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How Much Compensation Can I Claim For A Costa Coffee Accident?

Have you had an accident at Costa Coffee? We can represent you in your Costa Coffee accident claims on a no win, no fee basis.

A Guide To Costa Coffee Accident Claims

Whether you are getting your Costa Coffee to go or enjoying it in one of the 2121 coffee shops in the UK, suffering an accident in Costa can entitle you to make Costa Coffee accident claims. During 2012 it was reported that Costa coffee’s customers amounted to more than 4 million each week, with no sign of slowing down. Costa Coffee is the countries fastest growing and most popular brand of coffee.

Accidents, injuries and illnesses can happen in coffee shops. Customers of Costa Coffee outlets expect the owners of the establishments to have taken reasonable and proactive measures to maintain a safe environment. However this is not always the case. Where an owner is negligent with their health and safety practices, Costa Coffee accident claims will be imminent.

Costa Coffee accidents happen to both customers and members of staff. Common accidents include slipping on wet floors, suffering burns from hot food and beverages, suffering burns from hot appliances, and contracting illnesses through poor quality or undercooked food.

Whether you have suffered an accident as a customer or an employee of Costa Coffee, the owner of the establishment is legally bound to accept liability for injuries and illnesses caused on his or her premises. Where an owner has not taken appropriate measures to ensure the safety of his or her customers and staff, they will be held accountable for any accidents in a court of law.

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A Guide To Costa Coffee Accident Claims

Costa Coffee, like other popular coffee shop brands, operates as a franchise. A franchise is a branded outlet, such as Costa Coffee, that is purchased and run by an individual or smaller business. They are generally operated on a twenty-year lease and it is the responsibility of the leaser to operate and maintain the business.

It is these owners or leasers who are responsible for any accidents or injuries that happen in their establishments. Should you make Costa Coffee accident claims, they will typically be made against the individual franchise owners, not the Costa Coffee brand itself.

Public spaces can be unsafe, particularly when crowded. There can be a variety of reasons for hazards in public environments such as broken floors, railings and furniture as well as spills that have not been cleaned up. Whatever the circumstances are behind your accident or injury, the duty of care remains with the franchise owner. Where an owner has failed to maintain a safe environment by neglecting to take appropriate health and safety measures, you will be eligible for Costa Coffee accident claims, should you suffer an injury at their shop.

Cases where an owner is negligent of health and safety considerations include not providing sufficient staff training, failing to fix broken furniture, floors or equipment and failing to ensure appropriate signage is used throughout the establishment. If you have been the victim of health and safety negligence, call us today for your free consultation.

What Are The Types Of Accidents That Can Happen At A Cafe Or A Coffee Shop?

We have dealt with a variety of accidents resulting in compensation claims, and can assist you with the same. The main types of Costa Coffee accidents include:

Wet and slippery flooring: Slippery floors are hazardous for both customers and staff. Spills, mopped floors, leaking appliances and wet shoes from outside weather conditions can all lead to dangerously slippery floors.

Burns injury: Burns are common where hot food and drinks are served to customers and can occur when food and beverages are too hot. Burns are commonly suffered in kitchen areas, among those who prepare the food and hot beverages. They can be caused by faulty kitchen appliances or where staff have not been given the right training to work with hot cooking appliances.

Seating: Faulty seating can lead to falls, which can be particularly dangerous if the customer is carrying hot food or drinks. Broken seats with sharp or jagged edges can cause cuts.

Toilets: Broken toilets are a danger for customers and staff as they can cause falls. Leaking toilets will make floors slippery which is also a hazard and could result in slipping and falling.

Food Poisoning: Food poisoning is an unpleasant illness caused by incorrect cooking or preparation of food. It can also be a result of incorrect storage, for example meat or dairy products not being kept at the recommended temperature.

All of these accidents can be eligible for Costa Coffee accident claims. You can read more about heath and safety standards across the food and drink manufacturing industry here.

Do I Qualify For A Costa Coffee Accident Claim?

Coffee shops are generally busy and crowded places with hot food and beverages being prepared, carried and consumed on the premises. The potential for accidents in these environments is high, particularly if staff are not sufficiently trained.

Other people may or may not be directly involved in your accident, making it difficult to know with certainty whether you qualify for Costa Coffee accident claims. To qualify for a claim, you must have suffered an accident, injury or illness as a result of an owner’s negligence to comply with reasonable health and safety procedures. An owner must take all reasonable measures to make sure that he or she provides a safe environment for their customers and staff.

Although staff members are not generally liable to pay compensation for your accident, they are an extension of the owners liability. The owner is responsible for all of his or her staff and for how their staff comply with their health and safety procedures. Where a member of staff is in some way responsible for your accident, injury or illness, it is deemed contributory negligence.

Burned By A Hot Drink At Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee accident claims can be made for burn injuries suffered at Costa Coffee. In 2016 there was a case involving a young woman who was burned by a hot drink at Costa Coffee. She claimed that the drink was so hot that she dropped the cup after visiting the drive-through and it scalded her legs, leaving blisters. After the woman reported the incident, Costa made a statement, “At Costa we take the health and well-being of our customers very seriously, and as such we are looking into this as a matter of priority.”

Being burned by a hot drink at Costa Coffee can be painful and frustrating. Most coffee shops now put warnings on their takeaway cups to advise customers of its hot contents. This is not always enough to avoid burns. If the contents is so hot that the cup can’t be held, it is too hot and you are at risk of a serious burn injury.

If you have suffered a burn injury, the NHS recommend:

  • Removing clothing, but not if it’s stuck to the skin
  • Cooling the area with water
  • Placing cling film or a clean plastic bag over the burn
  • Keeping warm with a blanket
  • Taking painkillers if necessary

The NHS recommend seeking medical attention for large burns that are bigger than your hand, or burns that have caused charred or white skin.

After you have sought medical attention for your burn injury, document as much as possible so that you may proceed with your Costa Coffee accident claims. Be sure to take photographs and get a prognosis from a medical professional.

Burned By Hot Food At Costa Coffee

Customers and staff alike may beat risk of burns from hot food at Costa Coffee. This can include being splashed by hot grease or oil.

A case in a Manchester fast food restaurant has been reported on by UK Safety Store. A cook had a slip in the kitchen area after the floor had been mopped. Instinctively, he grabbed hold of a fryer as an attempt to stop himself falling, ultimately pouring 35 litres of very hot oil all over himself. The Fast Food restaurant was fined £16,000 and was ordered to take more health and safety measures to protect its staff.

You can read more about that case here.

Food that is served too hot is hazardous and can lead to burns in the mouth and throat, a very dangerous and painful Costa Coffee accident.

If you have suffered a burn injury from food at Costa, obtain treatment and a prognosis from a medical professional as soon as possible. Take photographs of your injury and record what happened and the outcome of the incident.

You can then call one of our expert solicitors for your free initial consultation so that we may proceed with your no win, no fee Costa Coffee accident claims.

Slip, Trip And Fall Coffee Shop Accidents

Slips, trips and falls can cause injuries to the individual falling as well as others around them. In coffee shops drinks are regularly being spilled, and when they are not cleaned up right away, slip, trip and fall coffee shop accidents are inevitable.

In February 2015, a customer endured an accident at Costa Coffee, when entering the toilets. The woman slipped on water from a leaking tap that the owner had failed to get repaired. The woman received £4000 compensation for her injuries.

Signs should be placed where floors are wet or damaged to avoid slip, trip and fall coffee shop accidents.

Should you suffer a slip or fall at Costa, you may be eligible to claim compensation. Call us today for free advice about Costa Coffee accident claims.

Coffee Shop Health And Safety Considerations

Consistently maintaining appropriate health and safety conditions is a coffee shop owner’s responsibility and should be prioritised accordingly. In accordance with the liability act of 1957, business owners are required to remove any potential hazards that could result in accidents. Not doing so could result in Costa Coffee accident claims.

Precautions that a coffee shop owner is liable for include:

  • Using wet floor signs
  • Ensuring cleaning staff promptly clean any spills
  • Fixing any broken floors, furniture or equipment
  • Providing adequate staff training
  • Ensuring food and drinks are stored and prepared correctly and hygienically
  • Ensuring food and drinks are bought from reputable sources

Should a business owner not comply with the required health and safety standards, they will be made liable for any Costa Coffee accident claims made as a result of their negligence.

Barista And Waiter Injuries

Anyone working with hot appliances are at risk of burn injuries and accidentally inflicting a burn injury on someone else. There is a particular risk of injuries where staff have not received proper training or where a coffee shop is understaffed and not equipped for high volumes of customers.

Appliances that carry burn risks include coffee machines, sandwich machines, grills and ovens.

During 2012, a Costa employee won £1,750 after being electrocuted at work. The incident occurred when a faulty dishwasher was leaking water and his assistant manager asked the him to press an electrical switch above the dishwasher, thinking it would turn the dishwasher off. Fortunately, the electrocuted employee didn’t suffer any long-term damage but this is an example of Costa failing to protect their employees and comply with appropriate health and safety standards.

The Most Common Food Preparation Accidents Which Result In An Injury

Preparing food in Costa can lead to significant accident and injuries, which is why training is vital for those who cook and prepare food in Costa. Common accidents that result in injuries are cuts from chopping food; burns from grills, sandwich machines and other kitchen appliances; and slipping or falling. Kitchens need to be de-cluttered to minimise the risk of accidents.

Illness Caused By Food Poisoning Or Substandard Foods And Drinks

You can make Costa Coffee accident claims for food poisoning or any other illnesses caused by consuming food or drinks from Costa. Food poisoning is a common illness contracted through food and drinks that are undercooked, poor quality or incorrectly stored.

Coffee shops are notoriously busy places. Staff are needed to serve their customers promptly to avoid long ques and waiting times. When an employee is rushing they are more likely to make a careless mistake by not putting milk away after use, or not cooking food for long enough.

Food-related illnesses such as these can be avoided by providing enough staff to run the establishment efficiently and safely. Hiring enough staff for busy periods will effectively ease the pressure that comes with providing a fast service.

Adequate training for storing and preparing food will minimise Costa Coffee accident claims. Coffee shop owners are responsible for training their employees so that they are able to store and prepare food and beverages in a safe manner. The owner is also accountable for sourcing a reputable supplier of food and drinks. You can read about the Food Law Code Of Practice here.

What Can I Claim For After A Coffee Accident?

Costa Coffee is liable for any accidents, injuries and illnesses that are caused on their premises, including outside areas such as car parks and drive-throughs. Costa Coffee accident claims can be made for loss of earnings, pain and suffering, medical costs and other general expenses.

No Win No Fee Coffee Shop Accident And Illness Claims

A no win, no fee agreement is also called a “Conditional Fee Agreement”. These agreements are based on a legal contract between a claimant and their solicitor, that guarantees they will not need to pay any fees until they win their compensation. Legal fees can be problematic for people with very limited funds and no win, no fee claims help those who may not have the means to pay the fees upfront.

No win, no fee Costa Coffee accident claims eliminate the financial risks of paying legal fees upfront to a solicitor. If you do not win your case, you wont have any fees to pay and there will be no hidden costs.

We offer a no win, no fee service so that everyone who has suffered an accident, injury or illness are able to claim the compensation they are entitled to. Call us today for more information.

How Much Can I Claim For A Coffee Shop Accident?

Estimating the value of Costa Coffee accident claims is a difficult task. Each case is unique and while two people may suffer the same injury, that injury will effect them both in different ways and to different extents. The amount of compensation you may receive will depend on the severity of your injury along with the effect it has had on your life in general and for how long it will likely effect you.

Here is a table to give you an estimation of compensation claim amounts for different injuries:

Type Of InjurySeverityPotential CompensationDescription Of Injury
Foot InjuryMildUp to £10,450Injury will be mild such as fracture or lacerations. The higher end of the amount will be awarded to mild long-term problems such as a minor limp.
Foot InjuryModerate£10,450 - £19,000More serious than a mild injury such as more complicated fractures. Long-term complications are probable.
Foot InjurySerious£19,000 - £29,800Victim will suffer from long-term pain and future complications. May have arthritis or develop it in the future.
Foot InjurySevere£31,900- £53,200Long-term considerable pain is highly likely. Victim will have mobility issues and damage to both feet. Extensive future surgery is probable.
Knee InjuryModerate£11,275 - £19,000Pain is likely and there will be a possibility of future minor surgery or complications. Injury could involve a torn cartilage or dislocation.
Knee InjurySevere£19,00 - £73,125There will be considerable long-term damage and pain. There will probably be loss of function and future complications.
Leg InjuryModerate£21 100 - £29 800
Limited leg function and probable need for future surgery. The victim will suffer a significantly impaired life as a result of their injury.
Leg InjurySevere£73 150 - £103 250Complicated surgery and procedure will be needed such as bone grafting.
Hand InjuryMild£700 - £3300
Damage will be mild, usually for less than three months. Possible temporary loss of function.
Hand InjuryModerate£4100 - £10 000There will be significantly reduced function for longer than a mild injury.
Hand InjurySevere£22 050 - £47 050
Functionality will be reduced to 50% and the hand may be damaged or clawed from the accident or from surgery. Includes amputation.
Head InjuryMild£1675 - £9700Mild head trauma with no brain damage. Problems will be temporary.
Head InjuryModerate£32 725 - £166 500
Brain damage is probable along with impairment of speech, memory and senses.

When we have spoken with you about your injury or illness, we will be able to provide you with a more definitive claim amount.

Why Choose Us For Your Costa Coffee Accident claim?

Our legal expertise is among the best in the country. We have extensive legal knowledge and have worked both for and against some of the UK’s biggest insurance companies. We know the very best methods for Costa Coffee accident claims, and know precisely how far each insurance company will go to settle claims out of court. Our legal experience and knowledge extends to knowing the most suitable tactics to use when pursuing a compensation claim, for example, through experience we know that in the end, claimants will usually receive a claim amount much higher than their first compensation offer.

We are ready and willing to fight for your Costa Coffee accident claims and to ensure that you are fully reimbursed for all the expenses you’ve had as a result of your accident. With our no win, no fee policies, your claim process will not cost you a penny until your claim is over and won.

Our team are experts at pursuing personal injury claims and have had tremendous success with claiming compensation from businesses like Costa.

Call Us For Free Advice And To Start Your Claim

Here at Legal Expert, we will begin advising you at your very first consultation and can provide legal advice for both employees and customers of Costa. Whether you have suffered an injury or an illness, we are ready to help you and advise you on your best course of action.

It begins with a telephone call. We will give you your free initial consultation with one of our expert personal injury solicitors over the phone, where you will be able to ask all the questions you need before pursuing your Costa Coffee accident claims.

Call us today on 0800 073 8804 for your free advice. Alternatively, you may contact us through the contact form or by using the instant chat box to the right. Get in touch now. We are ready to provide you with expert legal advice.

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