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Greece Hotel Accident Claims Guide – How To Claim Compensation?

Hotel accident claims Greece

Hotel accident claims Greece

Legal Expert are specialist personal injury solicitors who can help with any compensation claim for an injury sustained in a Greek hotel (if it was the fault of the hotel or its staff).

Many people enjoy trips to Greece every year but if you were injured in a hotel in Greece and would like to use us to make your claim then please get in touch by calling 0800 073 8804 today or, if you’d like to know more the please carry on reading this useful hotel accident article.

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A guide to hotel accident claims in Greece

Millions of Brits visit Greece each year with some visiting multiple times a year or treating it as a second home and while many have never had a problem in Greek hotel sometime hotel accident claims in Greece have to be made because of a mistake by hotel staff or management.

This guide covers what you should do in the event of an accident, the types of accidents you can be involved in (as well as some of the more common types of injury), the amounts of compensation you may receive for certain injuries, the time limits for claiming and how you can use Legal Expert to make your claim for you using our no win no fee service.

There is a useful links section right at the end of the guide which includes some more information, should you need it.

Who, when, and how to make a Greek hotel accident claim

All hotels have a professional duty of care to protect their guests, visitors and staff and ensure their safety while on the premises.  This duty of care is on all owners, management and staff and means that firstly risk assessments should be made regularly, procedures written to minimise risk and if any member of staff spots a new risk then they should act on it to prevent somebody from becoming injured.

Furthermore, a package holiday provider has a duty of care for your safety in a hotel that they’ve provided (they should ensure the hotels they sell are safe) so a claim could be made against your holiday provider instead of the hotel.

Greek hotel slip and fall settlements

Hotel slip and trip settlements are common in hotels across the world, not just in Greece and sometimes, if the claimant was to blame (because they were messing around or not being sensible) then the claim wouldn’t be fair but if the hotel has, in some way, caused you to slip or fall then hotel accident claims in Greece are possible.

The types of injuries caused by a slip or fall can include: broken bones, head injuries, soft tissue damage, lacerations & cuts, bruising and spinal injuries all of which should be treated as soon as possible.

A hotel could be to blame when floors or paths are uneven, floors are slippery and no warning signs are in place or when a trip hazard has been obscured because of poor lighting.  In any of these situations you could make a claim against the hotel because they could’ve prevented your accident and subsequent injury.

Greek hotel illness from foods and drinks

Food poisoning can lead to a bug that lasts 24 hours or in extreme circumstances it can lead to life-threatening illnesses that delays your return trip to the UK.  In either case, if the food poisoning was caused by the hotel (or because they didn’t stop the spread of an ongoing outbreak), then you could claim for personal illness, loss of enjoyment of the hotel and any travel costs incurred.

Food poisoning is caused when food isn’t stored, prepared, handled, cooked or reheated properly and hygienically and can lead to illnesses like Noro virus, salmonella and E-coli which can all be prevented.

It may also be spread by contact due to poor hygiene which is why some hotels insist on hand sanitisers being available to guests and insisting they are used before entering the restaurant.  If this isn’t the case in your hotel then you could claim against them for any food poisoning as it could be argued that they’ve not done enough to prevent the spread.

Damage to your property, or assaults in a hotel in Greece

One of the worst injuries and subsequent claims to deal with is those involving assaults on claimants in a hotel.   You may think that the person who committed the assault would be to blame and not the hotel which may be true but there are circumstances where you could claim against the hotel such as:

  • If the hotel security failed to protect you from being assaulted. If the hotel has security which failed to step in and prevent your injuries, then you could claim against them.
  • If the assailant was a member of staff. This should never be the case, but it does happen.   Any assault, including those by staff, should be reported to the hotel and possibly the police.
  • If the assault was because the assailant was intoxicated or drunk and the hotel staff failed to stop serving alcohol even though it was obvious, they were becoming dangerous.

Any claim could include the pain, suffering and embarrassment caused by the assault but also any personal property that was damaged during the incident.

Suing a hotel in Greece for bed bug bites

It’s not nice to think that bed bugs can hide anywhere in a bedroom, in the bed, under skirting boards and in carpets, and in most cases Greek hotels are very hygienic and bed bugs can’t thrive but if they do happen to be in your hotel room then you can claim for the pain and itching caused by their bites (bed bugs aren’t dangerous but very irritating).

Furthermore, if the bed bugs get in to your clothes and travel back to the UK with you, then your home can be infested.  The only way to get rid of them is with professional cleaning services which, if the infestation can be linked to the hotel, can be claimed back as part of your compensation.

Can I sue for an elevator accident in Greece?

You may consider that an accident in a hotel lift is unlikely but there have been fatalities in lifts in the past and other serious injuries.

Lifts and elevators are supposed to be maintained professionally to ensure their smooth running but if they haven’t been and you become trapped in one for any length of time or injured by a fall because the lift wasn’t running smoothly then you could seek to be compensated for your injuries.

Greek hotel swimming pool injuries and accidents

There are a number of types of accident that can occur in a pool and it’s surrounding area and not all of them will be the hotel’s fault (or are unavoidable) but when the hotel makes a mistake and it leads to illness or injury then you may want to pursue a complaint against the hotel.  The types of accidents that could be the fault of the hotel or its staff include:

  • Water-borne bacterial infections caused because the hotel haven’t maintained the pool cleaning schedule properly.
  • Slips or trips in areas like the changing room where excessive water is on the floor and hasn’t been cleaned up or no warnings were in place to ensure you take care.
  • Drowning or related injuries where the lifeguards didn’t act, weren’t paying attention or didn’t spot that somebody was in trouble.
  • Burns or scalds in faulty saunas or where guards weren’t in place around the heating element.

Burns in your room or hotel grounds

Burns and scalds in a hotel can lead to hotel accident claims in Greece, if they can be proven to be the hotels fault.  For instance:

  • If a member of staff spills hot food or drink on you then it is clearly their fault. It might not have been deliberate, but it is still something that could’ve been avoided and therefore a compensation claim could be sought.
  • If a shower or bath’s tap water is too hot, without warning or too hot due to a fault with the water heating system.
  • If food or drink is served too hot and there is no warning from staff.

Any of these types of incident could lead to a hotel personal injury claim.  You should seek medical support immediately as burns and scalds can carry on doing damage the longer they are left untreated.

Other accidents suffered in your hotel room

An accident in your hotel room can be caused by things like damaged or old furniture, damaged electrical items or poorly maintained fixtures and fittings like bannister or hand rails.

Any damage that you spot should be reported to the hotel staff immediately and caution should be taken around electrical items if you believe they are not safe.

How to make a successful Greek hotel accident claim

If you have an accident in a hotel room, or anywhere else in a hotel in Greece, there are a number of steps you can take which will make submitting a compensation claim much easier.

The best advice is to contact Legal Expert when you return to the UK while the incident is still fresh in your mind and to avoid missing out on claiming because you’ve bypassed the time limits (see the next section).  The things you can do that will help your claim are:

  • Report the accident to hotel staff or your package holiday rep (if you have one). By doing so a record is created which can be used as evidence to back up your claim and it also gives the hotel or rep the opportunity to put things right or help you while you’re still on site.
  • Ask any witnesses who were in the vacinitiy for their contact details as they can be used to provide witness statements. If they have time it may a good idea to ask them to write statements straight away to prevent anything being forgotten.  Any witness is useful but an independent witness (i.e. not someone you know) does add more substance to your claim.
  • Photograph or video the scene of the accident with your mobile phone and try to capture as much detail as possible. The main thing to include is what you believe to be the cause of the accident such as a damaged floor if that’s what caused you to trip over.
  • Seek medical advice where needed. Obviously, this will get you treatment for the injuries, but it will also mean medical records can be obtained to substantiate the type and severity of your injury.

Essentially, any evidence you can obtain at the time (or soon after) of your accident can be a clear way of proving that the accident took place and that it was the fault of somebody in the hotel.

Time limits for hotel accident claims in Greece

You’ve probably heard that personal injury claims are time-limited in the UK and the same is true in Greece.  Each type of claim has an associated time limit attached to it which must be adhered to.  Hotel accident claims in Greece will be rejected if they fall outside of these time limits:

Type of personal injury claimTime limit to begin claim
Any accident that happened in a Greek hotel but booked through a UK package holiday3 years
An independently booked hotel in Greece accident2 years
On a flight, that you booked yourself, to or from:

- Athens Airport
- Heraklion Airport
- Thessaloniki Airport
- Rhodes airport
2 years

The timeframe begins from the day the accident occurred, or if you weren’t aware of the injury immediately, the day that you became aware (maybe when a doctor diagnosed a condition) of your injuries.

If you are unsure which of these your injury needs to be claimed under then don’t worry as our experts will guide you through the process when you make contact.

What can we help you to claim damages for after an accident at a hotel in Greece?

It is an important consideration that, when filing your claim, we find out about all of the costs incurred because of your accident in a Greek hotel as, once your claim has been finalised it can’t be added to.

Because of our many years of experience in filing personal injury claims we know what can and can’t be claimed for and ensure that a full package of evidence is gathered before submitting the claim for you.   The elements that can be included are:

  • General damages: These are defined amounts of compensation for specific injuries, based on the severity, that will often make up the bulk of the claim. Our team will ensure that expert witnesses and evidence back up your claim to ensure you get the amount that will fairly recompense you for your injury.
  • Care costs: Often, when an accident happens, the claimant can’t do all of the things they need to do while still recovering. If this is the case and you need somebody to help you then you can claim any costs associated with this care.  Also, if while still abroad, if you need somebody to travel over from the UK to help you return home then their costs for travelling could be added to the claim.
  • Medical treatment: Any costs associated with your treatment, including prescription costs, can be claimed back.
  • Loss of earnings: Sometimes it isn’t possible to return to work straight away following any injury and if that means you lose out financially then you can claim that loss back. Similarly, if you can’t return to the same job at all because your injury prevents you from completing specific tasks, you can claim for future loss of earnings.

Finally, we would always look for compensation for any personal property that was damaged in your accident such as a broken mobile phone, torn clothing or a damaged watch.  This would simply be to cover the cost of repair or replacement of the item.

How much compensation could you claim for an accident at a hotel in Greece?

Every hotel personal injury claim is unique in our experience and will often lead to different severity of injuries and different associated costs, so it is fairly difficult to work out exactly what your claim will be worth up front.   What we can do is provide the table below which shows some common injury types and what they are worth under the general damages section of any claim:

Type of personal injury claimTime limit to begin claim
Any accident that happened in a Greek hotel but booked through a UK package holiday3 years
An independently booked hotel in Greece accident2 years
On a flight, that you booked yourself, to or from:

- Athens Airport
- Heraklion Airport
- Thessaloniki Airport
- Rhodes airport
2 years

The severity of any injury will often be argued by both sides as it can obviously lead to more or less compensation, so Legal Expert will often use medical experts to ensure that your compensation claim is backed up by solid evidence.

Remember that this is only a sample of the injuries it’s possible to sustain so even if your injury is not listed we can still help you to claim against the hotel or package holiday operator.

No win no fee Greek hotel accident claims

The problem with traditional solicitor services is that they often charge clients by the hour regardless of the outcome of the case.  This can mean, that if you lose the case, you’re left with a large legal bill with no compensation in return which we at Legal Expert don’t agree with.

We work on the basis of a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA or no win no fee agreement) which our clients tell us puts their minds at rest and prevents them from worrying about shock legal bill at the end of their case.

The CFA means that right from the start you’ll know what percentage of your compensation will be paid to us for our service and adds the security that if you don’t receive any compensation at all then you don’t have to pay anything for our service.

We think this makes our service completely risk-free and means you can access some of the top personal injury solicitors without having to stump up a large fee.

How we can help victims of hotel accidents in Greece

Legal Expert offer a completely risk-free service for all of the clients we take on but more than that we are a very professional and dedicated team of personal injury solicitors who will never baffle clients with legal jargon, speak in plain English and most of all we’re friendly and always try our hardest for you.

We will always keep in touch with you throughout the claim process and if we receive an offer then we’ll let you know the compensation amount and give you our advice on if we think it’s a fair offer that compensates your injuries or not.

In the next section you’ll find our contact details so please do get in touch if you’d like Legal Expert to represent you for your hotel accident claim.

Speak to our team today

We hope, that after reading this guide about hotel accident claims in Greece and now that you know about our risk-free no win no fee service, that you’re ready to get in touch with us to begin your own personal injury claim.   If so, here’s how you can get in touch with us:

  • Telephone: Call us today on 0800 073 8804
  • Email: Send your message to
  • Live Chat: Our team are available directly from the live chat feature on any page of our website.

If you’re ready, then please make contact today and our team will begin with a free consultation to discuss your hotel accident abroad, the impact it’s had on you and the injuries you’ve sustained.

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