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How Much Compensation Can i Claim For A Waitrose Accident?

Waitrose is an extremely popular supermarket, and is well-known for the quality of its wares. Favoured by many celebrities, there are now nearly 400 Waitrose stores across the UK, making it the 6th largest supermarket in the whole of the UK. If you have been injured in Waitrose, or any other supermarket in the UK, if the accident were due to someone else’s negligent behaviour, then it may be possible for you to submit a claim for compensation.

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A guide to Waitrose injury claims

Waitrose is just one of the top ten supermarkets in the UK and the company prides itself on the high quality of the food and other household items in its store. Whatever you are shopping for in Waitrose, and whatever time of day it is you are shopping, you are likely to want to get what you need with no additional problems along the way. The problem is, that is not always the case, and whether you have been injured in an accident in Waitrose’s car park, or inside the store, or have slipped on water in Waitrose you are sure to be upset, especially if the accident was not your fault.

Injuries can often be more problematic than they first appear, and if your injury has caused additional problems such as the need to have time off work to recover, or the need to travel to appointments with medical professionals, or even the need to have help around the house, you will likely feel aggrieved about this. However, you may well be able to make a claim for compensation if someone else is liable for your injuries. This could be the supermarket themselves, or someone who has acted in a dangerous way on the premises. Our guide takes you through the definition of accidents on Waitrose premises, along with showing you how to go about making a claim and how much you could be awarded.

What is an accident at Waitrose?

Any incident at Waitrose that causes you injury is likely to be recorded as an accident. However, in an accident, someone is often to blame, even though they have not deliberately caused your injuries. If, for example, you were not looking where you were going and accidentally crashed into a shelf, you would not be able to make a claim for compensation. However, if you were looking where you were going, and that shelf were sticking out at an angle with a sharp edge, and you damaged your arm because of this shelf sticking out, then you may be able to submit a claim. Simply put, if someone else is at fault, and you are blameless, it is very likely that you will have a claim.

What to do if you are involved in an accident at Waitrose causing injury

If you have an accident in Waitrose, there are a number of things you should do straight away. We have listed the most important actions you should take after the accident , whether or not you intend to make a personal injury claim against the supermarket.

  1. Seek medical attention – First and foremost comes your health and well-being. It is best to seek medical advice whether or not you have thought of making a claim, as a doctor or other medical professional will need to assess your injuries and give you advice about how to recover best from your injuries. They will also make a note of what has happened to you, which may come in useful later on.
  2. Take down details of any witnesses – Depending on where in or out of the store your accident occurred, someone may have witnessed it. You should take their details in case they need to be called on as a witness at a later date. Driver details for car accidents at Waitrose should be taken too
  3. Write notes – Taking down the particular details surrounding the incident while it is still clear in your mind is important. This saves you from forgetting something important later on.
  4. Call us – Whether you are likely to submit a claim or not, calling us for advice will put you in the best position to do so at a later date, should you decide to go ahead.

How to begin a Waitrose accident injury claim

Once you have called us to begin Waitrose accident claims, we will talk through the whole claims process with you, ensuring you fully understand how we go about acting on your behalf regarding Waitrose accident compensation claims. We will at this point take down the details surrounding your accident, making sure to ask the right questions so that we fully understand what has happened. We may ask some questions you may find strange, but we only ask questions relevant to your claim, and if you do not understand why we need certain information, we can clarify this – all you have to do is ask. Once we have all the details, we will explain our accident while shopping or accident at work No Win No Fee service, so you will not have to pay any money up front for your legal fees. Part of our No Win No Fee service is making sure you understand that we will not take any payment from you should your claim be unsuccessful too. We will ask you to sign the No Win No Fee agreement at this point, but you should have time to review this and fully understand how it works before going ahead and signing.

Once this is done, we will often secure you an appointment with a local medic who will review your injuries, examine you and provide a written medical report in order that we have the medical evidence we need to pursue your claim on your behalf. Finally, we will match you with a solicitor that is best placed to handle your claim. Our fantastic team of in-house solicitors have experience in many aspects of the law, and we will make sure to match you with the one whose experience best matches the particulars of your case.

I had an accident whilst shopping at Waitrose can I claim compensation?

Shopping at Waitrose is supposed to be a pleasure, but if you have been injured while shopping at the supermarket, depending on who is liable, you may be able to claim for compensation. Proving liability is one of the things our solicitors are adept at. With this in mind, we offer just a few examples of the sort of injuries sustained at Waitrose that might lead to a successful compensation claim:

  • Injury from falling items off a shelf that has not been stacked safely
  • Injury from trip hazard from shelf runner having come loose
  • Injury from incorrectly fitted handrail on stairs
  • Injury from slip on wet floor from spillage that has not been cleared up
  • Injury from trip in pothole in the car park
  • Injury from collision with car that is driving in an unsafe manner

Of course, these are just a few of the accidents that can occur when someone else is at fault. If you are not sure whether someone else is to blame for your accident while shopping at Waitrose, then it is best to make a call to our Waitrose accident helpline, and we can assess the possibility that you might have a claim.

Waitrose accident at work claims

Working at Waitrose is said to be a pleasure, as they are one of the top employers in the country. However, if you have been injured at work, then do I get paid is likely to the first question you act. Depending on company policy, you may well have to take time off work to recuperate from your injuries, and this may not be on full pay. If it is not, then it will be likely to be a very worrying time for you. Few people can afford to go without a regular income, and statutory sick pay does not often cover a full wage. This is just one reason you might want to seek compensation, as well as wanting to make sure that what has happened to you does not happen to anyone else in the future.



If you have been injured in a Waitrose accident at work, it is essential that the correct procedure is followed for Health and Safety reasons. It is likely that the registered first aider will have been called after your accident, and that first aider will be required to fill in the Waitrose accident book, as per company policy. Once this has been done, the company has a record of what has occurred. Depending on the severity of your accident, they may also have to report the incident. If you are not sure if your accident at work has been recorded properly, then do not hesitate to get in touch and we will explain what should have happened.

Accidents at work happen to employees in many different workplaces, and our solicitors have years of experience making claims on behalf of employees against their workplaces – we have plenty of accident at work compensation examples to draw from when pursuing your claim. It is very common for staff to worry about making this sort of claim, but your rights to be treated the same as every other employee are in place for this reason – the company has a legal obligation not to treat you differently because of your claim. You might also be interested to know that most companies have in place insurance to cover the costs of your back injury at work claim should it be successful. Therefore, you need not worry about damaging the business or having a detrimental effect on your colleagues by making a claim.

If you have any queries about making a claim against your employer, be it what is the accident at work claim time limit, or whether you can see some accident at work compensation case studies, we will be happy to help.

Waitrose slip, trip or fall claims

Slip trip fall claims happen often in supermarkets but it depends entirely on the reason for the trip, slip or fall whether you can claim for compensation. If you have tripped over your own shoelaces, for example, then it is not likely that you can claim for Waitrose compensation. However, if you have had a slip in Waitrose, on spilled produce that has not been signposted or cleared up quickly, or had a fall in Waitrose down the stairs due to an unsafe handrail, then someone else is to blame and you are likely to be able to claim slipped in Waitrose compensation.

Slip, trip and fall injuries in supermarkets can vary. Depending on how far you fell, what you slipped on and how far you slid, or how badly you landed when you tripped, you could suffer hand or wrist injuries, leg sprains, strains or breaks or neck, head and back injuries. However bad the injuries are, and how long it takes you to recover, if someone else is liable, then you should be able to make a claim.

I had a car accident in a Waitrose car park – can I claim?

Car park accidents are rife, and it doesn’t matter what car you drive, or even if you are on foot; it is always possible to have an accident in a busy supermarket car park. The range of different types of injury caused in a car park is vast. It can range from a simply slip on an icy part of the car park to someone having been run over crossing the car park on the way into the store. The injuries sustained in such incidents can range from a sprain or strain to broken bones, concussion or worse, and therefore the compensation payouts can vary widely as well.

Whoever was at fault for your accident in Waitrose’s car park, if they have been seen to be acting dangerously or negligently, you will likely have a claim for compensation.

What can be claimed for after an accident in Waitrose causing injury?

Whilst the actual Waitrose injury claim payouts will differ, depending on what sort of injuries you have sustained, as well as your prognosis and the severity of the pain and suffering you have had to ensure, there are several common awards that can be given.

Care – Care costs may be claimed by a person who has had to help you around the home after your accident.

Medical – Medical costs may be claimed, including prescription costs, mobility aids, and physiotherapy bills

Travel – Costs for travel deemed necessary because of your injuries may also be claimed

Damages – Damages in general can be claimed for due to the injuries you have sustained, and the suffering and pain they have caused you

Wages – If you have lost out on wages because you have been off sick after your accident, you will be able to submit a claim for this, and for any future earnings you are likely to miss out on.

If you are not sure whether costs you have accrued can be claimed for as part of a Waitrose compensation case, or do not understand our Waitrose accident at work claim calculator further down this guide, then all you have to do is call and ask us. We will be happy to explain.

The most common types of accident that can happen at Waitrose

There are a variety of different injuries that could be sustained at Waitrose. However, there are some more common than others. Here, we list some of the most relevant accidents that have happened in the past at supermarkets. Do not worry if yours is not listed here. This does not mean you cannot claim. It simply means that it is perhaps not one of the more common injuries. If the supermarket were at fault, or someone else is liable, then you should be able to make a claim in most cases.

  • Items not stacked on shelves correctly falling onto shoppers
  • Slips or trips on spillages that have not been marked out or cleared
  • Automatic door failure leading to crush injuries
  • Accidents caused by potholes in car park
  • Accident with manual handling issues as an employee
  • Car park accidents involving other drivers

If your accident is not listed here, we will still be happy to investigate whether you can make a claim for compensation. All you have to do is call us and we will find out for you.

How much compensation will I get after an accident at Waitrose causing injury?

It is very difficult to specify a specific compensation award, especially as every accident and injury is unique. We would advise you to be wary of those who claim to guarantee you a certain amount of compensation, as this is something that simply cannot be done. However, we know that many of our clients would like to know a ballpark figure that their injuries could be worth. For this reason, we have compiled some of the most common injuries, and the most common award brackets for them.

If your injury is not on this list, then do not worry that you will not be able to claim for it. We are unable to list every injury possible – after all, there are so many – so if someone else is liable for your injuries, then it is likely you will be able to make a claim for compensation, regardless of the type of injury you have sustained. Do give us a call if you would like to ask about your specific injuries, as we will be able to give you an idea over the telephone for the injuries you tell us about.

Compensation Reason Typical Award Amount Explanation
Loss of earnings £10,000 – £400,000 This takes into account your current salary and also any prospects for pay rise and covers the earnings your will anticipate losing as a result of your accident.
Loss of benefits £5,000 – £500,000 This covers the actual wages you have lost out on so far, taking into account your current salary.
Pain & suffering £1,000 – £200,000 This refers relates to how much pain and suffering it is deemed you have gone through. The higher the amount, the worse the level of suffering and pain you will have experienced.
Nose or nasal complex fractures £1,300 – £17,575 The lower level covers a fracture of the nose or nasal area that is deemed to be simple, and results in a full recovery. Higher payment amounts are for those that are more complex, requiring surgery or resulting in damage that is permanent.
Cheekbone fracture £1,775 – £12,000 Simple fractures make up the lower portions with complex fractures that require the claimant to undergo surgery at the higher end.
Jaw fracture £4,900 – £34,600 Higher payments are for permanent damage, whilst lower amounts have a better prognosis.
Knee injury – Minor £4,750 – £19,600 Injury will have caused pain and function loss. Full recovery expected.
Knee injury – Moderate £22,250 – £33,200 Pain and damage will be worse than above and loss of mobility would likely remain.
Knee injury – Severe £39,700 – £72,970 Ongoing suffering and pain, and permanent damage to mobility.
Wrist injury £2,550 – £44,500 This covers everything from minor sprains to total loss of function.
Elbow injury £3,100 – £42,250 From short term loss of mobility to permanent disability.
Shoulder injury £350 – £30,750 From restricted movement over short term to surgical intervention cases where arms may be numb and mobility reduced.
Minor injuries £1,050 – £1,860 3 months Recovery.
Minor injuries £525 – £1,050 28 days Recovery.
Minor injuries A Few hundred pounds – £525 7 days Recovery.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims seem to the outside observer like a risky business. After all, who wants to pay solicitor’s fees in the hope that compensation will be awarded. With No Win No fee claims this does not apply. We offer a No Win No Fee service that will allow you to begin your claim without having to pay a penny upfront. Even better, if your claim is not successful, you will have no bill to pay once the case is closed.

No Win No Fee means exactly what it says. We have put together a clear and concise agreement that we will go through with you before you sign it, ensuring that you know your rights and there are no surprises once the claim is settled.

We feel that No Win No Fee Waitrose claims benefit you in another way as well. When it comes to paying a solicitor by the hour, whether your case is successful or not, there is no incentive for the solicitor to gain as much compensation as possible for you – or even for them to win the case. With us, you will know we are as motivated as you are to get a good result.

Why choose us as your claims service for a personal injury claim?

There are several reasons we are very proud of the service we offer to our clients, and if you ask previous clients what they love about us, they will probably list the same reasons.

Firstly, we pride ourselves on having some of the best solicitors in the UK working with us to ensure your case is presented in the best way possible and gains the maximum compensation possible. It is likely you have suffered some pain and a lot of inconvenience because of your accident, and we feel that if someone else is to blame, you should be duly compensated for this. Our experienced solicitors have helped thousands of people who have been unlucky enough to have been put in this position before, and we hope to go on and help thousands more.

In addition to this, we are proud to be a company that really cares. We will promise to put you first every step of the way when it comes to making a claim. This applies from arranging a medical close to you so you do not have to travel too far, to really listening to you in order to fully understand the position you are in and what you have been through. We will never push you into making a claim if you are not sure. Instead, we will provide advice to you which you are under no-obligation at all to take. We can promise that if you are ready to start your claim, we will act swiftly and carefully to ensure you get the Waitrose compensation payouts you deserve as soon as is possible.

Call for free advice and to start a claim

Making a claim for compensation for injuries you have suffered while on Waitrose’s premises is relatively easy. Simply dial 0800 073 8804 and you will be connected to a member of our team who will be only too happy to listen. Once we have taken a few details from you, we will advise you on the best course of action for you to take. You are not obligated to take the advice we give you, and we will never push you into making a claim. All advice is free, and should you wish to go ahead with the claim, we can begin to put the wheels in motion to action your claim straight away.

There is no reason not to make that call to our Waitrose accident claims number if you have been injured – whether you need free advice or are ready to take action in the form of a compensation claim, we are ready to help.

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