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Liverpool John Lennon Airport Accident Claims Guide

Nearly 5 million people travel from Liverpool John Lennon airport every year and for most of them their stay in the airport is relaxing and enjoyable.

Liverpool John Lennon airport

Liverpool John Lennon airport

However, if you have an accident in Liverpool John Lennon Airport it could ruin your holiday or business trip and you might want to seek compensation for your injuries. If you’d like Legal Expert to take your claim on, then please call us today on 0800 073 8804 so that we can assess the merits of your claim.

Claims could be made by passengers, visitors, contractors and staff who work either for the airport directly or for retail outlets based within it.

If you’d like to know more first, then carry on reading this guide which will provide you with all of the information you require.

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What Is An Airport Accident?

A valid airport accident claim can be made when somebody else makes a mistake (or is negligent) which causes you to have an accident and become injured.

It may not be a deliberate action but even when the other person simply makes a mistake you could claim compensation. If, however you were responsible for the accident or it happened somewhere where you didn’t have permission to be then you wouldn’t be able claim.

This guide will show the common accident types that happen, but Legal Expert can represent you for any type of accident if somebody else caused it in some way, so don’t worry if you don’t see your particular accident listed.

You should also bear in mind that there is a personal injury claim time limit, which in most cases is 3 years from the date the accident occurred.

Statistics For Accidents And Injuries In The Aviation Industry

The airport industry has a number of initiatives in place to try and reduce the number of accidents that happen, but the last set of statistics released shows that 1 in every 1000 departures results in an accident of some type.

With regards staff workplace accidents, the Health and Safety Executive release facts about accidents reported to them and it’s somewhat unsurprising that 39% of accidents were caused by lifting and handling and the next largest type of accident was slips or falls at 24 per cent.

We’ll cover workplace accidents later in this guide.

Common Airport Accidents And Incidents

The next few sections will cover the most common types of accident which can lead to compensation claims. Remember that we can help with these and other types of personal injury claim if somebody else was to blame.

Slips, Trips, And Falls At An Airport

Probably one of the most common types of accident is a slip or trip that causes you to fall and become injured. This doesn’t always mean that you can claim compensation but if somebody else caused it you could begin a claim using our no win no fee service.

Examples of airport trips or falls where somebody else was to blame include:

  • Uneven flooring or pathways such as paving slabs or potholes outside the airport terminal.
  • Slippery or wet floors where no warning signs have been used to warn you or the potential danger.
  • A poorly lit area that prevented you from seeing a trip hazard which you subsequently fell over and became injured.

It’s important to try and provide evidence of the cause of a slip or fall (which we’ll discuss in more detail later), so try to photograph the cause of your fall if possible.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport Shuttle Accidents

It’s not just inside the airport terminal that accidents can happen. Accident on airport roads or even accidents in shuttle buses from your airport hotel could also lead to a compensation claim.

Other vehicles that could cause you to become injured in an airport include electric vehicles, other people’s cars in the car park and trams, trains or buses used to transfer you from the terminal to or from the runway.

These types of accidents could involve you as a driver, passenger or a pedestrian. So long as another driver was to blame, you could make a claim.

Luggage Trolley And Luggage Carousel Accidents

If you are injured by a collision with a luggage trolley at an airport, then it may be possible to seek compensation. The same is true if luggage falls from the carousel while waiting for your own luggage to arrive. Call our team for further advice on this type of claim.

Suitcase And Luggage Accidents

It is also possible, in certain circumstances, to make a claim if you’re injured because you tripped over luggage which had been left in unusual or inappropriate place within the airport.

It can be tricky to determine if someone else was to blame for this type of accident so try to photograph the scene of the accident and speak with one of our team who’ll assess the claim with you and let you know if you could claim or not.

Travelator, Lift And, Escalator Accidents

Whilst using lifts, stairs, escalators or travelators is generally very useful within airports, they can lead to accidents occurring.

Although these devices are usually well maintained by the airport, they can still cause accidents which may be eligible for a compensation claim such as:

  • Falling in a lift because it has stopped suddenly, perhaps because of a power cut.
  • Being trapped in a lift, for any amount of time.
  • Falling down stairs because the handrail was defective.
  • Falling on a travelator or escalator because somebody else was walking in the wrong direction.
  • Falling on an escalator (or travelator) because somebody pressed the emergency button when it wasn’t required.

If you’ve been hurt in any of these circumstances, then we may be able to help so please get in touch and speak with one of our friendly advisers.

Shops And Places To Eat At Liverpool John Lennon Airport

For your information we’ve listed some of the shops and restaurants based within Liverpool John Lennon Airport.


  • Dixons Travel
  • Obey Your Body
  • WH Smith
  • Traveller
  • Accesorize
  • JD Sports
  • World Duty Free
  • With Love from Liverpool
  • SPAR

Restaurants and Bars:

  • Subway
  • Frankie and Benny’s
  • The Cabin Bar
  • Burger King
  • The Estuary Bar and Grill
  • Starbucks
  • Ritazza
  • The Beer House
  • Joe’s Coffee House
  • Kissing Gate

If you were injured either as a customer or staff member in any of these outlets, then Legal Expert could help you to make a claim for compensation. The next section covers accident at work claims in more detail.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport Workplace Accident Claims

Working at an airport is no different than working for any other employer, in legal terms, either directly for the airport or for a retailer based within the airport.

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act, you are entitled to expect that your workplace is safe and any tasks you’re asked to complete have been risk-assessed first.

Your employer may be liable for your accident if:

  • You were not fully trained on how to complete a task and it caused your injury (this could also be true if another member of staff wasn’t trained and they caused your injury).
  • You weren’t provided with any (or inadequate) safety equipment.
  • Machinery was poorly maintained or faulty

Employers can not discriminate against staff making personal injury claims for accidents at work (providing it is an honest claim) and have insurance in place to protect them so don’t worry about claiming the compensation you may be entitled to.

Baggage Handler Workplace Injury Claims

As mentioned earlier in this guide, the Health and Safety Executive report into the types of accidents in airports was dominated by lifting and handling accidents. As a baggage handler, you will be handling heavy pieces of luggage constantly and could be susceptible to this type of injury as well as items falling on to you.

Your employer may be liable for compensation for your injury if:

  • Another member of staff was untrained and caused your accident
  • You hadn’t been trained on how to use lifting tools and aids
  • You weren’t allowed regular breaks
  • You hadn’t been trained in manual lifting techniques

In any of these instances you could claim compensation for your injury. However, if the company have provided you with training but you failed to follow the guidance provided then the accident would your fault, not the company’s and therefore you couldn’t make a claim.

Airport Food Poisoning Or Allergic Reaction Claims

There have been a few stories recently of high street food chains not labelling food properly which, unfortunately, has led to fatal accident.

Allergic reactions occur when the body rejects a particular allergen and, in the worst cases, the body can go in to anaphylactic shock which can cause breathing difficulties. Other allergic reactions are much less severe but can cause distress and annoyance.

If you’ve suffered an allergic reaction, then try to keep any packaging or photograph the menu to prove that the allergen wasn’t highlighted.

Food poisoning can also cause problems but not usually as severe as allergies. It happens when food is stored, prepared, cooked or reheated incorrectly. It could be down to broken equipment (refrigeration units, cookers etc.) or down to staff not following company guidelines.

In any case of food poisoning you should seek medical treatment and then contact Legal Expert for advice on how to make a claim.

How To Start Your Airport Accident Claim

If you are ever involved in an accident in Liverpool John Lennon Airport, there are some steps you can take that would make claiming compensation much easier. In fact, without doing some of them (like seeing a doctor), you probably couldn’t make a claim at all. The steps we recommend are:

  • Visit a doctor or hospital as soon as you can following your accident. This will ensure that you get any medical treatment you require and at the same time a medical record will be created by the doctor. Medical records are essential parts of a claim as they document the injury and how severe it was. This will be the basis of your claim.
  • Report the accident to airport staff either at a helpdesk or within the retail unit that the accident happened in. The member of staff should log the incident in some sort of log so ask for a copy. If they can’t provide one then make a note of their name, the date and the time that you informed them.
  • Photograph the scene of the accident as soon after the accident as possible and before anything is cleared away.
  • If there were any witnesses to your accident, then ask them for their contact details as we can gather witness statements to further back up your claims.

You can see how important evidence is when making an accident claim and hopefully you’ll see the benefit of spending the time to follow the above steps should you be involved in an accident yourself.

Damages You Can Claim After An Accident At The Airport

Every personal injury claim is completely unique and can be made up of several different elements. These include:

  • General Damages: This is the part of the claim that covers any pain and suffering caused by the accident.
  • Travel Costs: You can claim back any travel associated costs that you incur such as travelling to medical appointments or the cost of having to reschedule your flight if you can’t travel because of your accident.
  • Care Costs: If you need someone to help you because you can’t complete your normal day to day tasks while in recovery then you could claim any associated costs back.
  • Personal Property Damage: If any item of personal property is damaged during your accident such as clothing, watches or mobile phones then you could claim the cost of repair or replacement.
  • Loss of Earnings: If you need time off from work and don’t get paid full sick pay then you can claim these losses back as well.

It is very important that your personal injury lawyer gathers all parts of the claim as, once a claim has been settled, you can’t go back and ask for anything you forgot about. It is therefore important to provide as much information to the solicitor as possible.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport Personal Injury Claims Calculator

Using the table below you can see how much compensation is paid out under the General Damages element of a claim (see above for more details on General Damages):

Body Part Injured Severity Range Compensation Further Information
Foot injury Minor to very severe Up to £96,139 A range of injuries that begins with soft tissue damage and on to nerve or muscle damage and sprains and then on to amputation of one or both feet.
Leg injury Minor to severe Up to £119,239 A range of injuries that begins with lacerations, cuts and other soft tissue injuries then on to leg bone breaks or fractures,muscle and ligament damage and on to amputation above or below the knee.
Hand injury Minor to serious Up to £54,299 A range of injuries that begins with soft tissue type injuries and then on to nerve damage, muscle damage and sprains to amputation of one or both hands in the most severe cases.
Arm injury Moderate to severe Up to £114,829 A range of injuries that begins with soft tissue damage including cuts, bruising and lacerations then on to damage to the muscles or ligaments and bone fractures and then on to amputation above or below the elbow.
Back injury Minor to severe Up to £141,169 A range of injuries that begins with burns, cuts and bruising then on to muscle damage and then on to fractures of the vertebrae and complete or partial paralysis of the back.
Neck injury Minor to severe Up to £130,079 A range of injuries that begins with soft tissue type injuries, muscle or nerve damage, fractures of the vertebrae and in the most severe cases complete or partial paralysis of the neck.

Each injury type has a range of compensation associated with it depending on the severity so a minor concussion would be paid a lot less compensation than a head injury that leads to serious brain damage.

Our job is to ensure that we provide the right evidence to demonstrate where your injury fits into the scale, otherwise you could lose out on compensation, which is why we use medical experts to substantiate our claims where needed.

No Win No Fee Claims For An Accident At Liverpool John Lennon Airport

When you begin to research making a compensation claim for any type of accident, you’ll soon realise that there are two main options when appointing a solicitor:

  1. You use a solicitor who charges an hourly rate for their service and you can then keep 100% of any compensation that they win for you.
  2. You use a no win no fee solicitor who keeps a percentage of your compensation, if they win it.

Legal Expert only offer no win no fee agreements because we think the other option is too risky for clients and would put some people off from making a claim. If you use the first option and the solicitor doesn’t win any compensation you are still left with a legal bill to pay which can be a large amount of money.

With our no win no fee service you never have to send us any money. If we win, then we retain the agreed percentage and send you the rest of the compensation directly. If we lose, you don’t pay us anything for our services at all.

We believe this is the fairest way and its stress and risk free for our clients.

Why Make Your Claim With Our Team

Our panel of personal injury solicitors have been helping clients seek compensation successfully for many years. Their experience means they know what’s needed to make a valid claim and also what’s not needed so they won’t waste your time with irrelevant questions.

We offer a no win no fee service for all claims that we take on and our friendly team are available throughout your case to answer any queries that may arise.

Legal Expert are dedicated to getting the right amount of compensation for our clients and have many who’d recommend our services. Please get in touch with us today so that we can represent you in your case.

How To Talk To Our Experts

If you’re now ready to begin a personal injury claim following an accident at Liverpool John Lennon Airport and you’d like to use Legal Expert to represent you, then you can contact us in a number of ways:

  • Call us free on 0800 073 8804 and our team can offer advice right away.
  • Use Live Chat, 7 days a week if you’d prefer to find out more online.
  • Email us at Send brief details of your accident and we’ll get back to you.
  • Fill in this online form and we’ll begin your claim straight away.

Whichever method you choose to contact us, we’ll begin your claim by offering a free consultation where we’ll listen to what you tell us, assess the merits of the claim and then offer you honest advice about the chances of successfully claiming compensation.

Where To Find Out More

Hopefully, you now have all of the information you need to decide whether you’ll make a claim or not. For your information here are some more relevant guides which may be useful:

Airport Safety Information – Guides from the Civil Aviation Authority regarding airport safety

Food Safety Guide – Guides from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regarding different food safety strategies

Airport Accident Claims – A guide by Legal Expert regarding general airport claims, not just at Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Trip and Fall accident claims – A more specific guide covering the types of injuries sustained in falls and the amount of compensation for such accidents

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