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How Much Compensation Can I Claim For A Pizza Hut Accident Claim?

Fast food restaurants like Pizza Hut are becoming increasingly popular and big business within the UK and across the world. Pizza restaurants are one of the most popular types of fast food restaurants in the UK. However, a negative effect due to the popularity of these restaurants, suffering an injury caused by a pizza accident is becoming more common simply because of the growing number of people visiting pizza restaurants.

pizza restaurantPizza Hut is one of the front runners within the fast food industry in the UK with restaurants offering a family friendly atmosphere and take-away options too. Pizza Hut originally started in Kansas in America back in 1958 by two brothers. There are now over 16,000 Pizza Hut restaurants in over 100 different countries across the world. The first Pizza Hut restaurant to open in the UK was in 1973, and there are now over 260 across the country.

Naturally, with an increase in popularity and the volume of people either visiting Pizza Hut or working at Pizza Hut, the potential for an accident to occur has also increased and so the number of people making a Pizza Hut accident claim may rise.

There are a number of different injuries that could result from having an accident at Pizza Hut, such as :

  • Slip, trips or falls potentially causing bruising, cuts, scrapes, fractured or broken bones, head injuries.
  • Burns from hot food or drink or cooking appliances.
  • Cuts and lacerations from kitchen utensils
  • Illnesses caused by badly cooked food or food that is of bad quality or not been stored or prepared properly.

Injuries such as these could be the result of a number of preventable accidents that can happen to both customers and staff alike and are often due to negligence.

If you have suffered an injury whilst in a Pizza Hut restaurant, we can help you to launch your Pizza Hut accident claim and get you the compensation that you deserve.

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A guide to Pizza Hut claims

Pizza Hut is fast becoming one of the most popular fast food restaurant franchises within the UK. Pizza Hut is a member of Yum! Brands and although it is a franchise business, all franchise owners of Pizza Hut restaurants have to adhere to the health and safety procedures set in place by Yum! Brands.

Pizza Hut has a duty of care to ensure the safety of their staff and customers whilst on their premises. Health and Safety regulations including measures set in the Health and Safety at work etc Act 1974 and the Food Standards Act 1999, should be strictly adhered to in order to prevent accidents from occurring. Hygiene standards also need to be kept high to minimise the risk of illnesses occurring after consuming food or drink at Pizza Hut. However, unfortunately accidents can still happen resulting in injuries even when rules are being followed especially when dining or working in a busy restaurant.

If you are a customer or a member of staff of Pizza Hut and have been injured due to an accident at Pizza Hut, then you may want to file a pizza suit to claim compensation. Or maybe you have ended up with food poisoning from Pizza Hut? Again, you may be entitled to compensation. Here at Legal Expert we can advise and help you to get the best Pizza Hut lawsuit settlement possible. We have put together this guide to help answer any questions you may have. Of course, you can always give us a call too if you have further queries regarding making a Pizza Hut accident claim.

What are the main types of accidents at Pizza Hut?

There are numerous types of accidents resulting in injury that can occur at a Pizza Hut restaurant. Some of the most common types of accidents in pizza establishments are:

Slips, trips and falls in Pizza Hut

Care needs to be taken to ensure any spillages of any liquids or food is cleared up immediately and if required, warning signs should be put in place. Walkways should be kept clear at all times to reduce trip hazards, also, any unexpected steps or uneven flooring should be clearly sign posted. If staff become negligent and someone does in fact slip, trip or fall over, they could end up with an injury such as fractured or broken bone, bumps and bruising, cuts and grazes, concussion, and in extreme cases, possibly even death. But not only could the person who has fallen get injured, but close bystanders could end up with an injury too if they are knocked over or fallen into, or if the person who has fallen was carrying hot food or drink, they could end up with a burn if it was to go over them.

Slip, trip and fall accidents can happen to both staff and customers of Pizza Hut and both have a right to claim compensation if the accident was not their fault.

Injuries caused by damaged or broken furniture

Any furniture in Pizza Hut need to be checked regularly to ensure it is fit for purpose and not in any way damaged or broken. Damaged or broken furniture could result in someone falling because of a collapsing chair for example, or being hurt by a table collapsing which also carries the risk of causing burns by food or drink being spilt.

Scalding and burns

Unfortunately, there is always a risk of sustaining a scald or burn in a restaurant that serves hot food and drink. Both customers and staff are at risk, but especially staff. Pizza Hut needs to ensure that the staff are sufficiently trained to operate the hot appliances safely and correctly when preparing food and drinks to minimise any risks of getting a nasty burn. Also staff need to take extra care when waiting tables with hot food and drink so they are less likely to spill anything down themselves or down the customers that could result in a burn.

Pizza Hut also needs to ensure staff are sufficiently trained when preparing hot drinks and food. If food that is too hot for consumption is served, customers could end up burning their mouth and throat or even spill it down themselves if it is too hot to handle.

Cuts and lacerations

These types of injuries are more likely to happen to staff within the kitchen. Again, Pizza Hut should ensure that staff are trained properly in the use of kitchen appliances and utensils to minimise the risk.

Food poisoning

If someone becomes ill after dining at Pizza Hut, be it a customer or a member of staff, it is possibly a sign of food poisoning. Food poisoning from food outlets like Pizza Hut could be down to food being undercooked, out of date food being used, food being stored incorrectly, cross contamination of raw and cooked meats and / or poor hygiene practices when food handling. Pizza Hut needs to make sure that members of staff have appropriate training in food storing and preparation, but also in hygiene policies and procedures.

Facilities in Pizza Hut

The toilets area should be regularly checked throughout the day to make sure any leaks or spillages are dealt with promptly to lessen any slip hazards.

Fast food restaurant health and safety considerations

Pizza Hut franchise owners have the responsibility of ensuring that their restaurant follows the health and safety laws and guidelines set out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

As a catering business, the owner needs to ensure the following are undertaken:

  • If more than five people are employed, which is highly likely within a Pizza Hut restaurant, a statement of a safety policy needs to be made and procedures need to be put in place to be able to achieve what’s written in the policy.
  • Someone should be assigned to assist with the health and safety aspects of the running of the restaurant.
  • Work place risk assessments should be carried out regularly.
  • Procedures then should be put in place to minimise any risks found.
  • Emergency procedures need to be set up so that staff know what to do in the event of a fire or gas leaks etc.
  • Make sure all employees are aware of any such risks and have had training to be able to control them.
  • All equipment and appliances need to be regularly checked and serviced and maintained to a high standard. General maintenance throughout the restaurant including seating areas, kitchen areas and the bathroom facilities mustn’t be ignored and any problems should be attended to immediately.

If the franchise owners of Pizza Hut do not follow Health and Safety laws and guidelines, or do not ensure that their staff are properly trained in the health and safety procedures set out, then they run the risk of having to pay a hefty Pizza Hut lawsuit settlement if someone is injured in their restaurant due to negligence and decides to make a Pizza Hut accident claim.

If you have had an accident at Pizza Hut, please feel free to call us to see if we think you are eligible to make a claim.

Pizza Hut accident claims: Slip, trips and falls

Slip, trip and falls in eating establishments such as Pizza Hut are among the most common types of injuries sustained. Injuries that have happened due to a slip, trip or fall in Pizza Hut can potentially be very serious and even life changing depending on what type of injury has occurred. For example, a severe burn resulting from a slip, trip or fall could end up with someone being scarred for life. Injuries from a slip, trip or fall may range from being mild to very severe and could include injuries such as:

  • Broken or fractured bones.
  • Mild to severe bruising.
  • Cuts and grazes.
  • Burns or scalds.
  • Concussion.
  • In extreme cases, possible death if someone was to suffer a very severe head injury for example.

Both Pizza Hut customers and staff alike are at risk of suffering an injury from a slip, trip or fall in cases of negligence, although staff are at a higher risk as they spend more time walking to and from the kitchen and serving areas and so are more likely to slip on any spillages, or food that’s fallen on the floor, making the floor surface slippery. In order to prevent this, staff need to be vigilant when moving about the restaurant and clear up any spillages on the floor as soon as possible and put warning signs where its slippery if required.

All areas of a restaurant, should to be kept clean and tidy and walkways kept clear in order to help prevent trip hazards. Any uneven floor surfaces should also be signposted for customers and staff to take extra care.

A Pizza Hut burn injury could occur due to someone having a slip, trip or fall if they were carrying or holding hot food or drink and it spills over either themselves, or bystanders. A burn could also occur in the kitchen if someone were to slip or trip over as they might try to reach out in an effort to stop their fall, and unknowingly grab hot pots and pans, pulling them over and spilling the contents over themselves or someone close by, causing serious burn injuries. Or they may touch any of the hot appliances whilst trying to break their fall.

If you have sustained an injury due to a slip, trip or fall whilst in Pizza Hut and it wasn’t your fault, you will be able to claim compensation for your injury and the impact it has had on your life.

I got a burn injury in Pizza Hut, can I claim?

Being in a restaurant that serves hot drinks and food, unfortunately does bring a risk of suffering from a burn if health and safety procedures are not followed correctly and efficiently.

Pizza Hut Customers –

Customers could potentially suffer a burn whilst at Pizza Hut. The waiter / waitress may accidentally spill hot drink or food onto the customer. Or, when being served a hot drink, the customer may drop their cup if it is too hot to hold and there is no warning or extra cup sleeve to protect the customer from the heat.

Customers could also suffer burns to the mouth and throat if served food that is too hot to consume. Staff need to be trained properly and sufficiently in the preparation and cooking of food so that they know the maximum temperature the food should be before serving it to the consumer.

When serving food, staff should always make sure they warn the customer if the plates are extremely hot to stop them touching the plates and burning their hands.

Pizza Hut Employees –

Staff can also be at risk of being in any of the situations above as sometimes staff also consume food or drink in their break from the restaurant. But on top of these risks, they also have the risk of being burnt whilst preparing hot food or drinks if they have not received proper training on how to operate the hot appliances used.

If you have suffered a Pizza Hut burn injury due to negligence, you could make a Pizza Hut accident claim to get the compensation you deserve. Feel free to call us at Legal Expert to find out how.

Pizza Hut delivery driver injuries

Pizza Hut delivery drivers have the same employment rights as employees that work within Pizza Hut and so will come under the same law for worker’s rights written in the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974.

Employers of delivery drivers need to carry out risk assessments to ensure as best they can, their employees safety. They also need to ensure that all vehicles are regularly serviced and checked for general wear and tear, the MOT needs to be up to date and the insurance has a policy that has the correct cover for the type of use intended. They also need to make sure that the delivery driver is fit and healthy enough to carry out their duties.

Pizza Hut drivers are seen to be at more risk than the employees in the restaurant as they have the risks of road traffic accidents, may have an accident on someone’s property whilst delivering, they are open to the elements outside, and unfortunately at risk from harm by others. Some of the most common causes of accidents for a Pizza Hut delivery driver are:

  • Slips, trips and falls at any time during their working time such as helping to get the orders ready, whilst loading up the deliveries, during the delivery etc.
  • Road traffic accidents.
  • Injuries that may be caused by lifting, handling and carrying.
  • Being attacked by a dog.
  • Faulty vehicle or other equipment.
  • Attack from others – fortunately this is less common but there have been previous cases of delivery drivers being robbed, attacked and verbally abused.

All sorts of injuries could result from any of the above which could have a lasting impact upon the driver’s life both physically and mentally, and also can have a huge impact on finances.
Obviously, employers cannot protect their drivers from every possibility of potential harm but they have a duty of care to provide a safe environment for their employees and should have policies in place and give training on how to address some of the issues they may face whilst out delivering.

If you are a Pizza Hut delivery driver and have been injured whilst at work, you may be eligible to make a Pizza Hut accident claim.

The most common kitchen accidents that result in an injury

Working in a Pizza Hut kitchen can be particularly hazardous as there are many potential accidents that can occur such as:

Slips, trips and falls –

These are the most common of all accidents in the workplace and cost employers over £512 million each year. Numerous injuries can result in someone having such an accident that may range from mildly being bruised to more serious such as broken bones or concussion.

Slips –

The floor in the kitchen is likely to be the most hazardous as it is the most likely place to have spillages on it causing the surface to become slippery if not attended to immediately.

Trips –

Trips normally occur due to untidiness and poor housekeeping within a kitchen. If items have fallen on the floor for example or deliveries have not been put away leaving boxes and bags on the floor, then it can pose a trip hazard. Also, flooring within a kitchen should be sound and in good condition and an even surface to lessen the risk of someone tripping over it.

Falls –

If someone was to slip or trip over, various injuries can be sustained, however, it may not be just the person who has fallen, but others standing close by to them could potentially also suffer an injury.

Burns and scalds –

In the majority of cases, most burns and scalds are caused by hot liquids being spilt with the hands and arms being the body parts most at risk, followed by the feet. Sufficient training should be given in how to manoeuvre hot liquids. Safety clothes such as oven gloves should be provided also.

Incorrect use of appliances can also cause a nasty burn and staff need to be trained adequately in how to safely operate the appliances. Staff should also be trained on how to use small appropriate fire fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers and blankets.

Cuts and lacerations –

Obviously within a working kitchen, sharp utensils are an essential piece of equipment. Appliances with sharp blades such as blenders are also commonplace. An employer should make sure that all staff are fully trained in the handling and use of all of the sharp kitchen utensils and appliances, and that there is also safety policies in place to reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring.

If the employer has been negligent in their duty of care to provide a safe working environment and an employee is injured as a result, then the employee may launch a claim for a Pizza Hut lawsuit settlement to help recover some of the costs and damages that they have incurred due to their injury.

Illnesses caused by food poisoning or substandard foods and drinks

The Occupier’s Liability Act 1957 states that all restaurant owners have a duty of care to their staff and customers to ensure their safety and wellbeing whilst working or dining in their restaurant. Failure to comply and being negligent could potentially lead to accidents or illnesses and the restaurant owner could be sued for liability.

Unfortunately, even the best restaurants can make mistakes that result in someone becoming ill with food poisoning. There are a variety of reasons why someone could suffer with food poisoning after dining at a restaurant such as Pizza Hut and any other, such as :

  • Incorrect storage of food – If food such as meat, for example, isn’t stored correctly, the meat become bad or contaminated without the chef realising.
  • Incorrect preparation of food – Food that isn’t prepared properly could be the cause of food poisoning.
  • Out of date / stale food / drinks – If food or drink that has passed its use by date is consumed, this could cause the consumer to become ill.
  • Food contamination – Again, similarly to the storage or food, care needs to be taken where food is kept, raw and cooked, to ensure it is not contaminated by something that could cause illness. For example, raw meat should be kept below everything in the fridge so as not to drip on other foods that could be below, and food shouldn’t be stored anywhere near cleaning products that could leak onto the food.
  • Undercooked food – Food that is not cooked properly, particularly meat such as chicken, turkey and pork, can cause someone to be very sick. Bacteria such as salmonella can be present in some raw meats and if not cooked properly to kill the bacteria, can cause stomach cramps, sickness and diarrhoea, and headaches. E-coli poisoning can also occur if any foods or drinks are contaminated and can cause the same symptoms as above but also more severe symptoms such as bloody diarrhoea, pneumonia, breathing problems, and in acute cases, kidney failure.
  • Unhygienic practises – Hygiene needs to be paramount when working in a restaurant and everything should be clean. Hands should be washed after being to the toilet and before preparing any food or drinks.

If you have become ill after dining at Pizza Hut, then it is a possible sign of food poisoning. It is therefore possible that if you have suffered food poisoning from Pizza Hut, then you could claim compensation for your pain and suffering.

What can I claim for after a Pizza Hut accident?

There are various costs and expenses that you may have incurred due to an injury sustained whilst at Pizza Hut. These costs can be claimed for when making a compensation claim. Also non monetary costs can be claimed for. Such costs can include:

  • General Damages – This is an amount awarded to reflect the pain and suffering you have suffered due to your injury.
  • Care Claim – If you have needed help around the house due to your injury, the person who has given you that help may make a claim.
  • Medical Expenses – Any medical expenses incurred as a direct result of the injury such as prescription fees, counselling costs, hospital fees (if private) or any other treatment costs can be included in the claim.
  • Loss of earnings – Any earnings lost or potential future earnings lost as a direct result of the injury can be included in the claim.
  • Travel Expenses – Any extra travel costs that you have incurred due to your injury such as public transport that you normal wouldn’t have needed, or extra fuel costs because of hospital appointments for example, can be claimed for. Also, if an injury has required you to adapt any vehicles then the costs of the vehicle adaption is included under travel expenses.

No Win No Fee Pizza Hut accident and illness claims

Our solicitors at Legal Expert believe that anyone who has suffered an injury or illness that wasn’t their fault, should have the opportunity to make a compensation claim against those who are liable. They also realise that not all claims are straight forward and so take more time which in turn equals higher costs that simply not everyone can afford. Therefore, Legal Expert’s solicitors work on a No Win No Fee basis. What this means put simply, is that you would not pay anything unless we win your claim for you and in which case, your fee would be taken by means of a small percentage out of your compensation award. If, in the unlikely event, we were not successful, you do not pay a penny at all, we cover any legal costs ourselves. This means there are no upfront costs and no financial risks for you at all.

Other solicitors who do not work on a No Win No Fee basis and expect payment by the hour, will want paying regardless of whether the claim is successful or not and so you would run the risk of being even worse off than before.

With our No Win No Fee way of working, you do not need to worry about being able to afford the legal costs, or of making a loss, you only need to pay the fees once you have successfully been awarded your compensation amount. No Win No Fee means No financial risks.

How much can I claim for a Pizza Hut accident claim?

The main question on most people’s mind when thinking of making a claim is ‘How much will I be entitled to?’ Although we’d love to be able to give you an exact figure straight away, we are unable to as there are so many factors that need to be taken into account which differ from case to case. The best we can do at this point is show you average payout amounts that have been given for particular injuries, however, once we know the details of your individual case, we may be able to be more specific but again it would only be an estimate, feel free to call us to discuss this further.

Reason for Compensation Average Payout Amount Comments
Pain and Suffering £1,000 – £200,000 The amount that gets awarded to the claimant will depend on the level of pain and suffering.
Minor Body Scarring £1,800 – £5,950 Includes scarring that is only noticeable close up.
Moderate Body Scarring £6,575 Permanent scarring but only seen when close such as when face to face.
Severe Body Scarring £5,950 – £17,275 Permanent scarring that is more prominent.
Arm Injury – Minor £4,500 – £30,250 Pain and discomfort in one or both of the arms, full recovery in time.
Arm Injury – Moderate – Serious £30,100 – £99,750 Disability that is permanent in one or both arms, ongoing pain.
Arm Injury – Very Serious £74,2020 – £227,250 Severe injury causing permanent paralysis or amputation in one or both arms, ongoing pain.
Knee Injury – Minor £4,750 – £19,600 Reduced movement in one or both knees, bruising, swelling but full recovery expected.
Knee Injury – Moderate – Serious £20,250 – £33,200 Ongoing pain, permanent reduced movement in one or both knees.
Knee Injury – Very Serious £39,700 – £72,970 Permanent knee damage causing ongoing pain and reduced movement.
Back Injury – Minor £350 – £9,850 Back damage such as disk or muscle damage, but full recovery expected.
Back Injury – Moderate -Serious £8,750 – £30,750 Ongoing pain caused by damage to muscles and ligaments.
Back Injury – Very Serious £29,750 – £123,300 Permanent damage to the back, possible paralysis, severe pain and suffering.
Loss of Earnings £10,000 – £400,000 The amount awarded will depend on how much has been lost and also future earnings are taken into account.
Loss of Benefits £5,000 – £500,000 This will depend on the claimant’s paygrade.

If your injury is not listed, do not worry, just give us a call and we can shed more light on the matter for you.

Why choose us for your Pizza Hut claim?

There are so many personal injury claims firms around that you may be wondering who would be the best to get you the compensation you deserve. So here’s why we believe you should choose Legal Expert.

We are a team of extremely experienced solicitors that specialise in personal injury claims and have been in the industry many years. We have a fantastic track record of successful cases and have won the maximum payout amount for our client’s time and time again, take a look at our feedback, it speaks volumes!

We are honest and reliable and will only take on cases that we truly believe will stand up in court and so you have no worries of being given false hope just in order for us to gain your custom. If we don’t feel you have a case, we will be honest in telling you so. However, if we believe you do have a case, then we will endeavour to do our best to get you the best possible outcome. Once we have taken on your case, we will get to work immediately to get you a maximum Pizza Hut lawsuit settlement as quickly and efficiently as we can.

We keep our clients up to date with their claim and keep them involved, but we do realise that they need time to concentrate on their recovery and so we will only contact our clients as much as is appropriate whilst working hard behind the scenes. Of course, if you wanted more involvement and to be contacted more frequently, we would do so if that is what you’d prefer.
We really care about our clients and try our best to get them the compensation that they deserve for the pain and suffering they have experienced.

Call us for free advice and to start your claim

If you have been injured whilst at Pizza Hut, and want to make a compensation claim but don’t know where to begin, call us on 0800 073 8804. Your call will be answered by a member of our friendly and professional team who will be able to help you. If you just need advice, feel free to ask us any questions in relation to your injury claim and we will do our best to answer them. If you would like us to possibly launch your claim for you, then we will offer you a free consultancy session. During this session, you can ask us as many questions as you need to about making a claim and the process involved and we can also gather information from you to begin to build your case.

We can also offer you a free local medical if required at a convenient time and place to suit you, but this can be discussed in more detail if needed.

As mentioned earlier in the guide, we work on a No Win No Fee basis and so no upfront payments are expected or necessary.

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HSE serious burn case study

This is the HSE official webite and the link takes you to a page that shows a case study of a serious burn that occurred in the kitchen of a fast food restaurant. It’s just one example of many how easily things can happen leading to serious injury due to negligence.

HSE – H&S at work legislation

The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 legislation can be found here on the HSE website. If you are unsure of your rights as an employee regarding health and safety, this will be of use to you.

Our No Win No Fee guide

If you need some more guidance on how our No Win No Fee policy works, then this guide can give you more information.

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