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Livingston Personal Injury Solicitors No Win No Fee

By Stephen Hackett. Last Updated 1st September 2021. If you’re in Livingston and you’ve suffered a personal injury or have been hurt in an accident that wasn’t your fault then you need the services of a personal injury solicitor. Our Livingston personal injury solicitors team specialise in all forms of accident at work injuries and other personal injury cases and we can help you to claim the compensation that you deserve.

We’ve been helping people for many years in the Livingston and surrounding West Lothian areas ensuring local people get specialist advice to ensure that they get the full amount of compensation they are owed.

How Livingston Personal Injury Solicitors Can Help You

If you’ve been unfortunate to have been in some form of accident in Livingston and have suffered an injury that wasn’t your fault then you need to get the advice of a specialist in this area of law. This is because there can be a huge range of consequences of such an accident such as:

  • Pain and suffering – This could be immediately after the accident but could last far further into the future.
  • Loss of earnings – Whilst you are injured, you may not be able to work, which means you may be entitled to a loss of earnings claim.
  • Reduced earnings, loss of future earnings – Because of your accident, you may not be able to earn as much as you could in the past which means you may be able to claim for reduced earnings or future loss of earnings.
  • Medical expenses – You may have had to pay a large amount of medical expenses due to your accident and injury which may mean you are able to claim for medical expenses.
  • Decline in quality of life – If the injury that you have acquired has resulted in a decline in the quality of your life in Livingston you may also be able to claim for this too.

What may at first seem to be a minor injury can turn out to have life changing consequences so it is crucial that you let your case be handled by professionals such as our team of personal injury solicitors for Livingston.

As we always do, we will work with you in a kind, considerate and professional manner to ensure that you put forward a strong case for compensation to get you the money you deserve.

What Types of Personal Injury Claim Do Livingston Solicitors Deal With?

  • Accidents at work These can include factory accidents, construction site injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, back injuries, falls from height and repetitive strain injuries.
  • Traffic accidents These can include Livingston road traffic accidents where you were the driver, passenger or pedestrian, bicycle accidents, bus passenger accidents and claims against uninsured drivers.
  • Medical negligence This can include issues such as cancer negligence, blood clots, birth injuries and injuries sustained in A&E.
  • Sport injuries – These can include a range of injuries that can be sustained whilst playing sport such as football injuries, gym injuries or martial art injuries.
  • Criminal injuries These can include injuries sustained in bars/clubs, dog attacks and domestic violence.
  • Serious injuries These can include accidents that lead to paralysis, broken bones, burns and brain injuries.
  • Trips, slips and falls This could include slips on snow or ice, pavement trips and slips or trips in Livingston supermarkets.

We can help in ANY personal injury case, even in less common ones such as carbon monoxide poisoning, eye injuries, children’s injuries and food poisoning.

How long do I have to start a claim?

If you’re seriously considering starting a personal injury claim in Livingston or elsewhere, then it’s best to get this process underway as soon as you can. That’s because there is usually a time limit in place for when you can begin a claim for an accident/negligence. Under the Limitation Act 1980, personal injury claims can only be valid if it is commenced within three years of when your accident occurred.

There’s only a very limited amount of circumstances where the time limit may work differently. If the victim of an accident is under 18 or lacks the mental capacity to make decisions independently, then the time limit can be put on hold (at least temporarily). When either of these circumstances apply, someone close to the victim may be able to claim on the victim’s behalf as a litigation friend.

How Do I Know If I Have a Case For Compensation?

Your specialist Livingston personal injury solicitors will have an initial chat with you about your claim where they will ask things like what happened, how did it happen, what injury did you receive and how did it affect you. Then, to enable us to take a look at your case in more depth we may ask you to provide some or all of the following:

  • Where the accident happened (in the West Lothian region or elsewhere).
  • When the accident happened.
  • Full details of how the accident happened (detailed).
  • Full details of your injuries alongside your GP/medical records.
  • Proof of any financial expenses that you may have accrued due to the accident.
  • Proof of any loss of earnings that you may have suffered.

What Happens Next?

Next, our specialist Livingston personal injury solicitors will issue a letter of claim to the person or people that you think are responsible for the accident/injury. They will then have a period of usually up to 12 weeks to respond (depending on the type of claim).

If the defendants accept liability then they should make an offer and then your solicitor will negotiate a fair settlement for you. If they do not decide to admit that the accident was their fault, then the claim will proceed to court where the case will be heard before a judge.

How Much Compensation Will Livingston Personal Injury Solicitors Claim?

Personal injury cases are all unique, with no two cases being exactly the same which makes it impossible to say EXACTLY how much you should be looking to receive. However, our experienced personal injury solicitors Livingston can give you a good idea of how much your claim is worth which can help give you a guideline.

Will My Claim Cost Me Anything?

With our specialist Livingston personal injury solicitors, making a claim for compensation needn’t cost you a penny. Cases are done on a No Win No Fee basis which is a conditional agreement between you and our solicitors which means that you will not be responsible for expensive legal bills even if your claim is not successful. That means that you don’t have to live with the consequences of another person’s negligence and you get the best legal representation you can get giving you peace of mind.

There are other financial benefits which you can enjoy by claiming on a No Win No Fee basis:

  • There’s no need to pay for your solicitor’s legal fees prior to your claim getting underway.
  • There will also be no requirement to cover your solicitor’s legal fees while your claim remains in progress.
  • Payment towards your solicitor’s legal fees should only be required if your claim proves to be successful. This should provide confidence that your solicitor will deliver maximum effort towards your case, as they face extra risk if the case does not succeed.

With No Win No Fee agreements, your solicitor usually subtracts a small percentage of your compensation to cover their payment. The percentage which your solicitor can take is capped by law.

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