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Hillingdon | Personal Injury Solicitors | No Win No Fee

By Lewis Cobain. Last Updated 20th June 2023. If you’ve suffered an injury through no fault of your own, you may be here looking for personal injury solicitors in Hillingdon. If so, we can help.

Our national claims service covers everyone in the country. Our specialist solicitors can help with a range of personal injury claims, from accidents at work to injuries caused by potholes. 

Below, we explain more about claiming personal injury compensation. However, if you would rather speak with us now to get the ball rolling, you can do so by:

Hillingdon personal injury solicitors

Hillingdon personal injury solicitors

Legal Expert’s Research Into Personal Injury Claims Against Hillingdon Council

Hillingdon Council was the third local authority most impacted by personal injury compensation payouts in the Greater London area last year.

A Freedom of Information request by Legal Expert found that the council paid out £337,786.03 last year as a result of personal injury claims.

Overall, 80 personal injury claims were submitted against the local authority from April 2022 to April 2023. A significant cause of these claims included pothole accidents.

A complete breakdown of the personal injury claims submitted to the council last year can be found below:

  • Alleged improper maintenance – Parks, Playgrounds, Municipal Buildings, Schools
  • Alleged Negligent Act
  • Asbestos
  • Defective Pavement
  • Drainage
  • Edging Kerb
  • Food – Allergic reaction
  • Gate & Fences
  • Holes
  • Ice/Water
  • Manhole/Cover
  • Metal item
  • Potholes
  • Tarmac Defect
  • Trip – Kerb stone, Outside paving, Raised manhole/drain cover
  • Uneven Surface
  • Wet/Greasy floor/Ground
  • Slip, Trip, Fall

A duty of care is owed to visitors and employees by Hillingdon Council. As a local authority, they must maintain any premises, spaces or highways they control and ensure they are reasonably safe to use.

If you have been the victim of council negligence and suffered an injury that could have been avoided, you could make a personal injury claim. Speak to our advisors to find out how our personal injury solicitors could help you secure compensation.

What is the personal injury claims process and how does it work?

Personal injury claims vary from case to case. There can be injuries that are caused by slips and trips on broken pavements that can cause a person to receive injuries such as sprains or fractures. Or, you might find yourself in a car accident, which could have caused anything from whiplash to severe, life-changing injuries. You may have been injured in the workplace, and fallen from height. The potential for accidents to happen is huge, but the crux of the personal injury claims industry is whether someone could or should have prevented this from happening by being safer or adhering to their duty to keep you safe. Anyone from a council to a business owner to a truck driver can be seen to be liable for an accident, and if the accident caused you injury, then there is legislation in place that allows you to seek the relevant compensation for these events.

How our team can help the victims of accidents which were not their fault

Here at Legal Expert, we’ve built our business on providing not only actionable clear and straight to the point advice on personal injury claims, but also for providing personal injury solicitors that cover the area to help fight a claim for compensation if something has happened to you and caused you an injury that was not your fault. Our helpline is staffed by legally trained advisors who will not only listen to your story with compassion, but will also be very clear on the facts that surround it, giving you information on making claims and taking action should you choose to do so. They will also even go through the information you need to know about claiming without funds upfront for legal fees.

Key criteria for making a claim with us

To put forward a personal injury claim, there are a few conditions that are required to be met. The first is that an accident has happened to you; one that was not your own doing. This can be anything from a machinery accident at work, to not having been provided the proper PPE, to developing an industrial disease, to being involved in a fall.

Secondly, you will need to have sought some form of medical attention for the injuries that were inflicted upon you from this incident. This can include things like mental trauma as well as physical harm. Seeing a medical professional is essential for not only getting treatment that is right for you but also to serve as proof of your injury/illness.

Thirdly, it will need to be proven that the injury or illness that happened to you was due to the negligence/dangerous behaviour of a liable party. This could be a driver in a car crash, an employer who did not train you how to lift something properly, or a commercial business that did not maintain their premises correctly causing there to be trip hazards etc. It will be the job of your personal injury solicitor to prove this on your behalf so whatever information you could provide on witnesses, photos of what happened/the area etc would be useful.

Five tips to help you find the right solicitor or lawyer

Choosing someone to represent you in your fight for compensation is not always easy. After all, you might need to speak to this person regularly and some claims can last for some time so it has to be someone you trust to keep on top of things during the claims process and someone who will keep you up to date with what’s happening. With this in mind, we offer a few tips on getting the right one for you:

  1. Don’t restrict yourself to Hillingdon personal injury solicitors – you could choose a lawyer that is based anywhere in the UK.
  2. Make sure you obtain as much information on the prospective lawyer you’re looking to use. Legal Expert may be able to provide more information than you would find in a standard search.
  3. Read reviews on the solicitors you’re looking at.
  4. Check fees – while some solicitors charge by the hour, others charge on a no win no fee agreement, something that would reduce the risk of you being left out of pocket should your claim not win.
  5. Speak to us. We have a wealth of information we can provide to you on finding solicitors to suit your needs, whether it’s specific medical negligence experience, or RTA experience.

Personal injury solicitor reviews

We briefly touched upon reading reviews above, but whether you’re searching for a personal injury solicitors covering the Hillingdon  area or those based outside the area that cover claims across the UK, then there are a few pertinent points to keep in mind.

  1. Not all reviews are exactly as they seem. We don’t mean that they’re not true, but personal injury law is often emotional and if a client feels that their expectations were not met – even if those expectation were unrealistic to start with – they might be angry and upset. This is why we at Legal Expert are so careful to manage client expectations. If we feel that your claim would not be successful, we would tell you so.
  2. Not all injury lawyers are specialists in every field. If you choose a medical negligence solicitor with great reviews for a medical negligence claim, then that might work out well. If you use that same lawyer for a complex road traffic claim, you might find the experience a little different.
  3. Not every review will tell you about a very important aspect – fees. Whilst it is true that fees are capped on CFA agreements, or no win no fee personal injury solicitors arrangements as people often call them, there is a huge difference between solicitors on the percentage of compensation they take as a fee.

If you keep these things in mind while reading personal injury solicitor reviews, you won’t go far wrong. Here at Legal Expert though, we can supply with you even more information than you’d find in reviews, allowing you to have all the facts to hand before you make a decision on the lawyer you choose.

Location does not matter

Choosing a solicitor to best represent you isn’t a decision you should take lightly, and if you want to find the best solicitor for your case, you might do well not to restrict your search to the local area. With the internet offering seamless methods of communication, it really is not necessary for you to choose a solicitor that is just minutes away from you. You can, instead, use the one best placed to fight for your compensation, with specialist knowledge in their field and fees that are taken on a no win no fee basis. In addition, no matter where your solicitor is based, they can usually arrange for your medical examination to be close to where you live, negating the need to travel far to complete your claim.

Here are just a couple of medical negligence specialists in the local area.

Sanjay LakhaniThe Health Lodge
Pole Hill Road
UxbridgeUB10 0QE
Sanjay LakhaniThe Arena Wellness Centre
The Arena Business Centre, Stockley Park
UxbridgeUB11 1AA
Kashif AzizRegus Heathrow Stockley Park
Lakeside House, 1 Furzeground Way, Stockley Park
UxbridgeUB11 1BD

Common kinds of personal injury cases we conduct

We touched on some of the types of injury claim we see here at Legal Expert, but it is important to remember that no matter what the circumstances of your personal injury or illness claim, we can assist, whether that’s to offer advice or provide you with a solicitor. Some claims are more commonly seen, however, so we provide some more information on the frequently seen types of case below.

Cases of industrial disease

Sadly, no matter how safe and healthy our workplaces seem, over time some of them can cause us problems. One of the most notorious types of industrial disease claims that often hits the news is that of mesothelioma, or asbestosis. However, there are many other types of industrial disease that you may not be aware of that have led to successful claims. Whether it’s hand-arm vibration syndrome, COPD, or dermatitis, if it has been caused by your work and could have been prevented, then there is a high chance you’d have a successful claim.

Cases of clinical negligence

Many visitors to the UK’s hospitals and doctors result in patients leaving feeling better than they did when they arrived but sadly some do not. Whether due to a late diagnosis, misdiagnosis, or even the wrong treatment being prescribed, if negligence has occurred in a clinical setting, then there is a good chance you would be able to claim for compensation. While we are aware that this may not make the whole thing better, at least you would not be left financially worse off because of the medical malpractice.

Cases involving slips or falls

Falling over or slipping happens to many of us over our lifetime, but if you’ve been left with injuries due to a slip or fall, then you would likely not find it a laughing matter. This is especially the case when it was due to the dangerous or negligent action or inaction of another party.

Broken pavements, wet floors and incorrectly secured floormats are just some of the examples of what might constitute a slip and fall claim, but there are many others that might also lead to a claim. If you’re unsure whether someone else should be liable for your slip and fall injury, no matter where it occurred, then get in touch with the team and we’ll see if you are likely to be able to claim.

Cases of serious harm or injury

Whilst in many cases, injuries are only fleeting, if painful and heal over time, in other cases it is far more serious. Serious injury claims are complex, and need a specialist to deal with them as the outcome of the claim could affect the treatment and quality of life you have after a serious accident.

A specialist serious injury lawyer will know only too well about life-changing injuries, whether they have been caused by work accidents, falls from height, or road traffic accidents, and will carefully liaise with relevant parties to fully understand the nature of your injuries, the effects they will have on you long-term and the costs of care that you might need well into the future as well as the effect on your mental state and any financial losses you might have had to bear.

All this will help the parties concerned to arrive at a settlement figure that does as much as possible to compensate you financially for the serious injuries you’ve suffered and the help you will need to continue with life after your accident.

How to make a personal injury claim for an accident at work

Claiming against an employer for an employee is quite often a scary prospect. When you take into account that this is the company that pay your wages, it’s no wonder some people can be fearful of claiming. But this should not be the case. Not only does a work injury claim highlight bad practice that can then be changed to ensure the same accident doesn’t happen again, it should also not have an effect on your job or relationship with your employer.

Insurance that your employer should have taken out when they first began trading should cover the cost of any claim, and there is some legislation to ensure your employer doesn’t treat you any differently because of your claim.

Hillingdon local area authority – recorded accidents in the workplace

Hillingdon Local Authority Accidents in Work (RIDAGGR)2011/122012/132013/14
Not Known7410264
Substance/s (Harmful)1683
Falls (At Height)744733
Manual Handling404300296
Falls (Same level)265268232
Striking against755246
Hit by vehicle (Moving)263430
Hit by item132110115

Below, you’ll see statistics regarding work accident claims in this area.

How to make a personal injury claim for a road traffic accident

The roads come with risks and while many of us observe all the rules of the road, we might still get into an accident – especially if another driver or road user is not taking the care they should. Should you have been injured in an RTA, you might suffer anything from bruises, scrapes and sprains to serious injuries, and it is only right that you should seek compensation if it was someone else’s fault you obtained those injuries with help from road traffic accident claims solicitors.

Cases of whiplash are common in car accidents, as are broken bones and head and neck injuries, but whatever type of injury you have, we are here to assist. Simply call us here at Legal Expert and we’ll offer a friendly ear, a professional service and we’ll provide an experienced solicitor to fight your claim.

Statistics for recorded serious injuries or deaths from road accidents in Hillingdon Borough

2011/ 122012/ 13

If you’ve been injured on the roads in the area, you won’t be alone. See the statistics below:

Hillingdon Solicitors – No Win No Fee Solicitors Covering the Hillingdon Area

If you are concerned about the potential financial risk of hiring legal help, using No Win No Fee solicitors could be the way forward. Using Hillingdon solicitors that represent clients on this basis could help you feel more financially secure.

If you work with a No Win No Fee solicitor, one of the key advantages is that you won’t have to worry about paying your solicitor should your claim fail. However, if your claim is successful, you’ll pay a legally capped success fee. That fee is never more than 25% of your compensation under The Conditional Fee Agreements Order 2013.

You won’t have to worry about paying upfront or ongoing costs to your solicitors either. Before beginning legal proceedings, your solicitor will discuss any fees so you don’t need to worry about hidden charges either.

There may be benefits to working with local solicitors, however, it’s important to note that you are not obliged to work with a solicitor local to you. You can work with a No Win No Fee lawyer anywhere in the country.

If you would like to hear about how our No Win No Fee solicitors could potentially help you, get in touch with us at any time.

How can I make a no win no fee claim?

Through Legal Expert, you can make a claim of this type. All you need to do is call is and tell us what’s happened. We’ll advise whether we feel your claim would end up with a payout, and offer to provide you a solicitor that works on this basis. You can then talk through the details of the percentages in the agreement with them.

How to find out more about our services

Our site offers a wealth of information on personal injury and medical negligence claims including medical negligence advice. You can browse all of our guides, covering a vast array of different situations, injuries and occurrences, or you can simply give us a call. All advice is free and without obligation to take any personal injury case forward.

Speak to us today

There’s really no need to delay getting in touch, whatever type of enquiry you have. Just call 0800 073 8804, fill in the contact form or use our live chat – you’ll soon have all the information – and even a solicitor should you want one – to help you take your claim forward.

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Hillingdon Hospital
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Tel: 01895 238282

Guide to Hillingdon Council Street Incidents – Information about the Local Authority’s Responsibilities.

Foreign Vehicles – If a driver that caused an accident was not from this country, could you claim?

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