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How To Claim Compensation Against Lithuanian Lorry / HGV Driver? – View Our Guide

Lithuanian hgv accident claim

Lithuanian hgv accident claim

With more Lithuanian HGV drivers on UK roads, traffic getting busier and more foreign drivers in total than ever before, UK roads pose a series of risks to anyone using them. Well we all try and keep safe as possible on our roads, accidents do happen and if you have been hit by a driver that is not UK nationality you may be worried about what will happen with regard to insurance and compensation. In this guide we attempt to explain the possibilities of making a claim if you are hit by Lithuanian HGV, the possible compensation payments you will be awarded, along with all the information that you may find very useful when it comes to making a claim.

With approximately 18,000 accidents per year said to have been caused by foreign drivers, if you have been hit by Lithuanian HGV, we provide guidance, assistance and experience personal injury lawyers to those that need it. Dial 0800 073 8804 for any questions you may have or click below to find out more information on foreign driver accident claims.

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A Guide to Lithuanian Lorry / HGV Accident Compensation Claims

It is a sad fact that despite efforts to make our roads safer than ever, sometimes there are still accidents, and serious ones at that. Whilst many of these accidents are caused by UK nationals, there are a large proportion that are also caused by foreign drivers. The rules of the road differ between countries, and due to lack of knowledge or perhaps long driving hours and lack of concentration, accidents do happen. If you have been hit by Lithuanian HGV, you will know only too well how hard it can be to recover from any injuries. You may find that you are financially worse off, and it will likely be a good idea to look into making a compensation claim. However, if you are hit by a foreign driver, you may think that it would not be possible to make this type of claim. In fact, this could not be further from the truth. Our guide to Lithuanian lorry accident compensation claims will explain all you need to know about this kind of claim. We can also provide you an experienced personal injury lawyer to take your claim forward.

How to Claim Compensation Against the Driver of a Lithuanian Lorry Or HGV

To claim compensation against the driver of a Lithuanian lorry or HGV, the vehicle simply needs to be registered in Lithuania. The driver’s nationality does not matter, and nor does the nationality of the company who owns the vehicle. It simply matters that the truck is registered in Lithuania. Should you have been hit by a Lithuanian HGV, it is wise to take the registration of both the trailer and the cab, as sometimes these can differ.

What is a Lithuanian HGV/Lorry?

We see a variety of different types of vehicles on UK roads. Sometimes we see tankers, other times tippers, refrigerated lorries, flatbed trucks, curtain sided and drop sided vehicles….and more.

It is no wonder it can be difficult to derive what is an HGV and what isn’t. An HGV can be classed as a vehicle that has a weight (combined) of over 3 ½ tons. You need a special licence to drive this vehicle as it would handle very differently to a lighter vehicle. It is also larger and more difficult to manoeuvre.

Whatever size vehicle you have been hit by, if you are been hit by a Lithuanian HGV or a car or van, you should still the able to claim the compensation you are entitled to.

What Is the International Green Card System?

Surprisingly, not very many people have actually heard of the green card system. However, it is something that is in place in many different countries. A number of years ago, several countries got together to try and make it easier to move vehicles across borders, by ensuring that all vehicles that did so within the member countries had a minimum Insurance level. This means that there is insurance to be claimed against, and should the vehicles be involved in accident in a country that is not the country that the vehicle is registered in. The member countries in the green card system agreement include Russia, a few middle eastern countries, some countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, the EEA countries and the EU countries. Lithuania is one of these countries.

What Should I Do If I Have an Accident Involving a Lithuanian Vehicle?

The vast majority of the actions you should take if you are hit by a Lithuanian truck are very similar to those you would take should you be in a road traffic accident of any other kind. Obviously, initially you will want to get medical treatment for any injuries you have sustained. When it comes to your health this should not be overlooked, because even if you do not think you have serious injuries to begin with, other problems could come up at a later date that have been caused by you being hit by a Lithuanian truck. Most of the time, the initial injuries that you receive are treated at the hospital. The hospital will then have a record of your visit, your injuries and how severe they are. Medical evidence is key in a successful personal injury claim, and this will serve as part of that.

Obviously, if the crash is severe the police will be in attendance straight away. They will probably do a lot of the information gathering as to the vehicle that has hit you, and the driver’s details, but it is always worth trying to gather as much evidence as you can at that time. Drive and witness contact information vehicle registration and other pertinent details should be noted down week. It is useful if you can also gain some photographic evidence of the crash site.

A short time after the accident, you may decide that you are ready to put forward a hit by a Lithuanian truck compensation claim. If this is the case, calling Legal Expert would be a wise idea. We can provide information on case studies similar to yours, give ideas of the amount of compensation you could receive, and offer no obligation advice.

What Happens If the MIB Can Not Confirm the Lithuanian Drivers Insurance Cover?

No matter how thorough some drivers and transport companies are, sometimes people slip through the net and it may be the case that the MIB may not be able to correctly confirm the insurance exists for the vehicle that you have been hit by. There is a protocol for this situation, and it does not mean that you have to miss out on compensation due to the lack of evidence as to the Insurance held against the vehicle. If you have been hit by a Lithuanian HGV and are wondering can I make a claim if hit by a Lithuanian driver without confirmed insurance, then good news; your compensation claim may be settled under the Uninsured Driver Agreement’s Guarantee Fund. If you would like to know more about how this works, we will always be happy to furnish you with more information

Whiplash Caused by A Crash with A Lithuanian HGV Or Lorry

When you have been hit by a Lithuanian HGV, the range of injuries can be widespread. One of the more common ailments that follows an accident of this type is whiplash. Painful and often debilitating, whiplash happens when the force of crash causes a person’s head to move swiftly forwards and then backwards, spraining the neck’s soft tissues, causing symptoms such as headaches, pins and needles, nausea, dizziness and more. If you are wondering whether whiplash can lead to a personal injury claim, then you would be absolutely right to think so. Although many cases of whiplash resolve themselves within the space of a few weeks, more serious cases can last for a long time. Suffering whiplash after being hit by a Lithuanian lorry is not uncommon, and can lead to time away from the workplace, which could mean that you miss out on some of the usual income you would usually get. This may put you in financial hardship, but it is important to remember that this lost income can often be recouped as part of a personal injury claim. The personal injury solicitors we can provide to you we’ll evidence this lost income as part of your claim., in order to gain you the maximum level of compensation possible.

I Was Injured in A Collision or Other Accident with An HGV In Lithuania, Can I Claim Compensation?

If you have been. hit by a Lithuanian truck, whilst in Lithuania itself, you may feel that it would be very difficult to go ahead with a compensation claim. Many people visit Lithuania for both the business and pleasure reasons, and sadly sometimes people are in accidents involving foreign drivers while they are overseas. It may actually be entirely possible for claim to be put forward after you have had an accident in Lithuania. This is particularly true if you have booked your trip as a package, which includes flights accommodations and possibly transfers, as this would be covered under the regulations for package holidays 1992.

If you haven’t booked your trip as a package, it still maybe possible for a hit by Lithuanian Lorry claim to be put forward. You would not necessarily need to engage the service of a Lithuanian lawyer, as the solicitors we provide can handle your claim in most instances.

If you are at all unsure as to whether you would have a valid claim for being hit by a Lithuanian HGV in a foreign country, don’t hesitate to call our legal experts today. We will handle your enquiry quickly and easily.

How Much Compensation Could I Claim?

Without knowing all of the separate injuries that you have encountered as a result of being hit by a Lithuanian lorry, it is very difficult to come up with a sum of compensation that you would be likely to receive. This is just one of the reasons we warn people to be wary of online compensation calculators. They very rarely take into account the specific injuries that you have suffered, as they do not have access to the medical reports that will dictate the amount of compensation you receive. However, we do understand very much the idea that people want to know an approximate amount of compensation that could be awarded for their injuries. As an indicator office, we have put together common brackets of compensation award for certain specific injuries. Please do note that this is for illustration purposes only, and there will be a lot more information needed to come up with a more specific amount.

Area of Damage/sSeverity of Damage/sCommon Bracket
Toe Damage/sFrom Moderately severe up to SevereMax of £42,600
Foot Damage/sFrom Mild up to SevereMax of £153,200
Ankle Damage/sFrom Mild up to SevereMax of £53,000
Knee Damage/sFrom Moderately severe up to SevereMax of £73,125
Leg Damage/sFrom Moderately severe up to SevereFrom £21,100 - £214,350
Finger Damage/sFrom Moderately severe up to SevereFrom £6,925 - £41,675
Wrist Damage/sFrom Mild up to SevereFrom £2,675 - £45,500
Hand Damage/sFrom Mild up to SevereFrom £700 - £153,200
Elbow Damage/sFrom Mild up to SevereMax of £41,675
Arm Damage/sFrom Moderately severe up to SevereFrom £14,600 - £228,000
Shoulder Damage/sFrom Mild up to SevereMax of £36,500
Neck Damage/sFrom Mild up to SevereMax of £112,750
Back Damage/sFrom Mild up to SevereMax of £122,350
Eye Damage/sFrom Mild up to SevereFrom £3,000 - £136,700
Ear Damage/sFrom Mild up to SevereMax of £83,325
Face Damage/sFrom Mild up to SevereFrom £830 - £34,600
Brain or Head Damage/sFrom Mild up to SevereFrom £1,675 - £307,000

Of course, this is only a few of the injuries that could be suffered if you were hit by a Lithuanian truck and we understand that there could be a range of injuries suffered that have not made it onto this list. If you would like to know more, then do call us and we will happily explain to you the typical award brackets for other injuries that are not listed here.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims Against Lithuanian Vehicles

Few people are in the financial position to spend a lot of money on legal fees without knowing whether the claim. will result in compensation. However, you might be interested to know that this is not necessarily something that you would have to do. No-win no fee is a phrase that is bandied about all over the Internet. What people don’t understand is that many lawyers work on this basis, and it does help people in whatever financial position therein to make a claim without risking any of their own money on legal fees. The way in which this works is shown below:

If driver A was hit by a Lithuanian HGV and. suffered injuries such as whiplash, broken bones, or any other, then they would call Legal Expert for advice. Our helpful team would then provide them with a personal injury solicitor working on a no-win no fee agreement, who would then send them documentation to sign, which dictated the amount (percentage) of compensation that would be taken in legal fees from the settlement. Should driver A’s claim be settled in full, driver A would receive their compensation with the legal fees deducted. However, if driver A were not to have a successful claim, then they would not have to settle the lawyer’s fees out of their own pocket.

Contact Legal Expert Today

Whatever stage of the process you are currently at, why not speak to the team here at Legal Expert (0800 073 8804), to see how we can help push a claim along for you or even give you advice on aspects of claiming that you haven’t considered. Whether you’re wondering if the driver had the correct insurance, or you sustained an injury that you’re not sure would be covered by a claim, we are here to offer legal advice that you can count on. It’s not always easy building up to make a claim, but we can help you decide whether it’s the right thing for you to do. We will, however, not put any pressure on you what so ever and you are free to take art advice or leave it if you wish. Simply put, we are here to help. Call us or contact us via the website any time you wish and will help to make things easier for you.

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