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Germany Car Accident Claims Guide – How To Claim Compensation For A Injury?

Car accident claims Germany

Car accident claims Germany

If you have been hurt in a car accident in Germany, and it was not your fault, this guide is for you. Legal Expert can help you to get the compensation you deserve. We have many years of experience in handling road traffic accidents and claims abroad. You can reach us on 0800 073 8804. But first, read on to discover everything you need to know about car accident claims in Germany…

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A Guide To Claiming Compensation For A Road Traffic Accident In Germany

If you have been injured in Germany in a car accident, this guide has all of the details you could possibly need. This includes the contact information required, how to find a personal injury lawyer, the sort of compensation you may receive, and more. But first, let’s take a look at the personal injury claims time limit for car accident claims in Germany.

Package Holidays3 years
Independent HolidaysUp to 30 years - time limits do vary.

Emergency Services Contacts For Germany

For the police, contact 110. For the medical services and fire brigade, contact 112.

How To Access Healthcare Services As A Tourist In Germany

You can access state healthcare in Germany at a lower cost and sometimes for free with your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). If you do not have this, make sure you apply for one (for free) via the UK Government website.

What To Do In Case Of A Car Accident In Germany

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident in Europe, getting medical attention should always be your priority. You then need to inform the police and make sure you tell your insurer too.

What Should You Do If Injured In An Accident Abroad In Germany?

What to do in case of a car accident in Germany? If you are looking for advice after a road traffic accident in Europe, you have certainly landed on the right page. Read on to discover the steps you should take if you have been injured in a road traffic accident and want to make a claim for compensation.

  • See a medical professional – The first thing you need to do is see a doctor. Often, when people have been involved in a car crash, they sustain whiplash. However, the trouble with this injury is the fact that the symptoms do not immediately present themselves. Therefore, a lot of people feel fine, and they go home and rest up. Instead, you should see a doctor anyway. Not only is this crucial to ensure you get the correct treatment, but you will struggle to make a claim if you do not see a doctor. This is because you need them to put their medical report together, which will serve as proof of your injuries.
  • Get contact details – You should get the contact details of the person that caused the car accident. This includes their name, address, telephone number, vehicle registration number and the details of their insurer. If anyone witnessed the accident, you should get their details too, as witness statements can improve your chances of getting the maximum payout.
  • Gather crucial evidence – You should write down the details of everything that happened as soon as possible. You don’t want to run the risk of forgetting anything important later down the line. Aside from this, you need to keep proof of any costs you have encountered because of your injuries. This includes the likes of treatment expenses, vehicle repair costs, travel expenses and loss of income. You will be able to claim for these as special damages. It is also a good idea to take photographs of your injuries as well as any damage to your vehicle and/or the street.
  • Get a quality solicitor – You need a leading solicitor who can put together a solid case for you. Luckily, that is where we can assist.

How To Report Your Car Crash In Germany

Each Germany state has its own police and police procedure, so things may vary from state to state. It is a good idea to look this information up using the links at the end of the guide.

Whiplash Injuries From Car Crashes In Germany

What is whiplash? This is an injury that is caused because of the head moving back and forth rapidly. It can lead to jerking of the neck and the spine, which results in many symptoms. These range from pain, to dizziness, to blurry vision. You won’t necessarily experience all symptoms if you suffer a whiplash injury in Germany.

So, what treatment options for whiplash injury/ies are at your disposal? One of the best things to do immediately afterwards is apply ice to the area where you are feeling pain or discomfort. It is recommended that you wrap the ice in a cloth, rather than applying it directly to your skin. You may also wish to take some painkillers in order to ease the pain. Nonetheless, make sure you carefully follow the directions on the packet.

No matter how mild or serious your injury is, you need to make sure you see a medical professional. Every whiplash case is different and so you may require different treatment when compared to someone else suffering from whiplash. Moreover, you will need to have proof of your injuries if you are to make a successful claim.

I Was Hurt In A Road Traffic Accident In Germany, What Can I Claim For?

Have you been involved in a car accident in Germany? From car crashes and motorbike accidents, to pedestrian injuries and passenger claims, there are many different incidents that can result in people wanting to make an accident claim in Germany. But, how is compensation calculated? Read on to discover all you need to know.

Compensation for all personal injury claims is split into two parts. These are as follows – general damages and special damages.

General Damages

General damages are the type of compensation you are probably already aware of. This is the amount of monetary settlement you will receive for your suffering. It will be calculated by taking note of the specific type/nature of injury/ies you have sustained, the extent of it, and the impact it is going to have on your everyday life.

Special Damages

The second part of the compensation is special damages. This will compensate you for any expenses out of your pocket you have suffered as a result of your injury. Examples include the likes of vehicle repair costs, treatment expenses, loss of income, travel costs, counselling expenses and such like. You will need to keep proof of the costs entailed, such as receipts, so that you able to put through a claim for those.

Now you know a little bit more about how compensation is calculated, if you want to make an accident claim in Germany all you need to do is get in touch with Legal Expert. We will try our hardest to make sure you get the full amount of monetary settlement you deserve.

Road Traffic Accident In Germany Compensation Calculator

Don’t use a personal injury claims calculator to work out your payout amount. Instead, take a look at the average holiday accident compensation table below and give us a call if you cannot find your injury on there.

Severe back injury£79,890 to £141,150
Severe ankle injury£27,450 to £43,900
Loss of both legs£211,150 to £247,280
Simple Fracture of a Femur£7,990 to £12,350
Minor neck injury, recovery in 3 monthsUp to £2,150
Severe neck injuryIn the region of £130,060
Minor Brain and/or Head Injury£1,940 to £11,200

No Win No Fee Germany Car Accident Claims

We operate a No Win, No Fee service. This means that you are only going to pay if the case is successful. In which case, you will have your compensation to cover the costs. This ensures there is no risk of you being in a position whereby you have no compensation yet a large bill to fund.

How We Can Help You Claim Compensation For A Road Traffic Accident In Germany

If you were to have sadly sustained some injuries from a road traffic accident in Germany, you will more than likely rightly be considering making a claim. If the accident was not your fault, then there is a very high chance that your case will be a success.. If this applies to the car crash you were involved in, Legal Expert can ensure you get the full amount of compensation you deserve. Read on to discover the reasons why we are the best firm of our kind for the job.

Experience – We boast many years of experience, and over the years we have helped thousands of personal injury victims to get the payout they deserve. Therefore, you can be confident that you are in safe hands when you choose our service. This is especially the case as we specialise in personal injury law, and personal injury law alone. We have handled many different cases over the years, from workplace accidents and slips and trips in public places to road traffic accidents and product liability claims.

Reputation – We have managed to build up an excellent reputation in the industry, you only have to look at the feedback on our website to see that this is the case.

No Win, No Fee – One of the main features of our service is the fact that all of our solicitors work to a No Win, No Fee arrangement. This means that you are only billed for our services if your case is successfully concluded with a payment – you won’t be if for some reason we are unable to secure compensation for you. Not only does this ensure you are financially protected, but you can be sure of a better quality service too, as our solicitors are accountable for the outcome of your case.

Convenient service – Last but not least, you can be sure that we will do everything in our power to resolve your case in the quickest and smoothest manner. We know that you’re already going to be feeling distressed as it is, and we certainly do not want to add to this. This is why we aim to solve cases over the telephone whenever possible.

We also cover accidents across all of Germany. Therefore, no matter where the car crash occurred, we can assist. Here are the ten biggest cities in Germany based on population:

  1. Berlin
  2. Hamburg
  3. Munich
  4. Cologne
  5. Frankfurt am Main
  6. Stuttgart
  7. Dusseldorf
  8. Dortmund
  9. Essen
  10. Leipzig

How To Contact Our Road Traffic Accident Abroad Experts

Are you ready to get the compensation you deserve? You can call us today to start the claims process or to get the answers to any questions you still have. You can reach us on 0800 073 8804. This line is open seven days per week, so please feel free to call at a time that is convenient for you. There are other ways to get in touch too, as you will see via our contact page. This includes sending an email or using the online contact form. You can also ask for a free call back. For something more instant, why not use the live chat feature on our website? You can rest assured that everything discussed will be 100 per cent confidential. There’s really absolutely no reason to wait. Call us today to discuss your personal injury claim.

Helpful Resources

Below, you can find information for the British Embassy in Berlin, as well as the consulates in Munich and Dusseldorf.

Help for tourists in Germany

British Embassy Berlin

Wilhelmstraße 70/71
10117 Berlin

Telephone+49 (0) 30 204 570

British Consulate General Dusseldorf

Willi-Becker-Allee 10
40227 Dusseldorf

Telephone+49 (0) 211 94480

British Consulate General Munich
Möhlstraße 5
81675 Munich

Telephone+49 (0) 89 211090

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