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Moped And Scooter Accident Claims In London Guide – How To Claim Compensation Free Advice No Win No Fee

By Danielle Jordan. Last Updated 5th May 2023. If you have been injured in a moped, scooter or motorbike accident in London, which was not your fault, you could be entitled to make a moped or scooter accident claim worth thousands of pounds. Your scooter accident claim in London, motorcycle accident claim, or moped accident claim could be worth a lot of money, so if you are eligible to claim, don’t miss out on getting the compensation that you are owed.

Trust Legal Expert to represent you in your scooter accident claim. We are a well respected personal injury solicitor’s firm, with a great history of winning scooter accident claims for our clients. If you have been injured in a scooter accident in London, call Legal Expert today on 0800 073 8804 for your free legal consultation and to see if you are entitled to claim compensation for your injuries.

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A Guide To Making A Scooter Or Moped Accident Claim In London

Legal Expert has created this guide for anyone who has experienced and been injured because of a scooter accident in London. We will also look into moped accidents and motorcycle accidents. Whether you live in London, were visiting from another part of the country or are a foreign national staying in London, we can help you to claim the compensation that you are entitled to.

Moped/scooter accident London

Moped/scooter accident London

When using the roads, vehicle drivers have a duty of care towards other road users. This means that they are legally obliged to drive in a manner that upholds the health and safety of others (for example not taking any unnecessary risks, or driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol). In London, because of the sheer volume of traffic, driving can be more challenging than elsewhere in the country. To add to this, scooter, moped and motorcycle drivers are at a higher risk of road traffic accidents and injuries than say car or van drivers, because their vehicle doesn’t have an outer protective shell. This means that drivers of cars, vans, lorries and buses need to pay attention and look out for motorbike, scooter and moped drivers.

If you have suffered a scooter accident in London, trust Legal Expert to provide you with an excellent motorbike accident claims solicitor. Our personal injury solicitors have a wealth of previous experience in winning motorcycle or scooter crash claims like yours. Many of the solicitors on our team have up to 30 years of experience working on moped and scooter accident claims and will always fight to win you the maximum amount of compensation that you are entitled to. You will also have the option to make a no win no fee claim, which means that there is no risk of becoming out of pocket, in the event that you do not win your compensation claim.

If you believe you are entitled to compensation for a scooter accident, motorcycle or moped accident in London, call Legal Expert today to see if you have legitimate grounds to claim. If you do, we will estimate how much compensation you could be entitled to claim and will provide you with a high quality personal injury lawyer to handle your claim, who will start working on it right away.

What Are Scooter Accidents And Moped Accidents

Scooters, mopeds and motorcycles are all very similar two-wheeled motorised vehicles. A scooter or moped accident can happen while you are learning to ride one of these vehicles, if the instructor makes a mistake. A scooter accident can also occur if you collide with another scooter, or are hit by a car. For example, a car could turn left without checking their side mirror and hit your bike. If the accident was not your fault and resulted in you becoming injured, you could be entitled to make a scooter accident claim for compensation.

Scooter and Moped Accident Statistics In London

Government statistics tell us that between 2004 and 2020, motorcycle fatalities across Britain decreased from 585 to 285. This is a reduction of 51%.  Serious injuries also dropped by 48%.

In addition, motorcycle traffic fell by 22%.

When statistics for this period are averaged out across 2015-2020, we can see that two-thirds (66%) of motorcycle fatalities took place on rural roads.

Motorcycle fatalities statistics graph

Can I Drive A Scooter Or Moped With A Provisional Or International License?

In Great Britain, you will need a provisional licence to ride a scooter, moped or motorbike on the roads. You will then have to complete your compulsory basic training and pass a practical exam and theory test. If you have a European Union driving licence, you will need to exchange your licence for a GB licence or register your license with the DVLA, to be able to ride your vehicle on British roads.

What Should I Do If I Was Involved In A Moped Or Scooter Accident In London?

If you are involved in a motorbike, moped or scooter accident then it is of first importance that you seek the appropriate medical attention. If the other driver involved in the accident refuses to stop, you believe that they are under the influence of drugs and alcohol or the road is blocked, call the police.

If anyone involved in the accident is seriously injured or in immediate danger, call the emergency services by dialling 999 (please be aware this number is for emergency situations only). If no one is seriously injured, you should report the road traffic accident to the police within 24 hours of the accident taking place, as it is an offense not to do so. You can also report road traffic accidents in London to the Metropolitan Police online.

When you are involved in a motorcycle accident or scooter accident, it is very important to stay calm. Although it is a frightening and highly stressful experience, you don’t want to escalate the situation by arguing with the other driver.

Exchange contact details with the other driver. If they were driving a car, bus, lorry or van, write down their car make, colour and most importantly license plate registration number. It is very important that you do not apologise to the other people involved in the accident or say it was your fault, even if you feel upset, because it might be taken as accepting liability in a court of law at a later stage. Do not sign anything from the other driver or rider’s insurer or solicitor, or accept an offer of compensation from them, without consulting your solicitor first.

To gather evidence which can be used to support your compensation claim at a later date, you can take these steps:

  • Photograph the hazard that caused your injury if it is visible.
  • Photograph your injuries if they are visible. Include a date stamp if possible.
  • Take down the names and contact details of any eye witnesses.
  • You may be able to claim compensation for any expenses you experienced which are related to your injury (such as medical expenses), so keep all your proof of purchase documentation and receipts. These may also be used as evidence to support your claim as well.

If you believe that you are entitled to make a moped, motorbike or scooter accident claim in London, call Legal Expert today for your free consultation. If you have legitimate grounds to claim, we will provide you with an excellent motorbike accident claims solicitor, who will get started working on your claim right away.

How Long Do I Have To Claim For A Moped Accident?

In addition to having sufficient evidence that proves another road user’s negligence caused your injuries in a moped accident, you will need to start your claim within the limitation period. This is generally three years from the date of the accident.

However, for certain scooter accident claims, there are exceptions to the time limit. This includes claims made for:

  • Those who lack the mental capacity to make a claim for themselves. For these claimants, the time limit is indefinitely suspended. However, a litigation friend could be appointed to claim on their behalf during this time. Should the injured party regain this capacity and a claim has not been made for them, they will have three years from that date to start a claim.
  • Injured parties under the age of 18. The time limit is paused until their 18th birthday, giving them three years from that date to start a claim if one has not been made for them. However, an appointed litigation friend could claim on their behalf before that point.

Call our advisors to learn about time limits in personal injury claims.

Can I Claim Compensation If I Was Knocked Of My Scooter?

A common motorcycle injury claim example, is an injury caused by being knocked off a motorbike, moped or scooter. The answer is yes, if the accident which involved you being knocked off your scooter or vehicle was caused by negligence on the part of another party, which resulted in you becoming injured, you could be entitled to claim compensation for your injuries.

Your solicitor will have to prove that the accident was the fault of the Defendant and that your injuries were caused as a direct result of this accident. If you were injured because you were knocked off your scooter, moped or motorbike, in an accident that was not your fault, call Legal Expert today to enquire about paying with a personal injury lawyer to represent you in your claim compensation for your injuries.

Common Scooter, Moped And Motorcycle Injury Claim Examples

There are many common moped, scooter or motorcycle injury claim examples, which we frequently help clients claim compensation for. These can include the following injuries:

  • Bikers arm
  • Muscle damage
  • Leg injury
  • Road rash
  • Head injury
  • Loss of hands, fingers, feet and other limbs
  • Nerve damage
  • Back injury
  • Spinal cord injury or neck injury
  • Paralysis
  • Death

If you cannot see your injury amongst these common motorcycle injury claim examples, you may still be able to claim compensation for your injuries. Call Legal Expert today, to discuss the circumstances surrounding your road traffic accident to see if you are entitled to claim.
Please be aware that more serious injuries are usually awarded higher amounts of compensation, to compensate the victim for their extreme pain, suffering and loss of amenity that they have experienced.

Claims also include special damages, which serve to pay for expenses associated with your injuries such as medical treatment, at home care or mobility equipment that you may now need. When an individual has suffered an accident that involves a serious injury, their expenses are likely to be greater.

If you are the next of kin relative of someone who died in a fatal scooter accident, motorbike or moped accident, you could be entitled to claim compensation on their behalf, if the accident took place in the last three years. Call Legal Expert today, to see if you are entitled to claim.

What To Do If You’re Involved In A Moped Hit And Run

It’s still possible to make a claim if the driver who hit you flees the scene. Being compensated for a scooter accident doesn’t necessarily depend on the at-fault driver being caught. In cases of a hit and run (or being hit by an uninsured driver), you may still be able to make a claim through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB).

The MIB are an independent UK company, funded by every driver’s insurance policy. This way, it remains possible that you could claim compensation through them if other avenues are not possible.

Moped And Scooter Whiplash Accident Claims

Whiplash is commonly caused by road traffic accidents, which can affect drivers of all sorts of vehicles. What is whiplash? Whiplash is a sort of soft tissue injury that affects the neck. It happens when a trauma pushes the head beyond its normal range of motion, causing the neck muscles to become overstretched, resulting in a strain or sprain injury.

Whiplash can be a very debilitating injury. Although it usually gets better over time, in extreme circumstances whiplash can cause sufferers to become permanently disabled and cause a lot of pain. Call Legal Expert today, to enquire about finding the right injury lawyer to represent your claim.

What Can I Include In My Scooter Accident Claim?

If you make a successful moped, motorbike or scooter accident claim, for injuries you suffered in London, your compensation payout could be awarded in two parts. The first larger part of your compensation payout will be general damages. General damages compensate you the Claimant for the “pain, suffering and loss of amenity” that you experienced as a result of your injuries.

More serious injuries tend to receive larger payouts, for obvious reasons. Your compensation payout will also include special damages. Special damages pay for any expenses you may have experienced because of your accident, as well as any expenses you may encounter in the future, such as ongoing medical treatment that you may need.

Here are some examples of special damages that you may be able to claim:

  • Medical expenses: These expenses will compensate you for the cost the cost of any medical treatment you may need as a result of your motorbike accident, or any treatment you may need in the future.
  • Travel expenses: These will cover any transport costs you experience, which are associated with your accident. These could include alternative transport for a period of time if you were temporarily unable to ride your motor vehicle or drive a car, or the cost of a taxi to the hospital.
  • Care claim: If you become seriously debilitated as a result of your accident, temporarily or permanently, you could claim the cost of your at home care. If a relative or friend cared for you while you were unwell, you could be entitled to claim compensation for them on their behalf as part of your compensation package.
  • Loss of earnings: If you were unable to work temporarily or permanently because of your accident, you can sue for loss of income. This can include loss of future income, such as claiming for missed pension payments.

Motorbike Accident Claim Calculator

If you have been involved in an accident on a moped, and it was caused by the negligence of another road user, then you could be owed compensation. So, you might be wondering how much your settlement could be worth.

The amount that’s awarded to you to account for your physical and psychological injuries is called general damages. Legal professionals will use various resources to assist them in calculating a suitable amount. The Judicial College Guidelines (JCG) is a publication they use, along with medical evidence.

We’ve included some example figures from the JCG in the table below. The amounts you see are based on past cases but are only guidelines.

Foot(b) One foot amputated£78,800 to £102,890
Post-traumatic stress disorder(a) Severe - permanent effects£56,180 to £94,470
Face(a) Scarring of a very severe nature£27,940 to £91,350
Face(d) Less significant scarring£3,710 to £12,900
Hand(e) Hand reduced to around 50% capacity£27,220 to £58,100
Teeth(i) Several front teeth seriously damaged or lost£8,730 to £11,410
Teeth(iii) Serious damage to or loss of a single front tooth£2,200 to £3,950
Jaw(iii) With immobilization, complete recovery from a simple fracture£6,460 to £8,730
Mental anguish(E) Fear that your life may end, or that the length of your life may be reduced£4.380
Nose(iii) Displaced fracture, requires only manipulation£2,520 to £3,150

No Win No Fee Scooter Accident Claims

Legal Expert allows all of our clients to make a no win no fee claim for compensation. A no win no fee claim means that the personal injury solicitor agrees to take on the client’s personal injury case without charging an upfront fee or any ongoing fees. Instead, you pay your fee if and when the personal injury solicitor wins your claim. If you are unable to claim compensation, you will not be charged any feeds by your no win no fee solicitor.

This means that you will be able to make a scooter accident claim in London, without taking on any personal financial risk. Remember, Legal Expert will only take on claims that we know we think we can win, so the likelihood of you not winning your moped, scooter or motorcycle accident claim is quite low.

To learn more, read Legal Expert’s online guide to making a No Win No Fee claim. Alternatively, if you are ready to start your claim, call Legal Expert today using the number above, to speak to one of our expert legal advisors for free.

Why You Should Make Your London Scooter Accident Claim With Legal Expert

If you have been injured in a motorcycle, moped of scooter accident that was not your fault, you could be entitled to claim a lot of money in damages as compensation. Legal Expert works with some of the top injury lawyers in their field, and guarantees you an excellent service.

Our solicitors will always fight to win you the maximum amount of compensation you are owed and many of our motorbike accident claims solicitors have three decades of experience, so you’re bound to be in good hands. To claim, call Legal Expert for your free legal consultation today, if you have legitimate grounds to claim, we will find an excellent personal injury lawyer to represent your claim, who will get started with it right away. Call today, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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