service to process a claim, the Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) we operate under, means you pay nothing at all when we start processing your claim. While we are pursuing your compensation, even if it takes many months to reach a settlement, we won’t ask you to pay any ongoing costs. In the event that we fail to successfully win you a compensation payment, we will zero your bill, and you pay nothing. However, when we do successfully receive a compensation payment on your behalf, at this stage, we will deduct our fees from the total received, and forward the remainder to you.

What Should You Do Next?

If you believe that you have a valid personal injury claim, and are ready to move forward with it, then call Legal Expert on the number below. When you do, one of our team will be on the other end of the line, and will walk you through our new claims onboarding process. They will ask you a series of questions, the answers to which will give us a clearer picture of your claim. Once we know enough, we will offer you some free legal advice on what to do next. In most cases, this advice will be to use the Legal Expert claims service, to win you the compensation that is rightfully yours.

Getting The Answers To Any Nagging Questions

If you have general questions about the legal process that Bicester solicitors will follow to help you claim compensation, or specific questions about the Legal Expert claims service, call us now on the number below. When you do, one of our team will answer any questions you have, using simple English with no legal jargon to confuse you.

Call Us To Begin Your Claim today

If you are ready to begin your claim for a personal injury today, call Legal Expert on 0800 073 8804 right now. One of our staff will be ready and waiting to bring your claim on board, so that we can start processing it as soon as possible.

Helpful Links and Local Contacts

If you need to contact the police in Bicester, to report a road traffic accident or a similar accident, you can use the contact details below:

Thames Valley Police

Police House

Queens Ave


OX26 2NT

Telephone: +44 1865 841148


If you need to contact the local court that covers the Bicester area, you can do so using the following contact details:

Oxford Combined Court Centre

St Aldates



Telephone: 01865 264 200


If you need to visit a hospital in Bicester to get your injuries treated after an accident, you can find the closest NHS hospital here:

Bicester Community Hospital

Piggy Ln


OX26 6HT

Telephone: +44 1865 903880


At the link below, you will find a guide to making compensation claims for road traffic accidents:

A guide to claiming for road traffic accidents

At the link below, you will find a guide to making compensation claims for work-related accidents:

A guide to claiming for work-related accidents

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