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Motor garage repair accident

Motor garage repair accident

If you, or a loved one, has been injured as the result of an accident in a garage or motor repair shop, then you might be entitled to compensation. Whether you were working as an employee or visiting the garage as a customer, if you have had a garage and motor repair accident that could have been avoided then you may be able to claim monetary compensation for your injury to help pay for any time off work or medical expenses that you might have incurred.

Personal injury claims and workplace accident claims can be complex and it is important to seek comprehensive legal representation in such cases. Legal Expert have a wealth of experience in the realm of personal injury claims and we can connect you with a personal injury lawyer who will guide you through your claim whether you have suffered a crush injury or a slip, trip and fall. Call the team here at Legal Expert today on 0800 073 8804 to get your claim started.

For more information and all that you need to know about making a claim for compensation following a garage and motor repair accident, read the rest of this guide before making your next move.

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A guide to garage and motor repair accidents

Garages are hazardous environments with a range of dangerous lifting equipment, slip and fall hazards and power tools all of which are more than capable of causing serious injury. It is up to the owner or operator of the garage to provide a safe environment for their employees and visitors, if they fail in this duty and you are injured as a result then they may be found liable for your accident. In which case, you may be entitled to claim compensation following your garage and motor repair accident.

A personal injury claim following an accident which has occurred in a garage or motor repair shop may feature a range of injuries depending on who is claiming and what kind of accident was had. Employees are more likely to suffer crush injuries from heavy machinery or parts, a manual handling injury or an injury caused by faulty equipment/machinery/tools. On the other hand members of the public, visitors to the garage and customers are more likely to suffer a slip, trip and fall while in a garage or motor repair environment.

No matter what kind of injury has been sustained, and by whom, they are all likely to be covered under garage and motor repair accident claims and this guide will explain what can be included, the next steps to take and how to make a claim for compensation.

What are workplace accidents in automotive repair workshops

Car mechanic injuries are unfortunately common and if you are a mechanic who has experienced a garage and motor repair accident then your employer may be liable to pay you compensation for any injury that you sustained. One of the most common workplace accident claims comes following slip, trip and fall accidents which are some of the most common in garages. With plenty of trip hazards, as well as fluids such as oil often leaking from cars or being spilled, it is up to an employer to ensure that all health and safety policies include policies for keeping floors clear of slip or trip hazards.

Other common workplace accidents in automotive repair workshops include a manual handling accident in which an employee may suffer an injury due to unsafe lifting and handling practices or insufficient training in regard to the safe manner in which to lift and carry heavy objects. Spinal injuries are common following manual handling accidents and these can take a long time to heal and cause prolonged pain.

More serious workplace accidents in automotive repair workshops may include crush injuries caused by moving vehicles or faulty lifting equipment. These types of accidents can cause life-changing injuries resulting in extended time off work and severe pain and suffering. Similarly, injury caused by faulty equipment/machinery/tools can be serious and leave lasting damage.

It is the duty of the owner of the garage or workshop to ensure that their employees have a safe environment in which to work, are adequately trained in the use of all equipment and tools, that tools and equipment are safely maintained and available and that all health and safety policies are read and adhered to. If your employer has failed in any of these duties and you have suffered a garage and motor repair accident as a result, then they may be found to be negligent and therefore liable to pay you compensation.

Causes of garage and motor repair accident claims

Slips, trips and falls are commonplace in garages and motor repair workshops simply due to the many hazards which present themselves in this type of environment. Equipment leads and hoses left out and not tidied away can present a tripping hazard and spillages, such as oil leaking from a car or spilled brake fluid, can easily be missed and cause an accident. Employees should be instructed to tidy away equipment and corner off any spillages to help avoid workplace accidents but if there is no such policy, or health and safety policies are not followed, then these types of accidents can occur usually resulting in more minor injuries.

A manual handling injury can occur when proper lifting practices are not taught or followed, or incorrect lifting equipment is not provided or maintained. Where possible, all heavy lifting should be mechanised to prevent back injuries to employees.

Serious instances of crush injuries have been reported in several garages and motor repair accident claims. One such instance saw a garage employee be crushed against the car he was working on when another car rolled off a ramp into him because the handbrake had not been properly engaged. Crush accidents can lead to a serious spinal injury or head injuries; both of which can be potentially life-changing.

Motor vehicle repair injury statistics

Mechanic injury statistics released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show that accidents result in a manual handling injury are by far the most common type of car mechanic injuries reported. This makes sense considering the highly physical nature of the job and working environment. Employees and garage owners should mechanise all lifting practice where possible, and where not possible, should have risk assessments and safe practices in place to ensure the safety of their workers.

The same mechanic injury statistics show that a slip, trip and fall is the second most common accident likely to befall an employee working within a garage or motor repair environment. With an array of machinery, wires and hoses used in vehicle repair work, trip hazards are unfortunately commonplace. When proper procedures are not in place to ensure hazards are identified, cordoned off or removed by keeping the area tidy, accidents are more likely to occur. If this has been the cause of your accident at work then you may be entitled to make a personal injury claim.

Garage/motor repair injury statistics

Garage/motor repair injury statistics

In the year 2011/2012, the mechanic injury statistics compiled by the HSE show that 84 accidents were reported which likely resulted in a crush injury where employees were either injured in an accident with a moving vehicle, trapped by something collapsing or were struck against something. These are some of the most serious injuries which can occur in a garage and motor repair accident as they are more likely to result in severe spinal injuries or a head injury.

The HSE also reported 15 injuries from exposure to fire and a further 14 injuries from exposure to harmful chemicals in the same period. It is the employer’s responsibility to provide a safe working environment for mechanics in their garage by putting in place adequate risk assessments and policies to ensure safe working practices. If this has not been done, nor policies followed, then you may have grounds for a personal injury claim following an accident at work.

Health and safety in the motor vehicle repair industry

According to the mechanic injury statistics, there have been over 7000 injuries as a result of a garage and motor repair accident in the last 5 years, 33 of those have unfortunately resulted in fatalities. Whilst most accidents are the result of a slip, trip and fall or poor manual handling techniques, the worst car mechanic injuries and fatalities are usually crush injuries from cars which have not been lifted and supported correctly. The HSE recently fined a garage following workplace accident claims after a young mechanic was crushed whilst on work experience after the car he was working on crushed him after being started by another worker. The HSE ruled that employees had not been adequately trained on the safe moving of vehicles around the garage.

Employers and garage owners have a duty to provide a safe working environment and if a garage and motor repair accident occurs because an employer has failed in this duty then you may be entitled to file accident at work claims if you have suffered an accident and injury as a result. Part of this duty of care on behalf of the employer is to ensure that they are following health and safety guidelines which state that risk assessments should be carried out for a range of practices such as the use of all machinery, any manual handling jobs and a general risk assessment of the premises to identify any other hazards such as trip hazards and potentially hazardous chemicals.

Once the risk assessment is complete, policies should be put in place to reduce the risk of accidents occurring. Your employer also has a responsibility to ensure all staff receive training before using any equipment and this training is refreshed regularly. They also have a duty to ensure all equipment is maintained to a safe standard and replaced in a timely manner is broken.

If you have suffered a garage and motor repair accident due to your employer failing in their duty to provide a safe working environment then a court may find them negligent and therefore liable to pay you compensation following a personal injury claim. Speak to the team at Legal Expert today if you are interested in filing workplace accident claims following a car mechanic injury.

What duty of care do employers owe garage employees

As with all other industries, garage employers owe a duty of care towards their employees and must provide a safe environment for them to work in. Daily duties should include ensuring all floors are kept clear of obstructions, holes and other slip, trip and fall hazards as well as ensuring that all spillages are cordoned off, highlighted and cleaned up as quickly as possible.

Employers in the garage and motor repair industry should pay specific attention to certain regulations pertinent to the industry;

  • The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974)- this act makes it a legal requirement for employers to provide a safe working environment for all employees by carrying out risk assessments, reducing risks, providing adequate training and maintaining all machinery and tools
  • The Manual Handling Operation Regulations (1992)- these regulations aim to prevent manual handling injuries during operations such as lifting and carrying and also cover things like using a wrench to remove a wheel nut
  • Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (1998)- the aim of these regulations is to ensure that all equipment is fit for use, inspected and maintained regularly and always fit for purpose
  • The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations- employers should limit exposure to hazardous chemicals as much as possible and provide personal protective equipment when there is a risk of splashing or inhaling the substance

Can I make a compensation claim against my employer?

In order to make a successful workplace accident claims, you must be able to prove that your garage and motor repair accident both happened at work and that the injury you sustained was caused by the negligent actions of your employer. In other words, you need to be able to show that your employer failed in their duty of care towards you as an employee and that negligence resulted in you sustaining an injury which would not have otherwise happened.

You will need to gather evidence to show that your employer did not take reasonable steps to eliminate the risk associated with your accident, whether that was a slip, trip and fall or associated with a specific piece of machinery, tool or working practice. If you can prove that your employer has broken one of the aforementioned pieces of legislation then liability is almost always established.

As long as you are within the three-year personal injury claim time limit and you can prove that your garage and motor repair accident was caused by your employer’s negligence then you should be able to file a personal injury claim against them.

Motor vehicle repair slip, trip and fall injuries

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) estimate that around 20% of all car mechanic injuries are caused by a slip, trip and fall accident. They are by far the most common garage and motor repair accident and are often caused when equipment is left out or trailing wires and hoses are obstructing walkways. They are also often caused by spillages, such as oil, fuel or break liquid which are spilled and consequently neither cordoned off nor cleaned up.

Slip, trip and fall accidents can result in anything ranging from minor injuries to fractures or more serious spinal injuries. These can require weeks of recovery and time off work. If you have suffered a slip, trip and fall injury at work then you should seek legal advice about claiming for compensation.

Motor vehicle repair crush injuries

Crush injuries are some of the most serious car mechanic injuries as they often have the most serious repercussions. Spinal injuries are common with crush accidents, as well as a head injury being a common crush injury. A garage and motor repair accident which results in a crush injury is often caused when faulty lifting machinery fails to support a lifted car or when employees are not trained well enough on how to manoeuvre vehicles around the garage in a safe manner.

If you or a loved one has suffered a crush injury caused by faulty equipment/ machinery/ tools or caused by a fellow colleague then you may be entitled to file one of the many accident at work claims that Legal Expert assist with every day.

Motor vehicle repair head injuries

Suffering a head injury at work can have life-changing consequences and a range of effects which can last for years. A head injury can occur as the result of a slip, trip and fall or from being in a crushing accident or from a fall from height or from something hitting you. The brain is such a delicate organ and head injuries can happen from a variety of accidents but can affect the rest of your life.

Head injury personal injury claims can be complicated due to the complex nature of head injuries but Legal Expert can represent your case if you have suffered a head injury as the result of a garage and motor repair accident and get you the compensation you deserve which can help to pay the costs of any medical and care expenses that your head injury has resulted in.

Motor vehicle repair spinal injuries

Spinal injuries can take months, even years to recover from, if at all. They are often very painful and require physio and sometimes surgery. Medical and care costs can begin to spiral as well as the cost of having to take time off work. They can be caused by a fall or as the result of a crush injury.

If you have suffered spinal injuries from a garage and motor repair accident in your place of work and it was due to the negligence of your employer or the garage owner then you may be entitled to make workplace accident claims with Legal Expert.

Case study; mechanic manual handling accident claims

Once such personal injury claim for a manual handling accident saw an employee injure his shoulder lifting tyres in a garage resulting in severe pain and time off work as the employee needed physio and surgery. It was found that the garage had neither provided suitable lifting equipment nor completed a health and safety risk assessment and put in place practices for the employee to follow to ensure he did not injure himself.

What can I claim for in my garage and motor vehicle injury claim?

As part of a personal injury claim following a garage and motor repair accident you can include a range of damages to cover any expenses you have incurred as a result of your injury and subsequent recovery;

  • General damages- this covers compensation that the judge feels adequately compensated you for the pain and suffering caused as a direct result of your injury.
  • Special damages- this can cover the damage to any personal property, loss of earnings from time off work as well as emotional and psychological trauma and suffering
  • Medical costs- if you have had to seek private medical treatment such as physio or counselling then you can include the costs of these in your personal injury claim
  • Travel expenses- you may also be able to include to costs incurred from travelling to medical appointments or court hearings

All personal injury claims are evaluated on an individual basis and your unique circumstances will dictate what damages you can seek following a garage and motor repair accident.

Garage and motor repair accident compensation settlements

As mentioned above, all motor vehicle repair injury compensation amounts are individual and so any compensation settlement amounts will depend on your unique circumstances. Workplace accidents in automotive repair workshops can range from minor to fatal and so each case is unique and therefore compensation amounts will vary with more severe car mechanic injuries resulting in higher settlement figures.

While we cannot give you a precise figure for how much your accident at work claims may be worth until you speak to a personal injury lawyer about your case, the below table should give you a good idea of how much certain injuries are worth and how much the compensation amounts can vary depending on severity.

Type of injurySeverityCompensation amountNotes
Wrist or arm fractureMinorBetween £2,900 - £3,700
Wrist or arm fractureSevereUp to £50,000
QuadriplegiaBetween £246,000 - £307,000Also referred to as Tetraplegia, loss of function of all four limbs
Head injuryMinorBetween £1,600 - £9,700
Head injuryModerateBetween £32,700 - £167,000Amount awarded dependant on effects upon concentration/cognitive ability/memory/senses
Head injurySevereBetween £214,500 - £307,000
Injury to neckMinorBetween £3,000 - £6,000
Injury to neckModerateBetween £6,000 - £29,000Loss of movement and ongoing pain
Injury to neckSevereBetween £34,500 - £113,000Severity of break/ ongoing pain/ permanent side effects
Injury to backMinorBetween £6,000 - £9,500
Injury to backModerateBetween £9,500 - £21,000Severity of damage/ ongoing pain
Injury to backSevereBetween £29,000 - £122,000Ongoing pain/ severity of injury/ permanent side effects
Leg injuryBetween £6,900 - £103,000
Foot injuryBetween £10,400 - £53,000

No win no fee mechanic injury claims

Legal Expert operate on a no win no fee basis in order to remove and financial risk to our clients. Following a garage and motor repair accident, you will already be worrying about your recovery and any subsequent time off work and many people are put off making workplace accident claims for fear of being left with large legal bills at the end.

With no win no fee personal injury claims, if your claim is not successful then you do not have a penny to pay after the result. If your claim is successful then any legal fees are taken from your compensation amount at a rate which will be agreed upon before your case begins. This way you can rest assured that your personal injury solicitor will be working their hardest to ensure a win for you and you needn’t worry about finding a large amount of money to pay for their services if the case is not a success.

How we can make a claim with our team

If you choose to contact Legal Expert regarding a claim for compensation following a garage and motor repair accident then one of our dedicated advisors will connect you with a member of our panel of trusted personal injury lawyers who will offer a free consultation to allow you to explain your accident and the car mechanic injuries that you have sustained.

If you decide to pursue a workplace accident claims, and our team believe that your employer has been negligent resulting in your injury, then they will help to gather evidence regarding your accident and arrange for a full medical assessment to be carried out on your injuries. They will represent your case to the best of their ability to ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve for your mechanic work injuries.

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