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Pregabalin Wrong Medication Negligence Compensation Claim – Prescription Error Negligence Claim Guide

If you are given Pregabalin as wrong medication, negligence may have been the cause. This guide will try to show why a claim could be possible in such circumstances. We look at how pharmaceutical mistakes are made, what happens if you take too much of a medication, what the Pregabalin side effects could be, and other factors.

Pregabalin wrong medication claims

Pregabalin wrong medication claims

We are fully aware that you may have questions that are driven by the unique circumstances of your situation. We cannot answer every possible question in a single guide regarding Pregabalin, wrong medication negligence. However, our phone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team of claims experts can answer all of your questions, and provide you with clarification of any of the information found in this guide. You can call them on 0800 073 8804. An advisor will also be able to tell you how we can provide you with a suitable solicitor to process your claim for you.

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A Guide To Pregabalin Wrong Medication Negligence Claims

This guide pertains to all Pregabalin wrong medication negligence claim. Pregabalin Milpharm 300 mg capsules, Pregabalin 75 mg capsules or any other dose.

The medical negligence claims process is very slightly different from a standard accident or injury claim pursued through a personal injury claim. We will explain this difference towards the end of the guide.

Overview Of Wrong Prescription Guide

This guide starts off with a general overview of what prescription errors are, and why they happen. We follow this up with an example compensation table. This can be used to get a general idea of what level of damages a successful claim might receive. It will also list some of the types of different damages you may need to claim for.

The next part of this guide moves on to look at the drug Pregabalin in more depth. We will cover questions such as what is Pregabalin? What is Pregabalin used for? How does the drug work? And what are the possible side-effects and risks of the drug?

The last part of this guide moves on to cover the process of starting a claim, and how to secure the legal assistance you may want. It is important to state that a solicitor is a choice, not a necessity. We have gone over the concept of having a valid claim before you can proceed, and we follow this with an overview of the service we offer. We can provide you with a solicitor working under a No Win No Fee deal, which will minimise the financial risk to yourself of making a medical negligence claim. You will need to be within the personal injury/medical negligence claim time limit to start your claim. Talk to our advisors any time of the day or night to find out what this time limit would be, based on your own situation. Use the telephone number at the end of this page to contact them.

What Is A Prescription Error?

Prescription errors are a specific type of clinical negligence that is based on mistakes made when disbanding prescription medication. You might state that:

  • You have taken the wrong amount of medication because the instructions on the bottle were wrong.
  • I have taken too many tablets because there was no clear indication of how many I should take on the packaging.
  • The wrong dosage of medication has been taken because I was given the wrong dosage tablets.

There are many more shapes that clinical negligence involving prescription medication can take, and these include:

  • Being given medication that was meant for another pharmacy customer.
  • Your GP prescribing medication that you have a known allergy to.
  • Being prescribed medication that has a known interaction with another drug you are taking.
  • A pharmacist giving you the wrong medication because it was picked incorrectly by the pharmacy staff.

To make a successful claim, negligence must be proven. Also, you must have suffered harm as a consequence.

Prescription Mistake Compensation Calculator

The table below uses generic terms to try and show how different severities of illnesses could attract different amounts of compensation. Although the symptoms might not fit your illness exactly, you should be able to make a comparative selection and look up the level of damages you might receive. This table is based on data that is published by the Judicial College in England, as part of its guidelines.

Health IssueHow Bad?CompensationNotes
IllnessSerious£8,950 to £18,020This would be some form of serious illness, with painful and dilapidating symptoms. The victim may require hospitalisation to deal with the medical condition.
IllnessMinor£860 to £3,710This would be some form of minor illness, with symptoms such as cramps, sickness, impaired bowel function, etc. that would clear up within a few weeks.
IllnessModerate£3,710 to £8,950This would be some form of moderate illness, food poisoning for example, that would have symptoms such as fatigue, moderate fever, sickness, diarrhoea, etc. The main symptoms would clear up in weeks, with some lingering for a year or two.
IllnessSevere£36,060 to £49,270This would be some form of severe illness, that will require the victim to be hospitalised to treat. Symptoms such as a high fever, dehydration, severe abdominal cramps, etc. would last for some time.

You could also try using an online personal injury claims calculator tool to get a rough idea of how much you might be able to claim. These tools and the table above only take in to account one part of the claim. Alternatively, talk to our team to start arranging for a solicitor to value your claim.

Special Damages For Injury Or Illness Caused By Prescription Errors

When you make a successful medical negligence claim, you will either be awarded a settlement in court or offered one out of court, that will be made up of possibly several different types of damages. Firstly, there are general damages, paid to you to make up for all the pain and suffering you had to face. Examples of general damages can be found in the table above. This would include the pain of the illness itself, any trauma caused by treatment, and long-lasting medical conditions that will affect your life. As examples:

  • If you will suffer a long-term impairment.
  • For the pain and suffering your symptoms caused.
  • To make up for the trauma of invasive treatment.
  • New psychological issues such as anxiety or depression.

The flips side of general damages is special damages. These are all paid for non-physical reasons. You may wish to claim for monetary loss. if you do you need to back up your claim with evidence of this loss. Special damages might be claimed for:

  • Loss of lifetime income potential.
  • Loss of wages or salary, partially or in full.
  • The cost of private medical care.
  • Ad-hoc, out of pocket payments.
  • To pay for hiring a nurse or professional carer.

If you talk to one of our team members, they will be able to give you a rough idea of the types of damages you might be able to pursue.

What Are Pregabalin Tablets Prescribed For?

According to the NHS, this medication could be used for:

  • To treat nerve pain. By interrupting pain messages in the spine.
  • As a treatment for epilepsy. By reducing out of place electrical activity in the brain.
  • To tackle anxiety. By blocking the production of certain chemicals that can cause anxiety.

The drug is taken up to three times a day, and it can take up to three weeks for the drug to begin working after the first dose has been taken.

How Does Pregabalin Work In The Body?

In this section, we look at how Pregabalin works and how Pregabalin works in the body. This medication is both an inhibitor of electricity within the body, and also an inhibitor of certain transmitter chemicals within the brain.

These two effects combine to cut down the effectiveness of the central nervous system. This makes the drug useful for treating physical conditions caused by erratic electrical activity (such as epilepsy) and also psychological conditions that are caused by a chemical imbalance (such as anxiety).

What Are The Side Effects Of Pregabalin?

Very few people suffer serious side effects when taking Pregabalin. Side effects could include; headaches, feeling sleepy or dizziness, mood changes etc. Additionally, as this is not an opiate, there is very little chance of Pregabalin withdrawal being a problem.

One consideration though, is that this is a drug that is not suitable for use by everyone. It may be advised that you should not take this medication without medical advice, if:

  • The patient has an allergic reaction to the drug in the past.
  • There is a history of substance abuse.
  • You are attempting to conceive a child or are currently breastfeeding one.
  • Kidney problems are an issue and you are on a strict sodium or potassium diet because of this.

If your doctor still goes ahead and prescribes you the drug even though you are in one of these groups, you may suffer harm. In such cases, if a doctor makes a mistake and prescribes this medication it could cause unnecessary harm.

Common Side Effects Of Pregabalin

Here, we list some of the common side effects of this drug;

  • Pregabalin anxiety and headaches (over-the-counter painkillers could help)
  • Problems sleeping even though you are drowsy (should wear off within 2-3 weeks)
  • Swift mood swings (talk to your doctor about this)
  • An upset stomach (consider eating fewer rich foods)
  • Sickness and nausea (try taking the drug before or after food)
  • Vision problems, such as blurriness (don’t drive, see your doctor if this lasts more than a couple of days)
  • Swelling of the extremities (simple exercises and sitting with your feet raised can help)
  • Erectile disfunction (talk to your doctor if this is a problem for you)
  • Putting on weight (eat a proper nutritional diet and cut out snack foods)
  • Memory issues (talk to your doctor if this becomes a problem)

Uncommon Side Effects Of Pregabalin

Here we list some of the Pregabalin serious side effects that would require medical attention. All of these side effects should be reported to a doctor:

  • Suicidal thoughts or self-harm.
  • Dizziness and fainting.
  • Breathing difficulties.
  • Visual or auditory hallucinations.
  • Blood in your urine.
  • Problems urinating or constipation.

Your doctor who prescribed this drug for you should be aware of all of the side-effects it can cause, either common or uncommon. If the doctor suspects that you could well end up suffering from one of these side-effects, they should talk to you about it before prescribing the medication. Should a medical professional fails to do this, and the side-effect is subsequently manifested as the doctor first suspected, then this could cause you to suffer harm unnecessarily. Proving that the doctor acted negligently prescribing this medication a compensation claim might be valid for any suffering caused. We can help with such claims, please talk to one of our advisors and explain what has happened to you, they will let you know whether a claim is appropriate or not.

If You Take 2 Pregabalin Doses By Mistake What Could Happen?

This drug will only be provided under prescription, your dose will be managed by your GP. If you miss a dose of this medication take it as soon as you remember. However, if you next dose it within 2 hours it may be best to leave the forgotten dose and wait till the next dose is required.

If you have been prescribed too much medication through the negligence of a medical practitioner then they have breached their duty of care. If you become ill because of this you may have grounds to pursue a medical negligence claim.

What Happens If You Take Pregabalin And Don’t Need It?

Pregabalin is a medication that must be prescribed, therefore it should not be taken unless medically needed. If you are prescribed this medication by mistake or the pharmacy mixes up your medication and you receive the wrong one it could cause ill health. This is especially true if you are allergic to the ingredients found in Pregabalin.

Could I Make A Pregabalin Side Effect Claim?

To make a valid claim you will need to prove that the medical professional has failed to meet their duty of care towards you. This can be summed up as:

  1. The medical professional had a duty of care towards you.
  2. This duty of care was breached, and this indirectly or directly lead to the harm you suffered.
  3. If the medical professional had taken alternative action, you would not have been harmed.

Put simply, if a medical professional does something to harm you that was avoidable, then you could be in a position to make a compensation claim. However, suffering side effects from Pregabalin is not a reason to make a compensation claim if the medication was correctly prescribed for you. If you are confused about this, and whether you might have a valid claim, please do feel free to talk to one of our expert advisors for some clarification.

No Win No Fee Pregabalin Wrong Medication Negligence Compensation Claims

In the same way that you can use a personal injury solicitor under a No Win No Fee deal to make a personal injury claim, we can provide you with an expert medical negligence solicitor to make a clinical negligence claim. No Win No Fee means, no fee upfront to pay your solicitor, and they will also not expect you to pay them any fees during the time it takes them to process the claim. And if the claim is not successful, and you receive no compensation, then the solicitor we have provided you with won’t ask you to pay their fees.

If the solicitor does win your claim, a percentage will be taken from the compensation. The fee is limited. If you have any more questions about this legal service, all you have to do is reach out to one of our claim experts on the number below.

Contact Us To Start Your Wrong Prescription Claim Today

Have you been given Pregabalin as wrong medication due to negligence? Did this pharmaceutical mistake lead to you suffering some form of physical harm? In some circumstances, we could be able to provide you with an expert negligence solicitor to process your claim for you. Please contact our claims team on 0800 073 8804. One of our advisors will talk through your possible claim with you and then provide you with some free advice about your legal options.

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Edited By Melissa.

Please note, we’re not medical professionals, nor do we advertise or promote that we are medically qualified in any way. Always see the guidance of a qualified medical professional with regard to your health. The information in the guide is not to be taken as medical advice.

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