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Salisbury Car Accident Claims Solicitors – No Win No Fee Claims Guide

Making A Salisbury Car Accident Claim

Salisbury road accident claims

Salisbury road accident claims

By Stephen Hudson. Last Updated 29th June 2022. On this page, you will find a guide to choosing a good team of car accident claims solicitors for Salisbury to represent you in a road traffic accident claim. It contains information, advice and tips on how to select the best legal team to give you the greatest chance possible of winning your claims case. You will find information below such as:

  • An explanation of why we feel that getting yourself examined by an impartial medical professional is a critical part of the process of claiming compensation for an injury caused by a road traffic accident in Salisbury.
  • Some tips on choosing a good solicitor, and also an explanation of the reasons why it is vital to choose a solicitor that has proven to be effective in winning similar claims.
  • Several different sections which cover the most common types of road traffic accidents that occur in the UK each year.
  • Several different sections which cover the most common types of injuries that are caused by road traffic accidents that occur in the UK each year.
  • Key statistics, in table form, pertaining to road traffic accidents in Salisbury.
  • An overview of the national claims service that Legal Expert offers to all residents of Salisbury as the best way to process a claim for an injury that was sustained in a road traffic accident.

When you reach the end of this webpage, if you still have questions that need answers, please call Legal Expert on 0800 073 8804 today so that we can get you the answers that you need.

How To Have A Medical Exam Close To Salisbury By One Of Our Medical Expert Panel

One of the most critical aspects of being able to successfully claim car accident compensation is being able to clearly demonstrate the severity of your injuries. Also, whether the long-term prognosis for your recovery indicates that you could be left with a permanent disability. An independent, expert medical examination is the best way to prove these facts. Legal Expert can arrange an appointment with a local medical for a free medical examination in the Salisbury area, the closest of these is:

Dr Joyshri Sarangi

Afron House Chiropractic Clinic

34 Rollerstone Street




Dr Ayubur Rahman

The Bowman Centre,

Sheasrs Drive




Why Using The Right Solicitor For Your RTA Claim Is Important

When you need to make a personal injury claim for an injury that you sustained in a road traffic accident in Salisbury, it is important to choose an experienced solicitor. Some, such as us here at Legal Expert, specialise in making these kinds of car accident claims. Using a specialist legal firm could give you a far higher chance of being successful in your compensation claim, and also in securing the maximum level of compensation possible.

Any No Win No Fee car accident solicitors you choose to represent you in your claim must

a) be able to prove they have recently won a similar case,

b) be able to arrange value added services such as a local free medical examination in Salisbury, and

c) offer a full Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA).

Reviews Of Salisbury Car Crash And RTA Solicitors

If you can find a reputable review site carrying impartial and accurate reviews of car crash solicitors, this is a great starting place to begin your search for a good legal firm to represent you in your own claim for an injury caused by a road traffic accident in Salisbury.

However, you need to be aware that some reviews may not be accurate, and generally, they are not a suitable basis for a final decision. Take any legal firm you have found on a review site, and cross check it by asking your friends, family or work associates whether they have had any dealings with your chosen solicitor.

Do You Have To Use A Local Solicitor?

There is no reason why you must use a local solicitor to make car crash claims in Salisbury, except that they would be close by. You can keep in touch with your solicitor no matter where they are using the phone, email, etc. A much more important factor than location is how experienced and effective your solicitor is in processing claims cases similar to your own.

Car And Vehicle Crash Claims Our Team Can Conduct For You

Legal Expert processes many compensation claims for road accident compensation on behalf of our clients every year. Due to the volume of these claims we make, we have discerned certain trends. For example, some types of road traffic accidents are far more frequently than others. We have covered many of these types of accidents in their own section below.

General Car Accident Claims

To answer the question, can I get compensation for a car accident? The answer is yes, as long as the accident was not your fault (or you are able to make a non-fault claim). We see accidents such as those involving learners or driving instructors, accidents involving emergency service vehicles, and HGV accidents as some of the most challenging claims cases we process.

Passenger Car Accident Claims

If you are riding as a pillion passenger on a motorcycle in Salisbury, or as a passenger in a private vehicle, or on some form of mass transit service such as a local Salisbury bus service, if you are injured in a road traffic accident, you will be able to claim road accident compensation. Furthermore, the ability for you to prove that you are not liable for the accident should be straightforward as a passenger.

Taxi Accident Claims

Every time you ride in a taxi, minicab or any other type of private hire vehicle, you are depending upon the driver of the vehicle to have a valid public liability insurance policy. The reason for this is that if you were to be injured as a passenger of the vehicle in a road traffic accident, it is the insurance company that provides this insurance cover that Legal Expert would claim against when processing a car accident compensation claim.

Bus or Coach Accident Claims

As a passenger on bus or coach in Salisbury, if you are injured when the bus is involved in a road traffic accident, then you could be eligible to claim compensation for your injuries. Legal Expert would pursue a damages claim against the company that owns and operates the bus or coach service on your behalf in these cases.

Pedestrian Accident Claims

To answer the question, how much money can you get from a car accident settlement? Much depends on the severity of your injuries. As a pedestrian in Salisbury who has been hit by a moving vehicle in a road traffic accident, it is likely your injuries will be fairly severe. In this case, Legal Expert would rely on the testimony of your doctor, to claim you the most compensation possible.

Rear End Car Accidents

Rear end shunts are the most common of all types of road traffic accidents in Salisbury that Legal Expert processes car accident claims for. These are generally low-speed accidents, yet despite this, are one of the most common causes of whiplash injuries in the UK each year. The average cost of rear shunt repairs according to the ABI, is £2,000.

Roundabout Accidents

Roundabouts are one of the most common places that Salisbury accident lawyers have to process road traffic accident claims for. A busy roundabout in heavy traffic can pose a challenge to drivers, especially if they have been distracted in some way.

Injuries Commonly Resulting From Car Accidents And Crashes

As there are types of road traffic accidents that are more frequent than others, there are also a number of different types of injuries that personal injury solicitors in Salisbury process claims for most frequently. A number of these are covered in the sections below.


The single most common of all injuries that are caused by road traffic accidents in the UK every year are whiplash injuries. Even a very low-speed rear shunt can cause a case of whiplash that could take several weeks to clear up. More serious accidents can result in a case of whiplash that could see the victim having to take months off work.

Back Pain

Back injuries are another very common reasons why people need to make a personal injury claim for an injury caused by a road traffic accident. The upper back is unprotected by safety belts and can easily be damaged. This could take the form of muscle sprains, all the way through to damage to the vertebrae of the spine itself.

Serious Injuries

A personal injury lawyer will see some very serious injuries from time to time. A high-speed road traffic accident involving multiple vehicles can cause severe injuries and fatalities. Injuries such as organ damage, severe fractures, brain damage and limb amputation. All of these would have a life-changing effect on the victim.

Car, Vehicle And Other Road Accidents in Salisbury

Below you will find a serious of simple graphs, that represent key statistics pertaining to road traffic accidents in the Salisbury area. All of these statistics covers a period of time between the start of 2013 and the end of 2017.

StreetNumber of RTA's
Midford Street22
Fisherton Street14

The table above shows that the roads that a person in Salisbury is quite likely to become involved in a road traffic accident on are; the A36, Midford Street and Fisherton Street.

Salisbury road accident map

Salisbury road accident map

Overall, between the start of 2013 and the end of 2017, there were a total of 166 road traffic accidents in the Salisbury area with over 250 casualties.

Goods vehicles57572
Young driver101310115

Of those 166 accidents in Salisbury, we can see from the table above that cars were the most likely of all types of vehicles to be involved in a roads traffic accident.

Fatal Road Traffic Accident Statistics For Salisbury


Look at the table above; we can see that with regards to fatal road traffic accidents, Salisbury only has one in the entire 5 year periods from the start of 2013 to the end of 2017.

Potential Value Of A Salisbury Car Accident Today – 2022 Examples

If you have grounds to make a claim for a car accident in Salisbury, then you may have questions about how much compensation could be offered if your claim succeeds. The amount of compensation that may be offered for a successful Salisbury traffic accident claim largely depends on what injuries you’ve suffered because of it and how severe they are. Other factors such as the financial impact of your accident and injuries may also be factored into your compensation payout.

Compensation for your injuries and the impact (both physically and psychologically) they have on you is known as general damages. If you can claim for general damages following a car accident in Salisbury, then you may also be able to claim for financial losses directly caused by the incident under special damages.

In the table below, we have included compensation brackets for different injuries that you may potentially claim under general damages. The brackets are based on the 2022 (16th) edition of the Judicial College Guidelines. The figures are not a guarantee of how you could claim. However, they are based on past claims and can give some indication of how much may be offered for certain injuries.

InjurySeverity Of InjuryCompensation Bracket
Head/Brain InjuryModerately Severe£219,070 to £282,010
Head/Brain InjuryMinor Injury£2,210 to £12,770
Arm InjuryLoss Of One Arm – Amputated At The ShoulderNot less than £137,160
Arm InjurySevere Injuries£96,160 to £130,930
Severe Leg InjuriesThe Most Serious Injuries Short of Amputation£96,250 to £135,920
Severe Leg InjuriesSerious£39,200 to £54,830
Severe Leg InjuriesModerate£27,760 to £39,200
Shoulder InjuriesSevere£19,200 to £48,030
Shoulder InjuriesSerious£12,770 to £19,200
Shoulder InjuriesModerate£7,890 to £12,770

For more information, get in touch today for Salisbury accident claims advice.

No Win No Fee Salisbury Specialist Car Crash Solicitors

Legal Expert can offer you a No Win No Fee, entirely financially risk-free way to process a compensation claim for an injury sustained during a road traffic accident in the Salisbury area. This means you pay nothing to begin your claim, nothing to pursue your claim, and nothing if we are unsuccessful. In fact, you only need to pay us when we successfully receive a compensation payment on your behalf, and we will deduct our fees from the total received.

Taking The Next Step

Legal Expert has a simplified new client onboarding process for personal injury claims. When you call us on the number below, we will spend some time asking you about the specific details of your claims case. Once we have done this, we will have enough information about your case to begin advising you on what we believe your best course of legal action would be.

Get More Information

If you need more information about the national claims service operated by Legal Expert and offered to every resident of Salisbury, then call us on the number below.

One of our legal team will walk you through the process of starting a new claim for a road traffic accident injury. You will then have access to the best personal injury solicitor to make your claim.

Staring Your Salisbury Car Accident Claim

If you need an answer to questions such as, how much is the average settlement for a car accident? or believe you have a valid reason to make a personal accident claim for an injury sustained in a road traffic accident in the Salisbury area, then call Legal Expert now on 0800 073 8804 so that we can get your claim rolling.

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