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Bournemouth Airport Accident Claims Guide

Have you had an accident at Bournemouth Airport? If so, this personal injury claims guide contains all of the information which you need to know in order to make an informed choice about how to claim damages and how to choose the right solicitor for your case.

Bournemouth airport accidents

Bournemouth airport accidents

Going on holiday should always be an exciting and happy time from the moment you start planning your trip to the moment you arrive at your destination and through your holiday. The first step on your journey to a holiday destination is often the airport. Whether flying from a major international hub, a regional or even a local airport, these places can be very busy places. With lost of passengers, staff and other members of the public passing through there is a reasonable chance of something going wrong and that you suffer an injury at an airport. If this happens, you could find that your holiday is ruined before you have even started it.

If you have had an accident and suffered an airport personal injury read our guide below on how to claim damages, how our team can help, and how much you could claim.

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What Is A Bournemouth Airport Accident?

The phrase ‘airport accident’ can conjure images or fatal accidents and very serious airport personal injuries. It might make you think of a plane crash or a similar level of harm. However, it can, in fact, be any level or form of injury which a person can suffer in an airport. You are not limited to making a Bournemouth Airport personal injury claim in circumstances of extreme accidents or injuries but can also make them for much more everyday circumstances. It could even include situations such as food poisoning while travelling through the airport or having had an allergic reaction to a food which is not correctly labelled.

Bournemouth Airport Safety Information

There are no particular air transport aviation incident or air passenger accident statistics to speak of for Bournemouth. Overall the airport has a very good safety record with the only recorded and notable accident at the airport having happened in 1972. There have not been any reported cases of an aircraft having had an accident at the airport itself. You can find more information about overall air transport and air passenger safety, including reported accidents and injuries in this guide from the Health and Safety Executive.

Common Accidents That Can Happen In Bournemouth Airport

There are lots of different Bournemouth Airport accidents involving both passengers and employees at the airport. Many of the hazards which you can find in an airport can cause airport personal injuries. Some of the most common of these are;

  • Accidents and injuries involving suitcases and other pieces of luggage. They can be a trip or fall hazard, or cause injuries by falling onto people.
  • Airport slip/trip and fall accidents. These can be caused by things such as wet floors or broken flooring.
  • Airport vehicle and airport transport accidents. Such accidents might be caused by a failure in the vehicle, its maintenance, or improper driver training.
  • Being injured at an airport in a manual handling accident.

If you have been injured in any of the accidents listed above, or others, our team of experts could help you to name a no win no fee personal injury claim. We shall look into detail at some common types of airport accident and injury in the following sections.

Wet Floor And Other Causes Of Slip Or Fall Accidents

Have you been injured in an airport slip/trip and fall accident? If so you might be wondering ‘can you sue an airport’ for such injuries? If you can show that the accident was the fault of another party, the answer is likely to be yes.

Having a slip and fall at an airport can be caused by any of the following circumstances;

  • Slips or trips on suitcases. If they are left in a hazardous place, items of luggage can cause accidents and injuries.
  • Falls which are caused by water or other liquids on the floor, or items of debris being left on the floor.
  • Broken and damaged floors which can cause you to trip up.

If you have suffered a slip and fall at the airport talk to our expert team today to launch your claim.

Airport Vehicle Accident Claims

As a large space with multiple buildings such as terminals, office buildings, an air traffic control tower and aircraft facilities, people often have to travel around an airport in vehicles. Passengers might have to use a shuttle bus to transport them from a local hotel to the terminal, or between the gate and the aircraft.

Airports also have to use a lot of different vehicles to maintain operations and support the aircraft. These vehicles help aircraft to taxi to and from the gate, to move luggage and stair around, including emergency vehicles and take items to and from aircraft, refuelling them.

If these vehicles are not used correctly, if the driver has not been properly trained in how to use them, or if they have not been correctly maintained then an accident can happen. If you were injured at an airport due to a vehicle accident, such as a shuttle bus crash, contact our team to make a claim with a personal injury solicitor.

Accidents And Injuries Caused By A Baggage Carousel

There are lots of ways in which you can have an accident at an airport and be injured by the baggage carousel or baggage belts. If they are not loaded properly items of luggage and suitcases can easily fall off and cause people injuries. Electrical faults with the carousel can also be extremely dangerous. People can also be injured if their clothing is caught in the belt. However, you will not be able to make a claim for an accident in Bournemouth Airport if you were responsible, such as if you acted in an irresponsible way around the luggage belt. Such injuries may then be deemed your own fault.

Other Suitcase Or Baggage Related Accidents

Aside from the luggage belt and baggage carousel, there are other ways in which you can be injured in a Bournemouth Airport incident involving a suitcase or item of luggage. Baggage which is placed in a hazardous manner or which is carelessly left about the airport can cause accidents and injuries. People can even suffer injuries such as a broken bone. If this has happened to you, our team can help you to make a claim for your injuries, providing you do so within the applicable personal injury claims time limit.

Claims For Lift And Escalator Accidents At An Airport

Airports will often have several floors and some form of lift, stairs or escalator will often need to be used to help people get on to and off from an aircraft. They are an essential part of getting around the airport and can also help to save time. For passengers or members of the public using a wheelchair or a buggy, or a member of staff transporting items in trolleys, they are essential in getting around.

Whilst these are some of the safest forms of transport, if they are not properly maintained or if they are in any way damaged, and you are involved in an accident you could be eligible to make a Bournemouth Airport personal injury claim for any injuries which suffered.

Where To Shop And Eat At Bournemouth Airport

The airport is home to many other businesses such as restaurants, shops, cafes, and duty-free shops. If you have either been injured shopping or working in any of these shop, or have been injured in any of the restaurants (as an employee or customer) you could claim compensation. Shops and places to eat at Bournemouth Airport include;

  • WH Smith.
  • Joes Coffee House.
  • Travelex.
  • Est Presso.
  • The Olive Tree.
  • World Duty-Free.

If you were injured in shops or suffered food poisoning whilst at Bournemouth Airport our team can help you to claim compensation.

Bournemouth Airport Accident At Work Personal Injury Claims

Airports are workplaces for large numbers of people. Some of these will work for the airport itself, whilst others may work for individual or chain shops and business at the airport, for airlines, or for subcontracting and services companies. No matter how you are employed, if you are injured whilst carrying out your work at an airport and you can demonstrate that your employer is to blame, you could claim compensation for the injuries suffered.

Workplace accidents can occur because of a lack of training or personal protective equipment, or they can happen because things which you use to carry out your job (such as machinery or a vehicle) are not maintained correctly. If you suffered an accident at work at an airport, please contact our accident at work specialists today to make your claim.

Personal Injury Claims For Baggage Handler Accidents

Manual handling accidents and injuries are one of the most common types of accident in the workplace which people suffer and which they can make a personal injury claim for. Manual handling accidents could happen because you were not given the right training or the right equipment to be able to carry out your job in the right way and suffered an injury as a result. They can also happen if people are not given sufficient breaks or rest periods. Please contact our team if you have sustained a workplace manual handling accident.

How To Claim If You Get Food Poisoning Or A Food Allergy At The Airport

Suffering from food poisoning or a food allergy from food which you have bought and eaten at the airport could ruin your holiday. You might find that you can not take your flight, or that you do not suffer the effects till you reach your destination and find that your holiday is ruined as such. You can contact us to make an airline food poisoning compensation claim with our team.

How To Begin A Bournemouth Airport Personal Injury Claim

Our team aims to make sure that the process of claiming compensation is as easy as it can be. We know that people often think that taking legal action can be a scary or difficult prospect. But with our team behind you, you can rest assured that it will be easy to do. We know that coping with the effects of your injury or illness can be difficult and that this is where your energies should be best directed to help you recover. Your solicitor will work hard to build the strongest possible case and get you the biggest possible settlement.

What Can Your Bournemouth Airport Accident Claim Include?

If you have been involved in an accident and were injured or suffer an illness because of contaminated food or exposure to a food allergen, there are several things which you can claim compensation for. The largest of these can often be for the actual illness or injury itself. Aside from this, you can also claim damages for things such as suffering and pain which has been caused by your injuries and any income or earnings which you have also lost because of what happened to you. You can even recover the costs of damage to your personal property.

Talk to our expert team today to find out what you could include in your personal injury claim.

Bournemouth Airport Personal Injury Claims Calculator

Without knowing what injury you sustained, it is difficult for our team to fully assess what you could be awarded. Across the web, you will find lots of personal injury claims calculators which all claim to tell you what you can claim and how much it could be. However, these damages calculators are very often not accurate. This is because a solicitor needs to fully assess your injury and your medical report. In this table, we have included information on how much you could claim for different forms of injury.

Location/ type of injury Severity Notes Settlement
Food poisoning or similar illness n/a Includes very short-term but serious symptoms. This could last from two to four weeks. between £7,600 and £15,300
Food poisoning or similar illness n/a You may have to visit the hospital but could face a significant illness over the short term. between £3,150 and £7,600
Neck Severe Those which can affect your soft tissues or cause a dislocated joint or fracture. between £36,240 and 44,630
Neck Moderate Injury affecting your soft tissue or bones. between £19,920 and £30,690
Neck Minor Much more minor injury affecting your soft tissue or bones. between £1,950 and £3,470
Foot/ feet Serious Injury affecting your soft tissue or bones. between £19,920 and £31,250
Foot/ feet Moderate Much more minor injury affecting your soft tissue or bones. between £10,960 and £19,920
Back Severe (iii) Can include injury of or two spinal discs. between £30,910 and £55,590
Back Moderate (i) This includes a diverse range of different injury symptoms. They may affect the bones or the soft tissues. between £22,130 and £30,910
Back Minor Such as strains or sprains. between £6,290 and £9,970

Please remember that for a more accurate assessment of how much you can claim for your injuries, such as food poisoning while travelling, you can contact our experts.

No Win No Fee Airport Accident Personal Injury Claims

No win no fee is a phrase which people hear quite a lot. But what does it mean? It is a phrase which is often used to establish and build trust between a solicitor and their client. The idea behind it is that it will eliminate any and all financial risk which the claimant might otherwise have faced. In the event of making a claim, the last thing which you want to do is to face a further risk to your finances when pursuing a wrong which someone did to you. This way of funding a claim means that even if you are not successful in your case, you will not be asked to pay anything towards your personal injury lawyer or solicitors fee.

If you make a no win no fee claim with our team you can rest assured that you will not be left out of pocket in any way. Even if you lose your claim, you will not have to make any type of payments.

Why Make Your Airport Accident Claim With Our Team?

If you have had an accident at Bournemouth Airport there are lots of personal injury solicitors across the UK who could help you make a personal injury claim. So, why should you choose to work with Legal Expert? We like to think that one of the best reasons for choosing our services is the fact that we have a great deal of experience in making personal injury claims across a broad spectrum of different cases, accidents, and injury types. We can also offer you a no win no fee agreement which as discussed above will protect you from having to pay lots of legal fees if you do not win your case. Finally, we also really do care about making sure that you get the best possible legal settlement for your injuries. We appreciate that this can be a difficult time for you and our aim is always to make things as simple as we can for you.

Getting In Contact With Our Experts

If you have had an accident at Bournemouth Airport, any other airport across the UK, or sometimes even in an airport returning to the UK, you may be able to claim compensation for the injuries or the illness which you suffered. Trust the team at Legal Expert to make your personal injury claim.

You can get in touch with our expert team of personal injury lawyers and solicitors by phone, via email, and by leaving a message on our contact form.

We are ready and waiting to hear from you today.

Where Can I Find Out More?

This guide has provided you with the information you need in order to make a claim with a personal injury solicitor for an accident at an airport. In the additional recommended guides and links below we have included where you can find more information about airport or airline accident claims or aviation accidents.

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